Behind That Curtain

Behind That Curtain In the third installment of the Charlie Chan mysteries the diminutive Chinese detective who hails from Honolulu finds himself back in San Francisco after his incredible adventures in the California de

  • Title: Behind That Curtain
  • Author: Earl Derr Biggers
  • ISBN: 9780897335843
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the third installment of the Charlie Chan mysteries the diminutive Chinese detective who hails from Honolulu finds himself back in San Francisco after his incredible adventures in the California desert with the previous book, The Chinese Parrot A former head of Scotland Yard comes to town hot on the trail of a 15 year old murder, where the significant clue is a pair ofIn the third installment of the Charlie Chan mysteries the diminutive Chinese detective who hails from Honolulu finds himself back in San Francisco after his incredible adventures in the California desert with the previous book, The Chinese Parrot A former head of Scotland Yard comes to town hot on the trail of a 15 year old murder, where the significant clue is a pair of Chinese slippers There is also the mysterious disappearance of a series of women, one of whom the British inspector believes may be linked to his case When the English sleuth is himself inexplicably murdered in a social gathering, it s up to Charlie Chan to figure out the guilty party, and solve the related mystery.

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    Earl Derr Biggers was born in Warren, Ohio on August 24, 1884 Years later, while attending Harvard University, Biggers showed little passion for the classics, preferring instead writers such as Rudyard Kipling and Richard Harding Davis Following his graduation from Harvard in 1907, he worked briefly for the Cleveland Plain Dealer and at Bobbs Merrill publishers By 1908, Biggers was hired at the Boston Traveler to write a daily humor column Soon, however, he became that paper s drama critic It was at this time that he met Elanor Ladd, who would later become his wife and who would have a marked influence in his writing.


  • "The moment has charm." -- Charlie ChanEarl Derr Biggers wrote in a style which lent itself to romance as well as mystery. Perhaps only M.M. Kaye blended the two as perfectly as Biggers. His greatest creation, Charlie Chan, is in romantic San Francisco in Behind That Curtain, but he can feel the trade winds of Hawaii calling him back to Honolulu for the birth of his eleventh child. Yet the romance of a misty San Francisco filled with the Orient beckon him to remain long enough to solve a crime.B [...]

  • Last Winter, I went on a tear through all of Earl Derr Biggers' Charlie Chan mysteries. I was mesmerized by the famous detective, both for his incredibly interesting sleuthing skills and the fact that all of the stories are set in the 1930's. Consequently, as you read through his storytelling, you are transported to a completely different land of enchantment and mystery with, as always, more than one suspect to keep Charlie hot on multiple trails!This book takes place in San Francisco shortly af [...]

  • In Earl Biggers' third outing for Charlie Chan, the Hawaiian detective is returning from solving the Chinese Parrot murder case and anxious to return home to his 11th and newest child.However, in San Francisco he meets a friend and grudgingly becomes involved another murder mystery.While possible suspects are at a party (with Charlie Chan in attendance), Sir Frederick Bruce, retired Chief Inspector, Scotland Yard is murdered one floor below. This case is a modified form of the locked room myster [...]

  • Typiscshe Charlie Chan waarin veel gebeurt, vele theorieën worden gespuid en enkel Charlie Chan uiteindelijk de situatie doorziet en de zaak tot aller verbazing oplost. De underdog blijkt eens te meer de meester te zijn. Zijn onderdanigheid en gebrekkig Engels (Nederlands in vertaling) zouden vandaag niet meer aanvaard worden maar meteen ook het einde van de detective betekenen.Gelukkig betaan er nog oude uitgaven. Uiteraard speelt het verhaal zich vele jaren terug af wat wel wat inlevingsvermo [...]

  • Another classic Charlie Chan mystery. I just can’t get enough of the these entertaining novels. I too wish there were more of the Charlie Chan novels.Mr. Biggers has a writing style that I find appealing. I like the clever way he keeps Charlie Chan’s dialogue in harmony with his personality; and the informative and entertaining depiction of 1920s San Francisco. Chan plays a larger role in this novel which I like. I find it interesting that Chan encounters no personal violence in solving crim [...]

  • Charlie Chan is in San Francisco now, with a cold case that even Scotland Yard couldn't solve. It seemed to last a little long, but it was an enjoyable read.

  • Poor Chan is trying to get back to Hawaii and the birth of his 11th son. Unfortunately, he is needed in San Francisco to help solve a murder.

  • This was a very enjoyable read. Possibly the best Chan book so far. Good characters, a lot of misleading plot developments.

  • Charlie Chan and his faux “Confucianisms” is an unfortunate stereotype. Fortunately, the novels of Earl Derr Biggers don’t have Caucasians playing the character as so many did in the movies (as well as Fu Manchu in movies and television). Frankly, I find the “Confucianisms” in Biggers’ Chan novels to be very funny—preposterous, but gently popping the balloon of the prejudiced investigators, witnesses, and suspects with these odd witticisms. Behind That Curtain is no exception. Char [...]

  • Behind That Curtain is the third Charlie Chan novel, and was first published in 1928. Set in San Francisco, the plot links a present day murder with another murder some year previously, combined with a series of disappearances of young women. Some of the characters are English, which means that must be ex-military officers or have 'Sir' somewhere in their name. There are some condescending attempts at strong female characters - clearly there was still some way to go to achieve this. The plot is [...]

  • This book, published in 1928, was the third of Earl Derr Biggers’ excellent Charlie Chan mysteries.The great Chinese detective is in San Francisco, on holiday. He is to return to Hawaii in a few days. At the very same time a distinguished retired policeman from Scotland Yard, Sir Frederic Bruce, is also in San Francisco. A bright newspaperman decides it would make a great story if he could bring these two great detectives together. He does so, with momentous consequences. Sir Frederic is still [...]

  • I'm developing rather a fondness for Charlie Chan. This was the third of the six books Biggers wrote that featured the detective. Poor Charlie is still stranded in San Francisco, hoping to go home to greet the birth of his eleventh child, eighth son. But, a day or so before he is to leave, he gets invited to a dinner party, one of whose guests is a famous Scotland Yard detective. The dinner party is to feature films taken by a famous English explorer who has been everywhere, Tibet, the Gobi Dese [...]

  • This was one of those pleasant reading surprises that don't come along too often. Because the other book that I was reading had been left at home, I started this one as a fillerd I almost couldn't put it down. Not only was it a classy, classic mystery, but it was a return to the type of Charlie Chan adventure that I had enjoyed so much after the misstep of the second one.The story has an incredible roster of suspicious characters and multiple mysteries wrapped up in an overriding one. San Franci [...]

  • This book begins a matter of days only after the second book in the series ends. Poor Detective Chan - he'd come from Hawaii to mainland USA for a short holiday, then took on a simple errand (which ended up not, of course) and now, in this book, gets stuck looking into another case, another murder with intriguing side-stories.Remembering always that these books were written 90 years ago, I remark upon the author's respect for women in the workforce. The main female in this book is a lawyer, a De [...]

  • People who've seen the old Charlie Chan movies have only seen a Charlie Chan based on insulting Chinese racial stereotypes, but that's far from truth of the books. The books are vehemently anti-racist: they call out the racial stereotypes of the era about Chinese people and mock them mercilessly. The stereotypes ARE throughout the books, but they're spouted by patently arrogant (and usually stupid) white characters and mocked subtly and cleverly by Charlie Chan at every turn -- and objected to o [...]

  • This is my first Charlie Chan book, and I enjoyed it as much as the Edgar Wallace and Agatha Christie mysteries of the time. Like other mysteries from the 1920's, it has no sex, is full of action, and has beautiful young women and a brilliant detective. The yarn takes place in San Francisco and involves a retired Scotland Yard detective, who is searching for the perpetrator of a sixteen year old murder and chasing down the disappearance of a beautiful young woman, and of course Charlie Chan, a d [...]

  • I read my first Charlie Chan books 30+ years ago in high school. After 3 decades and having forgotten the story in this book, I decided to revisit Earl Derr Biggers famous detective. I half expected to find a very different character than I found so long ago. Yet, I was remarkably satisfied with the story. Chan is affectingly humble, yet imminently clever in his quiet wisdom. I also found the dialogue to be quite witty at times, almost like watching a fast paced mystery film from the 1930s or 19 [...]

  • In this mystery, there are many many paths that twist and turn, and it seems that the mystery has so many points to search, including the past that it seems that one will never find the murderer. However, as time marches on Chan is able to make some pretty big leaps to find killer. Overall fun book, there's a bit more problem between the police not taking a Chinaman seriously. They don't seem to treat him like the American citizen that he is, as well as, a fellow officer. Chan also gets some jab [...]

  • Another winner in the Charlie Chan series, although my least favorite of the three I've read so far.Coming off his success in the Californian desert mystery, "The Chinese Parrot", Charlie is back in San Francisco awaiting the next ship to Honolulu, Hawaii so that he can re-unite with his very pregnant wife and 10 children. Unfortunately, fate has other plans for Charlie when he is called upon to investigate the shooting death of a retired Scotland Yard detective.Charlie has to use every skill in [...]

  • Not as fun as when I read it at the age of 13. However, that is not surprising. This is very light fun reading. Fun for a sixth grade kid, and for a 50 year old kid. Have fun.

  • This is the third novel in the Charlie Chan series, but the first I've read. I originally picked it up because I'm a huge Golden Age fan and also because I love cold cases. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I didn't guess the killer at all. It was suspenseful, and kept me guessing. I was right about one of the major plot points, but that didn't help me guess the identity of the murderer. I will definitely be picking up the rest of the series.

  • This 1928 mystery with San Francisco as a backdrop is a great read and seems quite contemporary except that Charlie has to wait to sail back to Hawaii rather than taking a daily flight. Scotland Yard detective Frederic Bruce is murdered while trying to solve a previous murder and the disappearance of a wife in India. There's a female DA with a side love interest and lots of red herrings. A classic mystery.

  • Detective Sergeant Chan kept me guessing 'til nearly the end in this one. Even then I still had two theories with a couple of variations each. (One of my theories was right -- almost.)Like the other Charlie Chan stories that I have read, Behind That Curtain is sort of a cross between a procedural and a cozy mystery. It was an easy, fun read and not too challenging for my antiquated brain.

  • Another fabulous mystery solved by Charlie Chan. Written in 1928 this is a much slower mystery. There are no shoot outs or car chases or high paced drama. This a slow methodical and drawn out mystery that is impossible to solve! I had absolutely NO idea who the murderer was or the reason behind it. A very nice read.

  • Klassisk krim, en variant av lukket-rom-mysterie. Boka ble skrevet allerede på 1920-tallet og dette viser seg igjen til tider. Blant annet i komiske replikker som: "De har et klokt hode på dine vakre skuldre, for en merkelig kombinasjon!". Absolutt lesverdig og kan anbefales tilhengere av klassisk krim-sjangeren.

  • Another great Charlie Chan mystery. In this one, Charlie encounters more bigotry and prejudice, yet he remains above it, and ultimately upstages his mainland counterparts. "Patience" is his watchword.

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