Calendar And so begins a new year full of sights sounds and feelings From January through December the months of the year are celebrated in a book that is a treat for all seasons

  • Title: Calendar
  • Author: Myra Cohn Livingston Will Hillenbrand
  • ISBN: 9780823417254
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Hardcover
  • And so begins a new year full of sights, sounds, and feelings From January through December, the months of the year are celebrated in a book that is a treat for all seasons.

    • Calendar : Myra Cohn Livingston Will Hillenbrand
      176 Myra Cohn Livingston Will Hillenbrand
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  • Myra Cohn Livingston Will Hillenbrand

    Myra Cohn Livingston was born in Omaha, Nebraska Her family moved to California when she was 12 years old She studied the French horn from age 12 to age 20, becoming so good that the Los Angeles Philharmonic invited her to join them when she was 16 years old She had other plans She knew she wanted to write.


  • "Ezra Jack Keats!" I spouted when I opened to January's page. While the rest of Hillenbrand's collage illustrations didn't really look like Keats', the little girl's winter wear on that first page immediately reminded me of his work. So it's good.This a very simple book for introducing the months of the year to primary grades. Each page features only one sentence or phrase, accompanied by margin-to-margin illustrations. Listen to some of these verbal visuals: "January shivers" (Yes. Yes it does. [...]

  • I wanted to share this wonderful and brief poetry by Myra Cohn Livingston before January ends. We have begun the year and this is a lovely picture book that celebrates all the months. Will Hillenbrand fills the pages with one highlight of the month, like a box kite in March, picnics in July.

  • This is an entertaining poem that highlights each month of the year in succession. The rhyming narrative is short, and printed in a very large font. And the illustrations are colorful and cartoonish. Our oldest was put off by this poem because she said that the fact that the author mentions August as her birth month made it difficult for her to relate to the poem. I think she was just a bit grumpy. And both of our girls thought that the highlight for each month was too subjective and they didn't [...]

  • Calendar is a large picture book with a different month on each page. The book begins with January. Each page has a 2 page illustration that corresponds with the month. For example, for the month of April, the picture is a 2 fold picture of a girl in a raincoat and rain hat walking through puddles. The background is filled with gloomy dark purplish houses. Each page has words that are bold, large and bright. The book is for emergent to early readers. For example the words say "June is deep blue [...]

  • With vibrant artwork that is very reminiscent of Ezra Jack Keats, we follow a year line by line. Starting with January shivers, each month includes a fun and season-appropriate activity. The book ends with "December is the best because/ of sleds/ and snow/ and Santa Claus." Recommended for preschool and Kindergarten, this book is perfect for Calendar Math time. The text was first published in 1959 and republished with new illustrations in 2007.

  • this book is a good calendar book describing the months and what goes on during those months. for example december it is cold so pictures of wind may be on there. it was very detailed out for the kids and a very good way to describe the days of the year.Learning experiences1. having them make there own calendars and the special things that may happen in each of those months2. birthday time!! i would have them build thier own birthday cake and decorate as they will want too.

  • I chose "Calendar" as my informational picture book in that it shows through the colorful illustrations how each month and season affects a tree. I found this to be great for young children that are learning about their months of the year and seasons in that they can see what each season is. I thought this would be a good book for a first week in teaching either kindergarten or 1st grade as a way to introduce a daily calendar for the classroom to help students understand each month of the year.

  • Ages 2 and up. This book has full page artwork and very simple large text that make it easy for children to see the words being spoken. This book also encourages talking, conversation, and dialogue reading. Each page gives children the opportunity to practice their narrative skills as they share what they do and know about each month. This story can go as quickly or as slowly as needed.

  • Great for reviewing the months of the year, seasons, picture walks and toddlers, this simple one sentence per page book gives a poetic image of each month and is beautifully illustrated to evoke many more memories of the month and season.

  • The book didn't live up to it's cover for me. I really liked the cover, but the poem itself wasn't what I was expecting.

  • I loved this book! It was a great poetry book with great pictures. I think it'd be fun to have students do their own calendar book.

  • simple picture book that goes through the months of the year with seasonal pictures and words. Good for maybe preschool and younger.

  • simple picture book that goes through the months of the year with seasonal pictures and words. Good for maybe preschool and younger.

  • The illustrations are beautiful, I just wish there was a little more text. My kids liked describing the pictures to me or asking what the kids were doing in each one.

  • A cute poem highlighting the joys of each month. Will Hillenbrand's art is compliments Livingston's verse.

  • "Calendar" is a poetry book intended for children ages four and up. The book describes each month and season using text and colorful illustrations. What I enjoyed about the book was the nice, large, and colorful illustrations. The illustrations captured perfectly what the author described for each month and season. I also liked that the author used simple language and made the size of the text large. This will help promote children's reading skills. Unfortunately, most of the text describing the [...]

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