Darling Days: A Memoir

Darling Days A Memoir Unfolding in animated crystalline prose an emotionally raw devastatingly powerful memoir of one young woman s extraordinary coming of age a tale of gender and identity freedom and addiction rebel

  • Title: Darling Days: A Memoir
  • Author: iO Tillett Wright
  • ISBN: 9780062368225
  • Page: 314
  • Format: ebook
  • Unfolding in animated, crystalline prose, an emotionally raw, devastatingly powerful memoir of one young woman s extraordinary coming of age a tale of gender and identity, freedom and addiction, rebellion and survival in the 1980s and 1990s, when punk, poverty, heroin, and art collided in the urban bohemia of New York s Lower East Side.Born into the beautiful bedlam of dowUnfolding in animated, crystalline prose, an emotionally raw, devastatingly powerful memoir of one young woman s extraordinary coming of age a tale of gender and identity, freedom and addiction, rebellion and survival in the 1980s and 1990s, when punk, poverty, heroin, and art collided in the urban bohemia of New York s Lower East Side.Born into the beautiful bedlam of downtown New York in the eighties, iO Tillett Wright came of age at the intersection of punk, poverty, heroin, and art This was a world of self invented characters, glamorous superstars, and strung out sufferers ground zero of drag and performance art Still, no personality was vibrant and formidable than iO s mother s Rhonna, a showgirl and young widow, was a mercurial, erratic Gl and iO s fiercest defender, her only authority in a world with few boundaries and even fewer indicators of normal life At the center of Darling Days is the remarkable relationship between a fiery kid and her domineering Ma a bond defined by freedom and control, excess and sacrifice by heartbreaking deprivation, agonizing rupture, and, ultimately, forgiveness.Darling Days is also a provocative examination of culture and identity, and of the cour age and resilience of a child listening closely to her deepest self When a group of boys refuse to let six year old iO play ball, she instantly adopts a new persona, becoming a boy named Ricky a choice her parents support and celebrate It is the start of a profound exploration of gender and identity through the tenderest years, and the beginning of a life invented and reinvented at every step.

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    iO Tillett Wright born September 2, 1985 is an American artist, director, photographer, writer, film maker, activist, and actor Wright grew up in New York, and was a professional film and television actor for 18 years.Source.


  • I read this book in 2.5 days. Just could not stop. I’m finding it hard to know how to talk about it. I’d admired iO since seeing his What’s Underneath contribution and learning about the Self Evident Truths project, seeing snippets of a seemingly extraordinary life and past, growing up with extraordinary parents in extraordinary places but not knowing how a childhood like that would actually work. And now reading the story, or at least glimpses, it kind of wallops you. I wanted a time mach [...]

  • Having seen iO featured on an episode of What's Underneath, I was struck by her candor and couldn’t wait to dive into the memoir. I wasn’t disappointed as her on-screen voice translates to the page in a beautifully unfiltered way. Darling Days catapults from what I initially envied as a scrappy Bohemian city upbringing in the Lower East Side, into a childhood fraught with neglect, the pressure of gender binaries and the tumultuous world of drugs. Her harrowing yet passionate relationship wit [...]

  • Gritty, visceral, and not for the faint of heart is this book. iO is born to a mother who is beautiful, artistic, colorful, a drug addict, an alcoholic, verbally abusive and mentally ill. They live in a hovel on the lower east side of Manhattan. iO has no care, no routine, no food, no bed, and no idea how to live. The writing is clever and riveting. She narrates her life from around the age of five up until 25 and the dialogue matures as she does in the story. Once iO is old enough to realize ho [...]

  • Given the often harrowing neglect documented in this memoir, it's maybe wrong to say that I enjoyed the book, but I certainly appreciated it as much as any of the titles that I've read this year.Wright, born and raised in the Lower East Side of the 1980s / 90s, had an unconventional upbringing to say the least, primarily thanks to the erratic ideas and behaviour of her mother, to whom she writes a personal letter of love at the start of the book. From as early as she remembers, she feels most co [...]

  • This book exceeded my expectations. I received it free in exchange for writing a review on another site. Full disclosure: I lived in the East Village/Alphabet City, then the West Village, then back to the East Village in the years that iO is writing about, so I recognize the settings and, if not the specific characters, the types of people with whom she and her mother interacted in many of the vignettes that form so many of the chapters. If they weren’t all exactly “Darling Days,” those ti [...]

  • This memoir was an addictive read for me. Written so candidly, I couldn't help but admire iO's openness surrounding such a tumultuous and explosive childhood. I will certainly not forget this book!

  • Quite possibly one of the most visceral, evocative and compelling books I have ever 'read'. At points I was laughing, at others I cried. It left me feeling a keen sense of belonging, of parallels, and that perhaps my own history is not just normal, but beautiful. To hear another person grapple with the things that make them unique, different, beautifully human, the things that broke them, healed them, and made them who they are, made me feel like my journey in self-discovery, in coming out, was [...]

  • Ich finde den Untertitel äußerst schlecht gewählt, denn (trans)Sexualität spielt hier nur eine untergeordnete Rolle. Vielmehr sind es aufgeschriebene Gedanken auf dem Weg zu einer eigenen Identität zwischen vielen. Nicht immer unter den besten sozioökonomischen Bedingungen, wie iO Tillet Wright wirklich gut und nachvollziehbar zu Papier gebracht hat.

  • Absolutely stunning. A true literary masterpiece!! True, raw, dirty and hilarious. Her upbringing was a whirlwind and she is a strong, brave soul. How have I never heard of her before. I highly recommend the audiobook, read by IO. I was rooting for her/him every step of the way

  • The book-comparison game is a dangerous one, but it is one that people who sell and promote books have to play on a regular basis. Sometimes this results in weird and vaguely desperate combinations (hands up if you’ve ever seen a book whose jacket says something like “for fans of Stephen King and Sex and the City” and wondered what the hell kind of target demographic that is); sometimes it results in regrettable over-selling (see my review of Diary of an Oxygen Thief, which wasn’t well s [...]

  • I.O didn't have it easy growing up in New York with two patents who were only kids themselves. She is conjured in her gender and goes back and forth during her/his early years. A tough journey follows I.O and makes for some difficult years.

  • Wonderful. Thinking of assigning it to my Gender Studies class. Both hard to read at times and remarkably beautiful in turn, IO's voice is so strong and poetic. My only criticism is that the ending is weak, but I look forward to her story continuing in future works.

  • DARLING DAYS by iO TILLETT WRIGHTThere was something about the promo for this book that indicated emotion would be involved and so it transpired. In fact, it never stops. From the moment her mother’s husband was killed by the police, to when her mother was giving birth and had to be carried through about a thousand destitute hoboes during a fire drill, to the hottest day in New York in the middle of a Brazilian parade, this book rocks. Accuse it of whatever you will, boring will not be somethi [...]

  • iO Tillet Wright was probably always meant to write a memoir. No life so full of stories, so packed with characters and heart and emotion, could or should ever go untold; there is too much humanity in it. And how lucky we are that the memoir has been written. An apt description of the memoir, titled Darling Days, comes straight from iO’s own Instagram: “It's the story of my life from birth to 22, including wild NYC streets, growing up in poverty, with addicted parents, finding myself and my [...]

  • Intense and gritty, colorful and poetic, this memoir reads like fiction. iO’s life and experiences kept reminding me of different Suki Fleet characters, resilient survivors with extraordinary, unique, beautiful, yet painful lives.I highly recommend Darling Days. iO’s bohemian childhood, their journey through poverty and neglect, and the amorphous evolution of their gender identity and sexuality, all come together to provide a captivating read. Note/something I wish I’d have known before I [...]

  • A book that it is hard to put down and easy to gobble up in a few sittings. Surprisingly well written, entertaining and full of insights into NY's east village in the 80s and 90s when it was non-gentrified and populated with non-standard characters. The author seems to have grown into a relatively normal adult (whatever normal means) which is amazing given her chaotic home and family life. A great airport book - it will make the waiting time slip by unnoticed. Recommended. (Purchased at Foyles i [...]

  • This was a beautiful book that dealt with mother daughter relationship, figuring out ones identity, and trying to find ones place in the world. I found the authors way of describing their journey with their mother beautiful, raw and honest. They treated the relationship fairly, with love, and with brutal and gorgeous honesty. Everything about this book was honest, raw and stunningly beautiful.

  • One of the most raw memoirs I've read. iO has such an important story to tell. I always thought of her as such a free spirit but with such freedom comes pain and so much growth before one should have to grow and stretch in such ways. My heart ached for the abandonment she suffered at the hands of the adults she was supposed to be able to lean on.

  • When you use a transphobic slur that trans women of color have repeatedly asked for a moratorium on, I just can't. When Bourdain, who also threw that word about in at least one of his books, is on your back cover recommending you - double down. When I read about your art and your travels to university all I can think is do better.

  • A really enjoyable read. iO has lead a life that hits on many of the hot, political issues of the day, but it never panders or reduces to this. Instead, is reads like a heartful bildungsroman about an extra-ordinary person growing up in extra-ordinary circumstances. I definitely recommend as a good, easy to read, page turner.

  • I can't help but think that the professor I had for my memoir class in college (the wonderful Madeleine Blais) would hold this up as a paragon of memoirs. This is the type of writer I aspire to be, and I was so engrossed in iO's story for the entire book. There were no slow parts, and nothing that I thought was unnecessary to include.

  • The writer accurately describes growing up in New York in there late '80s, and explicitly delves into her own harrowing experiences. She grows up in a world of no perfect people, no heroes who she can always count on. Partially as a result, she herself is nowhere close to perfect, or good and just. Bust she survives, and her story is important.

  • If The Glass Castle and The Tender Bar had a baby, it would yield Oi's bohemian tenement childhood. This story of New York, inadequate parenting, and gender identity is told with an honest, singular voice that demands to be heard.

  • Total page turner if not great literature. The author did a good job conveying his own mental state growing up with neglectful though oh so hip parents but most other people in this world stayed two dimensional.

  • What a wild ride! I truly believe iO’s parents loved her, but at times, they had an odd way of showing it. Very good, descriptive writing. You can actually see the New York neighborhood in your mind’s eye.

  • Beautiful trans 'coming of age' story from a thoughtful writer. A ton of insight into the added struggle gender presents in adolescence. Support queer authors and read this! It's also very timely. (You'll recognize iO and his mother from many Nan Goldin photos.)

  • Ahhhhhh that whole story was so interesting and well-written and I'm crushed with envy that the author is so smart and good and also hot.

  • Wonderful book and hearing it read by the author made it so real. What a life Io has lived up to now. I can see her making a big impact on the world.

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