Robin Hood And His Merry Men

Robin Hood And His Merry Men The legend of Robin Hood is over a thousand years old but it was Vivian s novel that collected and distilled many of the legends and stories and combined them into the great classic we know today wi

  • Title: Robin Hood And His Merry Men
  • Author: E. Charles Vivian
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The legend of Robin Hood is over a thousand years old, but it was Vivian s novel that collected and distilled many of the legends and stories and combined them into the great classic we know today, with Robin and Maid Marian, Friar Tuck, and the evil Prince John.

    • Robin Hood And His Merry Men ¦ E. Charles Vivian
      286 E. Charles Vivian
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  • E. Charles Vivian

    Working name of UK editor and author of popular fiction 1882 1947 , born Charles Henry Cannell but apparently changing his name legally to Evelyn Charles Henry Vivian in early adulthood, though he wrote some non genre novels as Charles Cannell, and some short fiction as by Sydney Barrie Lynd, Galbraith Nicolson and A K Walton Prior to becoming a writer, Cannell was a former soldier in the Boer War and journalist for The Daily Telegraph Cannell began writing novels under the pen name E Charles Vivian in 1907 He then started writing fantastic stories for the arts magazine Colour and the aviation journal Flying which Cannell edited after leaving the Telegraph in 1917 18, sometimes publishing them under the pseudonym A.K Walton Vivian is best known for his Lost World fantasy novels such as City of Wonder and his series of novels featuring supernatural detective Gregory George Gordon Green or Gees which he wrote under his Jack Mann pseudonym Critic Jack Adrian has praised Cannell s lost world stories as bursting with ideas and colour and pace , and superb examples of a fascinating breed For younger readers, Vivian wrote Robin Hood and his Merry Men , a retelling of the Robin Hood legend.Vivian also edited three British pulp magazines From 1918 to 1922 Vivian edited The Novel Magazine , and later, for the publisher Walter Hutchinson 1887 1950 , Hutchinson s Adventure Story Magazine which serialised three of Vivian s novels and Hutchinson s Mystery Story Magazine In addition to UK writers, Vivian often reprinted fiction from American pulp magazines such as Adventure and Weird Tales in the Hutchinson publications.Outside the field of fiction, Vivian was noted for the non fiction book, A History of Aeronautics.Some of his shorter fiction including The Fourth Arm War in the Clouds a Strange Story August 1915 Pearson s Magazine , The Multiple Cube 13 June 1917 Flying and The Upper Levels a Fantasy of Tomorrow 31 July 1918 Flying was sf, with hints of the Pax Aeronautica, especially his stories in Flying A prolific author, with nearly 100 identified titles between 1907 and his death, he is now best remembered for the Gees sequence of novels see listing on the link below , all written as by Jack Mann, about a psychic detective Gregory George Gordon Green whose cases sometimes involve sf like phenomena e.g travel through other Dimensions but are essentially fantasies, the most famous of them being Grey Shapes 1937 , a Werewolf tale Maker of Shadows 1938 , featuring a She figure Immortality , is also of interest.Much of Vivian s prolific output had a mystical even at times mystagogical tinge Some of his individual novels, like Passion Fruit 1912 , had fantasy elements, and several were Lost World tales, including City of Wonder 1922 , which features Asian survivors from Lemuria in a land called Kir Asa the Aia sequence, comprising Fields of Sleep 1923 , in which Babylonian survivors are trapped in a Malaysian valley by a strange plant within range of whose aroma, a kind of Basilisk as, once it is inhaled, one must remain in range or die and People of the Darkness 1924 , set in an Underground world inhabited by a tentacled species who were originally slaves in Atlantis The Lady of the Terraces 1925 and its sequel A King There Was 1926 , which feature pre Incan survivals and further hints of Atlantis and Woman Dominant 1929 , set in Asia, where an aged woman rules a land through the agency of a Drug which turns men into half witted slaves.Vivian s most straightforward sf tale, Star Dust 1925 , describes an inventor scientist s attempts to make the world better by indiscriminately transmuting dross into gold Transmutation this he thinks will make some sort of Utopia inevitable See at sf encyclopedia entry


  • This book is so hard to rate, why you may be asking is it? Fine, I will tell you this book is awesome! And a really fast read with a lot of emotion and I loved it seeing as this is the most original/unabridged version of this story that I can fined it was very well written and as it is old English, I did have to re-read/go over some of the lines to know what was going on but still was a tiny bit confusing in one or two parts and that is all of the things I have problems with and I do think this [...]

  • If this isn't the definitive collection of the tales of Robin Hood and His Merry Men, I don't know what is. Beautifully told and accompanied by fabulous colour plates. Informative and entertaining, fun and moving. Yes, it's a little old-fashioned in its storytelling, but it fits the stories perfectly. Quite simple, if you've ever wanted to read about Robin Hood, this is the way to do it!

  • I have always loved the tales of Robin Hood and these adventures by E.C. Vivian did not disappoint. I would bet that almost everyone in the English-speaking world has heard of Robin Hood, as he makes appearances in a few classics I have read before, such asIvanhoe, and was a staple tale of my childhood.

  • Although I'm from Nottingham and have a soft spot for Robin - I had obviously never read a version of the stories (which surprised me). I've obviously only seen the movie versions! Enjoyed the tales and the way this was written - it's piqued my interest in finding out a bit more about what the actuals tales and ballads record and what we think the 'real' story may be.

  • This is an awesome version of Robin Hood! The illos are great, including some of the classics by Pyle, some glitzy old hollywood images and some old medieval manuscript type images. The text is from the turn of the century, and so has this really classic, heroic flavor to it that you just don't get with modern writing--but it is short enough and quick-moving enough that you don't get really mired down in the difficult language. I actually missed my train stop while engrossed in this one! Recomme [...]

  • The adventure of Robin Hood was 3 of 5 stars.The only part I didn't like about the book was the older words that are a little difficult to understand.Anyway the story was ok by the means of the excitment like when Robin Hood and his merry men were in battle.The band of Robin Hoods clan trying to live off the land was breath taking.In the end in the depths of sherwood forest robbing and scaring people off the land and Robin Hood still young.

  • Although this lacks the lyrical quality of many other tales of Robin Hood, this compilation of the many stories of the outlaw and his followers is well worth reading by any who may be interested in his story.

  • Probably my favorite of the Robin Hood novels. Charles Vivian did a fantastic job of combining many of the legends and compiling them in a way that actually felt more like a story of his life then short chapter vignettes, while keeping true to those legends.

  • Old English was hard to follow. I needed a character list to keep track of the different names certain people were sometimes referred to as. And there had to be more than one person with the same first name?!? But the action was wonderful and exciting!

  • This version of the Robin Hood tale came across very well in the audio book format. The reader Dan Elsea portrayed the characters vividly and I could visualize the scenes with ease. I also enjoyed the fact that the tale is complete to the end of Robin’s life.

  • No wonder the legend of Robin Hood has lived for so long. This is a good story. The reader has to wade through some more difficult and old-fashioned words, however, it wasn't too bad. It might even be good for us to learn a little more about our native tongue.

  • I was thrilled to discover this version in a second hand shop as it was this book the Robin of Sherwood series took names from and a few of the ideas as well. Its an elegant telling, though the language is more dated and fun to read and spot which parts the TV series took and adapted.

  • I loved this book. I've always loved the stories about Robin Hood (the Disney cartoon was one of my favorite movies as a little girl, and also the source of my first crush), and this reminded me of why. The stories were fascinating. The art was also beautiful.

  • This book is great because I was curious about what would happen nect when Robin Hood shot his arrow to the apple on his son's head!

  • Interesting book. It was nice to read this and get a different perspective on Robin Hood. I would like to go and read some other versions now to see the differences.

  • Good telling of the Robin Hood legend. Lots of battles and includes his marriage to Marion and their deaths.

  • Joshua loved it, despite the archaic language. I just liked it."What did you like about it, Josh?""The archery."

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