A Stranger's Wish

A Stranger s Wish Englisher Kristie Matthews move to an Amish family farm in Lancaster County Pennsylvania couldn t have started on a worse note The young schoolteacher is bitten by the farm dog and on her trip to t

  • Title: A Stranger's Wish
  • Author: Gayle Roper
  • ISBN: 9780736925860
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Paperback
  • Englisher Kristie Matthews move to an Amish family farm in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, couldn t have started on a worse note The young schoolteacher is bitten by the farm dog, and on her trip to the local ER, she has a strange encounter with an old man who has just had a heart attack The stranger asks her to do him a favor to hold fast to a key he gives her withEnglisher Kristie Matthews move to an Amish family farm in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, couldn t have started on a worse note The young schoolteacher is bitten by the farm dog, and on her trip to the local ER, she has a strange encounter with an old man who has just had a heart attack The stranger asks her to do him a favor to hold fast to a key he gives her with the explicit instruction that she tell absolutely no one about it When her life is endangered, Kristie suspects a connection to the mysterious key While she juggles solving the mystery of the key with staying alive, Kristie is also juggling her romantic life Is her lawyer boyfriend, Todd Reasoner, the right man for her

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    Gayle Roper is the award winning author of than 40 books and has been a Christy finalist three times.She lives with her husband in southeastern Pennsylvania where she enjoys reading, gardening, and her family.


  • This was a wonderful book, I would suggest this book to be a first to a new reader of Amish lit because it's a very light read and doesn't give mystism about their culture but a very real perspective. I have read a lot of Amish tales that have me at one moment believe that I to should be Amish. They make me feel like an awful Christan. This book clearly marks the very real diffrences between old order Amish (non belief of Jesus as the savior) New order Amish ( those who believe Jesus is the savi [...]

  • Most of the Amish novels I've read are in the third person, but from the Amish perspective. This series is different. It's first person from an Englischer perspective, complete with all the questions an Englischer might have about the Amish faith and culture.The plot is straightforward, although you're not sure of the motive for the plot until the end. It isn't all wrapped up neatly either. The main character, Kristi, is left with some sadness even when she gets her 'happily-ever-after.' That di [...]

  • Liked this book a lot, although could've done without the mystery/endangerment suspense. If this was just a love story/regular fiction book would still have liked it just as well. (But then it wouldn't have been in the new mysteries section and I probably wouldn't have found it!!)Maybe I related to Kristie's being a watercolorist, and to the longing of the Amish mother's longing to do art. I definitely am fascinated with the Amish, living close to them. My friends have very intimate relationship [...]

  • This was a well written and fairly entertaining novel about faith and choices contrasting the lives of Kristie, a Christian Englisher, and the Amish family she boards with. The characters were well drawn and interesting. There was also a fun element of suspense in the plot, but I thought the romance in it got serious way too quickly for the amount of time that the couple had spent together, which is why I only gave the novel 3 stars.

  • I read this on the kindle I enjoyed the book but found it very slow it was more than half way through the book before you Found out about the key This was the first of 3 book series xxxxxxx

  • Look, I enjoy Amish fiction. I love Amish fiction. There is something very nice and relaxing about reading Amish fiction that doesn’t beat you over the head repeatedly with religion. What I don’t enjoy reading is a smarmy, holier than thou Christian badgering others to turn to Jesus. Kristie is exactly the type of Christian that turns me off from ever returning to religion. I have such revulsion towards her that I can’t even be bothered reading the rest of the series because I want to smas [...]

  • So I was lucky enough to win autographed copies of the first two books in Gayle Roper's Amish Farm Trilogy.What treasures, no?So, what could I do but read them?!?!Starting with book one: A Stranger's Wish by Gayle RoperA Stranger's Wish is the story of Kristie Matthews who has the unique experience to get to live on an Amish farm with an Amish family, even though she is an Englischer.Kristie has always been the "odd one out" in her family. She comes from a family of lawyers and was expected to g [...]

  • This was a strange book, or at least it started out that way to me, but if I'd gone with my first impressions of the beginning of the book and not finished it, I would have missed a really good story.Kristie is an elementary school art teacher and watercolor painter. She rents a room on an Amish farm, to the horror of her lawyer parents and lawyer boyfriend, who don't even think her painting is worth considering as a career. She's too eccentric for them. She was supposed to go to law school and [...]

  • A STRANGER’S WISH by Gayle Roper, come to find out is a re-release of the originally titled novel “The Key”. This answered a lot of questions for me, because, though I enjoyed A STRANGER’S WISH, I didn’t find it as captivating as some of Gayle’s more recent works. With that said, there were still several positives. I loved her character development and the ease in which the characters came together. The interaction between Kristie and Jake was pure and honest. At times I found myself [...]

  • This book made me think. Roper has introduced some spiritual truths that really captured my attention.They are woven through the story, in no way 'preachy', but touched my heart and set me to thinking. I love when I find a book that helps me draw closer to God's truth and this one certainly did.Kristie's first person account is sharp and witty and heartfelt. We learn about the Amish culture through her eyes and Roper is an author who hasn't romanticized the people and the religion. She portrays [...]

  • Book#1 -series Amish Farm triolgy,"A Stranger's Wish" by Gayle RoperI have read these books back to front, 3-2-1 at different times and it was fun with the characters. I am sure it would have been better had I read this one first thoughis books starts with mystery and runs through the story. Kristie Matthews comes from a well to do family of lawyers and they wanted her to follow in their steps but she marches to a different drummer and wants to paint. She moves to an amish farm and rents rooms t [...]

  • This is a pretty good book, and I liked the mystery, but it was a little odd in some places. Also, I was surprised at some of the things they said about the Amish people and customs. At times, what was said was completely different from what I had read about the Amish in other books. (So I don’t know if this book is factual, or not considering the different information.) Although this was a romance, it wasn’t very romantic. At times, I wasn’t even sure if the couple would end up together, [...]

  • A bit different take on traditional Amish stories, this was a fast, easy read. While I found much of the premise implausible, this was still an appealing story. I would have thought that Kristie could have made connections between the robbery/attacks sooner, and I kept wondering why she never reported any of it to the police. Her new boyfriend, however, saves the day in true heroic fashion.I would have loved more character development but these characters still kind of grow on you. What I did en [...]

  • Sometimes I pick up a book and have no real clue about the author, or even when I read the summary, I'm still not sure what to expect. Both situations applied when I picked up A Stranger's Wish by Gayle Roper. I was unfamiliar with the author and the summary left me not sure of what to expect. I was caught off guard and totally surprised by the story. It was a mix of mystery and romance, which happen to be my favorite combination. The mystery of the story kept me guessing until the very end, and [...]

  • An Intriguing StoryGayle did a great job of grabbing my attention from page one. Her characters are loaded with vivid thoughts, dynamic personalities, and quirky faults. The setting, in an Amish community, is clearly described and easy to visualize. The storyline is a page turner, but I was able to anticipate the outcome.The book is focused on Kristie Matthew, a young artist and school teacher, who doesn’t fit the family mold of lawyers. Moving to live on an Amish farm is filled with wonder, b [...]

  • Actually really enjoyed this one. I don't usually care for these 'Amish life' books - but this one is taken from a 'normal' woman's perspective, living with an Amish family without making the reader choke on the Amish stuff. It shows the main character's story, while letting you meet and get to know some of the Amish people as people with beliefs of their own, just as the main char has her own. Over all I really liked this one and the plot was catchy as well. Never quite saw the resolution of th [...]

  • I enjoyed reading this book, and I intend to read the other two in the trilogy. The main character, Kristie, is an artist, and I found her struggle with being so different than the rest of her family very realistic and believable, and I enjoyed seeing her personal growth. Some other elements of the book related to the mystery seemed just a little bit far-fetched, which is the main reason I did not give it five stars. The issue of the stranger's key seemed very unlikely; would he be that desperat [...]

  • Not being a religious person, the Godly messages in this book didn't really mean anything to me. That aside, it's a good story, but some of the characters are difficult to connect with. The lead character is just way too naïve, and it gets annoying in some places. The author's writing is okay but she's fond of skipping over chunks of time, and the ending is quite abrupt. I went to buy the second book of this trilogy and see that one of its main characters is the one you're taught to hate in thi [...]

  • Delightful story, told in the first person, about an aspiring artist, the black sheep of her corporate family, trying to capture Amish-ness in her work only to find herself involved with a enigmatic key. What does it unlock? It doesn't delve into Plain folkways like most of the genre does, but a nice mystery interwoven with a somewhat dysfunctional Amish clan makes for most enjoyable reading.

  • This is the story of an elementary art teacher who rents a room in an Amish farmhouse. She must learn to adjust to her surroundings while still maintaining who she is. In addition she meets an elderly man in town and he asks a favor of her. When she keeps running into people trying to harm her she wonders if it is because of the old mans favor.

  • Dont let the synopsis on the back of this book fool yous a really great read. I cant wait to read more by this author. This story is not about being Amish or not being Amish is about figuring out life and connecting with people. For such a small book, it has really fantastic character development and its a really enjoyable read.

  • In this first book of the Amish Farm Trilogy, Schoolteacher Kristie Matthews leave home to live with a family in Lancaster County. She is soon deeply involved in a mystery and three men that will test her faith. This is a typical tale that explores the world between those who live an Amish life and those who do not, but wonder if they are missing something more spiritual.

  • *I won this in a contest. Thanks!*Not bad overall, but I didn't think Kristie was very respectful to her parents, despite her saying she did respect them. There was some kissing before engagement/marriage, which I didn't appreciate. But the story itself was interesting, and there were a few good messages about helping out your neighbor, not making excuses for your problems, etc.

  • This really isn't an Amish novel at all, although there are Amish characters in it. It is about an Englisher who lives on an Amish farm for a year and gets embroiled in a mystery with a key that a stranger hands to her in the hospital. This is a rewrite of 'The Key' and it just doesn't make it as an Amish novel. Yes, it is a mystery and I read it to it's conclusion, but I was not impressed.

  • Nice read. I had difficulty with the humor as it was a bit sarcastic, but the mystery was intriguing and I was a bit shocked and saddened by the end of the relationship with the old man. I have developed a sense of the writer's style and look forward to book two!

  • This is an Amish-based story of romance between two English people who believe in God's plan for them. Along with some other characters with worldly issues, they become important to each other and to themselves.

  • This was the first time for me to read any of Gayle Roper's books. She writes different from other authors that I've read.Gayle kept me guessing what was going to happen next in the book as I read.

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