Found Wanting

Found Wanting Richard Eusden is on his way to work in London one unremarkable winter morning when he is intercepted by his ex wife Gemma She has sad news of his old friend her other ex husband Marty Hewitson Mar

  • Title: Found Wanting
  • Author: Robert Goddard
  • ISBN: 9780593060230
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Richard Eusden is on his way to work in London one unremarkable winter morning when he is intercepted by his ex wife, Gemma She has sad news of his old friend, her other ex husband, Marty Hewitson Marty is dying, but needs a favour done for him now, today, at once.Eusden reluctantly agrees and sets off on what should be a simple errand But soon it turns into a race foRichard Eusden is on his way to work in London one unremarkable winter morning when he is intercepted by his ex wife, Gemma She has sad news of his old friend, her other ex husband, Marty Hewitson Marty is dying, but needs a favour done for him now, today, at once.Eusden reluctantly agrees and sets off on what should be a simple errand But soon it turns into a race for life, his and Marty s, across Belgium, Germany and Denmark and on into the Nordic heart of a mystery that somehow connects Marty s long dead grandfather, Clem Hewitson, an Isle of Wight police officer, with the tragic fate of the Russian Royal Family.Eusden discovers to his dismay that he can trust no one, not even an old and dying friend, in a battle for survival with those who are determined to steal the secret they believe he and Marty hold and will kill for it if they have to Every move Eusden makes threatens to be a step into disaster But move he must in pursuit of the truth, on the heels of history It is his only hope.

    • Found Wanting BY Robert Goddard
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    In a writing career spanning than twenty years, Robert Goddard s novels have been described in many different ways mystery, thriller, crime, even historical romance He is the master of the plot twist, a compelling and engrossing storyteller and one of the best known advocates for the traditional virtues of pace, plot and narrative drive.


  • What can make you read a Goddard between two books from the Millenium series? There is only one reason: You are for vacation in Valletta/Malta, and there is only one bad, dirty and crowded bookshop (called “Agenda” on Republik Triq, [keep in mind: Whenever you go to Malta, provide yourself with books on the Valletta Airport!!]) with all kind of useless books but no Swedish crime novels. Bad luck. I found "Found Wanting" wanting. In the beginning I was somehow relieved that the story is at le [...]

  • Goddard's book --at least those I've read -- have common theme: a rather ordinary man is thrust into a vast conspiracy through no fault of his own and must figure a way out. In this case, British civil servant Richard Eusden is asked by his ex-wife, Gemma, to meet someone in a train station on the continent and collect a briefcase. He is then to take the briefcase to Marty, his ex-wife's current husband, and a former friend of Richard's. Gemma then sort of disappears from the story, but she is r [...]

  • Generally speaking, it is a pretty good suspense book: it is good paced, interesting places, seems well researched, intriguing conundrum (based on a real life mystery the western world seemed quite obsessed about in various points in time), well written.However, I was not pulled in - I did not get that 'can't-put-the-book-down' or the 'I-must-continue-reading-every-chance-I-get' feeling. It's why it took me about four months to read the book - I just forgot about it every time I put it down.It m [...]

  • The first Goddard I've read for a while, and he didn't disapoint me. In Found Wanting, Richard Eusden is asked by his ex-wife Gemma to do a favour for an old friend Marty Hewitson (also an ex of Gemma's) who is living in Amsterdam and is dying of a brain tumour. The favour is to take an old attache case belonging to Marty's grandfather Clem to him in Brussels - the attache case is a family heirloom and what is inside it a link to Clem's past.Arriving in Brussels, Eusden is met, not by Marty, but [...]

  • The good things about this book were the mystery - it's all historically accurate according to the author's note and I really enjoy that kind of thing. The bad thing was the protagonist. He's presented as a civil servant doing the same job for decades and suddenly he's making decisions that keep him in danger without a strong reason. He seems the sort of person to see all the cloak and dagger stuff as nonsense and yet we're expected to believe that he stays involved when the mystery has little t [...]

  • Sometimes we can be so blinded by desire or want that we miss the obvious right in front of our face. Richard Eusden goes to work every day in his little civil servant job, content with his quiet, yet confidential life. All is good until he gets paid a visit from an ex-girlfriend (Gemma), a girlfriend who later up and married then divorced Richard's best friend, Marty. Marty is apparently dying of an inoperable brain tumor and is in desperate need of a favor. It's a favor that requires someone t [...]

  • I have enjoyed Robert Goddard's novels in the past and this one started off well. Richard Eusden's ex wife, Gemma, asks him to deliver an ancient attache case to her ex husband and Richard's boyhood friend, Marty. It seems Marty is dying of a brain tumor in Brussels, where he's been living after skipping the country to avoid a drugs charge. He's most anxious to retrieve his grandfather's case. Through some series of events that I cannot now remember, though I just finished the book, the case mus [...]

  • My latest read by Robert Goddard, and I enjoyed it immensely. It took all of two days, it's another genuine page-turner.This one if focused largely in Scandinavia, concerned with the mystery surrounding the woman who identified herself as Anastasia, the last of the Romanovs (that is, if she survived the massacre of her family, which has always been in doubt).For the first time, though, I had a bit of trouble keeping all the suspects and accessories in mind all the time, I found myself asking, "N [...]

  • PROTAGONIST: Richard EusdenRATING: 2.5WHY: Richard Eusden agrees to take a briefcase to an old friend. The case contains documents relating to the question of whether Anna Anderson and Anastasia are the same person. The case is a hot potato, which is stolen several times throughout the book. The plot was rather pedestrian and implausible. There are a few sections which go into mind-numbing detail of the history of the Romanov family and of Finland. In addition, Goddard uses some irritating styli [...]

  • Ik vond dit beslist niet zijn beste boek.Het gaat over Richard Eusden. Zijn ex-vrouw roept zijn hulp in omdat haar andere ex-man (jeugdvriend van Richard)in de problemen zit.Deze Marty heeft een hersentumor en een exclusieve behandeling gaat 700.000 dollar kosten.Hij heeft een manier gevonden om daar aan te komen.Alleen moet er dan een pakketje bezorgd worden dat toevallig ook 700 mille waard is.De inhoud wordt langzamerhand bekend: brieven van Marty's grootvader aan een Deense kapitein.Deze bri [...]

  • Found Wanting was certainly a 'good read' but I felt that it promised more than it actually delivered.While the underlying theme was compelling, in addition to the unusual Scandinavian locations, the actual history of Czar Nicholas II's daughter, Anastasia and her possible survival tends to complicate the narrative in the end. And I have to say, the central character Marty was a total tosser. An unscrupulous drug runner who just happened to be dying of a terminal disease - despite Goddard pullin [...]

  • Though the story gets you reading, the style being easy, the characters are too many and are introduced randomly. In the end the characters simply float through the chapters and you are confused what with Dane and Russian names to know what is happening. Ultimately you are left no wiser than what you were in the first page.

  • The usual intrigue of a Goddard book but very confusing with too many characters to be able to follow the plot!

  • I am not a Goddard fan so probably shouldn't have read this. I found it boring with an unlikely plot and entirely unconvincing.

  • With 20 books to his name it's no surprise that Robert Goddard's fans each have their favorites and their least favorites. I've read them all, pre-ordered half of them from UK to get my hands on them as soon as they're published and I've always been able to say that while some are better than others none have truly disappointed. Until this one.Goddard's territory is the unquiet past. Real historic events and people are often part of the mix, often as a MacGuffin, but prior knowledge of the even [...]

  • I will be reading more books by this author! This book had a lot of action packed stuff! It reminded me of the movie “Taken”. It had a whole different story and twists to it though. I loved that it was based in Europe, and although I couldn’t understand what some of the words meant, and the names were foreign to me, the fact that the author used this in the book made it more authentic to me. It added more zest to the storyline in the book. The characters were very real and as I was reading [...]

  • This was a 4 star book for me throughout most of it… Right until the main character supposedly felt worse when a woman he had just met died, more than when his best friend through 40 years died Hmm Ok, I know you have to set up the future “maybe, sorta, kinda” love story but in this book it just wasn’t needed at all! And it made me take away a star from the rating.The story it self is good though. It’s a story about a middle-aged guy, who thinks he’s doing something nice for an old f [...]

  • I can't understand how any Goddard fan would find this latest offering to be sub-par. I've read all 20 of Goddard's novels and to me this one, while not his very best, is classic Goddard. It has all the elements of a long, winding, twisting plot coupled with interesting characters. There are no loose ends that matter when it's over, and the ride in getting there was definitely worth it.Some negative reviews say this story is too fast paced or has a pointlessly globe-trotting protagonist. However [...]

  • The Russian Royal family were in the Isle of Wight in the 1920’s and PC Clem Hewiston was assigned to protect them. The question is did he keep some evidence that would prove that the woman who popped up in the US and Europe some years later and claimed to be Princess Anastasia was who she claimed or just another opportunist? If the evidence existed was there someone who would pay handsomely for it – or kill ruthlessly to bury it? Imagine walking into this mess when you thought you were doin [...]

  • I have read all of Goddard’s books and am pleased to say this book is a vast improvement on the last couple. The subject is interesting and one which most readers will recognise and know something about. The plot is fairly plausible, far more so than some of Goddard’s previous works.The story rolls along at a good pace and this is an easy book to read over a weekend. It has a couple of slow patches and one part where I felt too much information was given all at once. I would have liked to se [...]

  • Richard Eusdenis a bored middle-aged civil servant working for the F.O in the city. One day his ex-wife drives up to him and says something urgent has come upHis former schoolfriend Marty wants a briefcase taken from the Isle of Wight, where his grandfather is supposed to hve bequeathed it to him, to Brussels. He is double-crossed by a number of characters and the adventure sets off across Cologn, Hamburg,Arhus, Copenhagen,, Helsinki,Stokholm,, Paijaime, and Jyvaskglahe becomes entangled in a my [...]

  • This book was so very confusing. It could have been great, but too many characters, too many plot lines, and too many twists made for a very disjointed read. I know the history of Finland and the history of the Romanovs, but some how the author managed to confuse the hell out of me. I still don't know what happened at the end, so.

  • Found wanting is certainly an apt title for a book that is found wanting on many levels. I continued as I hoped it would develop into a page-turning novel, if not a thriller. This did not happen. So happy to finish it.

  • I have read several of Robert Goddard's books, but this was not my favorite. Like most of his others, it's the story of an ordinary man who is thrust into dangerous and decidedly unordinary situations. And like most of his others, it starts with a bang. On an ordinary work day, civil servant Richard Eusden sits at an outdoor London cafe table with a mug of coffee, ruminating on his unsatisfactory job, and watching the traffic when he sees a Mazda driving erratically, his ex-wife at the wheel. Sh [...]

  • Read by. David RintoulAbr/Unabr. UnabridgedGenre. Fiction - MysterySource 8 CDTotal Runtime. 9 Hours 35 MinsI have one-starred every Anastasia story for a good reason - the facts are in,so listen up authors ::Move:On:Already::blurbs - Richard Eusden is on his way to work in London one unremarkable winter morning when he is intercepted by his ex-wife, Gemma. She has sad news: his old friend, Marty Hewitson is dying, and needs a favor from Richard. He sets off on what should be a simple errand, bu [...]

  • I bought the book because it mentioned 'the fate of Anastasia', the daughter of the last Tsar of Russia. It happened that the quest in this book is merely the same as the quest of Anastasia in our real life. Both are never ending and confusing. I never read Goddard books before. This book embodied his own narration on the fate of the Tsar's families after that bloody night at Yekaterinburg. I must say that I like Richard, Marty and Gemma stories better than the Aksden stories. In a way, they are [...]

  • Let me start by saying that I am a big fan of Robert Goddard. I have, to my knowledge, read all his novels at some point. This book is the least gripping of all that I have read of Goddard's. As other reviews have mentioned, the writing is good. I felt a sense of place. I felt I knew the characters and the complicated plot is as twisty as any other Goddard. I just didn't care.The story revolves around the Romanov conspiracies and whether Princess Anastasia survived the execution of the Russian r [...]

  • This book was a wild goose chase. I was bored in places as I found some of the story hard to believe. I wasn't sure if you would just do something without asking questions first. I can't say I hated it but equally I can't say I loved it.

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