Winterbourne The glorious romance from the acclaimed author of The Bride Finder An enchanting love story A real treasure Affaire de CoeurBeloved author Susan Carroll took the romance world by storm with her captiv

  • Title: Winterbourne
  • Author: Susan Carroll Susan Coppula
  • ISBN: 9780449004562
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The glorious romance from the acclaimed author of The Bride Finder An enchanting love story A real treasure Affaire de CoeurBeloved author Susan Carroll took the romance world by storm with her captivating novel The Bride Finder, a spellbinding tale of magic, romance, and legend that earned sensational praise from nationally bestselling authors, booksellers, anThe glorious romance from the acclaimed author of The Bride Finder An enchanting love story A real treasure Affaire de CoeurBeloved author Susan Carroll took the romance world by storm with her captivating novel The Bride Finder, a spellbinding tale of magic, romance, and legend that earned sensational praise from nationally bestselling authors, booksellers, and fans everywhere Now, in the classic love story Winterbourne, Carroll s exquisite prose and breathless storytelling gift come to life once in an irresistible, utterly gripping epic of passion and defiance In the harsh, turbulent Middle Ages, lovely Lady Melyssan remains as she always has been sweet, timid, and content to be alone But in a desperate move to resist the advances of the dreaded king, she claims to be married to his worst enemy, Lord Jaufre de Macy, the legendary Dark Knight.Seeking temporary shelter in Jaufre s abandoned castle, Winterbourne, she is unprepared for the fierce, angry warrior who returns to confront her He is a man as rough and unforgiving as the Welsh border lands he rules and she is as gentle and innocent as a new day But neither Jaufre s dark heart nor Melyssan s innocent one can resist the love that is their destiny nor protect them from the danger drawing ever closer

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    Born Susan Carol Cute in 1952, Susan Coppula obtained a Degree in English with complementary studies in History in the University of Indiana Since 1986, Susan has published books under three different pseudonyms Susan Carroll, Susan Coppula, and Serena Richards


  • OK, I admit that the first 150 pages or so almost put me to sleep because this heroine didn't appeal to me whatsoever. However, let me tell you, if like me you almost put this book down because the first part of the book bored you to tears, DONT do it, keep going and finish it! It's the best advice I could give you because this book was simply spectacular! The latter half had me utterly GLUED, what emotion, love, and devotion that was in this book! I can gush about this new romance discovery all [...]

  • Bad, unbelievably bad. No chemistry between the main characters, a silly plot that has holes the size of swiss cheese, and although it is a romance the historical boners are way over the top. I bailed around page 100 or so.

  • This was a DNF for me for a number of reasonsThe heroine was pretty usual run of the mill character,sweet and loving (and a bit dimwitted) but with a deformed foot that forced her to walk with a crutch.I think she deserved better than the hero,Lord Joafre wich didnt endear himself to me in the slightest unless you count the time when the heroine was saved by him as a child from some bullies. But after that he was a pretty uninspiring hero.Oh I get that he was supposed to be a tortured soul and s [...]

  • This book has always been a little secret indulgence of mine, because of the era, the endearingly faithful heroine and the fallen-from-grace Knight. The hero once embodied that aspect of every girl's truer romanticism, that ascribes to our youthful soliloquy, where we imagine the cliche knight avowing his undying love to our wreath adorned head. (view spoiler)[But the book gives a glimpse into the heroine's childhood, then skips to her adulthood where by a confrontation with the hero, I'm all ag [...]

  • This review publishes on A Weebish Book Blog on 11/24/2017.For years, I have been searching for this book. I couldn’t remember the title or the author, only that it was set in medieval England and featured a tortured hero, a childhood crush, and a crippled/lame heroine. Turns out the novel I longed for was actually two books—WINTERBOURNE by Susan Carroll and IF I HAD YOU by Lynn Kurland. Somehow in my memories I kind of meshed them all into one story. Now wonder it took me so long to find th [...]

  • Being a lover of medieval settings and always on the lookout for new stories to read I had already see this title mentioned here and there before I got the chance to pick it up. Set in the time of Richard the Lionheart and King John (I seem to be reading and watching a lot of things set in this period lately) it is the story of Melyssan, a maiden with a club foot, and Jaufre a knight loyal to King John. The beginning is a bit unbelievable but, if you get past that, it is an enjoyable story. When [...]

  • Lady Melyssan has devised a plan to escape from King John's lecherous clutches by pretending to be wed to Lord Jaufre de Macy, better known as the Dark Knight. She sets herself up in his castle, Winterbourne while he is away in France. When he arrives home he goes along with her charade calling her bluff, wanting to see just how far she is willing go on with her deceit. Lady Melyssan and Lord Jaufre could not be more opposite. Melyssan is sweet and innocent and believes first and foremost the be [...]

  • Reread today. Still lots of pain, but joy, tooOh my, I've read The Bride Finder series and was interested to read MORE of Susan Carroll's books.This one hurt, a LOT of heartfail.(view spoiler)[ SO much time was spent apart for these two, while he was off at war or just kicking his heels as the king decided to wage war. And the more it ticked me off, this IS fiction after all, it occured to me that this is probably exactly the way it was. LONG stretches of time lost to one another, without the kn [...]

  • This story was a heavier read than I really wanted. I did enjoy it, but it was heartbreaking at times.I adored how the hero and heroine met, how he'd rescued her from childhood bullies, and he, a young knight, was nice to her and even kept the memento she bestowed upon him. This historical spans a number of years and heartaches. Even when they finally get together, there's still so much between them.Good read.

  • I loved this book! the story might sound similar to other historical romances, but Susan Carroll has way of making everything new they say' the better the teller, the better the tale'. And the humor! I laughed so hard! then I had a good cry at the touch end

  • Kurz-Meinung:Dieses Buch sollte mich aus einem Lesetief herausholen. Susan Coppula ist ja Susan Carroll und das ist meine absolute Lieblingsschriftstellerin im Bereich historische Liebesromane. Tja, leider was das ganze sehr, sehr enttäuschend.Bis zur Hälfte war es ganz okay, aber sehr langatmig und zwischen den beiden Hauptcharakteren wollte nicht so recht Stimmung aufkommen. Normalerweise schreibt die Autorin sehr humorvoll und locker, aber hier kam einfach nichts in Gange. Man hatte das Gef [...]

  • It took me a very long time to finish this book. The premises were good but I got bore fast despite the fact that it seems like there were too much things happening. Furthermore, many of the emotional situations could have been easily resolved with a bit of communication between the two main characters, and there were in my opinion too much time spent apart by the main characters resolving issues linked to side plots while few time were spent resolving issues linked to their couple. And the endi [...]

  • One of the best medieval romances I have readere were some misunderstandings that were kinda stupidbut overall, the storyotlinee romance and character development was AWESOME!a definite keeper on my shelfI cried like crazy when I read it spans over some period of time which I found enjoyable and seemed to provide more insight into the characterseven the secondary characters were interesting;pOverall, 5++ stars;)

  • This was a good book but a little too much sex in it for me. I felt like I was skipping pages all over the place. But I really liked the idea of a crippled girl who escapes the king and claims to be married to a man she admired as a youth. When he comes home, it is most entertaining. I did enjoy it though.

  • Just another medieval romance, that looking back on it now, I can't remember a darn thing about it except that I tried to get through it. Twice. And failed. The edition that I have is the older one, with the pen name 'Susan Coppula' on the cover.

  • I rescued this one from the discard box at my bookstore, so glad I did! Wonderful medieval historical romance full of vibrant characters and rich with historical details. To coin the phrase, "An oldie but a goodie!" ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ of 5

  • GreatGreatThis is a great book. A true love story that lets you feel every emotion from beginning to end. Very awesome

  • It's a typical historical romance novel with an underdog heroine who has a physical disability. I remember liking it well enough and I didn't hate it, so that from me is high praise indeed.

  • It was kind of depressingIt never felt happy for the characters, even when good things were happening. Zero chemistry between anyone.

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