Out of My Mind

Out of My Mind Melody is not like most people She cannot walk or talk but she has a photographic memory she can remember every detail of everything she has ever experienced She is smarter than most of the adults wh

  • Title: Out of My Mind
  • Author: Sharon M. Draper
  • ISBN: 9781416971702
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Melody is not like most people She cannot walk or talk, but she has a photographic memory she can remember every detail of everything she has ever experienced She is smarter than most of the adults who try to diagnose her and smarter than her classmates in her integrated classroom the very same classmates who dismiss her as mentally challenged because she cannot tellMelody is not like most people She cannot walk or talk, but she has a photographic memory she can remember every detail of everything she has ever experienced She is smarter than most of the adults who try to diagnose her and smarter than her classmates in her integrated classroom the very same classmates who dismiss her as mentally challenged because she cannot tell them otherwise But Melody refuses to be defined by cerebral palsy And she s determined to let everyone know it somehow In this breakthrough story, reminiscent of The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, from multiple Coretta Scott King Award winner Sharon Draper, readers will come to know a brilliant mind and a brave spirit who will change forever how they look at anyone with a disability.

    • Out of My Mind By Sharon M. Draper
      370 Sharon M. Draper
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  • Sharon M. Draper

    Sharon M Draper is a professional educator as well as an accomplished writer She has been honored as the National Teacher of the Year, is a five time winner of the Coretta Scott King Literary Award, and is a New York Times bestselling author She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.


  • Many people love love love this book, so I'm going to skip the praise (you can read plenty of it elsewhere) and go straight to criticism: 1. The phrase "untouched in my hands" really bothers me. How can something be untouched if it's in your hands? 2. I worry this book is dated already. Do kids in the year 2010 really say "tight" anymore? I know Draper is trying to make Melody sound like a real kid, but to me she sounds like an adult trying to sound like a kid. In fact, a lot of dialogue struck [...]

  • I have a lot of say about this book. I had so many feels. I have cried and I have raged. BOOKS MAKE ME FEEL!****FREAKING SPOILERS****In this book we meet Melody. I'm going to write a good amount of excerpts about Melody. *Melody had a pink wheelchair until she upgraded. *Melody had a goldfish named Ollie until he jumped out of the bowl and died. (she got blamed)*Melody got a dog she names Butterscotch by pointing at candy until her parents get it right.*Melody has cerebral-palsy.*Melody can't sp [...]

  • Oh, man. I'm finding this book very difficult to write about. I really want to like this book. Before I was a librarian, I was a disability rights advocate; and of the many experiences that I had during those six years, one of the most intense and formative was supporting a young woman my age who had CP and was nonverbal. She was a client and then a friend, and much of our time together was spent supporting her to learn how to use a speech device to communicate in her own words. She passed away [...]

  • I really enjoyed this! It's perfect for fans of Wonder by R.J. Palacio, and I think this should be required reading in elementary schools. Really powerful.

  • Volunteering at my daughter’s high school library has its perks. Not only do I get to look at books all day, but I get to borrow. I was generifying the senior fiction section before Christmas when I found books on my list such as this one, and books by my friends as well: Lynne Stringer and Adele Jones. Very exciting!I see some weird judgemental reviews here on this book. This book educates. This book is fiction. This book shows us life is not always a cup of coffee easy. Is it? This book sho [...]

  • I can't even begin to explain the importance of this book and how it has the power to influence so many people in how they treat others. I honestly don't even have words to describe my feelings for this book just yet, but once I do, I plan on screaming them from the rooftops so that everyone reads this book.

  • The book "Out of my mind" by Sharon M. Draper has changed my view of how people view others. This book is the story of a girl who was born unable to speak, walk, write, or anything on her own. Ever since the day she's been born she's always been helped by someone,never able to do something on her, not even talk. She was always seen as the girl in the wheel cahir who couldn't do anything. So when Melody finally can do something on her, can even speak for the first time, why do people still look a [...]

  • I felt like a terrible person the entire time I read this book because I disliked it so much, especially since I think that it's an important book and a really thoughtful book in many ways. I was impressed with the author for writing a story from the perspective of someone with cerebral palsy, and thought she did a great job of expressing the difficulties of living with that condition. The intentions were good, but wow, I couldn't stand Melody. If someone talked like she does throughout the book [...]

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  • Cuando empecé este libro no tenía idea de que iba la trama, y me sorprendió mucho enterarme de que la protagonista que es quien cuenta la historia tuviera parálisis cerebral y que no moviera en absoluto su cuerpo.Aunque la historia de Melody, es dura, trágica, injusta y en algunas escenas muy cruel; la autora logró que el lector no sintiera lástima por la protagonista, que leyera su historia e intentara ser fuerte y luchar junto a MelodyLa historia está lejos de ser una guía o manual pa [...]

  • I feel a bit heartless.After reading all the Newbery-hype about Out of My Mind, I went into it expecting an absolutely life-changing book about cerebral palsy. After reading Ben Mikaelsen's horrendous Petey this past spring, I was certain Draper's treatment of the subject would be leaps and bounds above that drivel.It is. And it isn't. (Mostly it is.)Unlike my feelings about Petey, my emotions about this book are mixed - in the strictest sense of the word. For every element of the book I enjoyed [...]

  • “Fuera de mí” me ha dejado con una sensación rara. Por un lado mucha rabia con los antagonistas del libro, y por otro tristeza, porque si bien la historia de la protagonista es ficción, representa la discriminación y el menosprecio que sufren las personas con capacidades diferentes.Ojalá fuera más conocido de lo que ya es, y se leyera en los colegios como lectura obligatoria. Pienso que es muy importante para erradicar de una vez por todas la falta de empatía hacia aquellos que sufren [...]

  • Melody's the smartest kid in school, with so many things to say, but she can't because she's diagnosed with cerebral palsy leaving her unable to voice any of her thoughts. When her school starts an inclusion program where the special needs kids can join classrooms and get a chance to interact with others, Melody gets a teacher named who runs the Whiz Kids Quiz team. In his class, she meets two girls who are uncomfortable with her and so they start making crude comments; making sure she hears the [...]

  • This book was recommended to me by a dear friend. (You know who you are. ;)) Man, did I ever underestimate this book. Here I was thinking it’s going to be one of those cute middle school books that’s allla, la, la, laandsharing is caring,but damn, was I wrong.Imagine living in a world where you cannot voice your thoughts? To me, that sounds incredibly exhausting. But that’s the life of eleven-year old Melody. Melody has cerebral palsy in other words, she cannot walk, talk, eat, or even us [...]

  • I highly recommend this book to everybody, but especially to disabled kids, kids who know disabled kids, anyone who works with disabled kids, especially non-verbal/speech impaired disabled people and people with cerebral palsy or similar neurological motor conditions.This is an absolutely wonderful book that almost made my favorites shelf. It’s wickedly funny and brutally, wonderfully honest.I’ve always enjoyed stories about special needs kids, special education, ill children, disabled child [...]

  • Goodness this book is dreadful. Unrealistic, overly-sentimental, pure drivel. YUCK.I am most bothered by the fact that Sharon Draper must really think very poorly of educators. Since EVERY SINGLE teacher (sans one, three paragraph, mention of a third grade teacher who liked to play books on tape for Melody) is a HORRIBLE HUMAN BEING. Not even bad teacherske awful, horrible, despicable people. Where did these people go to school? Where are the occupational therapist? Where is her case-worker? Edu [...]

  • when i read this book, i am expecting chessey tear jearking kind of book. thats why it takes me so long to read this book. but i am surprise. it is not chessey at all. rather it is honest, heartwarming and innocent kind of book. the point of view is from 10 years old kind. and at the end i fall in love with melody. i never think about words as much as it is now. even i am perferfectly capable talking, there are times where i am like melody. struggling with words. can not express my anger, my tho [...]

  • This is the best book that I have read in years. It's right up there near the same plane as the very best books that I have ever read. I had never read any book by Sharon M. Draper before this one, but I think that's about to undergo a major reversal. If she's able to even approach the incredible level that she has achieved in the making of this novel in anything else that she has done, then I want to experience it. Where do I start in describing a story of the power and magnitude that marks Out [...]

  • In much the same way that RJ Palacio's book, Wonder resonated, this book shines a similar light on a child with physical developmental problems: Melody is an eleven-year old girl, suffering from cerebral palsy. Her body is crippled, making it impossible for her to do virtually anything for herself, especially communicate all of the things happening in her much developed brain. She is a mop for facts and ideas, which eventually is discovered when two seminal events occur: first, she and her schoo [...]

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  • "I pensieri hanno bisogno di parole. Le parole hanno bisogno di voce. Io adoro il profumo dei capelli appena lavati della mamma. Adoro sentire la barba ispida del papà, prima che si rada. Ma non ho mai potuto dirglielo."Melody ha quasi undici anni e non ha mai potuto parlare, è costretta a vivere su una sedia a rotelle e riesce a muovere bene solo i suoi pollici. È la ragazzina più intelligente della scuola, eppure nessuno lo sa.Ho amato Melody, quasi come se fosse una mia piccola amica. Ho [...]

  • The book Out of my mind is the saddest book I've read, ever. I normally never cry when reading books but for this book I was balling. The main character is Melody who can't walk or move most of her body. She sometimes gets ignored and bullied by the way she looks and does things, but mostly by two girls Molly and Clair. They always leave Melody out and whisper and laugh even though Melody has perfect hearing. Melody can't talk though, she has i the biggest and brightest mind in her grade if not [...]

  • Out of My Mind is offically one of my favorite books. If you are looking for a sad, yet amazing book this is the way to go!!! It is about a girl named Melody who has cerebral paly's and can't walk, talk, or move - except for her fists a little bit, she is in a wheelchair to. In the middle of the book she finally gets a medi-talker so she can program words into it and type words and it will talk for her. Also she has an aide and her name is Catherine. A girl named Claire thinks that Catherine jus [...]

  • This is an excellent novel with a powerful message about acceptance. Melody, the main character, has cerebral palsy and can hardly move and can't speak, but she has a lot to say, not to mention a photographic memory. When she receives a computer that can be used as a communication tool, her classmates have mixed reactions to her newly heard voice and she proves her intelligence as time goes on.Melody is a strong character that anyone who has ever felt different or limited in some way can relate [...]

  • Out of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper - 5/5 stars.Have you ever felt like an outcast and all you want to be is normal just for a day even if that's what everyone around you tells you that you're better off without being normal?Let me begin with saying that I really enjoyed this book so much! The whole disabled aspect brought light to my eyes for the first time. I've never once had a second thought to someone with a disability and I openly admit that I never believed that they were as intellectually [...]

  • Melody è un libro bellissimo. Un libro che mi ha fatto piangere dalla prima all’ultima pagina, un libro che spacca il cuore. Melody è la storia di una bambina di 11 anni costretta su una sedia a rotelle, che non può muoversi e soprattutto non può parlare, che dipende in tutto e per tutto dagli adulti, che all’apparenza sembra un guscio vuoto, ma che invece cela in se una mente brillante e perspicace, simpatica e gentile. E' una sognatrice. Malody sogna di poter correre, camminare, volare [...]

  • Eleven year-old Melody has cerebral palsy. She lives in a world of silence-- unable to talk or write. Although she is extremely intelligent, her classmates and more than a few teachers, see her as simple-minded. When Melody receives assistive technology that allows her to communicate, she finally proves to everyone that she is smart. Melody longs for acceptance, but events beyond her control throw Melody into conflict with her classmates. Touching and honest, the resolution of this conflict is r [...]

  • İçimdeki Müzik ve Wonder (Mucize'yi), genel olay örgüsünü şekillendiren "engelli çocuk" konsepti sayesinde kıyaslamadan edemedim.Mucize çok daha bilinen ve sevilen bir kitap olsa da bence İçimdeki Müzik, her anlamda onun birkaç seviye üzerindeydi.Melody'nin (içimdeki müzik) her ne kadar çok daha zor şartlar altında yaşamasına sebep olan bir fiziksel engeli olsa da bana göre August (Mucize) karakterine göre çok daha olgun ve saygı uyandıran bir karakter olarak yaratıl [...]

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