Change Has Come: An Artist Celebrates Our American Spirit

Change Has Come An Artist Celebrates Our American Spirit The black and white images throughout are personal reflections uniquely felt and rendered by award winning artist Kadir Nelson They are accompanied by the uplifting words of Barack Obama and commemor

  • Title: Change Has Come: An Artist Celebrates Our American Spirit
  • Author: Kadir Nelson
  • ISBN: 9781416989554
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The black and white images throughout are personal reflections, uniquely felt and rendered by award winning artist Kadir Nelson They are accompanied by the uplifting words of Barack Obama and commemorate the movement and the moment that have changed our history It s a celebration of the power of inspiration It s a celebration of how far we have come and how determined wThe black and white images throughout are personal reflections, uniquely felt and rendered by award winning artist Kadir Nelson They are accompanied by the uplifting words of Barack Obama and commemorate the movement and the moment that have changed our history It s a celebration of the power of inspiration It s a celebration of how far we have come and how determined we are to look ahead It s a celebration of pride, hope and joy personally felt and publically shared.Most of all it s a celebration of the 44th president a new president and a new chapter in the American story.

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    Kadir Nelson Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Change Has Come: An Artist Celebrates Our American Spirit book, this is one of the most wanted Kadir Nelson author readers around the world.


  • I preorded this book from in December right after I read in PW about ti crashing. I was really interested to see how Kadir's art translated as sketches instead of paintings. It showed up on my door step less than 2 weeks later and almost a month before it's official publication date. I can't tell if this was a mistake by , but it also seemed almost impossible considering how long it takes a printers to print a bind a book. Oh well, it's beautiful! I love the design, and the size of the book, I [...]

  • Oh, oh, oh. I want to get my hands on everything Kadir Nelson has ever illustrated now. I love the energy of the drawings.

  • Celebrated children's illutrator and author Kadir Nelson takes some of President Obama's most powerful speeches and weaves together a story of change. All of the words are Obama's and Nelson's free-flowing pencil drawings create an inclusive and beautiful historical document of the 2008 election.Nelson writes in the back that "These very spontaneous drawing serve as a document to preserve and celebrate our great American achievement, and our new American president. I hope the artwork will remind [...]

  • I hadn't heard a thing about this, had only seen Kadir Nelson's drawing of Obama on his Facebook Profile. What a gorgeous little book! I love that it was spontaneously done on election night, and that they were able to rush it in to print so quickly, pretty much by the time of the inauguration. Just beautiful, unique, and very moving. My first 2009Favorite!

  • Kadir Nelson has done an amazing job of capturing the past four years of Barack Obama's influence in America. The drawings are significant in portraying how we as a nation rose to the occasion of taking the movement into our own hands. The words are from Barack Obama and with the accompany of the drawings the poetic magic is again as beautiful and inspirational.

  • Kadir Nelson is one of my favorite illustrators, and as an Obama supporter, I gave this book for Christmas gifts. Of course, given the rush publishing job (Nelson did the drawings to Obama's words after the election), the books arrived AFTER Christmas. Those who want to celebrate this historic time will appreciate this book.

  • I am really enjoying Kadir Nelson's work. This is different from his paintings for Coretta Scott. But the sketches work well matched with the words of Barak Obama. A quick read that can easily be used in a classroom.

  • A beautiful little book in which artist Kadir Nelson illustrates choice words of inspiration by President Barack Obama. Even reading it in November of 2017, his words still move me. And these gorgeous simple drawings help express Obama's powerful ideas.

  • I have loved having Barack Obama as my president. This book reminds me why. It's a quick read that captures how so many of us feel about President Obama. He will be missed.

  • In this book Kadir Nelson took excerpts from different speeches delivered by Barack Obama between 2004 and 2008 and blended them together in a way that captures the feelings of hope and promise that many Americans felt after he was elected for his first term. Nelson then added graphite sketches to each excerpt that brought the message contained in the words to life. This choice of media is a departure from Nelson’s traditional use of oil paintings in his illustrations. But the use of graphite [...]

  • Like millions of others I watched the inauguration from my computer at work. By the end there were about 10 of us crowded into my office, listening to the inspiring words of our new president. I'm amazed at the excitement behind his election, how it seems to have given so much hope to so many people. And not just here in America, but all over the world. And that's what this little book is all about. It's a little more than pocket-sized and a mere 62 pages, but its a celebration of the change emb [...]

  • I've been curious about the many books published for kids this year about Barack Obama, and when I saw this one with illustrations by Kadir Nelson, Coretta Scott King award-winner and one of my favorite artists, I was extra-excited. This book is unusual in that it's not a story or a biography per se, but more of a sketchbook that captures a feeling. The quotes in the book are all Obama's, and though the sketches are wonderful and heartfelt (I'm amazed that in the cover drawing, you can look at t [...]

  • Ok, here's a warning: I may be getting on my political soapbox for a minute. This brief book (it only takes about 10 minutes to read) is a collection of quotes from Barack Obama, from various points during his presidential run, and some great illustrations to go with them. Personally, I find the new president very inspiring and I truly do hope that he can make good on all he has promised to this country. I really enjoyed the handful of quotes and will probably jot them down to remember later. Wh [...]

  • A mediocre look at a momentous historical point,I ordered this book with excitement. President Obama's election, whether or not you like him, marks significant change for our country that, despite party lines, cannot be quelled; we have our first black President and this is important.This book was going to be something that I shared with my daughters. A means of explaining the importance of the election, to explain the importance of the movement that changed the course of events in our country a [...]

  • Everybody here knows I'm a big old Kadir fanboy. This is not big news. What may come as a surprise is that this may be my new favorite book of his. This is surprising because, compared to the awesome artwork in We Are the Ship and Coretta Scott, Change Has Come is so simple. Nelson, in his own words, wanted to "try to save a little bit of the magic" of Election Night with his "spontaneous drawings." Talk about magic Kadir's ridiculous talent spills off of every page. When added to Obama's words, [...]

  • I am a sucker for good typography, so I was liking this book by page 1. ("The text for this book is set in Valeria Script and Cochin," the publisher info is kind enough to tell me.) The sketches are lovely, and the drawings of Obama are wonderfully rendered. The text is woven together from 5 different speeches Obama gave before he became president. Regardless of your politics, these words are bound to touch you. They made my eyes well up as I remembered the feelings of hope, peace, unity he's be [...]

  • This book is a nonfiction book that tells of Obama's election. It talks about everything, from the importance of going to vote that election and of children seeing faces like theirs as president. The best part was how simple but striking these pictures were. The one that caught me the most was the old lady with the walker, getting to the polls. This book would help explain how important that election was to students. The coolest thing I think though it the illustrations. You could have students [...]

  • I started flipping through this little book while waiting for the illustrator to show for a signing. No joke, I had to put it down and walk away because my eyes were filling with tears. It’s a reminder that our new president stumped, campaigned and lobbied on a platform of unity and respect. We have to look beyond the shiny, happy facade of a new beginning to remember that THIS is what we voted for and THIS is what we will ALL have to work towards. Nelson’s drawings simply and beautifully ca [...]

  • This is the very best of the many Obama-themed books for children that I've seen so far. It is just simple charcoal sketches on cream-colored paper that Kadir Nelson spontaneously started drawing in his joy on election night, combined with some of Obama's words from five of his speeches, from the Democratic convention in 2004 to Election Night 2008. This small, simple book brought back some of the same profound, joyful feelings I experienced myself while watching the election results and the ina [...]

  • This book can be many things. It can be the book that provides an uplifting moment when you need one. It can help us remember where we've been and where we are going. It can be the book that explains the beauty of the American system of democracy to children and to those of us that had forgotten or become disillusioned.Nelson has captured in his spare but evocative sketches the essence of Barack Obama & the joy of the moments they portray.It is a book that has a special meaning for today (1/ [...]

  • While doing inventory in my library, this book popped up as not being cataloged into our system. I pulled it off the shelf to see if I could get it put back into the system, and was immediately drawn in by both the illustrations and the message of hope for our country. The timing was a bit uncanny, in light of recent events in our nation, and it made me a little sad. But I choose to believe that if we got there once, we can get there again. A beautiful book, and a beautiful tribute to our first [...]

  • A beautiful, elegant little book -- with lots of quirky touching squiggle-sketches of ordinary Americans, and really gorgeous portraits of President Obama. Passages from Obama's own speeches, including his first as President-elect, are illustrated simply but eloquently by Kadir Nelson. I kept returning to it in the local QFC, and finally had to buy it. Definitely not 'just' for children. I only wish there were a larger edition, with more detail.

  • I wish Nelson had created this book in his signature style of painting, but I understand why he did it in sketches instead: coming off the high of the historic 2008 election, Simon & Schuster wanted to take advantage of that and put out a book quickly. The book is still a powerful testament to that historic moment in our country's history, but I think it would have been even more powerful if Nelson had created paintings for these images instead.

  • I love this book--it is well illustrated but someone who loves the speech, and does it justice--it encapsulates all that I feel about the president, why I still continue to carry hope in my heart because he is in charge in a way that I never have, and why his words mean something to me about what my hopes for America are.

  • It is a simple book with a huge message. Although one might see it as a celebration of the election of a black man to be President, it should also serve to remind us of the promise that is America, regardless of race, religion, gender, or economic position. It encourages us all to continue to dream for ourselves and our nation, and to work to make America fulfill its promise.

  • What a beautiful way of capturing the presidency of Barack Obama through his words of change coupled with illustrations by the amazing illustrator Kadir Nelson. I would use this book to teach how history can change overnight along with teaching illustration as storytelling.

  • Using Barack Obama quotes during the 2008 election, Kadir Nelson created this short little book with pencil drawings to go along with some of Obama's words from five speeches. With a single line or word on each page, a great introduction to ELLs to the current President of the United States.

  • Very interesting to see just how much HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE we placed into Barrack Obama. This short book, while capturing the excitement of 2008, captures how hard we Deified Obama.

  • Inspiring selection of snippets of Barack Obama's speeches paired with lovely illustrations. I only wish it was longer!

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