Go Ask Ogre: Letters from a Deathrock Cutter

Go Ask Ogre Letters from a Deathrock Cutter Teenage hell has never been captured with such intense honesty as these actual letters sent in the late s from a suicidal girl to the singer of her favorite band Go Ask Ogre peers into the world of

  • Title: Go Ask Ogre: Letters from a Deathrock Cutter
  • Author: Jolene Siana Bonnie McLaughlin Ogre
  • ISBN: 9780976082217
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Paperback
  • Teenage hell has never been captured with such intense honesty as these actual letters sent in the late 80s from a suicidal girl to the singer of her favorite band.Go Ask Ogre peers into the world of a misfit cutter who lives with an abusive mother in the rust belt A tailspin of suicidal depression and self injury leads her to write Ogre, front man for the industrial rTeenage hell has never been captured with such intense honesty as these actual letters sent in the late 80s from a suicidal girl to the singer of her favorite band.Go Ask Ogre peers into the world of a misfit cutter who lives with an abusive mother in the rust belt A tailspin of suicidal depression and self injury leads her to write Ogre, front man for the industrial rock band Skinny Puppy Soon he receives a flood of elaborately illustrated letters and journals filled with Jolene s most intimate thoughts from her most painful secrets to hilarious observations and lucid realizations about her life and those around her.At a concert, Ogre confides to Jolene that he has saved all her letters Nine years later, a box from Ogre arrives at Jolene s door Re examining the documents, she realizes that writing these letters had saved her life.Go Ask Ogre compiles Jolene Siana s actual letters, artwork, illustrations, and ephemera into a unique and powerful story of an extremely troubled teen who made it through the worst years of her life, and, through the power of music and art, transformed herself in the process It is heavily illustrated and full color throughout.Critical Praise Pure, lucid and engaging authentic for a new generation of young women than, say, the 1971 cautionary tale about drugs, Go Ask Alice Susan Carpenter, LA Times Dark, funny and touching boingboing Cringingly confessional, persistently desperate, yet often uproariously funny All rendered and packaged in labor intensive psychedelic outsider graphic design An overdue riposte to the bludgeoning morality of the fabricated Go Ask Alice Doug Harvey, LA Weekly By turns fierce, funny, heartbreaking and wise, Jolene Siana s Go Ask Ogre burns onto the page in an intense collage of words and images that together create a portrait of a gifted young woman fighting to hang on to her own life and choosing an unlikely but strangely suitable ally for her battle Caroline Kettlewell, author of Skin Game Amidst the cultural and political corruption of the late 1980s, seeking and artistic teens like Jolene Siana found cathartic solace in aggressive and so called morbid bands like Skinny Puppy That she persevered with the help of music that parents, preachers, and politicians condemned, but rarely tried to understand, is a moving lesson Alan Rapp, editor of The Journey is the Destination The Journals of Dan Eldon and Dan Eldon The Art of Life

    • Go Ask Ogre: Letters from a Deathrock Cutter BY Jolene Siana Bonnie McLaughlin Ogre
      124 Jolene Siana Bonnie McLaughlin Ogre
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  • Jolene Siana Bonnie McLaughlin Ogre

    About the AuthorJolene Siana lives in Brooklyn, NY and spends her time writing, painting, photographing people and traveling to Amsterdam every year.


  • ummmmmThere ain't much I can say about this book that hasn't been said already here. I think if I were still an angst filled teen this book would be alot better read. Sadly I'm in my 30's and far past all the rebillion and angst of youth. I really wanted this book to be epic too. I think it's a great book. Perfect for teens and preteens. A great book to let the youth of today know they are not alone in their venture of coming into their own. I find it amazing that Ogre actually took the time to [...]

  • my second time trying to read this book. i like the idea of it. the tone and the theme is right up my alley. i read further this time -- seriously, i'm probably 20 pages from the end -- and yet i still can't finish it. maybe if i was still in high schoolill an adolescent. as an adult i find that it's just too self-indulgent, too self-centered, too woe-is-me. and i'm emo! in the end, i think i needed more context. volume. depth.i'm marking this as done even though, as i said, i have yet to finish [...]

  • This is one of my favorite books. I read this book a long time ago but just am now getting around to reviewing it. This is an immensely personal and beautiful account of Jolene Siana's teenage years, in the form of letters she sent to the lead singer of her favorite band, Skinny Puppy. These letters became a form of diary for her, where she poured out her feelings and thoughts, along with brooding artwork. Although Ogre (the singer) only replied to a few and ended up not opening most of them, he [...]

  • it's exactly thata 17 year old girl in the late 80s discovers skinny puppy, becomes obsessed with ogre, and starts writing him letters about random crap in her life. it's non-fiction. She is depressed and suicidal, but doesn't want to be. it's fascinating in a fucked up way. it reminds me so much of being that age, and of people i knew when i was that age. (you probably shouldn't read too much into that.) she puts art on all the letters and envelopes, some of which are shown in the book, and tha [...]

  • A collection of letters from a frequently suicidally depressed, chronically cutting teen to the lead singer, OGRE, of the group Skinny Puppy. A very well constructed book, with much of the artwork - particularly envelopes - that she sent her letters. It's not great literature - it was written by a teenaged girl, kind of goth style, with an emotionally abusive mom, who is intrinsically nice and kind, but miserable as a half-drowned cat. There's no great drama - neither high points or low. But it [...]

  • Wow. I was really surprised how much I liked this book. A bunch of people recommended it to me, since I've always liked Puppy. Most who recommended it were cutters, themselves, so I thought the book would be more about pity in regards to being depressed. While there was some of that, most of the book showed the crap that someone went through growing up, and then a slow road to feeling better, and coming to grips with the crap that we need to deal with in life. I did laugh at quite a few things, [...]

  • Siana has published her letters and journals that she wrote to Ogre (a member of Skinny Puppy) in the late 1980s and early 1990s.The letters aren't surprising for those of us that remember our teenage years (or work with them currently). Non-sequiturs, numerous mentions of being bored and trying to find her place in the world all ring familiar and true.For many (including me), it brought back memories of how much music meant to me as a teen, as well as her descriptions of intense relationships a [...]

  • I heard about this book because I'm a long time Skinny Puppy fan. I'll go ahead and say that there are a few old pictures of them you may not have seen, and a short blurb by Ogre, but this is mainly about Jolene Siana and her problems - she just chose Ogre to write to. Another draw may be that it's a snapshot of young life in the mid-late 80's.It was cute and it was nice to see her evolve. That's probably the best way to put it. She went through a few shitty jobs, a few shittier boyfriends, and [...]

  • Oh man, I read this book a lottt when I first discovered it sometime around eighth grade. I've always had some never-ending obsession with "old diary" recounts. I think the way Jolene has organized her book is very well-done Really love seeing old pictures, letters, entries, artwork. (Also really makes me wish I hadn't mindlessly tossed my most depressing middle school journal, filled with only black and red pen art and crappy handwriting)I totally connected with Siana's obsession with a favorit [...]

  • I dont think i could say enough postives about this book. i dont classify it as a teen drama girly book even though it is in the teen section at the library because it just gave me so much more than other books have. This is the book that started me with taking up a journal. It also gave me a new perspective on bands and groupies and obsessive behavior. and the security in loving someone you dont know but feel a insane connection to through musicyways very good book, in my opinion.

  • I saw this author read at a local bookstore so I knew I would like this book. Since the book consists of letters she wrote as a teenager, there is alot cringeworthy material-really who would want to publish their innermost 16 year old thoughts? Still, this book is funny and heartbreaking and I think many teenage girls could relate, even if they didn't have the rough teen years that the author had.

  • This woman's personal story fascinates me but what the book is made up of; personal letters that she wrote to the leader of a rock band (which he kept and returned to her so she could make copies of the letters to create the book)is what is really mind blowing. I see elements in this style that I'd like to incorporate into the novel I am writing. She is on MySpace too. A very successful and well adjusted woman today, it seems.

  • This book is definitely not for everyone, but for me it resonated fiercely. My life mirrored hers in so many ways, but a little over a decade after. I did not use the same outlets that she did (i.e. writing to Ogre), but I see the benefits she derived from setting pen to paper and believing that her voice was heard.

  • Great book! based on letters sent to the frontman Nivek Ogre of Skinny Puppy and carries a theme of Ask Alice but with great visual layout of photos, clippings and quotes from 80's goth songs. Pretty much a must have for Puppy fans

  • This was a pretty good book. It was actually a book of letters. Books like this and diaries always seem to have a more intimate feel about them. You are really seeing into someone else's life and their struggles. Sometimes it makes you appreciate your own life all the more.

  • What can I say I totally dug this book. Yes, parts of it made me cringe and roll my eyes, but yeah. I think that's the point. It was sad, exciting, annoying, funny, and hopeful. Now I gotta dig out my Skinny Puppy tapes. Oh, but wait how will I play them??

  • It makes me wish that I had kept all my notebooks and journals from the late eighties.Her vulnerability is truly touching.

  • I need someone else to read this so we can scream a bit about it. I might just NOT have been the intended audience.

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