I Know It's Over

I Know It s Over PURE UNPLANNED PERFECT Those were Nick s summer plans before Sasha stepped into the picture With the collateral damage from his parents divorce still settling and Dani his girl of the moment up for ne

  • Title: I Know It's Over
  • Author: C.K. Kelly Martin
  • ISBN: 9780375892349
  • Page: 483
  • Format: ebook
  • PURE UNPLANNED PERFECT Those were Nick s summer plans before Sasha stepped into the picture With the collateral damage from his parents divorce still settling and Dani his girl of the moment up for nearly anything, complications are the last thing he needs All that changes, though, when Nick runs into Sasha at the beach in July Suddenly he s neck deep in a relatioPURE UNPLANNED PERFECT Those were Nick s summer plans before Sasha stepped into the picture With the collateral damage from his parents divorce still settling and Dani his girl of the moment up for nearly anything, complications are the last thing he needs All that changes, though, when Nick runs into Sasha at the beach in July Suddenly he s neck deep in a relationship and surprised to find he doesn t mind in the least But Nick s world shifts again when Sasha breaks up with him Then, weeks later, while Nick s still reeling from the breakup, she turns up at his doorstep and tells him she s pregnant Nick finds himself struggling once to understand the girl he can t stop caring for, the girl who insists that it s still over.From the Hardcover edition.

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    Long before I was an author I was a fan of books about Winnie the Pooh, Babar, Madeline, Anne Shirley and anything by Judy Blume Throughout high school my favourite class was English No surprise, then, that most of my time spent at York University in Toronto was as an English major not the traditional way to graduate with a B.A Hons in film studies but a fine way to get a general arts education.After getting my film studies degree I headed for Dublin, Ireland and spent the majority of the nineties there in forgettable jobs meeting unforgettable people and enjoying the buzz I always believed I d get around to writing in earnest eventually, and I began writing my first novel in a flat in Dublin and finished it in a Toronto suburb By then I d discovered that fiction about young people felt the freshest and most exciting to me You have most of your life to be an adult but you only grow up once.Currently residing near Toronto with my Dub husband, I m an aunt to twenty one nieces and nephews, and a great aunt to two great nephews I became an Irish citizen in 2001 and continue to visit Dublin as often as I can while working on novels about young people.My first young adult book, I Know It s Over, came out with Random House in September 2008, and was followed by One Lonely Degree, The Lighter Side of Life and Death, My Beating Teenage Heart and sci fi thriller Yesterday I released Yesterday s sequel, Tomorrow, in 2013 and put out my first adult novel, Come See About Me, as an ebook in June 2012 My most recent contemporary YA books, The Sweetest Thing You Can Sing and Delicate, were published by Cormorant Books Dancing Cat Books imprint in 2014 and 2015.


  • I Know It’s Over is a very straightforward YA novel with the genuine voice of a 16 year old boy resolute on telling the reader about a well planned summer of careless fun and playing around but instead ended up telling a story of falling in love for the first time, getting hurt and eventually breaking up. Stories like this are quite common in the world of YA contemporary but reading it from the guy’s perspective was quite refreshing and undeniably intriguing and entertaining at the same time [...]

  • I did not like this book. In fact, this book made me angry.Two sixteen year olds, Nick and Sasha, begin dating and eventually become pregnant. Sasha does not want to continue the relationship prior to discovering the pregnancy and keeps to that decision after discovering the pregnancy. To her credit, she does tell Nick that she is pregnant.However, Nick really cares for Sasha and tells her that he will support her in whatever decision she makes. He has no voice in that decision and is the only c [...]

  • I came into this book with high expectations. Having read excerpts of Martin's other novels, I could tell that I'd enjoy her books. I've been dying to read, The Lighter Side of Life and Death. As I was unable to find a copy of it, I decided to settle for I Know It's Over. Canadians know how to write YA. Ok, so maybe I've only read four books by Canadian authors. But the few Canadian and Australian YA authors out there are putting out much better books than the majority of American authors. This [...]

  • To say that I was disappointed by this book is putting it mildly. It started out with Sasha announcing to Nick that she's pregnant As we go through their relationship through the eyes of Nick I kept thinking and wondering if Sasha was playing a cat and mouse game with him She was in, she was out, she didn't seem to know what she wanted and he couldn't seem to figure out that she was probably going to end up breaking his heart in the end. If that was the only problem it could have past But My m [...]

  • Reviewed by Breanna F. for TeensReadTooNick plans on having a long, carefree summer with no distractions and no problems. What with his parents' divorce and his father's new girlfriend, Nick needs all the downtime he can get. Even the girl he's seeing (Dani) is starting to get to him. The girl is up for anything, but for some reason Nick just doesn't seem that in to it anymore. But Nick's summer plans of carefree go out the window when Sasha shows up. She's been going to school with him for as l [...]

  • Actual rating - 2.5The characters it this were okay, but I didn't love any of them.This wasn't a bad read, but I couldn't get interested in the story. The second half wasn't as bad for me as the first half, but I still didn't enjoy it very much.Overall, Okay read, but didn't hold my interest very well.

  • Awkward. If I had to pick one word to describe I Know It's Over, it would be just that -- awkward. It's not the situation that is entirely awkward for me, especially since I was intrigued by the idea of a novel about an unexpected pregnancy and following abortion from the male teen's point-of-view. But the characters are awkward, the dialog is awkward, the interactions are awkward. The necessary details just aren't there, and the ones that are involved more telling than showing. There's a heavy [...]

  • I Know It’s Over is a book with deep and interesting concepts, sex and homosexuality. Sex and homosexuality is one of many things that some teens go through.I haven’t read a book where you are reading in the male’s perspective when it comes down to sex and pregnancy. Typically, sex and pregnancy are in a female’s point of view, but not in I Know It’s Over.I really like the fact that we get to read what the guy thinks about sex and his sexual encounters. To me, Nick seems like a person [...]

  • I shouldn’t review this book.All I want to say is: FDKJHKFSDX IT’S SO GOOD, GUYS. SO GOOD. PLEASE READ IT SO YOU CAN EXPERIENCE ITS AWESOMENESS.Which isn’t the most (or, believe it or not, the least) coherent thing I’ve ever said. However, I’m going to try to write a semi-useful review, because guys, this book is so good!I read both of Martin’s other novels before I read this one, and while I enjoyed them, I didn’t get her the way other authors and reviewers I respect did. I get it [...]

  • Wow, I am choosing some real winners lately. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! This book actually made me physically ill. I wanted to scream the entire time about how selfish the characters were and how idiotic their parents are. The parents are so unrealistic and amoral that they are completely unbelievable as characters. Nick's Dad just assumes that Sasha will have an abortion and when Nick finally tells his mom she merely nods her head and tells him he can talk to her. Sasha's supposedly strict [...]

  • What I really like is getting to see it from a boys pov and the things he went through. I like the way Ms. Martin showed the emotions. Not only the emotionally toll of the relationship but also the psychical toll as well. Nick does his best when it comes to supporting his ex-girlfriends and I admire him for that. He did whatever choice she made. What I didn't like is that Nick didn't really have a choice in the matter. While I was glad that he supported Sasha, Sahsha didn't support him. It was a [...]

  • Mostly, in YA Romances, We always get the girl's POV about falling in love and the hardship of breakups. This time, C.K. Kelly Martin, tells you the story from a guy's perspective.Nick, or Nicholas, was on his way to spend his Christmas with his dad when his girlfriend Sasha calls him to tell him that she's pregnant. That's the bottom line people. What will this young couple do with such dilemma.I found this really as I expected it if not more. It was emotional, touching and just interesting. I [...]

  • I was expecting something else. Half of it was just flashbacks which annoyed the hell out of me---it could have been bits of it WHILE the story develops not all of it together-- and when it got to the part I wanted it was disappointing.

  • I'm still not sure if I liked this book. A lot happened, but yet at the same time nothing happened. I mean it seems like all the characters stayed the same. Just plain weird.

  • This is a very complex book. Opening scene is the 16 year old male protagonist being told by his ex-girlfriend (she dumped him about one month earlier) that she's pregnant. On Christmas Eve.What I liked about this book was the digging into the adolescent psyche. It's pretty strong stuff. A lot of scenes relating to sex in this book. The overall theme, which you would hope teens would get, is that casual sex is not a good idea, that even the most well-intended kids slip up, and then there's a pri [...]

  • CLICK HERE TO READ MORE REVIEWS AT READING, EATING AND DREAMING I WAS BLAIR WALDORFI Know It’s Over by C.K. Kelly Martin is a moving young adult drama that reveals some of the complications, choices and consequences that result from an unwanted, unplanned teen pregnancy.I immensely enjoyed this novel, and the only reason I didn’t rate it higher was because it wasn’t a novel I would want to re-read. When I rate a book 4 or 5 STARS it means I loved it so much I would want to revisit it down [...]

  • 3.5/5Here we have a kid who’s just a kid and doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do when faced with a big thing. The good thing: he doesn’t pretend otherwise. Whatever it is he does happen to feel, he does…no false bravado on his part. You’d think him whiny self centered kid, who’s got too much of everything And perhaps, he is that, but there’s no denying that with each page, you know whatever his feelings were for whatever was going on at that moment, be it anger, confusion, lust [...]

  • I am pretty certain that Martin is some kind of mastermind. A mastermind of WORDS! I have never read a book before that dealt with teen pregnancy from the boys perspective and I don't even know what I was expecting, but I wasn't expecting THIS. Her ability to weave some seriously heavy shit into a story that manages to be both quiet and loud is so extraordinary it makes my head spin. This is one of those books that under all the details there is a message; a message that will probably piss a lot [...]

  • C.K. Kelly Martin's story of a teenage couple's rise, fall and the consequences of the choices they made together. Nick is an ordinary enough teenage boy, dating the girls who allow him to fool around but never quite let him go all the way. He then meets Sasha, who he finds himself falling for and sharing an entirely different kind of connection with, leading to his becoming faithful to her and pursuing a summertime romance together. Nick begins to push Sasha for more from their relationship on [...]

  • This book tackles sex, pregnancy, and abortion head on, but it is essentially a story of the end of a relationship told from the point of view of sixteen year old Nick Severson. Nick, a popular and good looking high school hockey player, finds himself completely shaken by the news that his ex-girlfriend is pregnant. This forces him to come to terms with the consequences of his actions and his lingering feelings for Sasha.C.K. Kelly Martin's writing reminds me of Courtney Summer's in Cracked Up t [...]

  • It was ok, for all the hype I've heard about it.The book follows the relationship of Nick and Sasha, two 16-year-olds embarking on their first love. They end up losing their virginity to each other, and as things get more complicated, Sasha decides she's not ready for this type of relationship and breaks up with Nick. Devastated, Nick tries to get on with his life, only to find Sasha on his doorstep Christmas Eve telling him she's pregnant.The first half of the book, talking about Nick and Sasha [...]

  • I Know It’s Over is a very rare YA read in that this is a book about a teen relationship that has ended (I know It’s Over) but gets complicated all over again, but uncharacteristically from a male point of view. Not only is this very refreshing in YA-land, C.K. Kelly Martin also writes believably and convincingly from 16-year-old Nick’s point of view, not just a male POV for the sake of a male POV. On Christmas Eve Nick finds out that his ex-girlfriend Sasha is pregnant. Through a series o [...]

  • Reading these reviews I can see how problematic the topic of abortion is for fiction writers, especially those writing YA.Many reviewers who rated this book low had problems with the abortion theme, some specifying that it was treated too lightly! God!My main complaint in this otherwise fine book was that such a big deal was made of it all. I mean sometimes that's how it is, I guess, but so many young women just face up to this sort of mishap bravely and sensibly. I KNOW THIS FROM EXPERIENCE HAV [...]

  • I appreciate what the author was trying to do with this book but, for me, it was kind of meandering and, quite honestly, just poorly written. There was way too much reliance on dialogue and not enough actual writing and character development. Nick and Sasha and the rest of the supporting cast felt flat. The story was purely plot-driven and I thought it lacked the entire emotional side of teen pregnancy. The best thing about this book, for me, was that it actually presented abortion as an option [...]

  • My heart is still aching for Sasha and Nick. I Know It's Over is such a wonderful honest tale of teenage pregnancy. yet it never screems Teenage Public Service announcement I loved that the POV came from Nick. At times I wanted Sasha's POV but overall I think the dialouge driven book does well capturing her feelings as well. I found this book very relative to today's teens with the "friends with benefits" and "hooking up". When Nick meets Sasha he finds that things can get much more complicated [...]

  • I absolutely love C.K. Kelly Martin`s writing. She has such a talent of speaking through teenagers minds and this book was no exception. The situation that Nick and Sasha find themselves in is a very serious, heart-breaking matter and when reading this book, you feel all of their emotions. I felt terrible for Nick because he seemed so in love with Sasha, but I just feel like she never really gave him what he deserved and that she was only looking out for herself. Dealing with being pregnant at s [...]

  • Not really fan of the whole story but it does really makes a mark in my heart. I felt the pain of their relationship and love. I wished things goes differently and that their love was enough. But they are still so young and many things may happen. I know that that was really the ending but in my mind I picture them getting back together after the long long years of separation. I am really a fan of Sasha and Nick and I am hoping and wishing for the very best for the both of them. So if you are re [...]

  • Stunning. The book I want my son to read when he hits the teen years, though it isn't at all an afterschool special-ish issue-driven book. I Know It's Over made me think while I was reading it, really think--about the first time life hits a person upside the head, and the emotions that come on so strong they're almost unmanageable. Nick's experience is personal and universal and engaging and shattering. I couldn't put this book down.

  • It's so rare to find a YA novel that addresses the holy trinity of lust/love/relationships from the male perspective. And even more rare to to find the voice utterly true, and the characters utterly real, warts and all.Too bad guys don't read much realistic fiction. My male students who read (mostly adventure and dystopian) could very likely learn to really like this one, but frankly, I'm a little hesitant to offer it.

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