The Encyclopedia of Immaturity

The Encyclopedia of Immaturity How to never grow up the complete guide

  • Title: The Encyclopedia of Immaturity
  • Author: Klutz
  • ISBN: 9781591745433
  • Page: 453
  • Format: None
  • How to never grow up, the complete guide.

    • The Encyclopedia of Immaturity By Klutz
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    Klutz is a publishing company started in Palo Alto, California in 1977 and acquired by Inc in 2002 The first Klutz book was a how to guide titled Juggling for the Complete Klutz, which came provided with juggling beanbags attached in a mesh bag The book was created by three friends who graduated from Stanford University Darrell Lorentzen, John Cassidy, and B.C Rimbeaux Since then the company has continued to specialize in activity driven books sold along with other items needed for the activity Not all the books are about developing a skill there has also been a geography book containing, among other physical attachments, packets of rice corresponding to the average daily caloric intake among the poorest people of the world Many of their books are spiral bound and teach various crafts The items needed are usually included with the book, e.g the juggling guide The Klutz credo is Create wonderful things, be good, have fun.Source.


  • My first thought upon seeing this title was "They made a book just for me!" After I started "reading", I was a tad disappointed. This activity book, made by the Klutz Company, features tricks such as how to make a penny bridge, using trick photography, and how to do the old 'salt in the sugar dispenser' gag. If you've ever lost sleep at night wishing you could improve your armpit fart technique, look no further. However, about halfway through, I realized that this book is supposed to be stupid! [...]

  • Klutz. (2007). The encyclopedia of immaturity: How to never grow up. United States: . Citation by: Sarah RitterReference Type: EncyclopediaDDCN: 790.1Scope/Content: The purpose of this book is to teach kids, well, all the "kid stuff" like pop a wheelie, annoy their sibling, skip a stone, and hang upside down from the monkey bars. Accuracy/Authority/Bias: is a well-known and trusted publisher. The entries are for fun and are geared towards kids but not biased in terms of gender. Arrangement and [...]

  • What can you say about a book like this? First, why would an adult read it? Well, my wife (a teacher) said it would be a great resource for her to have for her 6th graders, but for me, it was simply a useful text to add to my own bag of tricks. Of course, I wouldn't say it had that many revolutionary or even slightly clever tricks and gags, but out of over 400 pages, I probably found at least 2 dozen ideas that I'm going to file away for future use. What kind of future use, you may ask? Well, fo [...]

  • Heh heh heh. One of the most fun books I've ever taken into a middle school. Even though most of them ALREADY know how to make an armpit fart, make chin people, and make a tabletop football or a fortune teller out of folded paper. For us boring grown-ups, an instruction manual for such things is a trip down memory lane. Also, I must admit that I like this better than the recent glut of boy/girl nostalgia/childhood trickery books. Great gift book if you're an aunt or uncle and won't have to deal [...]

  • I was thrilled to open this on Christmas morning. I learned later that my wife had debated whether to give this to me or save it for our 12-year-old nephew. I am honored that she felt I was most deserving.This book teaches you how to do all sorts of immature things for laughs (usually just your own laughs). Examples: "How to Kick a Toilet Plunger Field Goal" and "How to Snort a Rubber Band." While there are many ideas in this book that have garnered me room silences for many years, there are als [...]

  • The encyclopedia of immaturity Do you never want to grow up? Do you like pulling pranks? Do you need some fun in your life? Then open up the encyclopedia of immaturity!! I love this book. I bring it to sleep overs for none stop fun. It has everything! It even has the dumbest trick on earth!! Ok, so you mite think it is a little long(over 400 hundred pages) but you will zip right threw it, and you will do it again and again! If you have nothing to do pull out this book full of laughs. (I fel [...]

  • Ok so, first of all, I think that out of most of these reviewers, I am the one for which this book was made for. I got this book when it first came out and I was 10. I didn't know how to do even the most crappiest pranks. Let me just say that, parents, you should teach your children how to do pranks, because I swear to God, there are barely any more prankster children.Anyway this book was a gateway. It was awesome. It was funny. Hello, people, it's Klutz who made it! That's practically a 'yes, p [...]

  • My nine-year-old daughter and I have had so much fun with the activities in this book. The Encyclopedia of Immaturity is filled with pranks, tricks, useless skills, and so much fun.With this great book as a resource growing up really is an option we can ignore.Best of all, most of the pranks are harmless and not too messy. If you are not careful, you might even learn a little practical math, science, and language skills.I highly recommend this book to anyone who believes life is too fun to take [...]

  • Not normally something I would read, but did so whilst checking suitability for our Junior School Library. Lots of fun things included which will appeal to both boys and girls, such as How to Shake Ankles, Hang This Spoon from your Nose, and How to Break Your Neck. Such fun. I've always wanted to Learn to Juggle, so will learn all about it on Page 296. I doubt this book will ever be on the shelves.

  • This book is great. It's basically a bunch of random things to do that are "immature". There are also a'lot of jokes and stories. I picked this book up and couldn't put it down. It has a bunch of activities and such. One of my specifically favorite activities is the "Spin a pencil around your thumb", Mostly because I can do it. I really recommend this book to people have some time on their hands. Not a reason to not read it.

  • Chock full of silly pranks and factoids that you just can't live without. I mean, really, how can a person be successful in life without knowing the correct procedure for shaking ankles or hanging a spoon from their nose?Highly entertaining and recommended for all age groups, especially those who take themselves too seriously!

  • How to make duct tape underpants and send secret rubber band messages.I am generally wary of and resentful towards practical jokes. However after buying this book for my 9 year old son, I realized there are alot of fun, entertaining and creative ways to lovingly annoy your friends and family. Embrace your inner rascal.

  • The Encyclopedia of Immaturity by Klutz Magazinethis book has hundreds of fun and immature things to do in it. I like it because most of the stuff you think you can do but its harder than it looks.

  • This is a fantastic book for kids. My girls (8 and 11) continually go through it and find silly things, or goofy ways to entertain themselves. I will definitely buy volume 2. Can't go wrong with this book!

  • A great way to stay in touch with your inner child & avoid growning up. Growing up is highly overrated anyway. Even with the x-ray pictures as a guide to proper finger placement in your mouth, I still can't manage to make that loud whistle by sticking a couple of fingers in your mouth. Drat!

  • A very funny read, some tongue-in-cheek some of the ideas and activites can work well in a classroom and some I would NEVER do in a classroom. My 13-year old nephew also read it and enjoyed it as much as I did (maybe even more).

  • A very entertaining book. Worth five stars.Let's face it; who can get tired of endless games of Punch-Buggy?This has to be the perfect book for the kid-at-heart type, or for somebody who just wants to have fun.~Cristique

  • This book is HILARIOUS!!! It is a book by Klutz that has a number of activities and funny pages. This book was AWESOME!!! I pick it up and read it all the time.

  • I told 7 people at the book fair to buy this book. When I brought my money to school to buy it, they were all gone. Turns out EVERYONE I recommended it to bought it!

  • This book is totally hilarious. It's just a big book of cool things to do and pranks. It also teaches you how to make a ring out of money. I luv it! it's soooo cool! The stuff really works!

  • This is the perfect book for the 10-12yo set, you know, the ones who, if they had been growing up in the '70s, would have been reading Dynamite Magazine.

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