Losing it

Losing it A collection of fiction short stories by leading teen writers about losing your virginityIncluding Melvin Burgess Keith Gray Patrick Ness Sophie McKenzie Bali Rai Jenny Valentine and Mary Hooper

  • Title: Losing it
  • Author: Keith Gray
  • ISBN: 9781849390996
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Paperback
  • A collection of fiction short stories by leading teen writers about losing your virginityIncluding Melvin Burgess, Keith Gray, Patrick Ness, Sophie McKenzie, Bali Rai, Jenny Valentine, and Mary Hooper, some of today s leading writers for teens are gathered here in a wonderful collection of original stories some funny, some moving, some haunting, but all revolving around thA collection of fiction short stories by leading teen writers about losing your virginityIncluding Melvin Burgess, Keith Gray, Patrick Ness, Sophie McKenzie, Bali Rai, Jenny Valentine, and Mary Hooper, some of today s leading writers for teens are gathered here in a wonderful collection of original stories some funny, some moving, some haunting, but all revolving around the same subject having sex for the first time You never forget your first time and you ll never forget this book

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    Keith Gray grew up in and around Grimsby on the east coast of England and decided he d better take his writing ambition seriously after achieving 0% in his accountancy exams His debut, Creepers , was published when he was only 24 and was shortlisted for the Guardian Fiction Prize Since then his books have either won or been shortlisted for awards all over the world including the Sankei Cultural Publishing Prize of Japan, the American Library Association Best Books YA and the Booktrust Teenage Prize In the UK his bestselling novel Ostrich Boys was shortlisted for the prestigious CILIP Carnegie Medal, the Costa Children s Book Award and won the Scottish Children s Book Awards, and has been adapted for the stage Keith has been a reviewer for both the Guardian and Scotsman newspapers In 2017 he moved to live in Vienna, Austria, with his partner, their daughter and a parrot called Bellamy.


  • “It’s that kind of story. Certain words are necessary because this is real life, but you can’t actually show ‘em because we’re too young to read about the stuff we actually do, yeah?” Initial Final Page Thoughts.Has anyone seen Cinema Paradiso?If yes: Stick with me for this bit and read my highly convoluted intelligent analogy. If no but you don’t mind it being spoilt: Stick with me for this bit and read my highly convoluted intelligent analogy. If no but you would rather it not be [...]

  • Losing It presents 8 stories and 8 authors all with different ideas, takes, and views on losing one’s virginity. Did I really, should I, maybe, yes, no, all the way—however the decision or outcome unfolded--I can say for sure ALL of these voices made an impact on me.Scoring by Keith Gray opened this collection of stories with a fun, relaxed tale about whether sex before a game will throw off your game. Hehe… The myths surrounding sex make me shake my head in awe, laughter, shame, and where [...]

  • This was alright but it wasn't anything particularly good. Out of all of the stories in the book, I'd say that 'Different for Boys' by Patrick Ness stood out most. The book is a good idea - probably slightly better for teenagers of 13-16. The stories are all about sex and/or virginity and try to show experiences and the emotions involved of several different characters. I think the best thing about this book is the variety - there are stories concerning cultural issues, sexuality issues and even [...]

  • Losing it is a compilation of short stories, all about virginity, and losing it. I was intrigued by the range of perspectives and various scenarios, and I was not disappointed. While this book was not perfect, I didn't expect the stories to be. There were so many different perspectives being told about virginity all of them realistic, and some of them heart-wrenching--and tough to read. What I really loved about these stories and the book is how gritty and raw it was. The authors didn't seem to [...]

  • For a very short book, it took me quite some time to finished it. I didn't loved it but I liked some of it especially The White Towel by Bali Rai, Green Screen by Andrew Smith, Different for Boys by Patrick Ness and Charlotte by Mary Hooper. This is a collection of short stories with a theme of 'losing the virginity'.

  • I was very excited to read this book, I like most of the contributing authors, and three of them have provided me with 5 star books. Looking back, the book got better as it went on, but I feel a little disappointed.Let me give you a run down of the stories:Keith Gray, Scoring: A boy tires to decide weather to sleep with his girlfriend, he knows he shouldn't but since his girlfriend is a 'good-looking one, not a minger', he probably will.Verdict: DullJenny Valentine, The Age of Consent: A grandma [...]

  • I read this with a very specific purpose: I was looking for short stories to read to 15-16 yr olds during 'tutor time' (I'm guessing that's home group.) The stories are short but I'm not convinced they would work. the strongest story by Patrick Ness is probably too 'risky' for most tutors and the less risky ones are a bit bland. The problem with the short story genre in this subject area is that you need to invest in the characters before they get themselves into the highly charged emotional sit [...]

  • Reading this made me wonder why short story collections aren't more popular. We're always being told that the average attention span is getting shorter – particularly among young people – so surely this format is a perfect way to remind readers young and old of the delights to be found between the covers of a book?I bought LOSING IT because I'm a fan of a number of the contributing authors. Keith Gray, Patrick Ness, Melvin Burgess and Jenny Valentine hadn't disappointed in the past, so I wa [...]

  • A bunch of British authors plus AS King tackling the topic of losing one's virginity? Sounds like a good idea, and for the most part it was. My favorite story was a surprise, because it was by Patrick Ness, whose other works I have absolutely failed to enjoy before. But his story of British schoolboy love and specifically love (or something possibly more confusing) between British schoolboys at an all boys school was so artfully done. Great story structure and real emotional honesty.Many of the [...]

  • A solid collection of stories about the fear, excitement, and bundle of emotions that come with the loss of virginity. A teen once told me, "Miss Kate, sex is a powerful thing." Out of the mouth of babes.

  • Not really what I expectedI was hoping for some cute YA stories. Some of these are dark and depressing and not fun at all.

  • As the rest of the reviewers said, Patrick Ness's story is the best. Everything else is pretty mediocre and done too many times before.

  • I haven't read a YA short story collection in years! What is wrong with me?Also, I think this was my very first Patrick Ness story. Don't tell Elena.

  • Originally posted on Once Upon a Bookcase.An anthology of short stories from eight UKYA authors on losing your virginity, Losing It was an obvious title to cover for SiTL Month II. Having now read it, I think it's a fantastic book, but I'm a little worried about some of the unhealthy ideas that are put across in the odd few stories. Really long review coming up.Losing It has a wide variety of stories; historical and present day, teenage narrators and adults, both male and female, straight and LG [...]

  • Honestly, I picked up this book to read the Andrew Smith and Patrick Ness stories. I found it delightful, discussing losing one's virginity from different gender's point of view, different culture's point of view, and various age ranges. Dora's frank discussion of sex with her grandchildren had me giggling. Patrick Ness's "Different for Boys" tells Ant and Charlie's story, with words blacked out for humorous effect, made me sad at the same time. Bali Rai's "The White Towel" was the most powerful [...]

  • I read this book because I was looking for Patrick Ness' new book, which isn't out yet, and the guy at the bookstore got excited about the fact that I love Patrick Ness and insisted that I read this collection of short stories. Patrick Ness' may have been the best story in the collection, actually. Every story is about teenagers having sex for the first time, and each story approaches the subject in a unique way. I enjoyed all but one or two of the stories very much.

  • This book was so great! I know what you're thinking, but it's really not like that ok, maybe some of it is. but the stories in this collection were so diverse! My favorites were the stories by Mary Hooper (about child prostitution with a historic fic twist), Patrick Ness, and Bali Rai (a heart-wrenching story about honor killings). I am so glad I decided to give this collection a go!

  • Didn't particularly like any of the stories except for Patrick Ness and Sophie McKenzie's. I had anticipated this a lot and I was fairly disappointed by it overall. It was fine but not what I was expecting from it.

  • Having read ‘Next’ another collection of short stories edited by Keith Gray I was intrigued to read this one. I was especially interested when I saw that Patrick Ness had written one of the stories, and also Anne Fine and Mary Hooper.I enjoyed the first story ‘Scoring’ by Keith Gray, but really wanted to know what Jason decided to do, so was annoyed that it ended where it did. Jenny Valentine’s story ‘The Age of Consent’ was really funny and enjoyable, but came with a good message [...]

  • LOSING IT is a collection of ten short stories based around the concept of virginity. It's long gone for some of the characters, and others don't lose it at all. Some of the characters live here and now, others live long ago or far away. To me, only a few of the stories really stood out, but it is worth buying for those stories.A.S. King was the name that stood out the most for me, but I love her work. I liked her raw story, about a girl who gets caught shoplifting for the total user she's datin [...]

  • Losing It is an anthology of stories about virginity: losing it, discussing it and living it. Edited by the fantastic Keith Gray and including short stories written by some of the UK's best YA authors, including Jenny Valentine, Patrick Ness, Sophie McKenzie and Melvin Burgess, Losing It is an accomplishment for all involved.Gone are the days of sex being a nightmarish taboo that no-one ever talks about, least of all parents and teachers. These days, teenagers are given sex education at school a [...]

  • A short run down of all the stories.Scoring by Keith Gray: A talented young footballer can't decide whether to have sex with his girlfriend for the first time before his great match the next day. Started out fine but then the mc became more and more annoying, from there it was a straight slope downwards.Rating: 2/5The Age of Consent by Jenny Valentine: Grandma starts talking sex during a proper family lunch making everyone feel awkward. The ending was kind of sad.Rating: 3/5Chat-up Lines by Melv [...]

  • As with most story collections with multiple authors, some of the stories connected with me better than others. None were weak, just some didn't particularly move me, whether because the tale felt too standard and straightforward or it had too many stereotypes and cliches or due to the author's voice or whatever. Others, though, I felt were quite excellent. All in all, it was a good mix, with its strength being the surprising variety of approaches to the topic--which, since I haven't mentioned i [...]

  • This short story compilation embraces the wildly popular topic of sex and all types of encounters an individual might be a part of when losing their virginity. A variety of talented writers fictionalize first times and related conversations or situations, all of which revolve around that popular topic of S-E-X. The editor, Keith Gray, even delves into a case of complicated choices and how they could affect different aspects of a boy/man/guy's life. Each writer has their own take on what it means [...]

  • When I requested this, I thought I was going to get a novel about awkward moments of losing virginity. I was not prepared for what was waiting for me. Not. At. All.This collection contains ten short stories that bring readers into the lives of teens in a vulnerable time in their lives, dealing with sexuality. And I do not mean that the characters are trying to figure out if they are gay. I mean they are trying to deal with life, and sex happens to be a part of that.Each author deals with a diffe [...]

  • SNAPSHOT:This collection of short stories tackles virginity—having it, losing it, giving it away, caring or not caring about it—in a respectful manner from a wide spectrum of viewpoints.While the collection does not end on a particularly strong note, with no lasting impression from the final lines, it is overall worth the read.Highlights include “The Age of Consent” which bridges the age-gap, the comedic but heartfelt “Different for Boys”, and the gut-twisting “The White Towel”.A [...]

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