The Faith of Condoleezza Rice

The Faith of Condoleezza Rice This is not a book about politics It is a book about a little black girl who was born into a Christian home in the racially explosive town of Birmingham Alabama during the throes of the Civil Rights

  • Title: The Faith of Condoleezza Rice
  • Author: Leslie Montgomery
  • ISBN: 9781581347999
  • Page: 288
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This is not a book about politics It is a book about a little black girl who was born into a Christian home in the racially explosive town of Birmingham, Alabama, during the throes of the Civil Rights Movement It s about two parents who quietly defied discrimination, stood against injustice, clung to their faith, and raised their child to follow the Lord they themselvesThis is not a book about politics It is a book about a little black girl who was born into a Christian home in the racially explosive town of Birmingham, Alabama, during the throes of the Civil Rights Movement It s about two parents who quietly defied discrimination, stood against injustice, clung to their faith, and raised their child to follow the Lord they themselves served They believed wholeheartedly that she was a gift from God born for such a time as this and that he had a special plan and a purpose for her life a plan for good, and not for evil, a plan to give her a hope and a future all this despite what the world shouted at them through hatred and prejudice that hovered over them mercilessly.Condoleezza Rice has built her life and career on defied expectations She defied the shortsighted guidance counselor who advised her parents that their daughter wasn t college material by earning not only a Bachelor s Degree, but then a Master s and a Ph.D She took on roles that a black female had never held before provost at Stanford University, National Security Advisor, and Secretary of State and performed these roles skillfully Once you read her story, you will recognize that even than her vast intellectual capacity, ambition, and strong work ethic, it has been God s leading in her life and her willingness to follow his call that has allowed her to come so far In Condoleezza Rice we have a true spiritual hero.She s been called the devil s handmaiden, a history maker, a rock star, Bush s secret weapon, the most influential woman in the world, a rising star, and a race traitor among other things Regardless of which opinion people come to about who she is or what label they ve placed on her character, everyone knows there s something uniquely different about the 5 7 African American woman who currently serves as our Secretary of State.Condoleezza Rice has a mysterious stability, an enigmatic air, and an inexplicable confidence that is devoid of pride a trait that is hard to find in the world, let alone in the slick world of politics Her impenetrable strength and unshakable temperament are evidence of three defining characteristics a faith that runs deep in her heritage, a personal passion for God, and moral convictions that stem from both.No matter what your faith, to know and appreciate the character of Condoleezza Rice, you must learn about hers To understand her passion for peace, you must become personally familiar with the chaotic state of the nation in which she was born To fully grasp her heart and what has motivated her to far exceed the limited expectations that enslaved both her race and her gender for generations before her, you must examine her roots To taste the inspiration for democracy that flows like a river from her heart, you must learn what it is that feeds her soul The Faith of Condoleezza Rice reveals all of this and .

    • The Faith of Condoleezza Rice By Leslie Montgomery
      288 Leslie Montgomery
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    According to Leslie Montgomery s mother, Dianne, she was born with a pen in one hand and a phone in the other She began writing screenplays and commercials from home when she was only six years old, has kept a journal of her life since she was eight, and had her first article published in her hometown newspaper in Mountain Home, Idaho when she was only twelve From there, Leslie began writing for various newspapers across America until she became a Christian at the age of twenty three in 1993.Since her conversion, Leslie has been a continual contributor to several ministries under the umbrella of Focus on the Family, authored hundreds of articles for several prominent faith based magazines, ghostwritten numerous books for leading Christian authors, and written seven of her own books Early in her writing career, Leslie was the director of publications, managing editor, and staff writer for the American Association of Christian Counselors As a writer on diverse topics on one end of the spectrum to the other, Leslie finds much joy in revealing her secret to writing success People always ask me how I decide what topic to write on, Montgomery says, continuing All I can say is, I write what I m prompted to write from the Spirit of the Lord, and He has always revealed the Biblical support and research necessary to support that which He asks me to pen So far it s worked well for me Leslie is a known throughout her world wide travels as a humorous and inspirational speaker, who filets her heart to listeners and readers on behalf of glorifying God I recognize that I have nothing apart from God to share with people, confesses Montgomery I find that when I speak from my heart, from my failures and disappointments, and share how the Lord has brought me up out of the mire and muck of my own sin and that of others, that people relate Leslie writes from her 160 acre ranch in Lake Norden, South Dakota She is married to Dallas Anderson, Pastor and Director of Proclamation Ministries for the Billy Graham Center and Missions America Together they have approximately 60 horses, two dogs, and an unknown amount of cats and wildlife Leslie is the mother of two grown children and as of date, the grandmother of two grandsons and a granddaughter Books by Leslie Montgomery Were It Not For Grace Women After God s Own Heart Broadman Holman Publishers Engaging the Enemy A Christian Woman s Guide to Spiritual Warfare Cook Communications Ministries A Parent s Guide To Spiritual Warfare Crossway Publications Redemptive Suffering Lesson s Learned From the Garden of Gethsemane Crossway Publications The Faith of Condoleezza Rice Crossway Publications Books Yet To Be Released The Faith of Laura Bush Crossway Publications, September 2007 release Yada Intimacy with God, Intimacy With Others Crossway Publications, release date to be announced From official website


  • This book reminded me that an optimistic outlook on life makes everything better. I was also reminded that my life isn't as bad as the next persons. Condoleezza also shares her deep faith in God; a faith that was taught to her by her father who was a pastor. I was able to relate a lot of what she had about an ingrained faith that is just relied on and never really question. It's a part of who we are. This book was a blessing.

  • Outstanding. We were born the same year, in the same town and lived in the same neighborhood! I am so thankful that she walked the path ordained for her life by God.

  • I was disappointed that the book included so much about Condi's ancestors and the Civil Rights Movement rather than her life. The last half of the book had more about Condi and her faith which I found very interesting. I have long admired Condoleezza Rice and am happy to know more about her life.

  • There is such insightful information in reading biographies. Reading this one, regarding the faith of Condoleezza Rice has not only given information about her life and faith in God, it has also strengthened my faith as well.I highly recommend it, especially for young women of African American descent who also has strong Christian upbringing. Through her faith, Condoleezza Rice dared to step out and be different. It was not only her deep abiding faith but a determination to allow herself to be a [...]

  • I always liked Condoleeza Rice while she served under the Bush administration, but after reading/listening to this book I have an even deeper respect for her. This is a great book about more than her faith but her life in whole. You will cry, laugh, and grow in your appreciation for her and many other Americans who have shaped our country.

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