Black Butler, Vol. 22

Black Butler Vol Revealing themselves to be wolves in sheep s clothing the villagers of Wolfsschlucht nip ferociously at the heels of Earl Ciel Phantomhive and his entire household indomitable butler Sebastian includ

  • Title: Black Butler, Vol. 22
  • Author: Yana Toboso Tomo Kimura
  • ISBN: 9780316272261
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Paperback
  • Revealing themselves to be wolves in sheep s clothing, the villagers of Wolfsschlucht nip ferociously at the heels of Earl Ciel Phantomhive and his entire household indomitable butler Sebastian included With aid coming from surprising corners, the company makes a quick getaway with the Emerald Witch in tow But even as preparations are made and wounds rested for the passRevealing themselves to be wolves in sheep s clothing, the villagers of Wolfsschlucht nip ferociously at the heels of Earl Ciel Phantomhive and his entire household indomitable butler Sebastian included With aid coming from surprising corners, the company makes a quick getaway with the Emerald Witch in tow But even as preparations are made and wounds rested for the passage to England and the inevitable meeting with the queen, word of the Undertaker stubbornly hangs over the proceedings

    • Black Butler, Vol. 22 ¦ Yana Toboso Tomo Kimura
      374 Yana Toboso Tomo Kimura
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    Yana Toboso Toboso Yana is a female Japanese manga artist born in Warabi, Saitama Prefecture, Japan and currently resides in Yokohama She is best known for Black Butler Kuroshitsuji , a popular shonen manga series.She has also written yaoi under the pen name Yanao Rock .AppearanceYana Toboso draws herself as a devil with a black body and horns, a white head, and a pointed tail She has never uploaded a picture of herself, so her actual appearance is unknown.


  • My first and only KS volume of the year It is impossible NOT to love this volume. Since it was the characters vote for the 100 chapters, it is obvious Toboso-sensei let this influence her. And it made an awesome volume, I don't think any fan would be disappointed -entirely-.What makes it a fabulous volume: - That cover. I love Meyrin, specially since she is a badass character but also a comedy relief. She is not cute as Elizabeth, nor imposing as Lady Frances, but she is my favorite recurring fe [...]

  • I just realized I forgot to do my review on this volume. I hope I can remember some of my impressions.5 Stars for artwork -- which is just as amazing in this volume as in the last few volumes.4 1/2 Stars for the main story -- I mostly enjoyed the wrap-up for the Emerald Witch arc. This wasn't one of my favorite arcs, yet it was fitting for the time period. Parts of the wrap-up felt like a repeat of a previous story-line, which is a shame, since so much of Black Butler is so wonderfully creative [...]

  • 3.5*خیلی کوتاه بود. خیلی :((ولی خب جدا از اون خوب بود :-؟ دلم برای ولفغام سوخت گوگولی :(آخرش هم که لیزی ترکوند :)) خیلی دوسش دارم

  • Great Mey-Rin cover. The art is as always just lovely through out and the Emerald Witch arc finally wraps up. Ciel and company successfully get her out of Germany along with Wolfman who lives long enough to get to medical help to save him.Once in England, Ciel and Sebastian have to train her to properly meet Queen Victoria and convince her that she's no longer a threat. Ciel bribes her with the ideas of being able to study and do as much science as she wants. I liked that.However this is a short [...]

  • *claps hands* More Sascha and Herr Ludger, the German shingami are so interesting. I wonder why and how these 2 died Also, Grell made more than one appearance so that's always good. Sieglinde Sullivan has grown on me more than I care to admit, I can't believe that there was a time I could not stand her.

  • The last chapter felt like filler but this was enjoyable overall. You can see some hints towards a lot of stirring in the background so I’m intrigued to continue.

  • Undertakerkın düşündüğüm şeyi yapma sakın(ꐦ ಠ皿ಠ ) mangakamızın çizimleri mükemmelişiyir ku bana mı öyle geliyor acaba Almanya seysinden sonra baya sağlam bir arc geliyor galiba sinyallerini verdi

  • Well that was immensely exciting and funny!Reread: How did I miss all these clues the last time I read this?! What is Undertaker up to?!

  • Sebastian as a teacher is one of my favorite things. I much like this Queen Victoria more than what was featured in the second season of the anime.

  • First, of all: (view spoiler)[WHAT DID UNDERTAKER PUT INTO CIEL. WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT. WHAT DID HE DO TO MY CHILD. Although I must say I'm extremely intrigued to see what will happen. There's that small, evil, fangirl-y part of me that hopes Ciel will become weak and helpless like he did back in the Emerald Witch arc (hide spoiler)]I died laughing when Lizzie saw Ciel on the floor with Sully and for real instantly tried to drop-kick him into the Otherworld with the look of a true devil on her [...]

  • A decir verdad el ritmo baja mucho al ser la conclusión del arco de la bruja verde, sin embargo hay varias situaciones interesantes que revelan datos importantes.Situaciones muy bonitas y emotivas como la historia de Wolf y de cómo llegó a ser el mayordomo de la señorita Sullivan, así como la preparación que tienen que enfrentar para tener todo lo necesario y poder conocer a la reina sin pasar vergüenza, que dicho de paso resulta gracioso.De igual manera tendremos información interesante [...]

  • A little slower than some of the other volumes, I still give it four stars for its beauty, character development, and a particularly suspenseful scene involving the Undertaker. This was more character driven than recent books, centering around the witch, Ciel, Sebastian, Lizzy, Snake, Finny, and Queen Victoria. Their interaction was developed in a peaceful interval between the action and drama we’ve been experiencing in Black Butler lately. Concentrating on the lighter aspects of this series w [...]

  • The aftermath of the Emerald Witch arc has Ciel and Sebastian bring Sullivan back to England to meet Queen Victoria - but first Sebastian must turn her into a lady. So happy that they managed to save Wolf! And we get a nice snippet of back story for him too.There's loads here to enjoy - I love the foreshadows of WW1 and doesn't Dierdrich look strangely like Hitler hmmmm. There's some nice Reaper stuff in here too - like how humans become reapers and the very welcome return of Grelle and the Unde [...]

  • While I do really enjoy and love the Black Butler series this Volume just seemed to miss the mark for me. The only things I did like was that we were back in England and that the Emerald Witch arc has ended. I really did love Lizzie in this Volume. What I didn't like about this was that we didn't get introduced to a new arc. Plus there was this bonus chapter short story thing that didn't really add anything to the storyline for me. So sadly this Volume was MUCH shorter than the others in the ser [...]

  • the covers can sure be quite misleading at times. it's okay though. the queen is being very cryptic. and i'm suspicious. what is undertaker planning?????? I WONDER WHAT'S HIS ROLE IN THE GRAND SCHEME OF THINGS. what did seb do underwater. WHATIS GOING OOOOOON. what is the queen planning. but these little hints are very effective, in making me excited for what's coming, even if i know what it is. jfjdgggjfg

  • I liked this volume enough. The first half wrapped up the witch arc and to be honest this part wasn't that interesting. The last half was dedicated to a popularity contest to see which of the characters are the most popular. Although I did find fun little part at the end interesting, I wasn't that impressed. Overall I thought it was a pretty meh volume.

  • I swear the series is only getting better. I'm not sure how, since it started pretty great, but somehow it is. The art is improving (which is really dangerous, Sebastian was too pretty to begin with, and now he's prettier, and he's fictionalis is a problem Yana Toboso) and the stories are improving at the same pace. It's a beautiful thing.I can't wait for the next one!

  • THE GOOD Ciel and Sebastian: Fantastic as always. Also? That scene where Ciel's life flashed before his eyes when Elizabeth thought he was two timing? Hilarious.Sullivan; Watching her lady etiquette lessons was hilarious and I felt bad for her. I am glad her butler survived, even if I don't like him. THE BAD The queen: Still not a fan. Probably never will be a fan.

  • Even after all this time, I still have tremendous love for the art in this series. The smallest details are amazing.The story in this one is absolutely hilarious and I appreciated it a lot.Side note: Lizzy is scary.

  • It'd been a long while since I read any of these, so I had to think about where I left off lol. But this was good! I'm glad the main witch storyline is over, and also that bae Undertaker is back! 😍

  • This is the end of the Emerald Witch arc. Wolfram (Sullivan's butler and bodyguard), who was raised as a soldier since birth and given a name only after he was assigned to Sullivan, is miraculously saved. Ciel and Sebastian transport Sullivan and Wolfram to England. Ciel gives Sebastian one week to turn Sullivan into a young lady fit to meet the queen. Hilarity ensues. (view spoiler)[Wolfram is only permitted to complain about Sebastian's treatment of Sullivan if he can do so in English. Lizzie [...]

  • -POTENTIAL SPOILERS- The last volume my public library has, which makes me want to cry! The story's obviously not over yet! Anyway, the weird steampunkish angle they reached in the previous volume was dropped, which was good. This volume mainly focused on Ciel and Sebastian preparing the German witch for her audience with Queen Victoria, which meant teaching her how to talk, dress, and eat. It had a 'My Fair Lady' vibe which I love, so naturally I enjoyed this plot thread. And the dress they dre [...]

  • Parece que se enlaza el arco de la Green Witch con el nuevo. En este tomo se explican muchas cosas, y parece que salta de unas a otras para atar algunos cabos sueltos y enredar más a los lectores. Por un lado, deja claro cómo los shinigami llegan a ser lo que son: castigando su eternidad por haber cometido suicidio. Da mucho que pensar, y me siento mal pensando en las penurias que han tenido que pasar al darse cuenta de que van a estar pendientes de la vida y la muerte para siempre. Es triste, [...]

  • The Phantomhive servants all gather at this train station nearby & get a train ready to go - they’re all aboard & moving when Wolf shows up & he’s shot down but tells Sullivan she’s not a witch, but a normal girl - but they take him onto eh train & bandage him up & he’ll be fine & he’ll keep caring for Sullivan.The German Shinigami are doing their soul collecting when Grell Sutcliff & William show up!! The Germans do reveal that Shinigami are people who used [...]

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