The Morisot Connection

The Morisot Connection Murdered criminals Flawless forgeries Encrypted operas The murder of an opera house director forces world renowned nonverbal communications expert Doctor Genevieve Lenard and her team into an impossib

  • Title: The Morisot Connection
  • Author: Estelle Ryan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Murdered criminals Flawless forgeries Encrypted operas.The murder of an opera house director forces world renowned nonverbal communications expert Doctor Genevieve Lenard and her team into an impossible position protecting notorious criminals from what appears to be a serial killer.Genevieve plunges into the world of opera, uncovering secrets that a group of organisedMurdered criminals Flawless forgeries Encrypted operas.The murder of an opera house director forces world renowned nonverbal communications expert Doctor Genevieve Lenard and her team into an impossible position protecting notorious criminals from what appears to be a serial killer.Genevieve plunges into the world of opera, uncovering secrets that a group of organised crime leaders would do anything to keep hidden She cannot allow her previous case, unreliable witnesses or conflict with her team to distract her Not if she wants to prevent many innocent lives being lost in a shocking grand finale.

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    Estelle Ryan was born in South Africa and spent her childhood being surrounded by African beauty, nature and diversity of cultures Her first trip to Europe at the tender age of 16 transformed her world into a much larger place, endless in its possibilities and places to explore For most of her adulthood she s travelled all over the world, lived on a few continents, explored numerous cultures and still is insatiable in the quest to still the hunger for life experiences.She s written for numerous international magazines, was the editor of a European lifestyle magazine and has seven romance novels published under a pseudonym With her interest in international politics, arts, crime, behavioural psychology, criminal psychology and music, she decided to combine all these elements in her writing And so Genevieve and the team came into being.She is an unabashed coffeeshopaholic Good coffee, ambience and music in the perfect combination is all that is required to turn a mundane coffee shop into her office The appropriate coffee shop is chosen depending on the mood, the weather, the type and amount of work that needs to be done, and of course the craving of the day All of her books have been written in numerous coffee shops all over the world.


  • another delightful treat from this author. a tale of passion, crime, revenge and a very unusual detective and her equally unusual friends. her struggle toke sense of non aspberger people is inspiring. her unusual viewpoint ad her non verbal skills are key to her abilities. enjoying the series I suggest reading them in order though.

  • The Morisot Connection was not my favorite in the Genevieve Lenard series but it was just enough drama not to be able to put it down. The Morisot Connection was not my favorite in the Genevieve Lenard series but it was just enough drama not to be able to put it down.What I liked: The characters and their relationships continue to be the draw for me reading this series. Yes, the mystery and the suspense aspect was well written and developed but the characters are hands down some of the best I've [...]

  • I didn't know much about Morisot.I absolutely love these books! The first book brought people together and as the books progressed an Autistic woman and an extremely diverse group of people build a relationship both working and friendships deeper trust. The case to solve always holds adventure, worry, fear and deduction and the ending holds a final surprise !The extra element is the music spoken about and the paintings are included at the end of the book which allows a greater appreciation and u [...]

  • Another fantastic addition to the Genevieve Lenard series! Another exciting adventure with interesting insights into someone living on the autism spectrum. I continue to be more and more fascinated with these characters and, as someone on the edge of the spectrum myself, I appreciate the insights that Lenard shares about her interactions with the world around her.

  • 3.5 stars. The plot was rather tangled and wasn't fully explained in the end. I was also a step ahead of the team in figuring out some things, which is unusual for this series. And I REALLY wish that Ryan would use a copy editor—she repeatedly misused the word "pedantic" in this book, for one thing.

  • Excellent excellentAgain another fascinating book. I enjoy reading each one. The continuity is wonderful. A big thank you to this fabulous writer.

  • Definitely one of my favorites the story was entertaining although not quite believable however it was hard to put this one down.

  • Superb!Another excellently penned book from the quill of Ms Ryan. Unputdownable, exciting, unique and totally captivating. Thank you yet again, Estelle!

  • Reread October 26-29, 2017Excellent book in this series. So glad the POV is Genevieve's again, because she is so interesting to read about. Lots more humour in this book, and I love that there's progress in how Jenny approaches affection with the people she cares about. The meeting Jenny has with Emile and his friends is a bit unrealistic, but allows for more pieces to be added to the complex case. Vinnie's valuable 2 cents about Gallo also fit that piece into place, and I really enjoyed the mel [...]

  • I really enjoy the mysteries that focus on the arts and this one is focused on paintings (Morisot) and opera (Verdi). Why I can't give it more stars is because of the dialogue - especially between the main investigative team - it is incredibly childish. I also have difficulties with Dr Lenard's total oblivion to any and all idioms. I have a hard time believing she would not have memorized at least a few of them and so every time she takes something literally it really feels like a cheap shot at [...]

  • Murdered criminals. Flawless forgeries. Encrypted operas.Jenny goes to the crime scene of the murder of Leon Blanc. Leon is director of the Opera House in Strasbourg. What they are interested in seeing is the tattoos that have been roughly applied to the body. This tattoo matches the tattoos left at two other crime scenes, but the bodies were Mob bosses.What does the opera have to do with the Mob? This is the question that Jenny and her team need to answer to prevent further murders.Fast-paced, [...]

  • When is a criminal not a criminalIn the largest collection of criminals yet, Dr. Genevieve Lenard and her team set out to find a serial killer before he takes his next victim. With a body count of four and his time frame getting shorter and shorter, the team has little time to figure out who's behind this and why. Estelle Ryan is back in the head of Doc Face Reader for the eight in the Genevieve Lenard mysteries. This one centers around the place where the world of opera intersects art and techn [...]

  • A teachable momentThis is my 8th Estelle Ryan book and it doesn't disappoint. The great thing about these novels is that you learn about art and music. At the end of the novel, there are links to see copies of the art work and classical music mentioned. The novels are always intriguing and the cast of characters are people with whom you'd like to have a hot chocolate. Their interactions are humorous at times which help break up the serious nature of the crimes. Try one of these novels. You'll en [...]

  • Art, crime, and the unusual people who catch the bad guysThis well written, intelligent book is eighth in the series starring Genevieve Lenard, the high functioning autistic genius who is a world expert in reading body language. Her supporting cast is filled with lovable, diverse, and talented people, and the mysteries contain extraordinary paintings, whether original or forged. I recommend this intelligent, well written series with the most unusual detective to ever grace the pages of a mystery [...]

  • Another wonderful storyI've loved the Genevieve Lenard series by Estelle Ryan since book one and think each book is a better than the last as the characters develop . This is a great addition to the series. We see Genevieve's personality adjusting a little more to the others in her life, even though it often makes her uncomfortable. The mystery was interesting and I love learning more about music and art in each book. I devoutly hope there will be many more books in Genenieve's future!

  • Dr. G and her team track down the 3-D art counterfeiters and murder/s of several members of / former European Mafioso. The trail inevitably leads back to Gallo in Brazil, and Dr. G has formed an unusual ally, in the form of Emilo Roche. The novel was well written, and the characters continue to evolve and their relationships with each other mature. The plot was intriguing with the Gallo cliffhanger still present. I was saddened that Francine' s parents did not play a role in this novel, as she a [...]

  • Dr. Genevieve Lenard and her team, Colin, Vinnie, Manny, Francine, Phillip, Daniel and Pink, are involved in solving the murders of crime bosses and an opera house director. Art forgeries are discovered while investigating the crimes. Twists and turns. I have read three other books by this author involving Dr. Lenard and her team. I took a breather from the earlier reads and I believe it resulted in my enjoying this book.

  • Latest in a Great Mystery ThrillerGenevieve Lenard and her team of crime solvers are up to speed again in the latest installment to Estelle Ryan's series of mystery novels. I always find it intriguing to be inside the mind (Genevieve's) of someone on the spectrum as she tells of her latest adventure. As always the book is filled with delightful insights into the human psyche, classical music, and art. Thanks again, Estelle, for a delightful read.

  • Once again, Estelle Ryan has created a deeply woven plot that kept me guessing until the end. Meanwhile, Dr. Lenard is continuing to evolve in her struggle to interact with her friends. This book was just published, and is the last in the series far. I hope she writes the next novel quickly. Her characters are so real, I feel like I'm missing friends.Write on, Estelle. Write on!

  • Genevieve and her team have an interesting task in The Morisot Connection. They are helping a group of criminals who have tried to go straight and now find themselves in danger. Gallo is still sending her monthly e-mails and then shows up at the office. He is sick and has killers working for him. Genevieve has to dig deep inside of herself to work through this challenge.

  • I read this book slowly as I so didn't want it to end. Love the fact that I continue to be surprised by plot events that move the characters closer. Don't want to spoil this review, but the author deepens the relationship between Colin and Genevieve. One day I hope these two will wed, until then I can't wait for the next adventure for the team.

  • Colin is finding 3D art being replaced for the real thingWe're still looking for Gallo when the team starts to find other bodies of criminals who hadn't been on wanted list in at least 6 years. Then the man who ran the opera house is killed. Are they all connected, are they connected to each other, are they done by the same people and it Gallo connected?Read and enjoy.

  • I have read and reread all of the Genevieve Lenard books and can hardly wait for the next one! Ms. Ryan has a real talent for bringing her characters to life. My only complaint is with her editors. There are many grammar and spelling errors in the eBook's. I haven't read any in paperback form and hope that I better job was done in those editions.

  • Can't get enough of Dr. LenardI have finished reading Books 7 and 8 in 2 days straight. I wish I had that much time to read always, but back to reality. This is a really great series and the next day I have time to get lost in Estelle Ryan's world of culture, mystery and mayhem I will read Book 9.

  • As good as ever. Once again a riveting read from Estelle Ryan! I feel as though Genevieve and her team have become friends who I can visit every few months to catch up. Read this episode in one sitting on the day it was released, accompanied by my cat, and now have pins & needles. Looking forward to Book 9!!

  • I am so lucky to have found this series and this installment gave me everything I needed in its development of the character of Genevieve and her social abilities and confidence with being a friend and member of a community. I was much happier with this story than the last and look forward to reading more.

  • StunningCompletely enjoyable. This series is one of my favorites and Estelle Ryan never disappoints. Her characters are so likeable and the storyline always keeps moving with unexpected twists and turns. As usual, she has left me waiting for more!

  • I can't wait for the next one. Can't even remember why I read the first of this series but now I can hardly wait for the next one to start. I somehow relate to Genevieve and her needs. I'm amazed at how far she has come from her childhood. I'll read all of these.

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