Parachutes & Kisses

Parachutes Kisses Married again and divorced again Isadora Wing is a single parent with an adorable daughter an irritating ex husband and a startling assortment of suitors an unorthodox rabbi a poetic disc jockey

  • Title: Parachutes & Kisses
  • Author: Erica Jong
  • ISBN: 9781585425006
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Paperback
  • Married again and divorced again , Isadora Wing is a single parent with an adorable daughter, an irritating ex husband, and a startling assortment of suitors an unorthodox rabbi, a poetic disc jockey, the son of a famous sex therapist, and WASPily handsomest of all Berkeley Sproul III Isadora and Berkeley meet at a health club, and he s fourteen years her junior OfMarried again and divorced again , Isadora Wing is a single parent with an adorable daughter, an irritating ex husband, and a startling assortment of suitors an unorthodox rabbi, a poetic disc jockey, the son of a famous sex therapist, and WASPily handsomest of all Berkeley Sproul III Isadora and Berkeley meet at a health club, and he s fourteen years her junior Of course their affair is tortuous and sexy, but is it love Or does the stud just want a free trip to Venice, compliments of a famous author Either way, Erica Jong wrote this romance with a mixture of eloquence and savage wit as good as anything she has ever written, said The Wall Street Journal.

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    Erica Jong novelist, poet, and essayist has consistently used her craft to help provide women with a powerful and rational voice in forging a feminist consciousness She has published 21 books, including eight novels, six volumes of poetry, six books of non fiction and numerous articles in magazines and newspapers such as the New York Times, the Sunday Times of London, Elle, Vogue, and the New York Times Book Review In her groundbreaking first novel, Fear of Flying which has sold twenty six million copies in than forty languages , she introduced Isadora Wing, who also plays a central part in three subsequent novels How to Save Your Own Life, Parachutes and Kisses, and Any Woman s Blues In her three historical novels Fanny, Shylock s Daughter, and Sappho s Leap she demonstrates her mastery of eighteenth century British literature, the verses of Shakespeare, and ancient Greek lyric, respectively A memoir of her life as a writer, Seducing the Demon Writing for My Life, came out in March 2006 It was a national bestseller in the US and many other countries Erica s latest book, Sugar in My Bowl, is an anthology of women writing about sex, has been recently released in paperback.Erica Jong was honored with the United Nations Award for Excellence in Literature She has also received Poetry magazine s Bess Hokin Prize, also won by W.S Merwin and Sylvia Plath In France, she received the Deauville Award for Literary Excellence and in Italy, she received the Sigmund Freud Award for Literature The City University of New York awarded Ms Jong an honorary PhD at the College of Staten Island.Her works have appeared all over the world and are as popular in Eastern Europe, Japan, China, and other Asian countries as they have been in the United States and Western Europe She has lectured, taught and read her work all over the world A graduate of Barnard College and Columbia University s Graduate Faculties where she received her M.A in 18th Century English Literature, Erica Jong also attended Columbia s graduate writing program where she studied poetry with Stanley Kunitz and Mark Strand In 2007, continuing her long standing relationship with the university, a large collection of Erica s archival material was acquired by Columbia University s Rare Book Manuscript Library, where it will be available to graduate and undergraduate students Ms Jong plans to teach master classes at Columbia and also advise the Rare Book Library on the acquisition of other women writers archives Calling herself a defrocked academic, Ms Jong has partly returned to her roots as a scholar She has taught at Ben Gurion University in Israel, Bennington College in the US, Breadloaf Writers Conference in Vermont and many other distinguished writing programs and universities She loves to teach and lecture, though her skill in these areas has sometimes crowded her writing projects As long as I am communicating the gift of literature, I m happy, Jong says A poet at heart, Ms Jong believes that words can save the world.


  • I was in high school when Fear of Flying came out and reading it was a bit of a rite of passage. Most of us, lacking any actual sex scenes of our own, read about Isadora's without any informed idea as to their accuracy. I read Parachutes & Kisses in my mid-twenties, and it has a special spot in my memory for how accurate it was. Not about sex. To be honest, I don't remember what I thought of the sex in the book at all. However, in my mid-twenties I gave birth to my daughter by C-section, rig [...]

  • Parachutes and Kisses is the third in a series of related "autobiographical novels" by Erica Jong. As with the others, P&K is filled with wonderful insights and many fine sentences. I like reading Erica Jong a lot.My favorite sequence is when the heroine, Isadora Wing, is in the Soviet Union (before its fall, when it was still the big bad bear) to research the background of her late grandfather, who left Odessa as a teenager.But the pleasure of this novel is offset for me, at least a little [...]

  • I've always loved Erica Jong and have often said that reading her has felt like sharing notes with a sister, but Parachutes and Kisses didn't quite cut it for me. It dragged on far too long, and made Isadora Wing seem far less independent and likeable than the first two books in the series did. Though judging the book by the likeability of its protagonist may be unfair - it's never been Isadora's job to be something as plebeian as likeable, and Jong is very honest, sometimes embarrassingly so, a [...]

  • Many different reviews on here. The way I see it, if you didn't like it, it wasn't time for you to read it. It crossed your path too soon. If you loved it (like me), the timing was perfect. I think it was my favorite of the three.

  • Now that Jong has totally lost the plot politically by calling Bernie Sanders a "sexist asshole" for staying in the race (that's a deep level of analysis there, Jong!), I can finally be honest about what I thought of this book, which I abandoned about a third of the way in. It was not a short and easy read, but not because it contained complicated prose and deep ideas, but because it was so incredibly PAINFUL AND BORING.Observe, the slow, whiny literary murder of Isadora Wing! Yeah, if you ever [...]

  • The main reason I'm not giving this book just one star is because I didn't completely loathe it, but I certainly did not like it very much. So perhaps I'd give it 1 1/2 stars.Ms. Jong should've stopped writing about Isadora White Stollerman Wing Ace when readers only knew her as Isadora Wing in "Fear of Flying." The more I've read about Isadora the more love sick, desperate, needy, man-hungry, and all around annoying she became.I think one of the major faults of "Parachutes and Kisses" is that t [...]

  • Parts of this book are laugh-out-loud hilarious, and parts are absolutely maddening. It came out in 1984, sequel to the much-ballyhooed Fear of Flying, and our heroine, Isadora Wing, is clearly Jong's alter ego. She's recently separated from husband number three, a perpetual adolescent she's still pining for, and has a three-year-old daughter she purports to love dearly but who gets very lost in the shuffle. The shuffle of Isadora's sex life, that is - described in exhaustive (sometimes exhausti [...]

  • Erica Jong is one of my favorite authors, and of all her books this is by far the worst (or maybe I'm just not the right audience). Usually teeming with equal parts sex and introspection, this book was mostly about how women change after motherhood (boring) and about finding oneself again after heartbreak (blah).

  • I might not have finished this book if I did not get the flu and long periods of time to read it. I did not like it as much as the previous two. She is truly an intelligent and interesting writer. Once I got used to the abundance of c-words, I enjoyed the plot and the tangents.

  • Not NEARLY as entertaining as Fear of Flying or How to Save Your Own Life, which was disappointing. Isadora grows up, and its pretty boring and sad. I guess thats reality, though.

  • My all time favorite character written by my all time favorite author. What's not to love? If you haven't read "Fear of Flying" yet don't even go here.

  • I've finally put this one to rest. It is too darn long with not much happening. Some parts of it I just loved but I can't seem to get through it no matter what I do.

  • OMG I KNOW WHEREFIFTY SHADES OF GREY GOT THE IDEA FOR THE TAMPON SCENE.If you thought the tampon scene from Fifty was gross, then wait till you hear about this one. It's beyond nasty. If you want to read the nastiness that is the tampon scene, click here -> (view spoiler)["He dove into her muff with great exuberance, parted it, found the white string that dangled chastely there and pulled her Tampax triumphantly out with his teeth". THAT ISN'T EVEN THE NASTY PART YET. He then proceeds to chew [...]

  • This is one of the sequels to Fear of Flying. Isadora is now 39, has a young daughter, and her husband of seven years, envious of Isadora's successful career as a writer, has left.Isadora takes lovers and pines for Josh, and contemplates the liberated woman's problems. I love Isadora's thoughtful ruminations. Every scene of action is made all the better with Isadora's inner reflections and observations, which are perceptive and witty. One of the ironies Isadora ponders is that the women who "hav [...]

  • Erica Jong always reminds me of an author of “dirty books” and I was excited when I found this book at a local library book sale to see what she was all about. Although there were numerous detailed sexual escapades that Isadora encounters, the story was more of her searching for balance and stability as she is approaching a mature 40 and going through another divorce, but this time with a young daughter to consider. If you haven’t matured or grown up in the 70-80’s some of the issues may [...]

  • For me Erica jong is always writing about writing, like language poets she is beautifully weaving a story with words about words. she isn't Woolf but she is wonderful in seducing the Demons. In this book however, I cant really see the same spark. My favourite part of this book include the poem about the horses, her relation with her grandfather, the funeral scene and the snow set scenes.

  • Erica Jong is a difficult writer for me to read. The best way I can explain it is to say that her rhythms and mine do not mesh well. But much of her writing is inspired. I give her extra points for prose that frequently surprises me and makes me smile.

  • I love her writing. I just read this one. I don't see her books as only for women or the young, as I'm male, almost 70. I most liked her comments on fame and being an author, no doubt based on her experience.

  • I remember truly enjoying this book when I read itbut I was still in high school and probably did not have the best of taste.I don't really think I'll read it again, although I suppose I should at one point.

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