Doctor Who: Sting of the Zygons

Doctor Who Sting of the Zygons The TARDIS lands the Doctor and Martha in the Lake District in where a small village has been terrorised by a giant scaly monster The search is on for the elusive Beast of Westmorland and exp

  • Title: Doctor Who: Sting of the Zygons
  • Author: Stephen Cole
  • ISBN: 9781846072253
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The TARDIS lands the Doctor and Martha in the Lake District in 1909, where a small village has been terrorised by a giant, scaly monster The search is on for the elusive Beast of Westmorland , and explorers, naturalists and hunters from across the country are descending on the fells King Edward VII himself is on his way to join the search, with a knighthood for whoeverThe TARDIS lands the Doctor and Martha in the Lake District in 1909, where a small village has been terrorised by a giant, scaly monster The search is on for the elusive Beast of Westmorland , and explorers, naturalists and hunters from across the country are descending on the fells King Edward VII himself is on his way to join the search, with a knighthood for whoever finds the Beast.But there is a sinister presence at work in the Lakes than a mere monster on the rampage, and the Doctor is soon embroiled in the plans of an old and terrifying enemy And as the hunters become the hunted, a desperate battle of wits begins with the future of the entire world at stakeFeaturing the Tenth Doctor and Martha as played by David Tennant and Freema Agyeman in the acclaimed Doctor Who series from BBC Television.

    • Doctor Who: Sting of the Zygons by Stephen Cole
      109 Stephen Cole
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    See also Steve Cole.Stephen Cole born 1971 is an English author of children s books and science fiction He was also in charge of BBC Worldwide s merchandising of the BBC Television series Doctor Who between 1997 and 1999 this was a role which found him deciding on which stories should be released on video, commissioning and editing a range of fiction and non fiction titles, producing audiobooks and acting as executive producer on the Big Finish Productions range of Doctor Who audio dramas.


  • "While there are stout-hearted men with rested horses and a ridiculous optimism that good will prevail, all is not lost! Allons-y gentlemen-we've got a world to save!"The Doctor and Martha land in the English countryside in the year 1909. The Doctor is intrigued and alarmed to discover that the local townspeople are being terrorized by a huge scaly monster. Masses of people who seek to hunt the beast are arriving, and rumor has it King Edward VII will be joining them as well. The mystery deepens [...]

  • Plus points: Another classic monster comes to grips with a new Doctor!Edwardian countryside goings-on. Very good dialogue for the Doctor and Martha, and some of Martha's on-screen guts, compassion and sense of wonder comes through although I always felt Martha got short shrift as far as characterisation went because they thought 'make Rose educated, more posh and less teary. Oh and she's black'. And mostly left it at that. Hectic tension and action!Minuses: It's all a bit too harum-scarum at tim [...]

  • Awe that was awesome! It captured my interest from the word go, and was 100% canon to Martha and Ten. I loved the reference to the Loch Ness Monster too, and the zygons were written perfectly! They were terrifying throughout, and this adventure was action packed. Though I suspected what was to come, it was still a fantastic book and I could see it all in my mind as I read, it was like watching an episode in my mind!

  • For the past three seasons, it seems that every year we get a rumor the Zygons will make an appearance in the upcoming season.And why not? We've had the Macra and we've overused the Cybermen and the Daleks? Why not bring back the Zygons?The alien race returns in this 10th Doctor novel that is, for the most part, an update of the classic story "Terror of the Zygons." The Zygons are trying to figure out how to regain control of the Skarasan and need the Doctor's help to do so. And there are lots o [...]

  • "'I should have guessed when you didn't know who Clara was,' she [Martha] said. 'You may have got the moves and mannerisms, but the real Doctor would never have forgotten her.'"I'm just going to leave that there.

  • This a book I have wanted to read for a while. Once I saw it was going to be published, I kept waiting. I like this doctor and this companion.I was surprised at how well the book was written to show Martha as Martha. I know these books can be written and then the companion's name is just thrown in. They did a good job catching the real Martha Jones.They also did a good job with the Zygons. I like how the show is actually bringing in old monsters, but it can only do it so quickly. This was a good [...]

  • The Doctor and Martha are very well done, in their actions and dialogue. The plot moves quickly, with just enough danger. Few too many minor characters to keep straight, though, as they aren't all clearly drawn.I haven't seen the Zygons on screen, and that did up being a problem for me. Cole does his best to bring them to the page, but it's all a bit complex and somehow I'm left feeling like this would probably be more fun as a six, seven part serial than as a book. Still, I did really enjoy it, [...]

  • Surprisingly strong plot (even for those like me who never saw a Zygon episode) and even more surprisingly, good characterization. Not only was it specifically and obviously the Tenth Doctor, but it was clearly Martha, as well - given that these were written before they saw Freema in the role, that's no mean feat. Engaging, fun, and just a little scary, as it should be.

  • This is a quick, fun read. Nothing earthshattering, but it does a reasonably good job of capturing the characters of the Doctor and Martha, and is good fun for old school fans who have fond memories of the Zygons from the Tom Baker days. A pleasant enough way to get your Doctor Who fix while waiting for Season 4 to arrive.

  • Hmmm not finishing this - 1*I'll find another Doctor Who book because Martha is dull and this book has zero plot. I'd rather watch tumbleweed roll. I got 34 way through and I honestly couldn't go any further.

  • First book of 2018 and I revisit one of my favourite Doctors. good little story with Martha Jones as the companion. Zygons are back and this time they want to take over the world like all the other times. great summer read, easy and fun like the show.

  • The first of these stories to feature Martha rather than Rose. I didn't feel she was quite as well portrayed as her predecessor, and the Doctor was still rather generic in places, though there were moments when I could picture Tennant and hear him delivering the lines.Still, an enjoyable tale.

  • Hm, I had to discover that I really don't care about the Zygons as enemies. I was listening to it, but kept losing focus because it didn't really hold my attention. :/

  • My first Doctor Who novel with Martha Jones as the companion.When I bought this book, I never heard of the Zygons. I had no idea what they could do. I only knew the Doctor met them in the Classic Series.By the time I read it, I met the Zygons during the 50th Anniversary Special, and their story in season 9. And I think that was a bad move. If I read this book before their return to the series, I think I would not have minded the differences between the Zygons in the book and in the series.The se [...]

  • This book both interested and disappointed me at the same time. The story itself was rather good compared to some of the other Doctor Who books that I have read, with lots of twists that you don’t expect. It was not possible to guess what was going to happen and what the outcome of the story was going to be. The Zygons were portrayed very well, certainly much better than in the one ‘modern’ episode of the TV series that they have featured in. The plot kept me hooked as I wanted to know how [...]

  • "nwhytevejournal/968225ml[return][return]Like most Who fans of roughly my age, I have fond memories of both the early Fourth Doctor story Terror of the Zygons (I remember discussing it years later with an Australian friend, who shrieked with excited nostalgia, 'Yeah, the Zygons! They were two-cushion monsters!') and also the novelisation, Doctor Who and the Loch Ness Monster, which may have been one of Terrance Dicks' better products. I must re-watch/re-read respectively and see what I think now [...]

  • Après avoir déjà fait l'expérience en version courte via 2 quick reads, je sentais bien que j'allais me mettre à mieux aimer Martha en passant au papier.D'autant plus qu'elle arrive après Rose évidemment, et que ça fait drôlement du bien d'en avoir une qui fait marcher sa matière grise plutôt que ses hormones, tiens. Et Martha est ici bien trop occupée à se débrouiller pour faire des trucs intelligents pour se pâmer devant le Docteur, ce qui élimine dans la foulée l'un des aspec [...]

  • It was a great book! The only reason why it took me almost a month to read is because I did not have much time to read this month. At first I thought that the Doctor was a somewhat out of character, as he seemed a bit too hyperactive, but this is something that only happens at the very beginning. Both the Doctor and Martha are perfectly in character for the rest of the story.What surprised me a bit was that Martha does not realise at one point that she is not talking to the Doctor but to a zygon [...]

  • strange really that the last book I read I slated somewhat due it's lack of realism yet I have no such qualms about this.I guess it's because that was a book that dealt with real probable situations with frankly unbelievable dialogue and characterization whereas this is the oppositee characters are generally believable and yet the whole premise of the Dr who universe isn't such I know that and can embrace ite book itself deals with the Dr confronting the Zygons and doesn't deviate wholly from th [...]

  • Miss Martha Jones! Earth's most underappreciated heroine!(She really does deserve more credit, people) Ah, the year is 1909, King Edward's on the throne, it is the age of men!(Oops, sorry quoting 'Mary Poppins' now!) But there is a terrible monster loose in the lake country, squashing towns and stealing people away! Martha and the Doctor must stop the mad beast from eating the human hunters who want to bag a prize worthy of a king(or a medal from His Majesty) and also save the poor brute from it [...]

  • The best part of this Doctor/Martha adventure is definitely Martha. Particularly, Martha interacting with the other recurring characters in the book. I appreciate when authors set their Doctor/Martha stories in Earth's recent past (in this case the early 1900s)and acknowledge how much that is likely going to suck for Martha. So in this book we see Martha dealing with undisguised racism and classism--especially when she asserts herself as a doctor and tries to treat people. Unfortunately, while I [...]

  • Nice adventure. Good enough if you're looking for a 10th Doctor and Martha fix, (as I did when I chose to read it). As a Martha Jones story, it has a lot of nice moments of characterization, and she gets to do a lot in this one (althought- if you're a big Martha fan I recommend first picking up "The Story Of Martha" from this same range of publishing, if you haven't already!). There are also a lot of lovely references to the first Zygon story, so if you enjoyed that one you could take this one a [...]

  • After reading a string of Doctor Who novels and finding that the last few were getting dull and tiresome, Sting of the Zygons was a real uplift to my imagination. I found that the plot was intriguing and always prodding questions and mystery towards the reader. The pace was good, not too slow and not too fast - which is a strong difference compared to the last couple I've read! I also found that the author captured the Doctor's and Martha's personalities very well and it could've easily been a p [...]

  • "Sting of the Zygons" was a little heavy-handed for me, and I didn't think the characters were true to form. It was more like reading about The Doctor- and Martha-impersonators doing their best with a story written by someone who's only heard of the show second-hand. Some of their decisions were just weak. Here's a race of aliens determined to take over the world and either eradicate or enslave all human life, have already killed at least several dozen humans, and the Doctor's solution--while ap [...]

  • Another excellent Doctor Who adventure! I really enjoy those stories which are set on Earth in the past, so the Edwardian era setting was quite nice. Martha and the Doctor really seemed to shine in this story, and there are several very funny lines that had me laughing out loud! Overall, very enjoyable!Doctor Who: Sting Of The Zygons follows up on a 4th Doctor story, The Terror of the Zygons. It is not necessary to have seen the previous episode to understand this story, but my interest in Terro [...]

  • This Doctor Who adventure follows the adventure of the Doctor and Martha when they travel back to the Lake District of England in the early part of the twentieth century. Weird tidings of Loch Ness-esque monsters and strange little, brutal creatures leaves the Doctor with no choice but to gleefully investigate the area. Yet again, he discovers an alien plot and Earth narrowly escapes annilation.Martha is written very well in this one and seems to really aid the Doctor. The Zygons are also wonder [...]

  • For villains with but one appearance on TV, and that back in 1975, the Zygons are fondly remembered. In this book, which draws on and expands on both Terror of the Zygons and its novelisation Doctor Who and the Loch Ness Monster, the aliens are presented as a significant threat, and given distinct personalities to boot.Given that they can take other forms, the continual guessing game of "Who's a Zygon?" is in place, with some odd revelations along the way. Their plan at first seems simple, but l [...]

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