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  • Title: ბულერბიელი ბავშვები
  • Author: Astrid Lindgren
  • ISBN: 9789941150524
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Hardcover
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      311 Astrid Lindgren
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  • Astrid Lindgren

    Astrid Anna Emilia Lindgren, n e Ericsson, was a Swedish children s book author and screenwriter, whose many titles were translated into 85 languages and published in than 100 countries She has sold roughly 145 million copies worldwide Today, she is most remembered for writing the Pippi Longstocking books, as well as the Karlsson on the Roof book series.Awards Hans Christian Andersen Award for Writing 1958


  • Save this book in the Audible format until you’re sick, deathly sick. Especially if you’re separated from your mother — either by distance or death — so that she is not available to feed you homemade soup, tuck you into bed, and otherwise coddle you and read you a story. The Children of Noisy Village makes a nice substitute when you’re ailing.The six children of Noisy Village — 9-year-old Lisa; her mischievous older brothers, Karl and Bill; and neighbors Anna, Britta, and Olaf — do [...]

  • I loved this account of day to day Swedish life. Asrid Lindgren captures perfectly the relationship between friends and the rivalry between brother and sister. We loved the details of games played, dens built and festivals celebrated. We really didn't like Tony Ross's illustrations, their modern style just didn't suit the traditional nature of the stories.We love Bullerby, we would happily move there tomorrow and if that wasn't possible would happily read this book again and imagine!

  • The Noisy Village series (well actually, the German language translation of Astrid Lindgren's original Swedish text, and where the hamlet is known as Bullerbü) was one of my absolute favourites when I was a little girl (I must have read all three books at least ten times, and that is a conservative estimate). At that age (from about age six to age nine or ten) I just felt and knew on a purely emotional and personal level that I absolutely adored the sweet and enchanting episodical nuggets of ca [...]

  • Sheer delight. Seriously. I'm not sure when I've read a children's book that was so delightful. I found this book in "A Landscape with Dragons." The author called it the Little House on the Prairie of Sweden.I had to keep stopping to read sections to whoever in my family would listen to me. See for yourself:Mommy says she can't understand why it takes more than twice as long to walk home as it does to walk to school. I don't understand it either. But it just can't be helped.As we were walking al [...]

  • SIGH. SUCH a childhood endless re-read. I have to read it again soon. This book is just buring with childhood memories and I LOOOVE it. Astrid Lindgren used to be my favourite writer ever, after Laura Ingalls.And I want to live in Noisy Village so badly. :-)

  • Moje milované Děti z Bllerbynu. Byly doby, kdy jsem na té knize ujížděla,jak na nějaké droze. Myslela jsem si,že už jí znám vážně nazpaměť a ejhle ono je v ní stále co objevovat. Nostlagie největší. Asi si ji zarámuju a pověsím nad postel :-)

  • I had never read this book before, in fact: I'd never heard of it until a few months ago. It's a sweet little book, about the lives of a group of children who live on three neighboring farms. It's written in a very simple style, ostensibly by one of the children, Lisa, who describes different traditions and aspects of their life. This would be a great first chapter book. It's 123 pages, with illustrations in each short chapter.

  • This is as lovely as I remember it being. A cute, light-hearted bunch of stories about kids growing up in Sweden. My mom used to read the Polish version to me when I was a kid. Definitely something I could see myself reading to my future children.

  • Bullerbyn kids series were the books I really fond of when I was a little kido. And the memories never fade away. I read this thousand times and will remember the laughters. All of the kids are cheerful, smart, witty, caring, adventurous and humble at once.

  • My favourite children book series of all those books I ever read, if I have grand children, I must get it for them. Lives of 6 children in a tiny hamlet in Sweden, in Czech with beautiful illustrations of a Czech artist Zmatlikova, I read those books again and again.

  • 100 pages of nostalgia from the author of Pippi Lockstocking. The children of Noisy Village are six children living on three adjacent farms in a hamlet in Sweden. One of them narrates these short tales from their year - from making maps and caves in the hayloft in the summer to struggling through miles of snow to get home at Christmas.The boys and girls are fairly typical - they like adventures and playing pretend, picking strawberries, dressing up, sometimes they prefer to play apart, but they [...]

  • One of the sweetest children's books ever written. Full of hilarious little adventures, it has that simple old-fashioned feel that I really adore. Lindgren was an amazing author, so imaginative, her stories are truly timeless and contain so many one-liners that make every generation and family laugh. This particular book, describing shenanigans and mischief of Berit, Anna, Lars, Bosse, Lisa and Ole, has been published in English as "The Children of Noisy Village" and I hear that although a bit w [...]

  • As a child, this book was a favorite after discovering it in 3rd grade. I discovered it again, years later, in the English language section of a bookshop in Stuttgart, Germany. Now, I'm pleased to find it again in yet another phase of life. When rereading childhood favorites, I'm always a bit nervous that they won't hold up. I was not disappointed. The Children of Noisy Village is just as delightful and happily nostalgic as it always was. I'm happy to have found it again at the library (the shod [...]

  • I read this with Gwen (6yo) and it was pure fun! It's about a girl, Lisa, who lives in a little farm town in Sweden. She has many adventures with her friends. I liked learning about the Swedish holiday celebrations. Seeing them through Lisa's eyes was sweet and Gwen could totally relate. I laughed so hard at the chapter about "helping people."

  • Amusing short stories providing an insight into the life of children in rural Sweden at some point in the past. Lots of launchpads for further exploration into Swedish traditions. Great for year 3 children - I'll be recommending it to my 7 year old!

  • "Während wir gingen, holte Britta ihr Märchenbuch hervor und roch daran. Und dann rochen wir alle daran. Neue Bücher riechen so gut - man kann am Geruch förmlich merken, wie schön es sein wird, sie zu lesen."[S. 91]Inhalt:Der Mittelhof, der Südhof und der Nordhof sind für Lisa, Lasse, Bosse, Ole, Britta und Inga die ganze Welt. Hier leben sie, hier spielen sie, hier erleben sie die größten und aufregendsten Abenteuer. Auf dem Heuboden schlafen, Hütten bauen oder Rüben ziehen, den sech [...]

  • Such a charming book. I wish I had grown up in Noisy Village instead of the boring suburbs. I would've been a different person, I do believe!A true classic.

  • I first read this book when I was 9, maybe 10. I adored it a lot and I was sad I lost my copy over the years. I got a copy (in English this time) recently and as I re-read the book, it was just as magical as the first time. Definite childhood favourite!

  • روایتی از یک دهکده و شخصیت های کودکانه اش، شاد ، صمیمی و کودکانه. ولی توقع بیشتری از آسترید داشتم. همچنان پسرم می یو رو توی کارای کودکی که ازش خوندم بیشتر دوست دارم

  • Den första bok jag läste på svenska. Den var kanska hård att först men blev lättare när jag läste mer. Jag tycker att jag ska läsa mera på svenska senare!

  • This book was excellent and confirms what I thought after I read Ronia the Robber's Daughterwhich is that Astrid Lindgren is a wonderful author. The language in this book is totally different than in that book, because this book is told in the voice of the little girl, Lisa, who is the main character. The words are simple, but meaningful and capture her experiences just right! In Ronia, the story is told in the 3rd person and uses a different, more adult style of writing that worked beautifully. [...]

  • When I first brought this book home from the library (based entirely on GR reviews), my 6-year-old son said it looked "lame." Howeverter I persisted in reading the first few chapters, he was completely won over. This is the charming story of a year in Noisy Village (really just a cluster of three small farms), in long ago Sweden. 1920s? They travel by foot or occasionally horse-drawn sled, but I think there might be mention of a truck. The Children of the title are three girls and three boys, ra [...]

  • Okay, I am kind of excited! This is the first non-picture book my 5 year old finished with me. I had tried Pippi longstocking and the little prince and neither of those took, but my little one loved this book. It's so funny to me because this book is literally a book with no action in it. It's about a little girl named Lisa who lives with her two brothers in a small village with other kids. They go to school, celebrate holidays and just enjoy being kids. I have to assume my daughter liked it bec [...]

  • "The Children of Noisy Village" is such a wonderful book for children!It is written by Astrid Lindgren, and I think much of the book was probably based on her own childhood growing up in Sweden in the early 1920's. I just loved reading about Anna, Britta, Karl, etc and all of their adventures in Noisy Village, a small group of 3 farms clustered together on the outskirts of town. The author makes you feel as if you are right there riding on the sleigh to school in the winter, searching for eggs a [...]

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