Paradise A hurricane sweeps across Sweden leaving chaos in its wake Two men lie dead in Stockholm shot in the head at point blank range A young woman runs for her life finding refuge in Paradise a foundatio

  • Title: Paradise
  • Author: Liza Marklund Ingrid Eng-Rundlow
  • ISBN: 9780743469074
  • Page: 196
  • Format: Paperback
  • A hurricane sweeps across Sweden leaving chaos in its wake Two men lie dead in Stockholm, shot in the head at point blank range A young woman runs for her life, finding refuge in Paradise, a foundation dedicated to those whose lives are in danger Newspaper sub editor Annika Bengtzon is trying to piece her life back together following the violent death of her fianc , andA hurricane sweeps across Sweden leaving chaos in its wake Two men lie dead in Stockholm, shot in the head at point blank range A young woman runs for her life, finding refuge in Paradise, a foundation dedicated to those whose lives are in danger Newspaper sub editor Annika Bengtzon is trying to piece her life back together following the violent death of her fianc , and covering the story of Paradise is just the break she needs But as she s about to find out, neither the young woman nor Paradise are quite what they appear to be.

    • Paradise BY Liza Marklund Ingrid Eng-Rundlow
      196 Liza Marklund Ingrid Eng-Rundlow
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  • Liza Marklund Ingrid Eng-Rundlow

    Scandinavia s undisputed queen of crime fiction, Liza Marklund is the No 1 international bestselling author of the Annika Bengtzon series Liza Marklund was born in 1962 in the small village of P lmark, close to the Arctic Circle in Sweden She is an author, journalist, columnist, and goodwill ambassador for UNICEF She is also co owner of Piratf rlaget, one of Sweden s most successful publishing houses Since her debut in 1995, Liza Marklund has written eleven novels and two nonfiction books Liza co wrote the international bestseller The Postcard Killers with James Patterson, making her the second Swedish author ever to reach No 1 on the New York Times bestseller list Her crime novels featuring the gutsy reporter Annika Bengtzon have sold than 13 million copies in 30 languages to date.Liza Marklund worked as an investigative news reporter for ten years and as an editor in print and television news for five Today, she also makes documentaries for television and writes for various newspapers Her topics are often women and children s rights Liza has made documentaries about children with HIV AIDS in Cambodia and Russia, and a series about domestic violence, Take a Little Beating.Liza is also a popular columnist since 20 years Her columns have appeared in various Swedish and international newspapers and magazines, including Financial Times in the UK, Welt am Sonntag in Germany, Dagbladet Information in Denmark, and Ilta Lehti in Finland She is a regular columnist in Swedish tabloid Expressen and Norwegian daily Verdens Gang Today, Liza and her family divide their time between Stockholm in Sweden and Marbella in southern Spain.


  • Τελικά τι είναι αυτό που μπορεί να σε κερδίσει σ' ένα λογοτεχνικό βιβλίο; Νομίζω ότι ένα από τα πιο σημαντικά στοιχεία- αν όχι το κυριότερο- είναι ο πρωταγωνιστής. Αν καταφέρει ο συγγραφέας να δημιουργήσει ένα χαρακτήρα που μπορεί ο αναγνώστης να συνδεθεί μαζί του, τότε έχει [...]

  • Parcă celelalte două volume din serie (Prime Time și Explozii în Stockholm), pe care le-am citit mai demult, mi s-au părut mai bune, deși volumul de față a primit premii. Subiectul e bine documentat și relatat, dar am rămas cu niște amuzamente neintenționate (cum ar fi „melopeea tristeții”, pe care am numărat-o de vreo patru ori în text) sau semne de întrebare (aka WTF moments, pe care nu pot să le menționez fără să dau spoilere). Oricum, faptul că am citit primele 350 [...]

  • Πολύ ευχάριστο, διαβάζεται γρήγορα, σε κάποια σημεία ίσως λίγο υπερβολικό (πολλές καλές συμπτώσεις). Η ηρωίδα είναι συμπαθητική. Θέλεις να διαβάσεις το επόμενο, για να δεις την συνέχεια της ιστορίας.

  • Tycker om Marklunds sätt att skriva och jag tycker Bengtzon är intressant som karaktär, men jag fann aldrig själva storyn särskilt fängslande. Kanske är lite morbid av mig, men vill gärna läsa deckare som kretsar kring något mer obehagligt och som manar mig att fortsätta vända blad, dvs sträckläsa, fram till fallets lösning. Hoppas på att de övriga böckerna i serien som jag ännu inte läst ska föra mig närmare denna känsla.

  • Tout est réuni dans ce boukin pour faire de lui un très très bon thriller: les personnages super attachant, suspens, style d'écriture fluide très addictif, j'arrivais pas à le lâcher, je pensais tout l temps aux personnage, a l'histoire, à ce qui va se passer après.On fait une petite idée et l'auteur nous donne des indices sur notre petite idée et op tout d'un coup elle nous prend et elle nous dit non non on va pas sur cette voie je vous montre une autre.Elle nous donne ce qu'il faut [...]

  • Sometimes, when I hear about the plot of a book or movie or TV program, I think, "wow, I wonder if they're going to . . ." and I head off on a possible story arc. Sometimes that parallels what the book/movie/TV show does; sometimes it doesn't. In the case of this book, it didn't--and as much as I liked this book, unfortunately I felt it could have been a bit better "if only . . ."This is the second book in the Annika Bengtzon series if you're reading them in story order (so the story events are [...]

  • Annika Bengtzon is a copy editor for the Evening Post in Stockholm. They receive a call in the newsroom from a Bosnian refugee who says someone is trying to kill her. Shortstaffed, Bengtzon is sent out to interview the woman and the two narrowly escape the killer. While trying to find help for Aida, Bengtzon inadvertently uncovers some shady practices in the social services area. Vanished touches on the after effects of the Bosnian war and the criminal gangs that profited from the strife. This w [...]

  • In volume #2 of Liza Marklund's wildly popular series of feminist thrillers, Annika gets involved with a married man. Needless to say, his wife is a cold-hearted, frigid bitch, and she's doing both of them a favour by taking Thomas away from her. Well, if the message were always consistent it would get boring. The nice thing about these books is that Annika is anything but a goody-goody feminist icon. She's a fragile, vulnerable person who's trying to do her best in an extremely confusing world, [...]

  • I read this thinking it was the first in the series, as it is shown that way on Fantastic Fiction; here on it is shown as #2, and I saw someplace else where it was listed as #4. The book was okay, maybe I would have been more engaged in the story if I had read the series in order. I felt impatient with Annika's (main character), histrionics and irrationality. Some parts of the story were interesting, and I have heard others who like later books in this series, so I may try others at some time.

  • Not my favourite Liza Marklund. I own the book and read it when it was new. Now I just wanted to hear the fantastic Katarina Ewerlöf narrating it!

  • I'm always looking for authors I haven't read so far and then love adding them to my favourite authors list and expanding it. So the next time I go to library I know right away who to look for. Usually I come home with at least one book by each author from that list. And every once in a while I borrow a book by someone new for me. This time I borrowed a book by Liza Marklund.I have to admit when comes to thrillers I'm easily satisfied. I can't say that for this book though. I'm not saying that I [...]

  • Først og fremst skuffet over at vi ikke får vite mer om Christer Lundgren (eller var det lundkvist?) fra første boken. Den starter ganske bra som også første boken gjør. Føler ikke at det en god periode skjer stort, ble at jeg kjedet meg en stund. Var i det minste litt mer drama enn sist, men hadde satt pris på mer makabre omstendigheter.

  • I quickly became invested in the main character and can see why a series would become popular always, when reading a translation, I am curious to know how much of the author's craft was lost in the process. the device used in presenting the inner voice of Aida was effective and engaging. loved the tone.

  • A really good story written most credibly. The things written about could easily have been gleaned from the papers of the day instead of being a work of fiction. A good read for lovers of scandinavian crime fiction. Four stars for me.

  • Vad underbart att läsa om att folk (Annika) har samma bekymmer som jag med att få vardagen att gå ihop och livet att fungera Sträckläste på mindre än en vecka.

  • Paraíso es la segunda novela de la serie de Annika Bengtzon, iniciada con "Studio Sex". Tras el final trepidante de la anterior, Annika se encuentra en un punto de su vida delicado. Parece haberse recuperado de su experiencia anterior, pero libra una dura batalla consigo misma en lo personal, amén de tener otras en el ámbito laboral, donde lleva un año prácticamente de chica para todo.La novela comienza en medio de un huracán que asola el país y deja dos muertos en los muelles, un camión [...]

  • Proof copy received from Transworld Books through BookGeeksIf possible, I would have rated this book 4.5 stars.In a deserted port in Stockholm, a woman is fleeing for her life from a gunman determined to kill her. When she dives in the freezing water in order to escape, survival is far from certain. The next morning a security guard finds two dead men in the port, and a murder investigation starts.Journalist Annika Bengtzon, meanwhile, is approached by a woman who says she has founded an organis [...]

  • Last year I read The Bomber as part of the Transworld Book Club and whilst I had reservations, I said I'd give Annika, the main character, a second chance. I took the offer of a review copy of Vanished as a sign. At this point, I need to point out I am not reading this series in chronological order and you may very well enjoy it more if you start at the beginning.Vanished is, chronologically, the second book featuring Annika Bengtzon and these events happen years before those of The Bomber. Anni [...]

  • 'Our circumstances shape us, but the choice is always our own.'Another installment of the Swedish crime series by Liza Marklund and featuring 'Evening Post' reporter Annika Bengtzon. In this novel, Annika is actually just working in the capacity of copy-editor, her past having had a bearing on her current role at the newspaper. As the novel commences, two bodies have been found out at a Stockholm port and a woman is on the run from a gunman. At the newspaper, Annika takes a call from a mysteriou [...]

  • 3.5/5I read my first Liza Marklund book last year (review of The Bomber) and quite enjoyed it.Reporter Annika Bengtson returns in Vanished. I hadn't read the books in between and found Annika in a different state of mind and place. She's at the newspaper, but is a copy editor, not out in the field. She lives in a stark apartment in a condemned building, simply existing, trying to deal with numerous tragedies in her personal life. But while editing a story on a recent double murder on the waterfr [...]

  • Annika Bengtzon is a copy editor at a newspaper in Stockholm. Her colleagues are working on a double murder that happened in the harbour. Annika hasn’t got much to do so when gets a call from a woman who wants to meet a journalist to talk about her Paradise Foundation, she agrees to meet her.The Paradise Foundation, it turns out, is set up to help people change identity and leave no traces behind of their old identity (for instance, because they have been threatened and the police can’t do a [...]

  • I received Vanished as a preread copy from TransWorld Book Group. It’s my first novel by Liza Marklund. Because I enjoy reading Scandinavian thriller writers a lot I had high expectations.Liza Marklund has written several thrillers with Annika Bengtzon as leading character. Annika is a copy editor at a Stockholm newspaper. She is approached by Rebecka Björstig who claims her Paradise Foundation can help women make a new life. The foundation takes care of erasing peoples history completely.Whe [...]

  • This is the third novel featuring Annika Bengtzon that I have read. I found this one more enjoyable than the others. Annika is now a copy editor in Stockholm having served her self-defence probation for the killing of her crazy boyfriend Svenn. While a plot involving the Yugoslav mafia in Sweden and a venal character named Ratko is unfolding, Annika becomes involved in investigating an organization called The Paradise Foundation whose spokesperson says it is responsible for helping battered wome [...]

  • In the first book, I felt sympathy towards Annika Bengtzon. In this book, my sympathy decreases dramatically. Not only towards her, but also towards her extremely childish mother and obnoxious sister. The only character I can sympathise with is Anders Schyman. It's a wonder that he doesn't collapse from the tiredness of manning those kind of people! Jeez. Annika. Please. Grow. Up. Stop getting angry at those who haven't done you any wrong.And well.There is a very unbelievable scene nearing the e [...]

  • In Vanished - Annika is doing night research in her limited capacity at the paper. A call comes in that nobody wants to deal with and the woman is given to Annika to talk to. She has set up a foundation called Paradise that wipes out people's identities and leaves them untraceable for their own protection from criminals who would do them harm. She mostly deals with women and children, an issue close to Annika's heart. She wants the paper to write about her foundation. Annika is at the same time [...]

  • He lives on Kungsholmen in Stockholm along with his fiancée and their newborn son.Last line from Paradise by Liza Marklund. This was more enjoyable than I was expecting and it’s all because of Marklund’s lead character; Annika Bengzton. Bengzton isn’t a cop or detective like you’d expect from the crime/ mystery/ thriller genre, instead she’s employed as a copy editor for a newspaper, which provides a different feel to the book. She’s lively and clever but what most makes Bengzton li [...]

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