The Good Lawyer

The Good Lawyer A young ambitious lawyer is eager to prove he is better than the father who abandoned him and worthy of the devoted mother who raised him beyond the siren call of the mobster dominated family he grew

  • Title: The Good Lawyer
  • Author: Thomas Benigno
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  • Page: 353
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A young, ambitious lawyer is eager to prove he is better than the father who abandoned him and worthy of the devoted mother who raised him beyond the siren call of the mobster dominated family he grew up in Working as a Bronx Legal Aid Attorney he learns how to twist the system, how to become an unbeatable defense lawyer, and he his peacock proud of his perfect record notA young, ambitious lawyer is eager to prove he is better than the father who abandoned him and worthy of the devoted mother who raised him beyond the siren call of the mobster dominated family he grew up in Working as a Bronx Legal Aid Attorney he learns how to twist the system, how to become an unbeatable defense lawyer, and he his peacock proud of his perfect record not a single conviction But it s 1982 The Spiderman rapist is on the loose and New York City is a city in fear When an outraged rape victim commits suicide right before his eyes, searching for absolution, he grabs the headline case of a teacher s aide accused of molesting three students Armed with a firm belief in his client s innocence, he knocks the pegs out from under the prosecution s case When one of the children turns up dead, he discovers that his client may be strangely connected to the Spiderman Digging deeper, horrifying revelations about his family s past collide with the true identity of the sadistic sociopath behind the Spiderman s rampage In the process, this good lawyer comes face to face with his greatest conflict and deepest fear to win, really win save the city and even the woman he loves must he sacrifice every principle he believes in and embrace his family s mafia past to become judge, jury, and executioner

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    Thomas Benigno is a practicing attorney in Long Island, N Y After graduating Benjamin N Cardozo School of Law in Manhattan in 1979, at the behest of his Criminal Law Clinic Professor, Barry Scheck who later obtained fame for representing O J Simpson he was fast tracked to a position as Associate Attorney with the New York City Legal Aid Society in the Bronx While there he sought out and tackled the grittiest of cases, even representing the infamous Spiderman Rapist If you ask him why he repeatedly took on the defense of child molesters and rapists, he ll sound off two reasons 1 no other attorney would take these cases, and 2 he was young and out to prove himself The year before he left Legal Aid to go into private practice he was featured in a two page spread in the New York City Legal Aid Society s Annual Report for his success in winning what seemed like an unwinnable case a teacher s aide charged with molesting three of his students At a party held in his honor he was handed a beautiful plaque commemorating his court victory a plaque he never hung or put on display ever Three years after he left Legal Aid, after never losing a trial, he left the practice of criminal law behind forever He currently practices real estate and business law, enjoys acting in staged productions on Long Island, appeared as an actor in two movies, one an award winning short film, and even produced along with others a Broadway show Burn the Floor and its U.S tour He is married to the same beautiful woman since shortly after graduating law school and has three adult children His first novel, THE GOOD LAWYER, is inspired by real events while he was working as a Legal Aid Attorney in the South Bronx.


  • I wanted to love this book, but unfortunately it rubbed me the wrong way. For starters, the book was a bit slow for my tastes, as far as legal thrillers go. It heated up near the end, and that turned me off because I knew what was going to happen--there really wasn't any element of surprise. I figured the book out in the first few chapters. One of the biggest problems I had with this book was the description of certain ethnic people--African-Americans for one. I've read many books about slavery [...]

  • My wife, who is a lawyer, read this and called it terrific. Same with "The Criminal Lawyer" by the same author. Lots of good day to day legal material in the Bronx taken from real cases. Interesting characters, good plot, keeps the tension, no loose ends.

  • I was inspired to read this book after reading my ’ friend, Lewis Weinstein’s, review. This is the first book by a new author. The author is a practicing attorney.The story is fiction but is based on a real- life story. A young ambitious lawyer, Nick Manino, is attempting to make a name for himself outside of the constraints of his family’s long mob history.It is 1982 and the Spiderman rapist is all over the media. Manino takes on the case of a teacher’s aide being accused of raping thre [...]

  • I loved this book! Once I got started with it, I found by chapter two that I could not put it down. I finally stopped reading at 80% (on Kindle) at 2am! There's a little bit of the old Grisham with his spirited legal thrillers and that's a good thing. The story is loosely based on a true event apparently and it makes you wonder what sort of hell on earth NYC was in the late 1970's & 1980's. I was utterly fascinated by the characters of Uncle Rocco and Sallie throughout the entire book. The a [...]

  • The story of a New York attorney's struggle to prove himself when it comes to dealing with the most disturbing of cases, The Good Lawyer is an excellent legal thriller with a ring of truth to its text.

  • In the interest of full disclosure, I didn't pay a cent for this book. Rather, I found it through Lendle, through which members can list ebooks they own for borrowing by other members. More important to me, though, are the emails that offer books from for free (usually for that day only); find one you want, go to , double-check that it's free, and download to read on your Kindle, PC or Mac or other Kindle-compatible device.The Good Lawyer, for the record, is the No. 2 best Kindle legal thriller [...]

  • Short and to the point.I loved this book! When I write a review, I usually compare an author's latest work to his/her previous books. However, I am unable to do so in this particular instance because "The Good Lawyer" is the first book I've read by Thomas Benigno. Three of my favorite authors in this genre are John Grisham, Ken Follett, and Robert Ludlum. By the way this booked grabbed me right at the onset, I would have to say that Thomas Benigno fits right in there with the best of them. I hop [...]

  • Move over John GrishamThis author of this story is a practicing attorney and this is a fast action story with four sub-plots, which intertwine, leaving it a page turner. The protagonist was Nick Mannino, an American Italian and a Legal Aid Attorney who practiced in the Bronx Criminal Court. Each day the Legal Aids took so many cases to defend and Nick had been given the case of Peter Guevara charged with sexual abuse of three young boys under the age of ten. Because of the nature of the charge, [...]

  • Generally speaking I avoid what I would categorize as "contemporary pop fiction" and I guess this book would fit that genre, but I enjoyed this one. It was interesting from the beginning, no slow spots for me, and NO product plugs. (A major turn off in much of today's pop fiction. I can't stand them. I see them and I will write off all future books by an author.) Again, I seem to have a predilection for books taking place in familiar terrain and this is definitely a New York book. I did foresee [...]

  • This is a wonderful book. I would like to give it 4.5 stars. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars, is I tend, now, to judge all lawyer stories with Mark Giminez, "The Perk." That aside, Mr. Benigno writes one heck of a good story. I am a FAN of legal stories, and this rates as one of the better around. I like his lawyer, his interesting background, the amazing members of his family, and the battles he fights as a Bronx Legal Aid attorney are worth his efforts. He is not a seasoned lawyer and [...]

  • So well written that it wasn't until just before the end that the realisation of what was happening slapped me in the face. The characters, storyline, everything moved along at a good, steady pace for this book.

  • I like how in this book there are two different story lines that kind of come together in the case the the main character is working on and the "Spiderman Rapist" story and how the main character might take.

  • Audio versionI enjoyed this audiobook very much, though at times I was a little confused about what was going on and felt like I was missing something. I don't know if it was the writing or if it was because I was listening as opposed to actual reading. At about the 70% mark the story took off and I couldn't put it down.

  • Nick Mannino appears as an outgoing, kind, open-minded, not easily intimidated, young lawyer. He works for Bronx Legal Aid, and has strong family ties, which includes an uncle involved with the underworld. In love with a wealthy, ADA, Nick is likeable and believable, as he internalizes fears of acceptance, and future social situations with her affluent family. Because of this, he keeps secret his lovable, but felonious uncle. Nick decides to defend a Teachers Aid, Peter Guevara, accused of abusi [...]

  • This debut legal thriller is about a young lawyer’s crisis of conscience and is by far more than just courtroom scenes peppered with legalese jargon hard to understand. This book is a fractionized account of some of the grittiest cases Mr. Benigno dealt with during his time practicing as a Legal Aid Attorney in the South Bronx.In a nutshell:Told from the main character’s perspective, Nick Mannino, a young legal Aid attorney tells how he is given the opportunity to defend a teacher’s assist [...]

  • This is an engrossing story of a Legal Aid lawyer who wants to make a name for himself. He believes that most of his clients are guilty so he is pleased to find one that appears to be innocent. Nick has become a lawyer because he was helped financially by his stepfather. His girlfriend Eleanor is quite wealthy and he is afraid that he wont fit into her world, especially if she discovers that his uncle is involved in organized crime. But when Nick finds himself in trouble, his uncle is the only o [...]

  • The book was entertaining, and I recommend it to fellow readers. The author's writing mechanics were good except for having too many throwaway characters.The main character, a Legal Aid lawyer in NYC, has gained a 'killer' reputation in the courtroom. A serial rapist and a serial killer are on the loose, and our lawyer wants to try the rape case when and if the perpetrator is caught. Through the twists and turns of both cases, the mob's vigilante justice settles both cases out of court.Thank you [...]

  • Okay, Nick Manino needs to team up with Bailey Kane from Bittersweet Symphony and do a crossover! I'm shipping them right now!

  • The Good Lawyer is an exciting tale of what seems to be a mundane and thankless job. As a non-profit public defender, the main character has to earn his lawyering chops by serving the needs of criminals who are entitled to a defense. But when a series of crimes push him in the direction of a few clients that deserve better than a public defender, his skills come to the fore and he attacks the case with fervor and all the resources his limited means can muster.Based on events that happened when t [...]

  • Nick is a Legal Aid lawyer. He is an American of Italian descent with mob ties on his mother's side. His father died when he was young and he formed a close relationship with his mother's brother - Rocco. Nick is not wealthy. He forms a relationship with Eleanor - she is from a wealthy family, attended a prestigious school, and is a lawyer as well. The story centers on 2 of Nick's clients - one who is thought to be innocent and is truly evil. The other is thought to be guilty and is murdered bef [...]

  • Uncannily believableI am a legal thriller junkie. Some attract me for the legal expertise, others for larger than life plots. Like most well told stories they ring true for a while. A Good Lawyer, was different. The deeper I got in the story the more true it felt. The blindside manipulation of a young lawyer by a diabolical serial pedophile was not surprising, but the elegance of the plan was unnerving. I liked the relationship with the fantastically wealthy Eleanor, and the legitimate issues it [...]

  • Thomas Benigno - also a lawyer - has been favorably compared to Grisham on Facebook. Although the author includes the caveat that this is a work of Fiction, the prelude states The Good Lawyer is "inspired by a true story". Although the author/publisher states that some characters and scenes are based on his time as a lawyer, I didn't label it 'true crime'; it is fiction.Characters are well developed and for the most part believable. Some scenes get a little carried away with divine intervention, [...]

  • Well, as reflected in my rating I thought this book was okay. I found it a bit hard to read language wise and for some reason I kept losing the plot. I did read it in bits and pieces which may have added to my confusion - but usually when I read in bits and pieces it's because I'm not really into the book. Many people love this book so perhaps it was poor timing. The story was interesting and towards the end I really got into the story. There are some books I read and I almost feel as though I a [...]

  • I've been a long time fan of crime fiction, but legal thrillers don't always hold my interest or enthusiasm. "The Good Lawyer" is definitely an exception - I found it to be well-written, riveting and exciting enough to be classified as thrilling. What attracts me to novels like this one is the honest and true perspective of the writer, and I felt like an eye witness to this story. I recommend this novel to any reader who enjoys literary fiction, suspense/mystery/thriller/crime & legal fictio [...]

  • A voyage of intrigue This book kept me intrigued until the very last page. It combined good vs. evil in a new and exciting view. I couldn't put the book down. As the storyline unfolded, each page seemed to introduce a new character who seemed to be individual, but soon became connected to the plot in very unusual ways. Thomas Benigno a combination of Griffin and Patterson at their best.

  • Storyline was a little complicated at first, trying to keep up with all of Nick's cases. Midway, however, i was starting to see how they interrelated, and I could pretty much figure out the ending. I agree with other reviewers that these e-book versions are loaded with grammatical and spelling errors, but for free I can put up with them.

  • This was another free Kindle book and I have to say it was one of the better ones I've read. It was a little slow in the beginning, but got better as it went. There is nothing outstanding about the writing, plot or characters, just a good old fashioned mystery with a good ending that tied up all the loose ends.

  • Got about 10% into this and quit. Opening premise of rape and child sodomy. Just sick. All exposition as well. No story in the first four chapters so not worth slogging through the depravity to try and discover a plot. Self published drek and freebie, no wonder.

  • Excellent! Exciting and intriguing. Not at all what I expected, especially since it was based on actual fact. Very well-written. Enjoyed it very much, and I'm looking forward to reading more by Thomas Benigno.

  • Took a chance when I decided to read this book because I didn't know if I'd like reading about a lawyer and his court cases. I was very pleasantly surprised. There was much more to it. It was especially interesting seeing how things connected.

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