Killer Pancake

Killer Pancake Her latest assignment catering for Mignon Cosmetics provides the answer as Goldy heads for a showdown with a killer Along the way as she sleuths at the department store make up counter and battle

  • Title: Killer Pancake
  • Author: Diane Mott Davidson
  • ISBN: 9780553095883
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Her latest assignment, catering for Mignon Cosmetics, provides the answer, as Goldy heads for a showdown with a killer Along the way, as she sleuths at the department store make up counter, and battles with a violent animal rights group, she soon learns that cosmetics is definitely a cut throat business HC Bantam.

    • Killer Pancake By Diane Mott Davidson
      188 Diane Mott Davidson
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    New York Times bestselling author Diane Mott Davidson wrote three novels before one was accepted for publication when she was 41 She has since written 14 mysteries, all featuring Goldy the caterer In addition, she has written short stories and poetry for various publications Davidson has won the Anthony Award from Bouchercon, and has been nominated for the Agatha, another Anthony, and the Macavity Award In 1993 she was named Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Writer of the Year.Davidson was educated at St Anne s School in Charlottesville, Virginia, where her English teacher, Emyl Jenkins, encouraged her to become a writer She attended Wellesley College, where she was named a Wellesley Scholar, before transferring to Stanford University, from which she graduated with a double major in Art History and Political Science Several years and one child later, she received her MA in Art History from Johns Hopkins.Davidson has volunteered for numerous organizations She was a tutor in a correctional facility, rape victim counselor, and served for 10 years on the Board of Examining Chaplains of the Episcopal Diocese of Colorado For years she taught the adult Bible study at her parish, where she was also licensed to preach.Davidson has been married to her husband, Jim, for almost 40 years They have three sons, a daughter in law, two grandchildren, and a basset hound.


  • Book Review3 of 5 stars to the fifth entry in the "Gold Bear Culinary" mysteries, Killer Pancake, written in 1995 by Diane Mott Davidson. As we've all come to expect, Goldy's off searching for the killer in another crazy story line. In this one, she delves into the seedy cosmetic business where too much pancake makeup (just kidding, sort of) has claimed the latest victim. And this time, it's the girlfriend of my favorite character, Julian. So much death, such a small family. How does this happen [...]

  • Okay. I just need to stop reading this series. I realize many people love this series, but it's just not working for me. A cozy mystery (for me) should have a great setting that I'd like to live in, unique characters whom I'd like to visit, and a fun mystery--not stellar, just fun. This series has none of those things, as far as I can tell. You may wonder why I've read 5 of the books in this series if I dislike it so much. The answer is threefold: 1) I'm terribly OCD and feel compelled to finish [...]

  • By book five, readers come to expect certain things within a series. In the case of the Goldy Culinary Mysteries, we expect both delicious sounding recipes, one of Goldy's loved ones to be suspected of murdering a fairly new character and Goldy getting involved way beyond what's considered acceptable and yet still managing to help solve the murder (thus clearing the loved one's name.) In Killer Pancake, the recipes are slightly less delicious sounding than usual. Maybe it's my personal bias agai [...]

  • It is getting harder to read these books. This will be my last. I get more irritated with Goldy and her narcissistic behavior, her son, Arch, and her live-in catering helper, Julian with each book. The books are very dated and I feel like I am listening to my mother and grandmother. I have been listening to the audio versions of the books and I think the individual chosen sounds like my very snooty mother. Goldy is very judgmental of the wealthy and constantly berates their behavior but never fa [...]

  • I listened to this one on audiobook as I have with all but one of the series so far. I really like the narrator and when I actually had to read one of the books in print I found myself pining to hear her voice. Anyway, I have heard the series goes downhill somewhat later,but so far I am still enjoying it. I have never made any of the recipes, so can't speak for them :)

  • I liked this book. I am really enjoying this series. In this book, Goldy has a catering job with a cosmetics company. Her assistant Julian has a girlfriend who works at the company and then she is found dead, run down. Goldy goes undercover and gets covered up in foundation. The only thing I didn't like was the way the recipes were put in the middle of the chapters. I thought it was distracting. The recipes should go at the end of the chapters like they do with the Chocolate Chip Cookie series.

  • It's been quite awhile since I read the first few in this series, and I don't think I'm going to wait as long to read the next; this book was solid, fun, and a perfect read for a stormy day! The characters were wonderful. I love Goldy and her sometimes dysfunctional family and friends. The mystery was excellent, the killer wasn't very surprising, but there weren't many suspects, so I don't think I would've been surprised regardless. Overall excellent, I just bought the next one!

  • This was a delightful and delicious read! Though it touched on some controversial topics, it managed to stay lighthearted throughout and it truly delivered on the mystery front! An absolute pleasure to read!

  • Glad I borrowed from the libraryThe story was OK, but it was just kind of slow. I can't bond with any of the characters, especially Goldy.

  • This book is pretty painfully dated with lots of casual racism thrown inlooking past that though, the plot was decent and I didn't guess who the killer was

  • I liked the story line and the recipes, but it seemed a bit campy and dated. The title doesn't come into play until about 3/4 into the story and it doesn't really have anything to do with the plot.

  • I had a hard time keeping this one going. I've enjoyed the all of them so far but I had a harder time staying interested with this one

  • Not my favorite of the ones I have read so far. I found the main character especially irritating and the motive behind the murders ridiculous.

  • *4.4 Stars*Scorecard: (Out of 10)* Quality of Writing - 9* Pace - 10* Plot development - 9* Characters - 9* Enjoyability - 8* Insightfulness - 8* Ease of Reading - 8* Photos/Illustrations - NAFinal Score: 61/70 = 87%My Review of Catering to Nobody: Book OneMy Review of Dying for Chocolate: Book TwoMy Review of The Cereal Murders: Book ThreeMy Review of The Last Supppers: Book Four*The Gush*I’ll admit, though I did enjoy this book while I read it, this did not end up being my favorite book of D [...]

  • Finally, delicious recipes that are low in fat! Our beloved, Goldy, owner of Goldy Bear Catering, is hired to cater a low fat luncheon for Mignon Cosmetics. Think Lacome' or Estee Lauder, very high dollar. The top sales associate, Claire, is dating Julian, Goldy's helper, who has been sort of interning with her in the last few books. One thing Goldy is not a fan of is cooking low fat and when you add to that the annoyance of having to wade through a bunch of demonstrators who are outraged over c [...]

  • Goldy Schultz, owner of Goldilocks Catering, has with some reservations, agreed to cater a low-cal lunch banquet for Mignon Cosmetics. It could open up a new market, and her assistant, Julian, is dating one of the Mignon sales associates, Claire Satterfield. And it's only one afternoon. How bad can it be?Her doubts come rushing back when she has to run a gauntlet of animal rights activists calling themselves Spare the Hares, who even have dead rabbits to wave around. Then Claire Satterfield is k [...]

  • This is the 5th book in the Goldy the caterer series. This time the girlfriend of her beloved assistant and border, Julian Teller, is murdered. Of course Goldy can't stand by and let Julian suffer, so she pokes her nose into things and eventually solves a murder.Along the way she deals with her best friend's heart attack, her vicious ex-husband, her new husband, a teenage son, demanding clients, the cut throat cosmetic industry, and animal rights activists. All while preparing delicious low fat [...]

  • For Colorado's Goldy B. Schulz (last seen in The Last Suppers), the catering proves far less rewarding than the sleuthing when she's called on to prepare a banquet for the Mignon cosmetics company. Forced to forsake mayonnaise and butter in this low-fat luncheon, Goldy is in "caterers' hell." But that's a better place than where Mignon super-saleswoman Claire Satterfield ends up?which is dead. According to Julian Teller, Goldy's catering assistant, Claire had recently suspected she was being fol [...]

  • Another series. I've been reading a lot of those lately. Can't help myself when I find an author I like. Ms. Davidson is in that category. These books are murder mysteries. The premise is, Goldy Schulz is an upscale caterer in the Denver area of Colorado. She is married to a law enforcement officer. She regularly gets involved in her husband's cases. The fun part of these books for me is the fact that they have recipes in them. So, Goldy's character will tell you how to make a recipe and then gi [...]

  • Another murder for Goldy to solve while entertaining guests and making her readers hungry. Lots of fun recipes but I did make a copy of the Killer Pancakes. I mean they cook up in the oven, one must give it a whirl. The first murder is a young cosmetic sales rep. Why would anyone want to kill her? Sales, Rivalry companies, jealousy, PETA, incriminating photos? This murder hits close to home because her assistant was dating the young girl, so Goldy needs to help him find closure but as usual she [...]

  • Another good culinary mystery. I like the recipes provided. The adventures keep happening to our busy caterer. A good read. I his book. My goal is to read the whole series.

  • For some reason, this is the book in this series that I remember the best. And yet, there were still things in it that surprised me - always good for re-readability in a murder mystery.I did notice that, like the earlier books, there are a few things about the character interactions that bother me more than they did when I was a kid reading these books. At one point, the main character's husband actively sabotages her work by switching the food out, so she won't have time to "snoop around." It r [...]

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