Titian's Boatman

Titian s Boatman It is and Venice is in chaos ravaged by disease and overrun by crime In the midst of the anarchy we find those brave souls who have chosen not to flee the city Titian most celebrated of Venetia

  • Title: Titian's Boatman
  • Author: Victoria Blake
  • ISBN: 9781785300813
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It is 1576 and Venice is in chaos, ravaged by disease and overrun by crime In the midst of the anarchy we find those brave souls who have chosen not to flee the city Titian, most celebrated of Venetian painters, his health failing badly Sabastiano a gondolier who is the eyes and ears of the corrupted and crumbling city and Tullia, the most famous courtesan of the age whIt is 1576 and Venice is in chaos, ravaged by disease and overrun by crime In the midst of the anarchy we find those brave souls who have chosen not to flee the city Titian, most celebrated of Venetian painters, his health failing badly Sabastiano a gondolier who is the eyes and ears of the corrupted and crumbling city and Tullia, the most famous courtesan of the age who must fight to retain her status as well as her worldly possessions And in the present day the echoes of what happened centuries earlier still ripple as the lives of ordinary people as far distant as London and New York are touched by the legacy of old Venice

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    Victoria Blake is the author of three highly acclaimed crime novels featuring female private eye Sam Falconer Bloodless Shadow, Cutting Blades and Skin and Blister, with a fourth to be published shortly She spent her childhood in Queen s College, Oxford, where her father was Provost, and is also a qualified solicitor who has worked in publishing and bookselling.


  • Titian’s Boatman, blends the passage of time between the 16th and the 21st centuries, via two of the masterpieces of renaissance painter, Titian.We start our journey in 1576, Venice, a period in history, when the city was in turmoil. Not bad enough that corruption and violence was rife, the plague was also reaping havoc, with the deaths of over 50,000 residents between 1576 and 1577.Opening with one of the many characters that adorn this book, Sebastiano, ‘The Boatman’, has been paid a hef [...]

  • Reading Titian’s Boatman by Victoria Blake is akin to embarking on a highly enjoyable journey through gorgeous settings and two distinct periods of time. This novel is a series of seemingly unrelated stories set in London, Venice and New York City, which slowly intertwine then merge towards the end. It was fascinating to be privy to the inner thoughts of a master painter, famous courtesan, Venetian boatman, English stage actor, Italian film director, New York City police man, Italian nun, Manh [...]

  • The art of livingIt is 1576, and Titian is living in plague-ridden Venice – an old man, refusing to flee from the city he loves. As he waits for death to find him, he thinks back to his young days, when his career was just beginning, recalling the time when he painted the portrait that became known as The Man with the Blue Sleeve. By the time his one surviving son, Pomponio, reaches Venice, Titian is dead; and, in the disorder of the time, his studio has been ransacked and many of his painting [...]

  • I actually don't know where to start my review as this novel just blew me away.  It is beautifully written, and researched with a cast of characters that drew me into their lives.  There are many voices in this book; Aurora and Alberto in New York; Terry and his new love Ludovico in London; Sebastian and Tullia in Venice.  At first it may seen that their stories are unconnected, but like a great painting their stories are like layers of paint that are gradually built up that eventually combin [...]

  • There is an epic vibrancy to Titian’s Boatman where the necessity of appreciating every morsel of life takes on new meaning as events unfold. The words wrap you in their splendour as they take you on a journey as relevant to the present as they were to the present.The beautifully layered narration from a 16th century Venetian gondolier who tells his story of the time of disease and corruption that is partially cloaked in resentment, and for good reason. The brutally honest Titian’s Boatman t [...]

  • I teach History of Art lessons on the Renaissance and the Baroque and it is wonderful to be able to recommend novels to my students that recreate the atmosphere of those periods.And I could not recommend Titian's Boatman more highly. 16C Venice, a time of spectacular art combined with ravaging plague, comes to visceral life in the hands of Blake. You can smell the oil paints in Titian's studio and the choking atmosphere of a city struggling to survive.And on top of all this, there is the stunnin [...]

  • Visit the locations in the novel - Venice, London, New YorkLike the twists and turns of the canals in the city of Venice, this novel takes you on a remarkable journey of that city across two time zones, visits to London and New York before all coming together with a nice flamboyant artistic bow.It’s a sumptuous read and a truly fascinating one as the author has very cleverly merged fact and fiction into, what I can only describe as a very impressive performance. Now I can’t claim to know a g [...]

  • Citlivo prepojená spleť viacerých životných príbehov do kontrastu 16. storočia a Benátok zmietaných v pomorových časoch a 21. storočia často osamelej metropoly Londýna. Všetky príbehy viac či menej spájajú Tizianove obrazy, najmä Muž s modrým rukávom a Svätý Šebastián. Samotná postava Tiziana v knihe až tak veľmi nevystupuje a keď áno, tvorí skôr akúsi anti-stereotypnú karikatúru umelca. Omnoho zaujímavejšie je sledovať dopad jeho diel na interpretáciu je [...]

  • I really loved this book from the first page to the last. Its characters are all presented very well with their emotions, weaknesses, inner beauty or ugliness. The Venice of the 16th century very atmospheric and the modern London and New York very real. I passed through many emotions while reading it, I even cried at some point - not necessarily the intention of the writer! I definitely recommend it and it is sure to make you want to run to the National Gallery of London to see what will happen [...]

  • Titian’s Boatman is very different than any book I’ve read before, which isn’t a bad thing. In fact it was a big part of the thing that drew me to Victoria Blake’s latest novel, as I often love diving into a novel I have no idea what to expect from. The other thing which drew me to Titian’s Boatman was how extremely intriguing it sounded from the blurb, and honestly this book did not disappoint me one bit. There are many layers to this complex story. The book begins with the boatman, S [...]

  • This is a lovely book, though it took me a while to see the real connection between all the story lines. They all unfold slowly, but the Venice backdrop and the artwork of Titian turn this into delightful reading. I especially liked the parts in which the courtesan tells the story of her unlikely background. The fact that rich families forced some of their daughters into a monastery, just so they could give a higher dowry to the most beautiful one, was known to me, but I was entirely unaware of [...]

  • I give this book my highest compliment: I couldn't put it down! (I have just this second finished it, and it's a work day and I should be working, so that tells you everything!) The subject is fascinating, the characters are beautifully drawn (and easy to differentiate as you read - often a problem, I find) and the language is a delight. As a writer myself, I can only admire the HUGE amount of historical research that has gone into the book, and the lightness with which the author wears her expe [...]

  • What a fabulous surprise, coming upon Victoria Blake's novel The Return of the Courtesan. The writing is rich and velvety, and takes the reader deep into 16th century Venice, but in turn, swings us to London in the 21st century. As we read about the courtesan Trullia, the painter Titian, in their own voices as well as through the eyes of gondolier Sebastiano, we the reader are set right there in the boat with him, and in the seductive chambers of Trullia. The story weaves in and out, connecting [...]

  • Review originally posted on The Bibliophile Chronicles*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*This is a stunningly written and enticing story about Venice in the 1500s. The writing is so vibrant and the one thing that really struck me all through the book is how alive the settings feel – particularly the noises and smells of Venice in that time period. I absolutely loved this book. It took me a while to read it – not because I wasn't enjoying it but because the [...]

  • 'Imagine you can begin anywhere'. From this first line, I was enchanted by this stunning book and knew I was going to love it. The story weaves between 16th Century Venice and modern day New York and London, the characters' stories linked by the fates of two of Titian's paintings. The Venice depicted here drips with atmosphere: plague-ridden but opulent, beautiful but corrupt. Its characters are as well-drawn and evocative as the city: the painter, the boatman, the courtesan, the nun. This is a [...]

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