A Grace Disguised: How the Soul Grows Through Loss

A Grace Disguised How the Soul Grows Through Loss Loss is a word that many of us fear but few of us evade In a tragic accident Gerry Sittser lost three generations of his family This is not a book about one man s sorrow however but a moving medit

  • Title: A Grace Disguised: How the Soul Grows Through Loss
  • Author: Gerald L. Sittser
  • ISBN: 9780310202301
  • Page: 496
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Loss is a word that many of us fear, but few of us evade In a tragic accident, Gerry Sittser lost three generations of his family This is not a book about one man s sorrow, however, but a moving meditation on the losses we all suffer and the grace that can transform us.

    • A Grace Disguised: How the Soul Grows Through Loss By Gerald L. Sittser
      496 Gerald L. Sittser
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  • I was given this book to read over ago after my son died. A friend in my church loaned it to me, and for the longest time I wasn't able to read it. It's not that I didn't want to: I recognized quickly how I healed and learned through reading books about grief and hearing stories of how others have mourned. But reading about grief is exhausting: not only do you begin to wear and experience the grief of the author, you also are forced to revisit the grief that you carry. And so reading about grief [...]

  • This is a great soul care book. Although his tragic story is about losing his wife, child and mother in a car accident and being left to raise three children alone, his focus is not on his story but on "What meaning can be gained from suffering, and how can we grow through suffering?" The things he learned can be applied to more than just loss due to death of a loved one. I found him to be very insightful and applicable. Here are some quotes that have stood out to me:"Die before you die. There i [...]

  • Having lost our son Jason this past fall in a tragic and puzzling auto accident, we have been overwhelmed with love and concern for our family. We've had close friends and family support us and want to be closer, we've had neighbors who we don't even know bring over food and condolences, my faith and understanding of God's plan for us here on Earth has been strengthened. I still miss Jason tremendously and I always will, but the book "A Grace Disguised" has been an amazing book which has given m [...]

  • Few of us are ready when tragedy strikes. It's almost like we think we're immune to it. But God doesn't think the way we do. He redeems everything. We don't know that until we are faced with something that needs redeeming. As the title of this book suggests, we really don't know what grace is until we need it. And it, along with all of other God's treasures, are disguised from us but revealed at the right time.

  • I love that this book was written during the middle of Sittser's journey, not when he was through it. He even admitted in the introduction that the book was meaningful but not cathartic. What a great book for those who have experienced a tragic loss, or even—like me—those wanting to understand. I've never experienced anything like this, but this book has helped me grow in compassion, and in understanding how to be a good neighbor to one experiencing such great loss.I heard in it his honest q [...]

  • I FINALLY finished this book. It took me a year and a half to finish it. It wasn't a long read, but it is emotionally draining. I would recommend this book to anyone who has suffered loss. Loss of job, spouse, marriage, health, children, etc. One of the great aspects of this book is that Sittser doesn't quantify loss on a great scale of suffering, so this book can be universally helpful to all.Jerry Sittser was a professor at my college and I had the opportunity to take a few classes from him. I [...]

  • The accident remains now, as it always has been, a horrible experience that did great damage to us and to so many others. It was and will remain a very bad chapter. But the whole of my life is becoming what appears to be a very good book.The above quote is the last section of his last paragraph of his book. For anybody who has lost a loved one I highly recommend reading this book.Later my sister, Diane, told me that the quickest way for anyone to reach the sun and the light of day is not to run [...]

  • A very good friend gave me this book while I was dealing with my husband having just left us and this book gave me so much comfort. It showed me that though my loss is different, it is a loss nonetheless and everything I am/was going through was ok. I have already recommended this book to other friends I know could benefit from it.

  • This was one of many rereads of A Grace Disguised as I'm preparing for a speaking event. I will always treasure this book. It is one of my favorite resources for healing after loss. It's been eleven years since I first read it, but this book continues to comfort and grow me.

  • This is the most profound, honest, raw, and hopeful book I've ever read on loss and grief (and I have read it over and over). Gary Sittser puts word to emotions that I didn't know how to talk about. This man has chosen to share his story with us-- it's a precious gift.

  • Great book offering a new perspective on loss. Helpful and wise. Dr. Sittser was one of my professors in college.

  • This book has been THE MOST helpful book I have ever read in processing the loss of our son. The author gives the most raw and honest account of his pain but also the most hopeful tone and the insights have been mind blowing. I can't imagine how difficult it was for him to write this. My copy is now heavily underlined and I've found myself sharing the content with anyone who will listen. There's no "God had a reason" or "His ways are higher than ours." He talks of hope without diminishing the gr [...]

  • My husband was killed 899 days ago. The whole sorted ordeal has been an intensely devastating life altering experience for me. There is never a day where I'm not heavily burdened with grief and I continually fight depression. I have felt completely lost without my soulmate.I don't know how this book came to me, but I suspect through God and my sweet angels, my son and my husband. I know it was providence at its sweetest, sent here to preform a rescue. I took well over a year to read this tenderl [...]

  • This is THE best book on grief. I've read it quite a few times. It is extremely honest about the struggle that a person of deep faith has when tragedy strikes.

  • Suffering and loss are inevitable, but I don’t know if I understood that when I was younger. My wife’s breast cancer and the trials of adoption have pressed suffering upon me in ways that I have never felt before. Shortly after Heather was diagnosed with cancer, I tried to find books of comfort, writings to help explain what was going on in my life. The Psalms took on a new richness for me, but other books varied. In the last few years, I haven’t read many books dealing with suffering or l [...]

  • This is a well-written, important book in the area of grief and loss Sittser has reflected on accommodating to experiences we will all (if we haven't already) face. I hope to use this as a the subject of a Lenten Study at some point. It will be interesting to hear the thoughts of our book club members when we come to discuss it.

  • A hard but Excellent book about accepting what God puts into your life because you love and trust him, not because it is easy or what you want. He gets the right to tell this - extraordinarily hard losses that he admittedly was still working through during the writing of the book. Recommended by Louise - a very healing book for her.

  • The book is subtitled "how the soul grows through loss" but practically nothing is mentioned about that, which was the sole reason I read it. Well written, and achingly sad without enough hope to offset it, I couldn't recommend this one.

  • Great book. I highlighted a lot of the pages and quotes and passages I want to reflect on and re-visit time and time again. Best grief book I've picked up yet.

  • I have not experienced anything like Jerry Sittser has experienced but I have carried others through a number of tragedies and I love the insight he offers here. It is so perfect. While no two people grieve the same, there is guidance in the words he offers here. Of course, the fact that he quotes Donne, Frankl, and Hugo and his wife had a thing for Bach drew me right in!Some quotes:"Writing this book has turned out to be meaningful but not cathartic. It has not exacerbated the trauma, nor has i [...]

  • If you want to see the light do not chase the sun in the west. Head east into the darkness and catch the sunrise. This was in the book A Grace Disguised: How the Soul Grows through Loss by Jerry L. Sittser. His family was hit by a drunk driver when he was a young married man. His wife, mother and one daughter were killed. He and three children survived. He was left being a single dad raising three children. This was devastating to him and the children. He went into deep depression and despair. H [...]

  • This is the incredible story of a man that lost his wife, daughter and mother in an accident while he was driving and they were hit by a drunk driver. I can't imagine the pain. As a pastor I often say that I spend most of my time with people at the best of times and the worst of times. One thing I have learned it that we should never tell someone we know how they feel or what they are going through because each experience is different. As much as I want to feel the pain I am aware most of the ti [...]

  • A touching, insightful and beautifully written memoir about walking through catastrophic loss without losing hope. This paragraph from the end of the book captures the spirit well, I think:"The grief I feel is sweet as well as bitter. I still have a sorrowful soul; yet I wake up every morning joyful, eager for what the new day will bring. Never have I felt as much pain as I have in the last three years; yet never have I experienced as much pleasure in simply being alive and living an ordinary li [...]

  • I'm interested in learning how to grieve and grieve well. Sittser seems to have done this and reflected deeply on the process and recorded it all in this book. It is NOT an easy read. It is deep. It is emotional. It is depressing and raw at times because it is real. But it draws you along. I felt as if I was being allowed to benefit from a great mind who has gone through some profound experiences. Is he a pessimist? His central theme that comes out repeatedly is that we never "get over"loss or e [...]

  • I've read other work by Sittser and this did not disappoint. He does not set out to tell the reader how to recover from loss. Instead, he presents his own experience and within a Judeo-Christian framework. Many aspects of it are easy to relate to no matter the type of loss one has experienced. Although a relatively short book, the density of the content (ideas) cannot be digested in one reading. It's well worth multiple readings.

  • This is the best book on grief I have read. It manages to balance faith, grief, vulnerablity and hope so naturally. It is not patronising, it offers no clichés, it is not depressing but rather hopeful. It focuses on the choice we have when faced with loss, that although we may have been powerless to stop tragedy from happening we still possess the power to decide what impact that will have on the rest of our lives.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this book. That's a rather unusual statement because this book is entirely about grieving. The author suffered the great loss of his mother, his wife and his daughter in a horrific car accident. Dealing with his great loss helped me as a reader to put my griefs and losses in perspective.

  • Extraordinarily insightful and tremendously helpful. The author confronts and works through his grief, rather than avoids it. And it's the lessons he learns from taking on the pain, including his deepening relationship with God, that make reading his book a must, especially when you experience loss.

  • Several years after trudging through a horrific tragedy, Sittser gives us a great gift in this contemplative volume. “I decided to walk into the darkness rather than try to out run it…” It may take you a while to slowly ponder the depth inherent here, but this journal is a treasure of insight for those hurting deeply from loss and still looking for God in the brokenness.

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