Echoes of the Heart

Echoes of the Heart Stuck in upstate New York to work off a humiliating arrest Dr Calista Montgomery is forced to deal with the disdain of arrogant sheriff Jack Benfield and their undeniable attraction GOING UNDER For D

  • Title: Echoes of the Heart
  • Author: Stacey A. Purcell
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 480
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Stuck in upstate New York to work off a humiliating arrest, Dr Calista Montgomery is forced to deal with the disdain of arrogant sheriff Jack Benfield and their undeniable attraction GOING UNDER For Dr Calista Montgomery, losing her soldier husband was like diving into a cold dark sea, and the events at his funeral swept her farther from shore Crushed by the lies, CalStuck in upstate New York to work off a humiliating arrest, Dr Calista Montgomery is forced to deal with the disdain of arrogant sheriff Jack Benfield and their undeniable attraction GOING UNDER For Dr Calista Montgomery, losing her soldier husband was like diving into a cold dark sea, and the events at his funeral swept her farther from shore Crushed by the lies, Cali crawls into a bottle and flees all she knows Inebriated and drifting aimlessly, she winds up in Esterloch, New York, where she s arrested and hits bottom Offered a chance to expunge her record, she accepts the conditions but the real challenge is keeping herself safe from the arrogant, gorgeous and commanding sheriff FOR THE LAST TIME Sheriff Jack Benfield hates drunks They re selfish, manipulative, and they break hearts, and his is no exception He saw the damage inflicted upon his family, so he has no patience for any of them, not even the beautiful Dr Montgomery His body, however, has different ideas, and soon two desperate souls will discover that some breaks make us stronger and sometimes we must drown before we learn how to breathe.

    • Echoes of the Heart ¦ Stacey A. Purcell
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    Texas girl by birth, child of the world by choice While I was born in Texas, it was a momentary lay over on my family s way back to Venezuela My father was in the oil industry which allowed me to have my backyard in countries like Norway, Malaysia, and Singapore I never lived in the U.S until my mother dropped me off for college in New Orleans In between raising kids, cooking, and painting, I can be found with a good book Victoria Holt and Kathleen Woodiwiss were early author heroes for me I love writing and started when I was 15 on hotel stationary I have been a member of RWA since 2009 and write contemporary and romantic suspense books.


  • 2 Just not for me Stars *There will be Spoilers* This book was so not for me. I almost DNF'd this book like 4 times and though OCD won out again(I have yet to DNF a book in the years I have been reading) this was the closest I've gotten to an DNF to date. I sat here for hours after finishing this book trying to think of the nicest way to write a review on a book I totally disliked while being honest. So I guess I will start by saying that my hate for this book had nothing to do with the author o [...]

  • If you like stories of redemption, you’re going to love ECHOES OF THE HEART. The heroine, Calli Montgomery, is an alcoholic in the early stages of her recovery. There’s no sugar coating the disease within this uplifting story, and her struggles are on the page for readers to experience with her—the lows, the fears, and the triumphs. The hero, Jack Benfield, has plenty of reasons to hate drunks because of his own family history, and like so many family members of alcoholics, does not see ho [...]

  • I started reading this at 11:00 a.m. and finished it at 10:38 p.m. I could not put it down. Cali is everyone we are and pretend not to be. Jack is everyone we dream about having but are scared of actually getting. This love story of flawed but lovable characters fills you with curiosity, intrigue, sympathy, cringe-worthy chuckles, passion, grief, and happiness. I loved it so much, and the beautifully crafted writing pulled me into the story so deeply that I genuinely felt like I was in snowy Est [...]

  • After finding out her deceased husband had betrayed her with another woman, functioning alcoholic Dr. Cali Montgomery wallows in misery at the bottom of the bottle. She runs hard and fast from her life, waking up in jail across the country, arrested on multiple charges.Sheriff Jack Benfield is hardwired against addicts. He’s had firsthand experience with its destruction and blames himself for not being able to save his mother and sister from their vices. He refuses to be a part of that again a [...]

  • I was able to buy a copy of ECHOES OF THE HEART at the author's Book Launch.Calista (Cali) Montgomery is a woman who has suffered a heart crushing loss, and it only gets worse from there. She seeks solace in alcohol, quickly reaching the point where she loses everything and everyone she holds dear. Jack Banfield is the Sheriff of the small town of Esterloch who finds Cali passed-out drunk in her car one evening. With a bit of family history haunting him, Jack has *no* tolerance for drunks. None. [...]

  • Stacey A. Purcell has written a thoughtful and emotional story with a deeply flawed main character. The author's brilliance is that she made me care about the heroine and even root for her to effectively deal with her issues. I appreciate the authenticity of Cali Montgomery's struggle with alcoholism, just as I appreciate Sheriff Jack Benfield's equally difficult struggle to deal with the alcoholic Cali.This is an impressive debut novel, and I look forward to more books from this talented author [...]

  • Echoes of the Heart is a thought-provoking tale centered around alcoholism. One of the characters is struggling with its demons. The other character has been scarred by family members stricken with the addiction. Ms. Purcell creates a town, with strong supporting characters, that allows our characters to grow while they deal with these issues. The pacing of the story is stellar. She brings her characters down into the depths of despair, but never wallows there. There is laughter, tears and joy. [...]

  • Reviewed at Keeper BookshelfIt’s often been said that once you hit rock bottom there’s nowhere left to go but up – that’s not necessarily true. You can hit rock bottom and tunnel a bit further down if you’re determined enough or simply do not care about anything anymore.Cali thought her world ended when her husband died. Actually the web of lies that was revealed at his funeral totally crushed her world – and all she wanted from that point onward was escape. Her escape route was the [...]

  • Echoes of the Heart is an entertaining read from beginning to waiting on the next novel from Mrs. Purcell. I will admit I am not the typical Romance novel guy. John Wayne characters and blood-n-guts action adventure is more my taste, so I grudgingly accepted the challenge to read a 'Modern Day' romance. I can honestly say I am pleased I did. I dove into the novel saddled with my denial of what I thought romance reading should be. The authors’ story line includes the harsh reality that is alcoh [...]

  • Ms. Purcell has written a riveting story from beginning to end. One dealing with an addiction tough to deal with and understand for all involved. But she has done an amazing job here, giving us an inside look to both the alcoholic’s view as well as those around her who care and want to help. Cali and Jack are great characters that will make you smile and then tug at your heart as you watch them struggle on their way to find redemption and love. A Wonderful read! I can’t wait to read more fro [...]

  • As a first novel, this book was a page-turner! Great romance, some mystery and a good ending. Well written.Waiting for the next one!

  • Just couldn't put this book down! The sexual tension between the two main characters kept me wanting more.

  • This debut novel by Ms. Purcell is both heartfelt and uplifting. Even though Dr. Calista Montgomery is filled with pain over past hurts and has turned to drinking to cope, her strength of character and deeply caring nature shine through. Sheriff Jack Benfield meets her when she has reached her lowest point, a time when she feels she can endure no more. Unknowingly, he challenges her to do better and ultimately challenges his own perceptions of alcoholism and human nature.This story takes you on [...]

  • A great first book just loved it couldnt put it down cant wait to see what she comes up with next.Recommended go get it

  • This story was full of raw, gritty emotion. The realities of addiction and what happens to Cali Montgomery MD when she is arrested in a tiny town in upstate NY by a hard ass Sheriff who has zero tolerance for addicts and moreover drunks. His cruel treatment of Cali initially and at times throughout the book gives us a glimpse into his own backstory, which comes out throughout the book as well. Jack's Aunt Pookie ( gawd I loved this woman) also the town Judge sentences Cali to a year in the town [...]

  • I absolutely loved this book! I am not much of a reader, mostly because I do not have time, but I couldn't put Echoes of the Heart down. Between the romance, the realistic depiction of alcoholism, and witnessing characters struggle to overcome their challenges, I was hooked. The book had me guessing until the end and I was left wanting more. Here's to hoping for a Book #2! :)

  • Still one of the best written books. I can't wait for the next book to come out. First Cali and Jack, Then Monica and Roarck the 3rd book is about Peter . Each book so far has a different addition to it that you have to deal with . And learn about.

  • Wow -- this was not even close to what I expected when I was given this as a Christmas gift. I don't think I've read more than one other romance book in my life and was very pleasantly surprised by this read. Stacey is an amazing first-time author and I look forward to her future work. She captured the REAL essence of the difficulties of struggling with addiction. A touchy subject that was handled with skill and class by Ms. Purcell. I liked this book so much, I passed it on and bought my own co [...]

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