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  • Title: Nasty People
  • Author: Jay Carter
  • ISBN: 9780760727669
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Hardcover
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    • Nasty People - Jay Carter
      254 Jay Carter
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    Dr Carter has made over 100 appearances on national television and radio in the USA, Canada, Australia, and United Kingdom BBC TV in London , including the Larry King Show , and the Montel Williams Show He consulted with Reader s Digest for an article on Mean People , and has consulted with the Oprah Winfrey Show He has appeared in Oprah magazine and Cosmopolitan several times He was a talk show host on Berks Community TV for four years.Psychologist, Best Selling Author, Speaker, and Film Maker awards for Bipolar Light and the Bully Caterpillar pilot film , Dr Carter is a professional speaker doing seminars and workshops for organizations around the country He is the author of the best selling book, Nasty People , which has sold over one million copies in the USA and around the world His new book is the Complete Idiots Guide to Bipolar Disorder via Alpha Books Penguin Group Dr Carter is a sought after speaker He is a regular speaker for Cross Country Education see web site link where his audience are Social Workers, Counselors, Educators, Medical Doctors, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Psychologists He has appeared before colleges, universities, and institutions like Loyola University, Temple University, United Way, IBM, the Association of University Women, and Union Carbide He was on the board of directors for the Sexual Assault Resource Center and Women in Crisis Battered Women He was on the PA subcommittee for Government Drug and Alcohol Services He is past president of the Berks Area Psychological Society He was an executive manager for IBM Corporation He is currently working on a full feature animated film, expanding the award winning Bully Caterpillar story.He does regular workshops on Bipolar A New Slant The Executive Functions, Leadership and Charisma Bullies Anger Management Dealing with Difficult Personalities Jay s workshops have made positive changes in thousands of personal and professional lives His workshops are down to earth and meant for any audience He is entertaining as well as enlightening, with a great sense of humor.Publications Nasty People personality and verbal emotional abuse , self help, McGraw Hill, NY, Revised 2003 Nasty Men personality and abuse , psychology self help, McGraw Hill, NY, 1993 Nasty Women personality self help, McGraw Hill, NY, 2003 Nasty Bosses self help , McGraw Hill, NY, 2004 Taking the Bully by the Horns by Kathy Noll with Jay Carter How kids can deal with difficult kids , self help ages 10 15, Unicorn Press, 1998 see website link to purchase this book and to gather data from a website or do a search on Taking the Bully , or contact Kathy Noll at kathynoll Butterflies Don t Land on Manure A fictionalized book New age Romance, adventure, enlightenment Unicorn Press, 1998 The Bully Caterpillar A story book for the Inner Child Unicorn Press, 2002 Bipolar The Elements of Bipolar Disorder A Practical Guide, 2010 Self Analysis A Bootcamp Kickbutt Approach, Unicorn Press, 1979, 2006 Available on LuLu The Executive Function Unlock Your Potential, Unicorn Press, 2006 Available on LuLu Complete Idiots Guide to Understanding Bipolar Disorder self help , Alpha Books, NY, 2009Diplomate Status Diplomate fellow candidate in Pharmacology sponsored by the Prescribing Psychologists Register Certification in Psychoactive Substance Abuse Disorders by the APA Board of Governors Retired Diplomate in Forensic Psychology by the American College of Forensic Examiners ACFE


  • "أن الضعفاء فقط هم الذين يتصفون بالقسوة، أما الرقة فلا يمكن توقعها إلا من الأقوياء فحسب."ليو بوسكالياكتاب مفيد في عصرنا هذا

  • A friend for over 30 years gave me this book and I almost threw it out after a cursory read. I steer away from “self-help” books, since most of them are boring, regurgitated versions of what we already know, and, for me, what I am often too lazy to implement. On second glance, I liked four things about this small book, and the first was its size. The second was the author’s bold disagreement with fixed labels, more specifically, his refusal to subscribe to things like “personality disord [...]

  • Fascinating book; the title is an exaggeration since it's about all of us, in a way. The topic is 'invalidating' - putting people down, seeing ourselves as superior. The author claims that there is 1% of the population who are truly nasty and do this kind of thing deliberately. It's hard to believe the number is really that high. But he also points out that there are many people who do this kind of thing regularly - albeit not deliberately wanting to hurt anyone - and that probably everyone does [...]

  • الكتاب صغير الحجم جدا وفي رأيي هذا اهم ما يميزه،تستطيع إنهائه في جلسة واحدة.افكار مركزة جدا وامثلة بسيطة بدون اي حشو او إطالة،حتي ان لم تكن من هواة القراءة فأنت تستطيع قراءة هذا الكتاب.الاشخاص سيئو الطباع،كيف يمكنك التعامل معهم دون ان تكون واحدا منهم؟لدينا جميعا هذه النوعية [...]

  • التحقير من شأن الآخرين أو ما يُعرف بالتّنمر هو موضوع الكتاب، كلنا تعرضنا للتحقير من شأننا وكلنا أيضا حقّرنا من شأن أحدهم، سواء كنا على دراية بذلك أم لم تكن لدينا أدنى فكرة الكتاب يطرح الموضوع ويطرح بعض الطرق لمعالجة الحالة وأنا أقرأ الكتاب كنت أستذكر العديد من حالات التحقير [...]

  • I bought this book a few hours ago and finished reading it in about two hours. This book was penned as a cathartic exercise. Carter states that he was a victim first and then when he studied psychology, he realized what was happening to him. He later put his findings in book form, to help people. This is probably true of any pop-psychology book, since humans are primarily emotionally motivated. This fact makes the book very readable, and very true to life. One can relate to the facts and situati [...]

  • Invalid book about Invalidators.I can't believe that a psychologist wrote this book because it is based almost entirely on anecdotal evidence. He goes to great lengths in the beginninng to talk about how he did all this research on "invalidators" (aka the "nasty people") and became such an expert in identifying then and their techniques and later how to deal with them but I saw little of that in this book.More than half is just talking about their technique -- but not even in context it's just s [...]

  • I have read a number of self-help books, specifically on how to change my behaviors when dealing with people who engage in unhealthy behaviors routinely. I found this book to be okay and share similar insight as other books in this category. The point I struggled with was the reasons he gave for unhealthy behaviors - a point he could not have addressed as many other books don't go into the 'why' people engage in unhealthy behaviors. The reasons he gave negate much of psychology and our understan [...]

  • Be careful, once you learn how to define the sick behavior that surrounds you, you may not like anyone! But, there is redemption in learning that the Invalidator is a personality not a person and you gain tools to learn how to deal with them.

  • The only thing the author needed to mention is how to deal with nastypeople who think they're literary critics. You know, those people who give shitty reviews on book cuz they're insanely jealous of the author's success? Yeesh. *cough* too many of those types on GR *cough, hack*

  • كتاب رائع يعلمك كيف مواجهة المحقرين من شأن الأخرين بعدة طرق منها1-المواجهة : وهي النضر للشخص بثبات والأبتسام مع أمالة الرأس قليلاً للأمام وبذالك سوف تحرج المحقر2-كرر ذلك من فضلك: عند تحقير اي شخص من شأنك فقط قل له "كرر ذلك من فضلك" وسوف يرتبك أو يُحرج ولن يعيدها وهنالك عدد من الم [...]

  • I was really into this book in the beginning, but as I got further into it I started to feel as though the author was mixing words. Aside from that, I found that there were some great tips. I could see that some people I've experienced were deep into their roles of invalidator, while I myself have suffered that ego from time to time too. I also found there are still some signs of "victim" I need to work on. Not a bad book, but I won't be giving it a permanent home in my collection.

  • Ending disappointed I liked the first part of the book- I was being validated! Then, as he explains that we are all invalidators , I wanted to know more in depth what one can do to remedy the behavior, and all I really took from it was to act better. I wish he had given some insight into how one can do so. He kind of goes a bit on a tangent for most of the second half of the book, in my opinion.

  • كتاب صغير جدا ، لكنه يتميز بجملة ؛ ( المُختصر المفيد ) يعطيك اللب وعصارة ما ستحتاجه كتاب مفيد في فهم شخصية المتنمر او المحقر لكنه لم يشرح بشكل واف كيفية التعامل مع المحقرين كما هو الشان بالنسبة للتعريف بهم كما أن الكاتب كثيرا ما كرر و اعاد و كرر ان الكتاب لا يتناول كل جوانب هذه [...]

  • بكل بساطه الكتاب يجعلك تشير لنفسك بدل ان تشير للاخرين وتتهمهم .كبسوله فكرية جميلة

  • I read this book during a time in my life when a ruthless invalidator gathered a bunch of false accusations and criticisms, even wrote letters to my friends and my fiance with degradations about me. In order to make it through the gossip and smut, I began to pick up books off the shelf that might empower me through. This was one of them. It is an easy read, another purse packing one that I read pretty fast. This book didn't tell me anything I didn't already know. The thing that stands out the mo [...]

  • It was ok as a quick read. I came away thinking that every time I act strong, even in the face of oppression or bullying, that makes me an Invalidator. The word is over used in the book. It means someone who puts someone down. He has some good tips for how to react in certain specific situations. It has some insight into how people become like that. But it wasn't really what I was looking for.0 And it was a bit alarming to find him using 'God' 'soul' 'evil' etc in his narrative. I'm not sure why [...]

  • The title of this book is really just an attention-grabber. It got my attention! The beginning of the book talks about the Invalidator, the person who belittles others to make himself look big. It describes the effect of this person's behavior on the victim. Invalidation tends to "introvert" the victim, which compounds the problem. The second half of the book puts a little different twist on it. The message goes along with the Eleanor Roosevelt quote, "No one can make you feel inferior without y [...]

  • Informative, specially the part about avoiding succumbing to introspection, defining what's 'taking it personally'. Gender is a distraction in this book, most of the examples of invalidators are women, it could use genderless pronouns. The author seems to try to mix it up eventually, switching from she to he, from bad wives to bad husbands, but still sometimes there is a combo of women examples that stands out. Or maybe I'm complaining that I can't concentrate enough on that guy I hate if he kee [...]

  • A very quick read and something I wish I'd had 20 years ago when I was starting out in the work world. Although these tips on handling "invalidators" (those who feel compelled to cut you down in order to build themselves up) seem to focus more on personal relationships, there is still beneficial information for readers in a work environment, as well. While it won't give you sure-fire guidelines on how to succeed with (or against?) "little Hitlers" (because there is no one sure-fire way for every [...]

  • كتاب خفيف ولطيفوأستطيع تلخيصه في قوله تعالى: (ولاتستوي الحسنة ولا السيئة ادفع بالتي هي أحسن). وذلك إن الدفع بنفس الأسلوب السيئ يرجع تأثيره على من يريد الدفاع عن نفسه، فتصبح نفسه تغلي، ويفكر في الموقف ربما لأيام، ما يجعل صفو فكره متعكر، ومزاجه متكدر؛ في حين أن تجاهل الموقف، أو [...]

  • this book is really good it defines clearly poor human communication and those who employ it; uncertainty projection,generalization, judgment , manipulation, and sneak attackuble messages, cutting communication eg "SHUT UP! building up cutting down,double bind, it gives many hints on how to break negative cycles of communicating/invalidating through humor , respect , and affinity. it by no means offers simple solutions to situations but does give a rough road map to improving tense office workpl [...]

  • It's a very interesting read and gives people like me, people that take every nasty behavior as if they did something, and gives us the perspective that 'hey, more than likely it's not something we did' and this is how we can fix/deal with that behavior. I really recommend it for people with horrible bosses or friends that are manipulative. I think kids in middle school and high school should be required to read this book might help with the bully situation as well as the bossy nasty friends tha [...]

  • This is a wonderful book. I've given away many copies of this book to friends. It short easy do you understand stand and to the point. The author presents a new way to look at the narcissist, and refers to them as invalidator's. The overview he presents and the techniques to manage in validator's behavior or those same tendencies and your self, that you have inherited from being raised by an validator's, can change your life. I highly recommend this book.

  • I read this while dealing with a truly nasty person at work, hoping I'd find a way to cope. What I did find in this book was not only what I was looking for, but also some insights into my own psyche. We all invalidate another person on occasion, without meaning to. It takes self-awareness to realize when you're doing it. At less than 100 pages it's a quick read - straightforward and to the point.

  • أشخاص سيئو الطباع وكما يطلق عليهم المحقّرين من شأن الآخرين.ينظر إلى المواقف بمنظار واسع حتى أنني وجدت نفسي من المحقرين ما أجبرني على قراءة الكتاب حتى النهايةكما أنني أيضا وجدت نفسي ضحية في مواقف أخرىيذكر الصفات ثم كيفية التعامل مع الموقف والعلاج للمجرم والضحيةكتاب استفدت [...]

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