The Fires of Paradise

The Fires of Paradise Heiress to the dazzling Bragg empire beautiful headstrong socialite Lucy Bragg lives a life that defies convention Dark and handsome half breed Shozkay Savage lives an outlaw s life on the edge They

  • Title: The Fires of Paradise
  • Author: Brenda Joyce
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Heiress to the dazzling Bragg empire, beautiful, headstrong socialite Lucy Bragg lives a life that defies convention Dark and handsome half breed Shozkay Savage lives an outlaw s life on the edge They inhabit different worlds hers opulent and glamorous, his dangerous and untamed But on the vast and sweeping plains of Texas, their worlds collideAbducted and held foHeiress to the dazzling Bragg empire, beautiful, headstrong socialite Lucy Bragg lives a life that defies convention Dark and handsome half breed Shozkay Savage lives an outlaw s life on the edge They inhabit different worlds hers opulent and glamorous, his dangerous and untamed But on the vast and sweeping plains of Texas, their worlds collideAbducted and held for ransom, Lucy despises Shoz for his arrogance yet is drawn to the magnificent and mysterious fugitive by a shameless, all consuming desire Sworn to escape him but betrayed by her heart, she will follow Shoz from the glittering world of New York high society to the tropical heat of revolution swept Cuba braving scandal and heartbreak, risking life itself for a bold and passionate love.

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    Brenda Joyce is the bestselling author of forty one novels and five novellas She has won many awards, and her debut novel, Innocent Fire, won a Best Western Romance award She has also won the highly coveted Best Historical Romance award for Splendor and Two Lifetime Achievement Awards from Romantic Times BOOKreviews There are over 14 million copies of her novels in print and she is published in over a dozen foreign countries.A native New Yorker, she now lives in southern Arizona with her son, dogs, and her Arabian and half Arabian reining horses Brenda divides her time between her twin passions writing powerful love stories and competing with her horses at regional and national levels For information about Brenda and her upcoming novels, please visit her Web sites brendajoyce, thedewarennedynasty and mastersoftimebooks.


  • Amazing 5th in the Bragg Saga!This was an amazing installment in Joyce's Bragg series (see list below), the sweeping saga of an American family. I could not put it down.Set in America and Cuba in 1897 (prologue in 1890), it begins in New York with Shoz Savage, a law student wrongly imprisoned for theft, having been framed by a jealous, married lover. He is a "half breed" (Apache like Derek Bragg) and his lover was a wealthy woman of society whose word no one would doubt. Shoz escaped from prison [...]

  • The only reason I even gave this one star is because I had to.I found this book very trashy, as I'm coming to realize most of Brenda Joyce's books are. There are always these comments slammed in there about the guys' pasts. It's enough to know that he's not a virgin, not by a long shot, but when you sneak in these comments about all the whores he's been with, it's unnecessary and it's disgusting. That's bad enough, but in this book she actually goes so far as to have him have sex with the Mexica [...]

  • This story has all the makings of a frustrating romance. Lucy Bragg was a character that one can be considered as progressive thinker. She didn't have any qualms being involved with a half-breed outside of the marital bed. She was strong but not as opinionated as her activist mother, Grace Bragg but she's no wilting violet either.Shozkay Cooper is considered as a half-breed (like most of the men in this series) who found himself in lust enamoured with the socialite. Their lives couldn't be any m [...]

  • Good book! I enjoyed the earlier series, but I think that was because I was more familiar with main characters. This book is about Derek Braggs granddaughter. We don't read too much about her in previous books so this one seems a little off from the rest. I still enjoyed it! It was a fun read.

  • The first thing Shozkay did after escaping from prison was to return to the home of the woman who put him there. He had sex with her to punish her and left. Shoz had an Apache mother and his father left with his second wife to live off the reservation. Shozkay's mother remained with her people. Shoz was raised on a ranch near Bakersfield. He quit school because of all the bullying he received. He later went back to school and met Marianne Claxton the summer before he started his last year at NY [...]

  • This was actually fun. A spoiled rich heiress falls in with an unjustly accused, sexy ex-con, who rescues her, kidnaps her, etc. etc. They fall in love, of course, and endure many trials and tribulations. But the scenes from NY, Texas, Death Valley in Mexico and Cuba struggling for freedom are vivid, and eventually I came to like both of them.

  • It is 1897Lucy Bragg, heiress to the Brag Empire, has always managed to get herself in trouble despite her best intentions ever since she was old enough to walk. Now an adult, she never thinks before she acts, where she decides to take an adventure with her best friend, to Paradise, Texas. So on their way, she rents a autmobile. , deciding to drive herself to Paradise, however they have car trouble and are somewhat rescued by a half breed indian, tall dark and handsome but his disposition is muc [...]

  • Globalement j'ai bien aimé.C'est une belle fin pour cette série.Je me demande réellement si quelqu'un relit le livre quand l'auteur a fini de l'écrire !!!!!?????Le livre commence en 1890, le héros a un fils je dirais de 4-5 ans.Puis on passe en 1897, puis 1898 et l'épilogue se passe en juin 1899.Comment le fils du géros peut n'avoir que 7 ans en 1899 ????!!!!Il n'a pris que 2 ou 3 ans en 9 ans !!!Aurait-il l'élexir de jouvence ???!!!A mon avis il doit y avoir une erreur à l'impression c [...]

  • What I liked about this book is that the hero and heroine talked a lot more than in the previous books. At the beginning of the book Lucy was a spoiled, rich girl. She frustrated me and I wanted to smack her. Fortunately she grows up rather quick and becomes a mature, although impulsive, young woman. Shoz knows her kind and he doesn't like them. Even so he can't keep his distance from her. I loved the way Lucy and Shoz love for each other was described. How they wanted to hang on to that love ev [...]

  • I admit I enjoyed this book and may have given it five stars if not for the pit falls of the characters that detract from much development in their relationship, but not individual growth. Lucy, as liberal as she claims to be, Shoz is correct in his statement that she may believe in equality in her mind but she also believes in aristocracy-- from the minute she meets Shoz she does look down her nose at him and make assumptions about him-- I don't blame him for his behavior towards her, although [...]

  • This is the best historical romance I have read in years. There is the beautiful woman born into privilege and there is the hardened escaped convict watching his back. The two are thrown together at random, but stay in each others orbit through circumstance and lust. Lucy is a proud woman who is used to getting what she wants and Shoz is a proud man used to getting what he wants. What they both want is each other. there's more on my blog stacybuckeye.wordpress/200

  • Really enjoyed this one! I love a story with a not-so-typical plot - this is definetly one of those! I loved both Lucy & Shoz and thought Brenda Joyce wrote their love story in a phenomonal way. It got a little slow for me when they were in Cuba - but just a little. I would recommend this book to any lover of romance novels.

  • "The Fires of Paradise" was the last in the Bragg series and although it was nice to find out how all the Bragg's were doing, this book wasn't that great. It started out with a good and fast pace, but then it turned into a lot of filler. I'll be honest, I expected so much more from this superb writer, but that's ok, I'm still a big fan!

  • I read this a long time ago when I was a teenager visiting my grandfather. His wife had a whole slew of romance novels and I picked this one up and couldn't put it down! Some of it was probably not appropriate for a teen at the time, but I was more interested in the story ;) I still have a copy of this somewhere.

  • I liked this book but it was way too long. There was so much happening but in the same time nothing at all.Lucy and Shoz were one interesting couple, but I couldn't feel their love all over the book - the way I wanted to.I liked the end but it could have been a little bit better.

  • Venting: He treats her like dirt and then he gets upset when she says she doesn't want anything to do with him.

  • Probably my favorite romance book of all time. Its a product of its time thoughbut well worth a read if you like historical romance.

  • Delightful, raunchy and at times requiring much suspension of disbelief. Initially read in early 90s. Re read 2012.

  • I usually stay as far away as you can get from books with cowboys. This one was different. They overcame so many obstacles to be together. ,

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