Echoes of Edisto (Edisto Island Mysteries, #3)

Echoes of Edisto Edisto Island Mysteries Edisto Island is a paradise where people escape from the mainstream world Yet for newly sworn in Edisto Police Chief Callie Jean Morgan the trouble has just begun When a rookie officer drowns in a fr

  • Title: Echoes of Edisto (Edisto Island Mysteries, #3)
  • Author: C. Hope Clark
  • ISBN: 9781611947069
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Paperback
  • Edisto Island is a paradise where people escape from the mainstream world Yet for newly sworn in Edisto Police Chief Callie Jean Morgan, the trouble has just begun When a rookie officer drowns in a freak crash in the marsh, Callie s instincts tell her it wasn t an accident As suspects and clues mount, Callie s outlandish mother complicates the investigation, and CaEdisto Island is a paradise where people escape from the mainstream world Yet for newly sworn in Edisto Police Chief Callie Jean Morgan, the trouble has just begun When a rookie officer drowns in a freak crash in the marsh, Callie s instincts tell her it wasn t an accident As suspects and clues mount, Callie s outlandish mother complicates the investigation, and Callie s long time friendship with Officer Mike Seabrook takes a turn toward something new but is shadowed by the unsolved mystery of his wife s death Everyone s past rises to the surface, entangling with death that cuts to the bone The roar of the surf made Callie s steps soundless, her thoughts louder Two and a half weeks on the job, and she d lost an officer Edisto hadn t sacrificed an officer in its entire history, and the first female chief had to be the one to break the record.She sniffled Salty breezes began to clear her sinuses, but nothing could assuage the guilt clinging to her like the muggy air.Sarah lived Francis died And somebody had to be disappointed at that freakish turn of events, because she suspected it was meant to be the other way around Crime was for people who lived across the big bridge on the mainland But whether the natives liked it or not, the brake lines were cut on Edisto She didn t want to go down that path, but one of them might be a frustrated, unfulfilled killer.

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    C Hope Clark was born and reared in the South, from Mississippi to South Carolina with a few stints in Alabama and Georgia The granddaughter of a Mississippi cotton farmer, Hope holds a B.S in Agriculture with honors from Clemson University and 25 years experience with the U S Department of Agriculture to include awards for her management, all of which enable her to talk the talk of Carolina Slade, the protagonist in most of her novels Her love of writing, however, carried her up the ranks to the ability to retire young, and she left USDA to pen her stories and freelance.Lowcountry Bribe s won several awards to include finalist status of the Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery Suspense sponsored by Romance Writers of America The novel enjoyed semi finalist status top 100 out of 10,000 in the 2009 Breakthrough Novel Contest The book went on to win the 2012 Silver Falchion Award for Crime Fiction and the 2013 EPIC E book Award for Best Mystery.Tidewater Murder and Palmetto Poison followed close on Lowcountry s heels in the Carolina Slade series Hope s recently released a new series, beginning with Murder on Edisto, of the Edisto Island Mysteries, followed by Edisto Jinx, with Echoes of Edisto and Affairs of Edisto forthcoming in 2016 and 2017 Hope is married to a 30 year veteran of federal law enforcement, a Senior Special Agent, now a contract investigator They met on a bribery investigation within the U.S Department of Agriculture, the basis for the opening scene to Lowcountry Bribe Hope and her special agent live on the rural banks of Lake Murray outside of Chapin, South Carolina, forever spinning tales on their back porch, bourbon and coke in hand, when not tending a loveable flock of Orpington and Dominiquer hens.She also currently manages FundsforWriters, a weekly newsletter service she founded that reaches almost 35,000 writers to include university professors, professional journalists and published mystery authors Writer s Digest has recognized the site in its annual 101 Best Web Sites for Writers for 16 years.She s published in The Writer Magazine, Writer s Digest, Chicken Soup, Next Step Magazine, College Bound Teen, Voices of Youth Advocates VOYA , TURF Magazine, Landscape Management and other trade and online publications She speaks at several writers conferences a year Hope is a member of Sisters in Crime, Mystery Writers of America, EPIC, International Thriller Writers, SE Writers Assoc and MENSA.


  • When there is a car crash and one of Police Chief Callie Morgan’s officers is killed while helping she is convinced it is not an accident. So starts the story. It is full of surprises, drama and some funny. I think I would have enjoyed this book a little more if I had read the first two books but it was still a good and read I will read the first two books. I would like to thank the Publisher and Net Galley for the chance to read this ARC.

  • The Edisto Police Department has its share of personalities, the clash of which elicits emotions ranging from humor to outrage. The Department even has their first ever female Chief of Police, Callie Jean Morgan. She’s new to the Department, but not so new to the area where she grew up. She was known in Edisto; at least, her family was known. It may be a small, beach-front community, but the political undercurrents run deep and Callie comes with a lot of history – family history as well as c [...]

  • Before I start talking about the Edisto mysteries, I have to comment that I love the first trilogy author C. Hope Clark penned, the Carolina Slade mysteries. They were excellent. One of the things that I love about Clark’s books is that they can be read in any order. There may be a reference here and there to another story, but it does not interfere with the plot at hand.And that brings me to Echoes of Edisto where “murder came in with the tide.” It’s the third book in the series. Not su [...]

  • Echoes of Edisto carries me back into Callie's world on fresh ocean breezes as if I lived there myself. I found myself worrying alongside her at each turn, cheering for her when things went right, and crying when they go so wrong. Twists and turns kept me up at night and coming back for more. Superb work by C. Hope Clark. Where will Callie's adventures carry me next? I am hoping there will be more time to spend on Edisto Beach and live vicariously through Callie's adventures. I have come to like [...]

  • Clark's latest novel grabs you from the very start and doesn't let up. What seems like a quaint ocean side getaway on the surface lurks long-buried secrets that threaten to tear apart the community and new Edisto sheriff Callie Jean Morgan's life.Clark's writing greatly portrays the ambiance of Edisto Island and makes you feel like you're right alongside Callie as she tries to unravel many different layers surrounding the island mystery that makes the last 70 or so pages unputdownable. Bravo!

  • Published by Bell Bridge Books in 2016, this was another of Clark’s writings that I just couldn’t put down. Third in her Edisto Island series, Clark continues to develop the character of Callie Morgan to be strong, despite every reason to be weakened from the minutes of her everyday life. She does struggle with maintaining her strength, and seeks solace a bit too often from the bottom of a bottle or glass.Giving Clark kudos for her subtle tie-in of her other book series, the Carolina Slade m [...]

  • Buckle up your seat belt from page one, because this is a bumpy ride. Once again we’re behind the wheel with the intrepid (but beleaguered) Callie Morgan, who’s only been top cop (promoted from an officer) in her old beach town for a week or so. Heart-pounding drama takes place from the outset, and works its way through the book, with a couple of huge, surprise emotional torquings.Plenty of political intrigue, betrayal, suspense and small-town eccentricity make for flavorful servings of pros [...]

  • As her fans have come to expect, Hope delivers another fast paced, entertaining, great read suitable for the beach, airplane ride or rainy day. Actually, it's so good it may keep you off the beach long enough to read it. I feel close to Callie and can relate to her juggling job responsibilities and the complex characters in her life as she makes a new life for herself and her son. Every sentence moves the story along, no wasted words here. The varied length of sentences heightens suspense and dr [...]

  • What a wild ride!I just finished reading Echoes of Edisto. I am exhausted! You can’t help but embrace these characters, and as a result you care about them like family. Callie again finds herself in mortal danger, complete with unexpected twists and turns.Even though I knew I had an early alarm waiting for me this morning, I could not leave Callie and Edisto until I finished reading. This morning when I woke up, my first thoughts returned to Echoes of Edisto, along with questions. Did that rea [...]

  • Echoes of Edisto is the third book in the The Edisto Island Mysteries series by author C. Hope Clark. I love this series. Author Clark beautifully captures the essence of Edisto Island. It is a magical place hidden on the shores of South Carolina.Echoes of Edisto begins just after the last book, Edisto Jinx, lets off. Callie is now the Police Chief of Edisto Island. The book opens with the death of one of her officers. Not the best way to start her new position. In fact it is quite devastating. [...]

  • Third book in the Edisto Island Mystery series:Echoes of EdistoBenjamin Franklin wrote; “Either write something worth reading or do something worth reading.” C. Hope Clark accomplishes both, in some manner, as her passion for mystery—her art imitates the raw and gritty lives of her real life readers! I absolutely did not expect to resonate with the main character; Edisto Police Chief Callie Jean Morgan and her perceptions of love, life and leadership in middle of actual combat as well as t [...]

  • Hope Clark hits a home run with the third novel in her Edisto Island series. The storyline is emotionally charged and so engaging, the reader is completely drawn into the action. Full of sensory details and descriptions of Edisto Island, the reader can take visiting Edisto Island off their bucket list because they've already experienced it.Callie Jean Morgan continues to face the demons of her past, while being confronted with new challenges in this book. I was surprised that another of the pred [...]

  • Believable characters, and every page filled with mystery, intrigue and suspense. The personalities of Edisto Chief of Police Callie Morgan, Officer Mike Seabrook, resident Sarah Rosewood and Callie’s mother, Beverly Cantrell all share a common bond – unbeknownst to each of them, and murder finds a way to bring them even closer. Sprinkle this with a little bit of peppered family dynamics, romance, and politics all set in the unhurried Lowcountry coast, and you’ve got the latest page-turner [...]

  • I am emotionally wrung out. Callie has had a difficult life in her previous two stories. I didn't think things could get worse for her, but they do. The book starts with the death of a young police officer trying to save someone. So young, such a nice-sounding person to die so needlessly. The book is all about the entanglements of Callie's life. Those she loves and those she fights against. There are surprises, suspense, drama and humor. I certainly hope there will be an Edisto #4. I was provide [...]

  • Absolutely, C Hope Clark's best yet! By the end you may love her or hate her, but you WILL RESPECT her and her ability to make you experience every emotion you possess, and possibly a few you didn't know you had!! As with everything Clark has previously written, it is next to impossible to put down because there are no lulls. The characters stay true to who C Hope Clark has created them to be and are as real as the people in our daily lives. The ending is BRILLIANT. My only gripe is that she doe [...]

  • A fantastic read! This is the best book yet and I don't want to give any spoilers. Coming from a Law Enforcement family, it was easy to relate to the sadness, anger, and anxiety that Callie experienced over the loss of an officer. The love Callie has for Seabrook is pushed to its limits as she finally comes into her own while trying to solve multiple cases that overlap. If you haven't read the previous two books, and you should, don't worry, C. Hope Clark does a great job getting you up to speed [...]

  • Echoes of Edisto is tense. From the first pages to the climax, this third book in the Edisto Island Mysteries squeezes the reader as painfully the hero, recently appointed Police Chief Callie Jean Morgan. An emotional death spreads into a political and personal disaster. Author C. Hope Clark unleashes emotional and thriller tentacles to wring blood and tears from each unfolding page. This is a great read, one you'll remember.

  • When a car crashes into the sea and a rescuer - an officer - is killed while helping, Edisto Police Chief Callie Morgan, doesn't believe it was an accident. There seem to be a lot of suspects, and buried personal histories come to light.I might have felt engaged with the characters if I had read the first two in the series, but for me there wasn't enough murders and too much about personal problems.A NetGalley Book

  • Echoes is my favorite of the series so far. Where the other two books took time to set up events, this one just hits you with events without much down time. I love that the pacing of the story is echoed in the storyline. Everything is happening within the space of a few days, with little time to breathe. Enjoyable.

  • C Hope Clark has created another wrenching mystery. Her protagonist, Callie, takes the reader on an emotional rollercoaster ride with a gut-punch at the end that I didn't see coming. I don't know how Callie has walking about sense after all she's been through. She doesn't emerge unscathed, but she's a survivor. Join her for the ride.

  • Love It!This is an superb storyline full of suspenseful exploits and emotional highs and lows in a short period of time. The storyline is handled well at a pace that keeps the tension simmering at all times. Another great by C. Hope Clark!

  • Way to go, Hope! Another thrilling mystery. So many great (and not so great) surprises and non-stop action. I couldn't put it down. Thank you again for a terrific read.

  • Loved! The third Edisto story was bittersweet. Just as Callie begins to care deeply for someone, she loses them. And just as you think friendship is not as strong, they become the best of friendship offers. I love the beach and Edisto and this story draws me back to my dream to leave near the ocean.

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