Summer Girls

Summer Girls Slather on your sunscreen and slip on your shades The NEW YORK TIMES bestselling Summer Boys series spins off into a hot new era and an even hotter new summer In SUMMER BOYS Beth Ella and Kelsi rul

  • Title: Summer Girls
  • Author: Hailey Abbott
  • ISBN: 9780545102681
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Paperback
  • Slather on your sunscreen and slip on your shades The NEW YORK TIMES bestselling Summer Boys series spins off into a hot new era and an even hotter new summer In SUMMER BOYS, Beth, Ella, and Kelsi ruled Pebble Beach Now it s time for 3 new girls to rock the summerSSICA Liam is the cutest guy I ve ever seen and he loves the beach as much as I do So how do I show himSlather on your sunscreen and slip on your shades The NEW YORK TIMES bestselling Summer Boys series spins off into a hot new era and an even hotter new summer In SUMMER BOYS, Beth, Ella, and Kelsi ruled Pebble Beach Now it s time for 3 new girls to rock the summerSSICA Liam is the cutest guy I ve ever seen and he loves the beach as much as I do So how do I show him I d make a better girlfriend than friend GREER I could be tanning on glam French beaches, but instead I m family bonding in Maine At least the boys are hot especially Brady So what if he has a clingy ex girlfriend LARA Just my luck I ve fallen hard for the one boy who s totally off limits If only I could stop kissing him

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    Hailey Abbott grew up in Southern California, where she split her time between creative writing and creative beaching She is the author of Summer Boys, Next Summer A Summer Boys Novel, The Bridesmaid, Getting Lost with Boys, and The Secrets of Boys Hailey now lives in New York City Her first book was Summer Boys, published in 2004, the first of a series It was described as escapist beach reading by the School Library Journal.


  • Filled with cliches and stereotypes, this book is borderline offensive This book was not hipster or cool, it seemed like a pathetic attempt at guessing what teenage girls would likeJessica is a sporty, atheletic type but she deosn't want to be anymore. She's into boys and she wants to snag one for herself. She's the most clueless out of the bunch, but the most down to earth one as well. She is only a miniscule less annoying than the other two.Greer is a rich, snobby, New York B*@#$. She parades [...]

  • Let’s just say off the bat that I don’t like this type of book. I prefer to read literature that’s slightly more intellectual than describing the boys as “Abercrombie-hot” and throwing a bunch of classy brand names to describe a girl’s wardrobe. SUMMER GIRLS has both of those and more. The characters are all “types”: the sporty-hot chick, the glam-hot chick, the offbeat-hot chick, the playboy-hot guy, the sporty-hot guy, the wholesome-boy-next-door-hot guy…have I been clear eno [...]

  • In the month of March I chose another book by the author Hailey Abbott. I continue to read the the books that she writes because in each story is so simple but includes such great aspects of writing. Her writing is inspiring which made the book Summer Girls so much more intriguing, The story captures three different stories of cousins on their look for a perfect summer and perfect boy. The Tuttles rent out three homes in pebble beach for the summer and Each girl has so much on there mind and is [...]

  • I enjoyed this book for the most part. I never really became a Lara fan though. 1. I didn’t like her name and it was annoying to read lol and 2. Her story was just weird and I could not get on board with the thing with her and drew. I hated Greer at first but she ended up being my favorite. And Jessica in the middle. She was very innocent and immature compared to Greer but it balanced the group out. Nice summer read. Too bad it’s winter now LOL

  • Very much enjoyed this trilogy. The first was nicely done; the third my favorite. Worth the time although some time is spent 'reviewing' in the event one hadn't read the 1st, or 2nd, installment. Unlike others, I didn't think the Southern woman was overdone. In fact, the English woman could've used some ramping up, for comedic effect.Would recommend this trilogy. A quick, enjoyable read.

  • Knew that it was just a beach read about the low countrywhich I typically love. BUT did not find the book very interesting. Familiar story line which did not grab me.

  • The Tuttle family is back for another summer at Pebble Beach, but now it’s time for three new cousins to rock the social scene. Jessica, Greer, and Lara are all members of the extended Tuttle family, but they couldn’t be more different. Athletically competitive Jessica is the only Pebble Beach veteran out of these three girls, and she’s determined to make this summer absolutely perfect, which includes plenty of cousin bonding time, beach parties, and, of course, hot guys. For somewhat cold [...]

  • Summer Girls By: Hailey Abbot Realistic FictionSummer Girls surrounds three girls over their summer vacations. Jessica comes to the beach house every year with her family. She is finally ready for it to be 'her' summer after watching her older cousins do things she couldn't when she was younger. Laura is new to the family. Her mom has just married Jessica's uncle. Lastly, Greer is Jessica and Laura's cousin. Her dad is very rich and she is used to spending her summers in exotic places. Greer doe [...]

  • In the book "Summer Girls", the author’s purpose in writing the book was to tell a story about finding out who is right for you and who isn't. It's also about getting closer to those who were always there for you, even if you never imagined things being that way. A purpose that wasn't stated directly would be that you need to trust yourself before you can trust others. Also, betting knowing yourself is a huge part of this book.The themes of this book would be trust and believing in yourself. T [...]

  • Reviewed by Jennifer Rummel for TeensReadTooThe Tuttle family makes their way back to Maine for the summer, after the cabins have been rebuilt. Jessie can't wait to spend summer flirting with boys, soaking up the sun, and connecting with her two cousins. She's expecting magic.Magic doesn't come easy.She falls for a guy, who treats her as one of the guys. She's hanging out with his brother in hopes that he will finally notice her. Is she too busy throwing herself at Liam that she completely misse [...]

  • The Pebble Beach adventures continue with the next set of Tuttle cousins. Jessica has grown up watching her older cousins take Pebble Beach by storm, and she wants that for herself this summer. But how can she get Liam to see her as something other than one of the guys (and should she even want that with his player ways?). Greer is struggling through her parents' possible divorce, and tries to prove to Brady that she is not just a rich snob. Finally, Lara, a transplant into the family when her m [...]

  • I chose this book on accednt really I took by accident and then read the first chapter and really liked. The novel "Summer Girls" by Hailey Abbott is about 3 cousins who spend the summer with the rest of their family. They meet boys who they think are the one and fall in love one turns out to be realted to one of them another is a jerk and another is really sweet. I really like the author style of writing it is all over the place and it is a cool way of writing. Their point of veiw is on and off [...]

  • Slather on your sunscreen and slip on your shades! The NEW YORK TIMES bestselling Summer Boys series spins off into a hot new era--and an even hotter new summer!In SUMMER BOYS, Beth, Ella, and Kelsi ruled Pebble Beach. Now it's time for 3 new girls to rock the summerSSICA: Liam is the cutest guy I've ever seen and he loves the beach as much as I do. So how do I show him I'd make a better girlfriend than friend?GREER I could be tanning on glam French beaches, but instead I'm "family-bonding" in M [...]

  • First of all I think it's fine for step cousins to like each other cause they are only related be marriage right?? Well the book was really good! It seems realistic that it could happen. Family spends a whole summer together and there's lots of drama and parties I could see this totally happening. I loved the characters but sad that they didn't end up with the guys in this book I guess I'm going to have to wait and see

  • This book made me picture a movie that i have seen where the girls have a summer fling with boys and it has to deal drama,boys of course, family and fun. I can say it was a fun book to read, really easy to read also if you want something fun and fast. I will definetly be reading the other books Hailey Abbott has written.

  • The author definitely captures a young voice, because it sounds like this book was written by a 13 year old or an adult trying hard to recall being a teenager.It tries and fails at being about girlhood and feminism, but it's really just tropes and stereotypes about women. My journey to read the entire YA section at my work continues

  • I loved how this was sort of a follow up to the Summer Boys series. In this book, Jessi, the younger cousin of the Tuttle cousins from the Summer Boys series, Ella, Jamie, Kelsi, and Beth, has a summer of her own. But she puts too much pressure on having "the perfect summer" like her cousins before her, but she soon learns that those summers wern't so perfect.

  • As a second generation novel to the "Summer Boys" series by the same author, I thought this book was amazing. You had the same incidents going on as in the previous books, but Abbott manages to make them completely different entirely. Plus, you get a surprise visit from someone that everyone loved ;)

  • This was an okay read. It didn't really blow me away. I thought it was pretty fun to read about cousins. The style of the author's writing was pretty enjoyable and I liked it a lot. I liked the on and off point of view of every chapter. It's a pretty easy read and pretty quick to get through. I can definitely see myself continue this series in the future.

  • I really really like the Summer Boys/ Summer Girls series. They're light, fun, easy summer reads.After reading the Summer Boys series first, it was weird to return to Pebble Beach with the younger cousinsI miss reading about Ella, Beth, Kelsi, and Jamie. But still, awesome summer read.

  • I read this book in two days. I was an easy read, but I really enjoyed it. The author put a lot of personality into the book and any girl would like it! If your looking for a book to read by the pool this summer, you should consider this one.

  • I loved this book because the girls were very relatable. You have the athletic good girl who chases after the bad boy, the quirky artsy girl who just wants to have a stable family and the pretty mean girl who wants the one boy on Pebble Beach who doesnt want her.

  • Hailey Abbott's books are pure fluffity fluffity fluff fluff fluff and I love it! A welcome respite from this cold RI summer (so far) since these books are full of sunshine and hotness.

  • Average teen novel about 3 cousins shariing a beach house and trying to hook up with boys. Breezy, light, quick teen read.

  • me and my friends are just like the characters in this book but i need to find the others in the series, LOVE THIS BOOK. its a must read for bestfriends with lots of drama(:

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