Boys Don't Ride

Boys Don t Ride year old Tull has loved horses ever since he can remember but as the son of a single mum with pressing things to pay for than riding lessons he s never got closer than stroking them over the fence

  • Title: Boys Don't Ride
  • Author: Katharina Marcus
  • ISBN: 9781311664648
  • Page: 134
  • Format: ebook
  • 17 year old Tull has loved horses ever since he can remember but as the son of a single mum with pressing things to pay for than riding lessons he s never got closer than stroking them over the fence Until one day a chance encounter with the most unlikely of girls opens the door to his dream The question is, is it still the same dream And is he tough enough to prov17 year old Tull has loved horses ever since he can remember but as the son of a single mum with pressing things to pay for than riding lessons he s never got closer than stroking them over the fence Until one day a chance encounter with the most unlikely of girls opens the door to his dream The question is, is it still the same dream And is he tough enough to prove he s worth living it

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    Katharina Marcus is a Brightonian author of German Jewish descent with a Dutch passport and a nationless heart She lives in perpetual chaos on a ball in space with one husband, two children, four ponies and a cat.A life long horse woman with a serious penchant for bareback riding, she used to top up her meagre earnings from writing by moonlighting as a freelance riding instructor and horse trainer when not practising as a psychotherapist or serving food Presently she is employed as a Girl Friday in a school for exceptionally entertaining and diverse young people As the daughter of Antiquarian book dealers she reads and always has read loads but is so private about her personal book collection, she keeps it in her bedroom.She hasn t got a website, so far only blogs on GR and doesn t even really do facebook, although her latest novel, Cooking with Caroline, does have it s own, entirely dilletante fb page here facebook Cooking with By and large she prefers her interaction to be face to face or in personal messages but is, of course, immensely grateful for every like, share and feedback left.


  • Maybe I was just in a gooey mood today, but this novella really hit the spot. It's so nice to read about horses by an author that actually knows them. OK, she calls a 'halter' a 'head collar', but the English have been butchering American for years now, so I'll forgive her.;)This was a romance, but nothing beyond some kissing takes place & even that isn't graphic. Mostly it's about a boy's unrequited horse addiction. I'm not one, but I raised one & know a lot of women with the affliction [...]

  • This was a YA contemporary romance novella about a boy and girl who meet in the school cafeteria and discover a mutual love for horses. They begin working together at some stables, and participate in a charity event, and slowly feelings grow between them, even though Liberty keeps telling Tull that he isn’t her type! This was a sweet story though, and it was cute the way Tull eventually admitted his feelings for Liberty.6 out of 10

  • A free read that is beautiful, sad, profound, heartbreaking, cute, uplifting, made me well up(and I’m not the sobbing type) then ultimately happy. But the animals aren't as rounded as they were in 'Eleanor McGraw' and it doesn't have that kind of strong horse lead character so it's more of a rounded up 5.

  • I don’t read a lot of YA as I find it can be a bit same same. I happened to mention this to a good friend and he recommended Boys Don’t Ride as an example of ‘YA done well’. I think that phrase is a good summary for this book. The writing is nice and the relationship between the two main characters is natural and endearing. Tull is portrayed with believable tenderness, making the exploration of his developing feelings for Liberty very enjoyable. I particularly liked the way the ‘beauty [...]

  • Eleanor McGraw, a Pony Named Mouse and a Boy Called Fire was a random read in 2013 that turned out to be one of my top ten books of the year, so I was delighted to learn that Katharina Marcus has a new YA horse-themed novella out. And what’s more, it was (and still is) free."Boys Don’t Ride" is the story of 17 year old Tull who loves horses, but has no money to learn to ride. Through a small good turn in the school cafeteria, he meets Liberty¸a rather solitary girl, whom he is intrigued by. [...]

  • The only flaw about this book: too short! I adored it, heartbreaking and sad at times but full of hope at others, the story is enchanting and beautiful. A great little book.

  • A smashing young adult story about earning the right to riding lessons by doing the work of looking after ponies and helping others. Tull is seventeen and scraping by as his absent father doesn't always live up to his responsibilities. A girl called Liberty has no money either, but she does have access to ponies and horses as her mother runs a riding centre. Tull loves horses but has never had the chance to learn to ride. Liberty has a cleft palate/ hare lip which required a few operations and s [...]

  • Oh my gosh! My one complaint: it's too short. I want this to be 400 pages long. Such an amazing story and I want more!Tull is a pretty boy who thinks he has it hard and loves horses. He meets Liberty and his life is flipped upside down.Liberty was born with a cleft pallet, and Tull obsesses over her mouth. Which makes the story very strange in a good way. Ah! I want so much more of them! They are so sweet together.When Tull helps out with the kids, it's a tearjerker. I loved when Liberty teased [...]

  • I loved this- the issue of horses being "girly" is unfortunately very common, even though in my part of the distant north of England, Cumbria, it's all horses cows or sheep. (No kidding, there's your career options) Well done the boys who ride!

  • This was a really great quick read for horse lovers. Even though it didn't give me the same connection as with Katharina Marcus's other work, i could easily still fall in love with the characters. If you're looking for an enjoyable one sit read with everything great about the horse world and young love, then this is the book for you!

  • Lovely little teen romance centred about the love of horses and a quick read. I like the way the author portrays Tull and Liberty: Tull being handsome and easy-going and Liberty with a facial flaw and a bite. I guess the main suspense is whether he’ll get the girl or not, Liberty being so defensive at times. But they are both hard-working and love horses and there they both find a common ground. What I liked most in this short story and Eleanor is the writing.He couldn’t stop thinking about [...]

  • What can I say but aww this story was heartfelt, cute and so sweet. It gave me feel good feelings for the simple things in life and made me smile and remember that superficial really doesn't matter, humanity matters.The girl was poor, worse than poor she had no money 3 jobs and 8 brothers and a horse to pay for but she still gave what she could to those who had less, to the boy who never had a chance to follow his dream, to the children who had disabilities, to give back hope to those who needed [...]

  • This is a book that has the love of horses, a young boy, and a girl who has a disability.Tull is 17 and he loves horses. He knows a lot about them and wishes that he could have one. But his mom is divorced so there is no money for a horse, nor there is for riding lessons. Tull has been told that boys don't ride horses, only girls do.Tull goes to school and spots a girl, who everyone calls Lips. He tries to make friends with her and also finds out that she works and rides at a riding stable nearb [...]

  • I saw this available for a giveaway a few days ago and found that the eBook is available for free on .Tull is a seventeen year old boy. Ever since he was a child, he's found comfort in horses. When they used to ride outside his house, he ran outside to greet them. Though, after the years, there's been fewer horses in his life. However, when Liberty comes into his life, he soon rekindles his passion for the animals and helps her out at the stables.I quite enjoyed it. It was short, but didn't real [...]

  • I first heard of this novella through Jane Badger's blog. Wow! What a story! My first thoughts when I finished reading it was 'why did it have to be so short?', then I realised the author has finished with a perfect situation - the main character is happy and about to start his riding journey, and the reader is left with the knowledge that everything had turned out well despite the characters' circumstances. I would recommend this novella to any of my horsey orientated friends. While it may be s [...]

  • I was pleasantly surprised with this book. It's so nice to be able to read a book from the guy's pov, especially one as unselfish and kindhearted as Tull. He's so accepting of Liberty, looking past her faults to see the girl she really is.Though I wish there had been more of them riding (maybe something for a sequel?), I can't say I would change anything in it. When he chooses the girl over horses, that moment is priceless. I normally read books with more heat and spice, but this book filled all [...]

  • When I read this I hadn't realised it was for young adults, but can definitely see that this is a lovely story for any romantic of any age. The story is beautiful and very well written, and I could have happily read a much longer version of it. There is nothing adult in it - it is just pure, simple, loving romance and just gorgeous. I enjoyed it as an adult but I would equally be happy to hand this to my young teen boy or girl as a pleasant read.

  • I received a copy of this book as a free download in exchange for an honest review.Well I certainly like to challenge my senses, broaden my horizons and take myself out of my comfort zone. Teenage emotions and horses are just that but I have to say that I loved the story. Great plot, strong characters and thoroughly enjoyable to read.

  • Beautiful short teen romance. Marcus has constructed the story perfectly within its novella framework, and has a great touch with all the iffy moments of being a teenager. I liked the different approach, and the characters are very well developed within the available space. Tissues required, especially for charity day!After re-reading: this is one to keep.

  • This horse novella by Katharina Marcus tells the story of 17 year old Tull, a good looking teen who may have all the girl’s attention – except the one he wants. Tull has another desire that isn’t fulfilled – his love of horses.For as long as he can remember, Tull has loved the equine animal and devoured books about them more at equus-blog/boys-dont-ride-

  • I have a huge complaint about this book: it was too short.This is a wonderful story, with superbly written characters. A sweet coming-of-age story and at the same time a love story. The characters are very well developed considering how short this story is and that Katharina Marcus didn't have to use a ton of words to set the stage.Excellent read

  • I know absolutely nothing about horses nor have any interest in them, but the author has a way of making everything sound fun and interesting. Great characters, cute plot. Zero dull moment (so uncommon)! Good for a quick read during lazy afternoons or before you go to bed.

  • Fantastic, really sweet story! I loved Tull and Liberty, and their friendship was really sweet. Definitely worth a read.4.5 stars

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