In the Blood

In the Blood The WarriorThe war between Dosalyn and Roanaan has ended but a new battle begins for prisoner of war Ottilde Dominax Dreams of her witchbreed twin sister are visions of death and betrayal Driven by

  • Title: In the Blood
  • Author: R.L. Martinez
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 442
  • Format: ebook
  • The WarriorThe war between Dosalyn and Roanaan has ended, but a new battle begins for prisoner of war, Ottilde Dominax Dreams of her witchbreed twin sister are visions of death and betrayal Driven by their grim warning, she escapes her captors and races across nations to save her sister But she may arrive too late The WitchOriabel Dominax has kept her healing magic secrThe WarriorThe war between Dosalyn and Roanaan has ended, but a new battle begins for prisoner of war, Ottilde Dominax Dreams of her witchbreed twin sister are visions of death and betrayal Driven by their grim warning, she escapes her captors and races across nations to save her sister But she may arrive too late The WitchOriabel Dominax has kept her healing magic secret while she cares for her family s struggling estate But the arrival of a new lord with secrets of his own, the discovery of a dark and addictive magic, and threats from a cruel blackmailer push Oriabel closer to disaster.Through it all, the Witch s Tree calls

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    I write mutant stories you know the kind that are a little of this and a little of that that have dark edges and corners So, while I love putting romance in my tales, the lovers have to go through some serious sh t to be together And sometimes, even then, it doesn t work out My favorite scenes to write are about death and destruction gotta let the inner killer blow off steam SOMEHOW followed by scenes with lots of witty banter Comedy and death make my inner killer very happy Yep, that s right, instead of an inner goddess bleh, by the way I ve got an inner killer and she has her eye on you.And now the boring stuff I live in Oklahoma with my husband, two small sons, two naughty puppies, and a mouse killing cat Now you know why I write FANTASY with lots of mayhem in it.


  • ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.I just love when I'm reminded from time to time to never judge a story by its book cover. Never. This book is an epic fantasy and its so well written that I couldn't put it down until I was done reading it. The characters are complex, you just can't help but fall inlove with the twins Ottilde and Oriabel . I liked them both. I liked Hito too and I was kind of wishing for Wilder and Ottilde. These two really fit together. Or even [...]

  • This book really grabbed me from the beginning. It's not often you start a book with one of the main characters being in prison. Ottilde Dominax is a warrior for her country, yet a hated prisoner because she killed the prince heir. She lives day to day fearing for her life and hoping for reprieve. When she dreams that her twin sister Oriabel's life is in danger, she must devise an escape plan.Oriabel Dominax is a healer with the hidden secret of being witchborn. As newcomers descend on Oriabel's [...]

  • Note: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. I enjoyed this book through and through. I picked up this book in hopes of reading a decent fantasy novel, but this book pleasantly surprised the hell out of me! It is an epic book with a brilliant plot, stunning characterization, and beautiful writing - all weaved together into a fantastic work that I was lucky enough to read.This book has everything a fantasy lover craves - A new world to get completely lost [...]

  • I received a copy of this book in a giveaway.In the Blood is a new YA fantasy novel that combines elements of family loyalty with tales of witches, ensuing battles and natural magic. Creative and imaginative beyond belief, it's one of those books that sticks with you forever and never lets you go. While it's not one of my favorites, I still really loved it and I think that it's definitely worth a five star review, and I think that as time goes on it's a book that will really build up a fanbase [...]

  • DISCLAIMER: I did the map for this, and am listed in Lakewater Press's website as their illustrator. The editor provided me with an ARC when I asked. EDIT: I also made the new cover for In the Blood, as well as the cover of Beneath the Skin!That being saidI found IN THE BLOOD to be a fascinating fantasy, and one's not afraid to get dark when it needs to. I found the blood magic system properly two-edged (as blood magic should be), and the same can be said for the onkai (the shapeshifters in Mart [...]

  • In the Blood is a powerfully written story of a country in the wake of a war, and particularly of two sisters who were once nobility of the country that has just been conquered. One sister, Oriabel, is a witch - but there are old prejudices against witches in her country, so she struggles to help her people while keeping her own secret. The other sister, Ottilde, is a soldier. She served well until her sympathy for witches led her to object to the slaughter of a witch village - a situation that [...]

  • As R.L. Martinez's editor, I can only say wonderful things about this book. From the first day I read it, I was absolutely hooked, and even now, after reading it multiple times and analysing each and every sentence, I'm still just as much in love with it. It's a fantastically rich, dark and addictive plot, with all-consuming characters and a vivid and believable world. If you are a lover of epic fantasy, with interweaving plots, shock moments, and disturbing storylines, then this will not disapp [...]

  • Disclaimer: I received an eARC (Advanced Readers Copy – electronic version) copy of this book in return for an honest review.Since I have read and thoroughly enjoyed R. L. Martinez’s previous book, Wild Horses Don’t Stop at Whoa, I jumped at the chance to read this. While there is no connection between the two books, it is apparent after reading this that Ms. Martinez’s writing has continued to improve over time.In the Blood begins with twin sisters, separated by several years and a vast [...]

  • Let me admit something right from the start – I’m not a huge reader of the fantasy genre. The genre authors of these epic tomes usually dump fifty million characters with weird names you can’t pronounce in the first two chapters who all have allegiances to some made up kingdoms and gods. There’s usually witches and wizards, dragons and ogres, vampires and werewolves, hybrids of all of these and some creatures that are conjured from the author’s imagination that I must then piece togeth [...]

  • A gripping beginningIn the sense of both the story in this book and the larger story this book’s a part of. Although the middle and end of the story are riveting as well.The story of twin sisters who have more differences than similarities; In the Blood focuses on their love and need to protect one another, no matter the distance between or the hardships involved.It’s hard to get into any details without becoming spoilerish, so I’ll try broad-brush strokes. Ms Martinez’ characterizations [...]

  • So I have just finished In the blood by R.L Martinez (provided through netgalley for an open and honest review)To be quite honest I couldn't wait for this to end yet I was desperate for it never to finish.Initially I started reading it and immediately thoughts something to get my teeth stuck into and it didn't disappoint.You were in the thick of it from the get go, how Martinez describes the surroundings and characters really draw you in and once your finished you feel a crushing sense of sadnes [...]

  • I received In The Blood from GoodReads in return for an honest review.I recently read a review that, somewhat unfavorably, compared In The Blood to Robin Hobb's Assassin's Apprentice trilogy. While I feel that the comparison is apt, I completely disagree that it should be seen in an unfavorable light. Granted, Hobb's work has grown by leaps and bounds since her Apprentice series but it set the stage for one of Fantasy's greatest world builder. Martinez, in my opinion, has accomplished a similar [...]

  • Disclaimer: I received an ARC copy of this book in return for an honest review.I think that the events of this book feel like the characters won the war, but then lost the battle. In the Blood is the story of twin sisters who are separated by a great distance. Ottilde is locked in a prison camp after being captured during a war which took place before the start of the novel. Her sister Oriabel is locked in a castle with a group of odious captors. Oriabel is a witch, masquerading as a person with [...]

  • An eARC of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Every so often you come across a book that reminds you why you love a genre, and Into the Blood really reminded me why I love reading epic fantasy. This story has two female protagonists who are so very different from one another, but united by sisterly love. Their story involves struggles that are generally outside of their control with real elements of sacrifice. I couldn’t put this down once I started and I [...]

  • In the Blood is an onion. You peel one layer away thinking you have it all figured out when you’re faced with another layer, and another, and another.The characters are complex and surprising and every one of them well written. You won’t mistake one for another; not even identical twins Oriabel and Ottilde. They are all as individual as snowflakes.The author has gone to great length to ensure her characters fit their ‘character,’ and that the dialogue fits individual characters and the s [...]

  • I can not rate this book enough. I absolutely loved it. Lakewater Press let me read an ebook copy of this and I once I started I couldn't stop. I've read some of the other reviews and if there were any errors I was too absorbed in the story to notice them. The only bit I was a bit unsure of was about why Ottilde was a prisoner of war. Trying to avoid spoilers but I understood the deed that led her there but it took me a while to work out who the other significant person in that dead was in relat [...]

  • I wasn't really sure what to expect when I started reading this book. I didn't have much information about the book and had never even seen the cover! I was given an eARC of this novel for this HONEST review.It took me about 2 days to finish this one, I could barely tear my eyes from it long enough to sleep. The story is so enthralling. I loved every minute of it. I was constantly anxious to find out what would happen next. I finished this book hungry for more. I hope that the words "The End" ar [...]

  • In the Blood is the first book of The Witchbreed Series, and it starts off in an absolutely entertaining way. The magic creates fantasy, the shifters add action, and characters’ beliefs express cultural diversity while adding adventure. This combination gives readers a suspenseful story of sisterly love, like none other. I found the characters to be introduced perfectly and easily related to all of them; I quickly loved some, and hated others, I also loved, hated, and loved a few. The suspense [...]

  • What a great fantasy novel. I loved this from the beginning and I'm excited to continue on this ride. This was such a captivating book and it wasn't afraid to get brutal. There are moments that made me incredibly giddy and happy and moments that made me downright infuriated. I had such a fun ride, that I had to finish this book before continuing the books I planned for my read-a-thon. I can't wait for the next ones!Read the full in depth review here: thewordsoffthepage

  • I COULDN'T PUT IT DOWN! The characters grabbed me at the beginning and didn't let me go. The intense moments and strong characters lead you through a time unknown to some of us. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.Must Read for anyone who wants to be taken away to another time and place.

  • In the Blood was an absolutely fantastic read! RL Martinez did a fabulous job in bringing this world to life following the lives of two sisters, Ottilde and Oriabel. The writing was excellent and completely brought me into the story. It was descriptive without being overly done and the dialogue was natural. I was sucked in.I admit, I was more curious and excited during Oriabel’s scenes, but Ottilde is still a wonderful, strong character. I just felt more for the ‘younger’ twin. There were [...]

  • Wow! Great fantasyWitchbreed tells of a country embroiled in superstitions and fears of all things magical. The people have a special hatred for witches, never realizing their much beloved Lady is a witch. Her twin sister is a warrior imprisoned for treason. Filled with action, betrayal, and plot twists, this is excellent fantasy.

  • 3 I guessThe ending was close to acceptable but then it added another chapter. It was decent otherwise. Intriguing. But dark and violent. Much unresolved. 3 I guess but with mixed feelings.

  • In The Blood is the first book in R.L. Martinez’s The Witchbreed Series, this is also her first foray into Epic Fantasy.When I first heard that this was an epic fantasy series I was sceptical, this is due me believing that epic fantasy is one of the harder fantasy sub genres to write in but what I got was something that from the first few pages had me intrigued and interested in its world and characters.In The Blood has us follow four main characters the sisters Ottilde and Oriabel, Hito and W [...]

  • Well, this is never easy to do, specially when the author is so kind as to provide you with a copy of her book for you to read and enjoy, and puts a real effort in sending it along with some really nice goodies and message but since the point of it was also to get an honest review, here we go.My biggest problem with this novel is clearly related with expectations and personal taste. I was expecting to read some hight fantasy, as much as I'm not fond of romance fantasy, when the romance has not w [...]

  • ‘In the Blood’ by American author, R L Martinez is a fantasy novel set in a fictitious pre-industrial civilisation where superstition and fear are prevalent. The story alternates between twin sisters who have lived apart for many years.The pace is well-balanced, giving the reader a contrast between the action-packed adventures of Ottilde, the warrior, and the threatening menace that surrounds her sister Oriabel, the witch.The witch’s tree is a sinister ever-present symbol of impending doom [...]

  • I really enjoyed this book. It is a solid 4 stars, original, interesting, and well-paced. While the world built feels, a little too often, like it is built on unstable ground, it is a captivating world nonetheless, filled with great characters that you cannot help but care about. One of my favourite elements is the way Martinez just drops the reader into the end of a conflict and allows us to experience the new reality thus formed alongside her characters.Ottilde and Oriabel Dominax, identical t [...]

  • Readers of epic fantasy, you may love this book.It is not my first category off reading, mostly because it implies creating a new world and it is impossible in 300 or 400 pages to detail the complex links behind it. Why are witches hated so much in the author's creation? How did the sisters grow up to be so different? Of course, Oriabel is a witch and Ottilde a warrior, but there could be some traits shared by the two of them, no?Then, the next question would be about the amount of violence, whi [...]

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