Betrayal at Iga

Betrayal at Iga Autumn After fleeing Kyoto master ninja Hiro Hattori and Portuguese Jesuit Father Mateo take refuge with Hiro s ninja clan in the mountains of Iga province But when an ambassador from the rival

  • Title: Betrayal at Iga
  • Author: Susan Spann
  • ISBN: 9781633882775
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Paperback
  • Autumn, 1565 After fleeing Kyoto, master ninja Hiro Hattori and Portuguese Jesuit Father Mateo take refuge with Hiro s ninja clan in the mountains of Iga province But when an ambassador from the rival Koga clan is murdered during peace negotiations, Hiro and Father Mateo must find the killer in time to prevent a war between the ninja clans With every suspect a trainedAutumn, 1565 After fleeing Kyoto, master ninja Hiro Hattori and Portuguese Jesuit Father Mateo take refuge with Hiro s ninja clan in the mountains of Iga province But when an ambassador from the rival Koga clan is murdered during peace negotiations, Hiro and Father Mateo must find the killer in time to prevent a war between the ninja clans With every suspect a trained assassin, and the evidence incriminating not only Hiro s commander, the infamous ninja Hattori Hanz, but also Hiro s mother and his former lover, the detectives must struggle to find the truth in a village where deceit is a cultivated art As tensions rise, the killer strikes again, and Hiro finds himself forced to choose between his family and his honor.

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    Author of the Hiro Hattori Novels Shinobi Mysteries , featuring ninja detective Hiro Hattori and his Portuguese Jesuit sidekick, Father MateoAWS OF THE CAT Minotaur Books, 2013 Library Journal Mystery Debut of the MonthSilver Falchion Finalist Best First NovelBLADE OF THE SAMURAI Minotaur Books, 2014 FLASK OF THE DRUNKEN MASTER Minotaur Books, July 2015 THE NINJA S DAUGHTER Seventh Street Books, August 2016 BETRAYAL AT IGA Seventh Street Books, July 2017


  • Although this is the fifth book in the series, it is the first one I've read and I enjoyed it very much. It is set in Japan in 1565 and features master ninja Hiro who is the bodyguard of a Portuguese priest, Father Mateo. I plan to go back to the beginning to see how this partnership evolved but in this book they have a very comfortable relationship. They come to Hiro's hometown to participate in peace negotiations with his clan and the rival Koga clan. It turns out this is a town of trained nin [...]

  • Susan Spann’s Shinobi mystery series immerses the reader in medieval Japan, culturally and physically. Her plots twist and surprise. They are always excellent reads, but Betrayal at Iga surpasses even Spann’s high standards. She throws Hiro and Father Mateo into Hiro’s childhood village—an unusual place populated by trained assassins. Hiro questions the trustworthiness of those nearest and dearest to him in this book, which raises the stakes to utterly glued-to-the-page levels. And just [...]

  • I won an ARC of this in a giveaway. Fair warning. I was delightfully surprised by this. I mean, I was expecting it to be reasonably good or I wouldn't have entered the giveaway in the first place. But I would have been happy if it were merely good, but it's better than that. This is a mystery novel set in historic Japan, back when Oda Nobunaga was a force to be reckoned with. Hiro Hattori is a ninja assigned to the protection of Jesuit priest, Father Mateo. They arrive in the mountains of Iga w [...]

  • This was a fun and intriguing read. It hooked me early on and I enjoyed every turn the mystery took. I also loved the setting and how authentic things felt to the culture. Its the fifth book in a series and I haven't read any of the other ones, but it was easy to follow because they all follow a different mystery even though it looks like they all connect somehow. I'm definitely going back and reading the first books because I feel like that will give me a better sense for the larger story and h [...]

  • I have loved all of the adventures of Hiro Hattori and Father Mateo so far - but this book kicks it all up a notch onto a whole new level. For starters, the stakes are higher. The political regime in Japan is shifting and treacherous. Hiro and Father Mateo journey to Iga, finding themselves immersed in treachery, intrigue and murder. But my favorite thing is that some of the most potentially dangerous players this time around are women - including Hiro's mother, his grandmother, and a beautiful [...]

  • Originally published at Reading RealityFrom the very beginning of this series, all the way back in the marvelous Claws of the Cat, I have been itching for the story of the first meeting between Hiro Hattori and Father Mateo. And while I didn’t get it in Betrayal at Iga, the story does get a lot closer to the source of their partnership, that old contract between Mateo’s secret (presumably) benefactor and Hiro’s shinobi (read as ninja) clan.Someone, somewhere, still unknown, was willing to [...]

  • openbooksociety/article/beBetrayal at IgaHiro Hattori Novel #5By Susan SpannISBN#9781633882775Author Website: susanspann/Brought to you by OBS Reviewer DanieleSynopsis:Autumn, 1565: After fleeing Kyoto, master ninja Hiro Hattori and Portuguese Jesuit Father Mateo take refuge with Hiro’s ninja clan in the mountains of Iga province. But when an ambassador from the rival Koga clan is murdered during peace negotiations, Hiro and Father Mateo must find the killer in time to prevent a war between th [...]

  • 'Betrayal at IGA' is a fantastic historical mystery that fans old and new are going to love. This is the fifth installment in the Shinobi Mystery series, but I don't think you really need to read any of the previous books to enjoy this one. I haven't read any of the other ones, but I had no problem keeping up with the characters and the plot. I would like to get to know the characters better and to see how their relationship began and grew to where they are at in the series. There are several gr [...]

  • The main characters are stellar. This is my first Hiro Hattori novel, but it is the fifth in the series, and it didn't bother me a bit. A shinobi, Hiro is tempered like steel; quick-witted, too. His companion, a Portuguese priest called Father Mateo, is exactly how I remember the priests I grew up with in church: thoughtful, often cheery, and warm if not a little headstrong. Their interactions are written so beautifully that through them you get to know these men. And, like all good detective no [...]

  • First Sentence: Hiro Hattori leaned into the wind that swept down the hill and across his face.Master ninja Hiro Hatori and Jesuit Father Mateo have come to the house of Hattori Hanzō where a gathering of Koga emissaries have come for peace negotiations. When one of the Koga clan dies an unnatural death at dinner, Hiro and Father Mateo are given three days to identify the murderer.One may feel there is one rather significant fault to the formatting of the book. There is a very needed and useful [...]

  • This is quickly becoming my favorite series!With Portuguese being evacuated from Kyoto, Hiro must take Father Mateo and his housekeeper Ana with him to Iga, which is the last place he wants to go. Everyone at Iga is trained to be a spy and an assassin, but at least Father Mateo should be safe. After they arrive, Iga’s leader Hattori Hanzo invites the guest to a feast. Also arriving at Iga are four emissaries from the nearby Koga clan, which Hanzo hopes to form an alliance with to stand against [...]

  • When last we left Hiro and Fr Mateo the Shogan has died and various factions are trying to take over. For the safety of the Portuguese Jesuit the two men have taken refuge in the mountainous home of Hiro--his ninja clan in Iga Province. On the day of their arrival a contingent from a neighboring province has also arrived. Although it is not the ideal situation since each new arrival by tradition receives their own welcome dinner, Hartori Hanzo, Hiro's cousin and commander, has no choice but to w [...]

  • This is my fourth book with Hiro Hattori and Father Mateo and hopefully not my last. I don’t read a lot of murder mysteries any more – I like my sleep and I find that thrillers, murders, et al keep me awake at night. There is something almost gentle in the way these books handle the gruesome topic of murder. At any rate it allows for a restful night’s sleep if I don’t get the book read in the course of a day. In the case of Betrayal at Iga I did read it in one afternoon so there was no f [...]

  • I am always looking for diversity in my reading; sometimes I feel like I am reading about the same people, places and time periods. These books tend to blur together. Enter, Betrayal at Iga by Susan Spann, which I have the pleasure of being on the blog tour for today! This novel is incredibly different from anything I have read lately; part mystery, part historical fiction, this novel finds itself in Japan in the 1500s. Master ninja, Hiro Hattori and his “sidekick” Jesuit priest, Father Mate [...]

  • In medieval Japan, Hiro Hattori, the master ninja, and Father Mateo, the Jesuit and Portuguese priest are about to work together on a sensitive case. Father Mateo has been hired by a very important samurai lord, from the same ninja clan as Hiro, to protect Hattori. They travel together into the lands of that samurai lord and are invited to a welcome dinner. During that dinner, there is obvious enmity between the members of a rival Koga clan and Hattori Hanzo. Chaos erupts when one of the guests [...]

  • BETRAYAL AT IGA by Susan Spann is book five in the Shinobi Mystery series, but it read very well as a standalone. I was surprisingly sucked into this murder mystery set in feudal Japan (1500's). It was an incredibly fast read (at just under 300 pages) and I feel like I learned a lot about the Japanese culture in this time period. We follow Master ninja Hiro Hattori and Portuguese Jesuit Father Mateo in the Iga province. When an ambassador of a rival province, the Koga, is assassinated at dinner [...]

  • Hiro Hattori has a problem: he needs to find the murderer of an important guest ASAP. But the suspects are all people he doesn't want to give up. Like his mother. Or his ex-lover. As time runs out, what is he going to do?"Betrayal at Iga" is set in 16th-century Japan, and is full of period detail--I am not qualified to say how accurate the period detail actually is, but it certainly felt convincing to me, and some quick ing showed there was all kinds of historical backstory to the novel--but it [...]

  • In book 5 of the Hiro Hattori/Father Mateo series, we see the two having just left Kyoto and heading back to Hiro's hometown. They arrive on the same day as a group from Koga, a rival clan that the Iga province is trying to create an alliance with. Due to customs, both the Koga group and Hiro and Father Mateo are to dine together in a welcome meal with the leader of the Iga province. In the middle of the meal, the leader of the Koga group falls over dead, looking like he's been poisoned. Of cour [...]

  • 3 stars = I liked it, and I would read another by this author.At 251 pages this book was easy to read and I whipped through it quickly in a couple of days. As I hadn't read any others in this series, the glossary and cast of characters in the back of the book was very helpful. It's also very simply written and without a lot of depth, which is not necessarily a bad thing, it's just something you'd want to read for an afternoon of light reading.What I liked: I liked the Japanese setting and though [...]

  • 4.25 Stars. I have a soft spot for Susan Spann’s Hiro Hattori Novels (Shinobi Mysteries). After enjoyingThe Blade of the Samurai (Book 2), hosting a very interesting post from the author about Goshikimai: the Ninjas’ Coded Rice for Book 3’s release and being entertained by The Ninja’s Daughter (Book 4), I was delighted to have an opportunity to read Betrayal at Iga (Book 5).The mysterious and secluded forest setting of the mountain village in which Hiro Hattori grew up forms a wonderful [...]

  • This is the fifth book in the series. I read the 4th one (I still need to back track and read the others) and I think you should at least read that one before this one. The mystery duo Hiro and Mateo continue. We get to learn more about Hiro and that made me happy. It was nice to see where he came from and how he became who he is. It was nice to get to know more about one of our heroes. I do admit I have a wee crush on Hiro. ;DI liked the mystery too. It took a long time for me to guess who the [...]

  • In 1565 Japan, Hattori Hiro and Portuguese Jesuit Father Mateo have returned to Hiro’s childhood home in the Iga Mountains to witness the negotiation of a peace treaty between the Iga and the Koga clans. At the welcoming dinner, the Koga lead negotiator is poisoned and dies. The Koga negotiators agree to let Father Mateo and Hiro investigate the murder. There is a plethora of suspects, in essence everyone in the room when the negotiator died plus Hiro’s mother and grandmother. If Hiro cannot [...]

  • Read the full review on Hypable!Admittedly, Betrayal at Iga was my first “Shinobi Mystery,” but I assure you, it will not be my last! Promise of more of this unique setting, charming cast of characters, and wonderfully enjoyable mystery writing already have me begging for the next installment, and eager to go back and fill in the blanks of the past.It takes a special author to be able to capture someone’s attention and interest so fully as they jump into a story mid-series, but Susan Spann [...]

  • I've read all the books in the Shinobi Mystery series.Shifting the characters from Kyoto to Ega has added a fresh life to the series.The betrayal in the title refers not only to the current events but also to another betrayal which Hiro faced years ago.Hiro who is usually very confident and adept at smelling out liars is conflicted.Because everyone in his family is a suspect and excellent liars to boot.And what a family too! And what a time to develop a conscience! Father Mateo on the other hand [...]

  • "She has killed a man with nothing but a chopstick." As soon as I read that line, I knew I was in for an enjoyable read.I flew through this book but savored it at the same time. The undercurrent of humor in this book is gold, and at times, would make me laugh out loud.Father Mateo must be thinking this is the strangest dinner party he's ever attended. It reminded me of the movie Clue, but in a larger than life scale, in 16th Century Japan. (I loved Clue). A Japanese grandmother assassin who spea [...]

  • 3.5*One of my favorite series. Poor Hiro has a rough homecoming as he and Fr. Mateo stop at Iga only to end up involved in a volatile political situation and again, 3 days to solve a murder or face dire consequences. We learn a lot about Hiro's family, youth, training and love life but his 'partnership' with Fr. Mateo was less front and center with the latter acting as a voice of calm and reason in a very heated atmosphere but not terribly 'present' in the sleuthing. Not as much subtle humor as [...]

  • Once more, Susan Spann sends the reader into medieval Japan with such an ease that I got my bearings on the first pages, and it didn't matter I'd been away for a year and forgot the details.Book 5 is the first to take place outside Kyoto, which reduces the complexity of locations. Places and characters are easy to keep track of, still she kept me guessing the murderer's name until the final resolution. An intricate intrigue, set in Hiro's childhood village, and involving close family, make for a [...]

  • Another excellent Shinobi Mystery! I've read many a Japanese feudal-era novel, and Spann has as good a feel for the period as anyone. She has specialized in the Shinobi, or Ninja, as most of us know it, and tells a great story, with incredible detail. I love the characters, the plotting, and the pace of these books. I hope she continues the series for as long as possible.

  • I really enjoyed this fifth entry in the Hiro Hattori mystery series. Betrayal at Iga takes us to Hiro's home, and we get to meet his mother, grandmother, cousin, and former lover. Learning about Hiro's past and family makes him seem much more human and approachable. Father Mateo continues to play an important role in this unlikely duo's investigations. Recommended.

  • Hiro and Mateo have left Kyoto and attend a negotiation of Hiro's home ryu with another for protection from the brewing war. Like this series very much, I find the character of Hiro interesting and this one gives more details of his past and family.

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