Claimed By The Mountain Man

Claimed By The Mountain Man Everly he growls I m claiming you as mine right here right now SILAS I want a wife who knows what it means to live off the grid cook my food and keep my bed warm In exchange I ll give her a life

  • Title: Claimed By The Mountain Man
  • Author: Frankie Love
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Everly, he growls I m claiming you as mine, right here, right now SILAS I want a wife who knows what it means to live off the grid, cook my food, and keep my bed warm In exchange, I ll give her a lifetime of happiness in the form of my c ck But d mn, Everly s than I bargained for and I don t think she has any idea what it means to be mine Hell, I wanted a wi Everly, he growls I m claiming you as mine, right here, right now SILAS I want a wife who knows what it means to live off the grid, cook my food, and keep my bed warm In exchange, I ll give her a lifetime of happiness in the form of my c ck But d mn, Everly s than I bargained for and I don t think she has any idea what it means to be mine Hell, I wanted a wife, but I m not sure I know how to live with a woman EVERLY Did I expect to be a mail order bride at twenty two No But honestly, my life could be a helluva lot worse The agency says this Alaskan mountain man is rich, hot as heck, and willing to pay off my student loans I m crossing my fingers he s everything I signed up for But I may be a little over my head Mostly because I m marrying a stranger and also because I ve never dated Period Clearly I have no clue how to be a wife but it s too late to back out now WARNING This story features a mountain man who knows exactly what he wants And how he wants it Don t one click if you want a tame mail order bride story this is a classic Frankie Love romance steamy as hell with a HEA.

    • Claimed By The Mountain Man BY Frankie Love
      387 Frankie Love
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    Frankie Love writes sexy stories about bad boys and mountain men As a thirty something mom to six who is ridiculously in love with her own bearded hottie, she believes in love at first sight and happily ever afters She also believes in the power of a quickie Get ready to fall in love you deserve it Website bit 2ra5I7t Author Page amzn 2r9ZVhS Facebook bit 2plUQ6RInstagram bit 2r3u1ldPintrest bit 2scHurz


  • 3 Smut Scale StarsSo I have to say that I am not in a reviewing mood. Because it's so FUCKING hot, that wellFor realz. And I don't even have a fucking cat. In all sincerity though, I'm not fucking kidding. Homie Val was not made for this weather. I live in Southern CA, for fucks sake. It's supposed to be all balmy breezy palm trees with the occasional overcast cloud cover for fuck sake. Right?????!!!!!Instead, I am sitting here trying not to think about how my inner thigh fat is suctioned cupped [...]

  • Claimed By The Mountain Man is book one in The Mountain Man series by Frankie Love. This is my very first book by Frankie Love.Silas Sutton wanted out of the corporate world and out of the city. So he sold his business, made a fortune, and bought some land deep in the Alaskan wilderness. He lives in a one room cabin and lives off the land, only venturing in to Anchorage about once a month for supplies. This is what he wants, peace and quiet. But he does miss the company of a woman. Someone to co [...]

  • WellThere is nothing wrong with the writing but eh. Nothing really exciting going on. The smut was so-so. I LOVE the gruff caveman alpha lumberjack thing. I think the male just came off more as a jerk, though. The female was annoying. I mean, I was sort of like her when I was 22, so I get it. Okay, I was actually almost *exactly* like her. But it was almost just too heavy-handed with how shy and unsure she was with men. I didn't find either character interesting and the chemistry, well, I didn't [...]

  • 3 -sign me up to be a mountain mail-order bride- StarsI wasn't a fan of the h's materialistic and poorly veiled, gold digging attitude. What was worse, was that the h truly didn't think she was a wealth chaser at all, however, ALL the signs pointed to her signing on, to marry a millionaire MOUNTAIN MAN, then threaten to leave him, because she saw his small cabin and assumed he was poorer than a millionaire and yes, she couldn't believe that she actually married a *gasp* MOUNTAIN MAN that wasn't [...]

  • Guess this author is just not for me personally. The way the hero expected her to just be ok in a cabin in the woods all winter long with only herself to play with while he played the part of Daniel Boom was just nuts. I am so sorry that life is something you want to change and runaway from but most of us woman with e-readers don't want to be without. This was not a bad story. It's cute but just not for me. For those who want to get away from it all this is an ok book. But living in Canada it's [...]

  • 2.25/5Not as romantic as I expected.Before reading this book, I really thought it was an insta-love story with an alpha mountain man who was extremely possessive toward a sweet virgin heroine. But apparently, I was mistaken.It turned out to be something different from my expectations. The first half of the book was quite interesting, but the second half was an inch away from disaster. The ending was good but way too abrupt.**Spoiler alert!Silas Sutton lived in the mountains far away from civiliz [...]

  • It's just okay.Everly, Delta and Amelia have just graduated college and they find themselves jobless, penniless and soon to be homeless. You could argue they should have put a little more thought into what jobs their actual degrees would lead to but anyway they have degrees in English Lit, Hospitality and Fine Arts respectively.Drunk and desperate they find their answer WANTED: MODERN MAIL ORDER BRIDES FOR ALASKAN MOUNTAIN MEN.And so they apply.This the first in series is Everly's story.Silas is [...]

  • Low angst, sweet and sexy mail order bride story set in Alaska. Instalust but slow build love between lumbersexual, confident alpha H and uber-shy book-nerd virgin h. Both of them were easy to empathize with and h was very likeable. 4 stars!

  • I would have rated this a lot higher if Everly wasn't such a whiner and Silas didn't call her 'girl'.

  • This is the first book in the Mountain Man series. Each book in this series is a short story that is full of sex! Actually, this reminded me a lot of Alexa Riley's work with the insta-lust/love as well as being a short read. My only complaint would be that the hero in this book came across as a little too cold at times. Things ended up ok, but I didn't get butterflies the way I usually do in a romance. I felt like there could have been more of an emotional connection created between Silas and Ev [...]

  • 2.8/5warning; if you dislike unrealistic romance stories (but I mean come on, most are) this is not the story for you. But if you're looking for a little bit of lusty romance, you continue on my friend.This is the second book in this series that I have read and it was exponentially better than the first book but I felt like the whole story was a little too short—and dare I say it, not angsty enough. The only angst throughout this story was (view spoiler)[Everly burning down the cabin and hones [...]

  • Few months ago I even didn't know what Mail Order Bride means. I searched up and foundedthis. This is very interesting article and based on that I seriously wonder how many of those 'brides' actually found their happily ever after. Anyways so this is the story of 3 drunken and broke friends who sign up for mail-order bride service thinking they will have a 'loaded' husband to take care of them and their problems. Basically, if you ask me that's just plain stupid and extremely lazy but I guess th [...]

  • This was a mostly average read.My main issue with this was the lack of trying between main couple- both of them kept judging each other and giving up and I was not happy.The sex scenes were well written- but the ending was so abrupt.(view spoiler)[Heroine seemed unhappy most of the time that hero wasnt loaded(he was). whaaaaat. no. (hide spoiler)]Safe2.5/5

  • Light average read. I had to agree with another review that h did act like a brat when she initially saw her new home. I guess I understand her apprehension since she was blindsided with her new life. I think it had great potential if it had been longer. I wonder if her two friends will have a story. I am curious about their experience. It was a good read for my lunch break at work. Not heavy or angsty. No cheating, no ow/om drama, hot sex scenes. I was very disappointed that there was no epilog [...]

  • I liked this book. It was a bit different. The heroine was a bit reluctant to be a mail order bride so, while this book was insta-lust it wasn't insta-love. I do wanna know if there will be two other books with her best friends.

  • 3.5 stars. I enjoyed this story for what it was. It was a short read about a mail-order bride moving to the isolated mountains of Alaska with a mountain man. Everly did not get what she thought with this remote cabin surrounded by woods. And Silas thought he was getting a woman that wanted to live that isolated life with him. But even though that's true, they both wanted each other. They end up with their HEA that was different than what I was expecting. No epilogue but these two will make it.

  • Dnf at 53%This had such promise. But the guy was a major jerk and the sex I waited until 51% for was such a let down.

  • "Claimed By The Mountain Man" is my first read from author Frankie Love. This novella was a fun take on the Modern Day Mail Order Bride trope. For an approximately 119 page novella with little to no character backstory, I found myself engaged in the story and liking both main characters, Silas and Everly. This is a sweet story that was not as over-the-top or unrealistic as some of the intense instalove/lust novellas I have read in the past. Usually, like many of us, I want my romances to bring o [...]

  • Silas and Everly could not be any more different. Silas is a mountain man who basically lives in the mountain, he has a cabin with the basics no tv,wifi nothing.When Everly goes she is confused by it, when she signed up she thought she was meeting a rich man not this man. A week, he says he can take her back because he still needs to set traps and tend around his house. Everly is very wishy washy her inner thoughts convince her to stay then bam she changes her mind. When Silas decides she will b [...]

  • Guilty pleasure!Love this series. Great characters and love found in unexpected places Like in the form of a Mail ordered bride! So sweet and sexy!

  • 2.5 stars, kind of good but mostly annoying. I honestly irked by Silas's impossible attitude. I mean, he's in need of a wife. He lives in a mountain, literally, in a cave look a like house in a mountain. Alone, surrounded by forest. And he expected the woman who's willing to be his wife without him telling her that she'll live in a secluded place, to not freaking out?! This book has a great plot, a strong one in fact. But the way the author picture the Hero, Silas, as a mountain man who has no p [...]

  • Silas is a millionaire businessman living in the big city but when his parents die he decides to leave everything behind. He sells his company and builds a cabin in the Alaskan wilderness and lives off the land. When it's absolutely necessary he flies his plane into Anchorage for supplies. He loves his peace and quiet spending his days fishing and hunting but he realizes he is also lonely. He decides to sign up on the internet for a modern day mail-order bride using a site that places women with [...]

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