Fury on Fire

Fury on Fire When you live next door to the big bad wolf After years in prison North Callaghan is finally free But the demons haunting him still make him feel like a caged beast He loses himself in work and hard

  • Title: Fury on Fire
  • Author: Sophie Jordan
  • ISBN: 9780062423764
  • Page: 377
  • Format: ebook
  • When you live next door to the big bad wolf .After years in prison, North Callaghan is finally free But the demons haunting him still make him feel like a caged beast He loses himself in work and hard living, coming up for air only to bed any willing woman to cross his path So when his new neighbor snares his interest, he decides to add another notch to his bedpost.When you live next door to the big bad wolf .After years in prison, North Callaghan is finally free But the demons haunting him still make him feel like a caged beast He loses himself in work and hard living, coming up for air only to bed any willing woman to cross his path So when his new neighbor snares his interest, he decides to add another notch to his bedpost The only problem Faith Walters is a white picket fence kind of girl.Prepare to be devoured.Faith s new neighbor is the rudest man alive He d rather grunt at her than speak and he takes her welcome to the neighborhood scones without a thank you She knows she should run for the hills from the ex con If only he weren t so smoldering sexy if only the sounds of him with other women didn t drift through their shared wall and fill her with longing and if only he didn t look at her like they were a collision waiting to happen.

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    Pseudonym Sharie KohlerSophie Jordan took her adolescent daydreaming one step further and penned her first historical romance in the back of her high school Spanish class This passion led her to pursue a degree in English and History.A brief stint in law school taught her that case law was not nearly as interesting as literature teaching English seemed the natural recourse After several years teaching high school students to love Antigone, Sophie resigned with the birth of her first child and decided it was time to pursue the long held dream of writing.In less than three years, her first book, Once Upon A Wedding Night, a 2006 Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Nominee for Best First Historical, hit book shelves Her second novel, Too Wicked To Tame, released in March 2007 with a bang, landing on the USA Today Bestseller s List.


  • 2.75 STARSThis was… alright.The heroine is an annoying uptight social worker. All prim and proper. She’s been shielded from men by her overprotective father and two brothers her whole life. So no boyfriends. She goes to work. And she bakes.Her neighbor (the hero) is an ex-con. Of course, he’s hot as hell. He’s also a manwhore.She can’t sleep at night because his headboard keeps slamming against her wall.So they become enemies.But he wants her.And she wants him. But she doesn’t really [...]

  • I'm completely stunned, STUNNED!!!! This book was amazing!!! I freaking loved it. I WAS NOT expecting this book to be sooooo great. I didn't realize it was the 3rd book in the series, I'll be looking into this author's other books.

  • Oooooookay I'd read so many negative, harsh reviews for this book. I liked it. *shrugs****Review posted on The Eater of Book! blog***Fury on Fire by Sophie JordanBook Three of the Devil's Rock seriesPublisher: AvonPublication Date: January 31, 2017Rating: 4 starsSource: eARC from Edelweiss***Warning: this is an adult book, and for the eyes of mature readers***Summary (from ):When you live next door to the big bad wolf . . .After years in prison, North Callaghan is finally free. But the demons ha [...]

  • 1.5 starI'm so glad I ended up never buying this book.Miss Peep Through Her WindowsThat should be the title of this book.Miss Uppity Goody 2 Shoes Faith Walters and North Callaghan are next door neighbors who live in a duplex and share a wall. He's an ex-con who is private and keeps to himself but enjoys easy hookups and is making up for his lost time. Faith just moved in next door and can hear his sexcapade romps and things go from there.Intriguing right?But instead we get 200+ pages worth of e [...]

  • This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance Summary North Callaghen has spent years in jail. He and his brother while trying to protect their sister, ended up killing a man and North has paid for what he did and suffered while in jail just trying to survive. But now he is out and trying to get back to a normal life But its not as easy or simple as it sounds. Despite his brother's interest, he is paving his own way despite the way he feels like he will never get a semblence of a norm [...]

  • Se lee rápido y no está mal, el toma y daca entre ellos es entretenido, me ha gustado el regustillo a novela 'tradicional', hermanos machistas y sobreprotectores, y todo eso. El chico es un dramallama rotundo y a ella no dejaba de imaginarla como una miss Marple en mono. Habrá novela del hermano sheriff y la camarera?edito; ajá! he encontrado la que viene detrás XDDD

  • I wanted to give this a 4 as the premise was interesting but the ending was too abrupt for me. 30-40% of the story was about North (H) and his hookups. It took a very long time for North and Faith (h) to get together and they only had sex towards the end. I felt that there was not enough relationship building and couple time between the H/h.

  • Faith finally has a town style home of her own, breaking away from living with her all cop family, it has been a hard-won independence. The only problem with her new abode is her neighbor’s rude ways and the crazy woman he brings home that scream on the other side of her bedroom wall. North is an ex-con, the last thing he needs is his attraction to his neighbor. Driving Faith away seemed like a good plan, but when chemistry ensnares there really isn’t anything either one of them can do…Nor [...]

  • I actually don’t know why I know why I keep reading books by Sophie Jordan. More often than not, they are just plain disappointing. Even so, I was quite eager to pick up Fury on Fire because I did like the first book, and I have been waiting for North’s book since we met him in that one. But alas! If I had to describe Fury on Fire in one word it would be rushed. The progression of the romance made zero sense to me. For one, they don’t actually physically meet until the 40-50% mark, which u [...]

  • There wasn't anything so bad about this book but there wasn't anything so great either I guess. I got to the end and sort of wondered how so little could happen on so many pages. 354 pages and I barely felt I knew either of them. The story seemed all over the place. At first I thought the author was going for amusing what with all the headboard banging through the shared wall but that never really panned out. There was a modicum of easily resolved danger that I saw coming from a mile away. There [...]

  • This review has been posted at All About Romance: allaboutromance/book-revieFury on Fire is the third story in Sophie Jordan’s Devil’s Rock series in which each of the heroes has spent time as inmates in a maximum security prison for assorted crimes (all with explanations that make them still acceptable as hero material). The first two stories, All Chained Up and Hell Breaks Loose are action packed, intense and sexy reads. In contrast, this story is much calmer without the action scenes that [...]

  • This is book #3 in the Devil's Rock series.Finally,Norths story,the one I was waiting for,I skipped book #2,but do plan on reading Reid's story soon.North is now 2 years out of prison for killing the man who brutally raped his cousin ,he was sent to Devil's Rock Prison as an 18 year old along with his brother.His brother was released before him and made a new life for himself as well as being a married man mow with a baby on the way.North feels that he does not deserve the "good life" with a " g [...]

  • Fury on Fire is book 3 in the Devils Rock series by Sophie Jordan. I did not read books one or two, but I didn’t really feel the lack. It seems the series surrounds three guys who served time together in prison. The hero of this book, North, was there for 12 years. His crime? Accidentally killing the man who raped his cousin.As the story begins, North is two years out of jail and hasn’t truly recovered from his time there. He thinks he’s damaged goods and doesn’t see any hope for living [...]

  • OMG THIS BOOK. I love all of Sophie Jordan's books but this one was extra hot and entertaining!Since the beginning, I've LOVED North. He was the nice kid who loved his cousin so much that when he found out she was raped, he and his brother Knox went and found the kid responsible and beat him to death. But after he was sent to prison and his sentence was made even longer, he hardened his heart and allowed no one in. Not Knox, who settled down and especially not a good girl like Faith Walters.Fait [...]

  • Of the three books in the Devil's Rock series, Fury on Fire is the best. North Callahan has been out of Devil's Rock prison for two years and now has a house and job. Faith Walters moves in next door and disrupts his world. Faith has lived with her dad since she finished grad school, but now she wants to be on her own, so she buys a house and moves in. Faith wants to be nice to her new neighbor and get to know him, but everything she tries is met with his rude attitude toward her and her complai [...]

  • Crass, crude and an absolute bastard of a neighbour to have, North Callaghan is tortured by his own demons, slaying them with getting in his one-night stands and in turn, torturing his new neighbour with his shenanigans. Faith Walters will not take it lying down—not literally at first—and her efforts to get him to behave are infuriatingly futile at best.Like Knox or Reid in Sophie Jordan’s previous books, North strictly belongs in the category of the mighty having fallen a distance—a dis [...]

  • Originally posted at SmexyBooks-smexybooks/2017/02/review-Fury on Fire is the third book in Sophie Jordan’s Devil’s rock series that revolves around a trio of incarcerated felons and the woman who free them from their demons.North Callaghan and his brother Knox (All Chained Up) were sentenced to Devil’s Rock for manslaughter after they killed the man who sexually assaulted their cousin. Good men who had their whole lives ahead of them and lost it all with one bad impulsive decision. Each b [...]

  • I have so many people on my feed hating on this book and all of the reasons they say they hate are the exact reasons why I loved it. Does that mean I'm weird?I don't know, but I just want to add my two cents and say this: if you like slow-build and your girl-next-door romance, this is for you.

  • Like your romance a little dirty?  Ah, c'mon I can admit it, I do!  Sophie Jordan can write fun historicals but oh, can she write dirty bad boysIn this third book in the Devil's Rock series, we finally get North Callaghan's happily ever after.  North is Knox's little brother, Knox being from book one.  North was left behind in prison after Knox was released early.  Even Reid (from book two), their old gang leader, couldn't help North get out of prison.  This book picks up two years after N [...]

  • 3 Stars - 3 Flames I'm really torn about how to review this book. So I'm gonna go with the best form, honesty. Although I enjoyed reading this installment, I wouldn't be honest if I didn't mention that I'm also pretty disappointed in it. I feel like I've been waiting this entire series to get my hands on North, and it just fell short for me.North is the brother of Knox from the first installment. The pretty boy. The one who got left in jail while his brother and Reid escaped the hell that was th [...]

  • **4.5 stars** Dayum North…you are one hot alpha bad boy. I was so looking forward to his story and it did not disappoint! Smokin’ hot chemistry between North and Faith and I loved the bantering between them too! Even though the characters “technically” meet later in the book, author Sophie Jordan totally makes it work. There’s definitely sexual tension between the characters. This story had me sucked into the storyline from the very beginning. I purchased both the paperback and the aud [...]

  • Enjoyed this one better than the last one I read of this series. Faith and North were a cute couple although it took a long time for them to get together in the book. Good chemistry and a good story.I think the next book will be Piper and Hale, Faith's sheriff brother. Just a thought. There wasn't any indication she is writing anymore of this series but it wouldn't surprise me if this happens. I'm not really in the headspace to write a true review but can just say this was a good story and an en [...]

  • Freaking Sophie Jordan! I am so addicted to this series that once I start, I cannot stop! North is so damaged and hot and oddly reminds me of Johnny (Patrick Swayze) from Dirty Dancing. I love Faith's take no bs personality and there was one scene involving text messages that had me laughing out load! I recommend this series to people who love darker contemporary romance with seriously fantastic moments!

  • DOWN & DIRTY QUICKIE REVIEW!One Sentence Summary:The good girl Sheriff’s daughter moves into a duplex next to Mr Ex-Con bad boy.Name That Trope:Opposites Attract, Forced Proximity, The At Odds Couple, Forbidden Love.What part made you fangirl squeal:1. Literally any time hero did his pseudo-sexting flirting. Dat shiznit was hawt, yall!2. Whenever North pulled the, “Pffft, I’m not gonna pursue her DAMMIT I CAN’T STOP THINKING ABOUT HER LEGS!”Favorite Character:Ummmm, the duplex’s [...]

  • This is the kind of book that you put down while you are reading it because it is sooo GOOD. You want the story to last and want to extend the experience. You just don't want to the story to end. OMG, Sophie Jordan has just created a hero to die for: North Callaghan. He's an former convict and meets Faith Walters who is the daughter and sister of the Sheriff. They are next door neighbors. You might think they are opposites. In fact, they aren't. They are both good people. North went to prison fo [...]

  • North Callaghan had spent 12 of his 32 years in prison for manslaughter. North cannot regret what happened, he did what was right, but things went terribly wrong, and he still has nightmares 2 years out of prison. He tries to banish his nightmares with booze, women and work, but it never lasts long. North does not do nice, so why does can’t he get his nice neighbour, Faith Walters out of his mind…I went into FURY ON FIRE with an open mind, or so I like to think, but I wonder if I had misread [...]

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