Entwined In Entwined the highly anticipated third book in the Iron Bulls MC series shocking secrets and desires are revealed Can Dante and Karina s passionate bond survive or will they be torn apart Entwined

  • Title: Entwined
  • Author: Phoenyx Slaughter
  • ISBN: 9781943950911
  • Page: 231
  • Format: None
  • In Entwined, the highly anticipated third book in the Iron Bulls MC series, shocking secrets and desires are revealed Can Dante and Karina s passionate bond survive or will they be torn apart Entwined is the third book in the Iron Bulls MC series It is a 28,000 word novella and should probably not be read as a stand alone, as it picks up where Disconnect left off But itIn Entwined, the highly anticipated third book in the Iron Bulls MC series, shocking secrets and desires are revealed Can Dante and Karina s passionate bond survive or will they be torn apart Entwined is the third book in the Iron Bulls MC series It is a 28,000 word novella and should probably not be read as a stand alone, as it picks up where Disconnect left off But it s up to you.Karina s young, so the ending could be considered a Happy For Now.

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  • Let me start out by saying this is a really well told story with a bunch of ways it could get #twitchy and it almost never does. Phoenyx Slaughter has skills. I've been hooked to this story from the moment I read the first word. However, this last installment didn't go so well for me. Nothing actually happened of purpose. There has to be a reason for the story. Even with installments, there has to be a purpose for the installment. I couldn't find one with Entwined. Everything that happened of an [...]

  • "As if there's anything I won't give this girl. In and out of bed."Yup, the big, scary biker dude is very badass… with everyone but her. I really love that about Dante. The softness, and the hardness that Karina brings out in him. The connection between those two is very strong, very sweet, and very sexy. I love how protective and supportive he is. As the story continues it is clear that Dante and Karina have come a long way. However; there are still some things they don't know about each othe [...]

  • I REALLY don't understand why people give books low or mediocre ratings without having read the book. It's rude and disrespectful to the author. I'm giving the book 5 stars even though I have not read it because I have been enjoying the series and want to try and balance the previous asinine rating. After the book is published and I do read the book I will update my review.

  • Baby girl? Yes daddy?Ok we definitely had the hot factor x10 going on. I swear baby girl got nastier each book, lol. The sex was off the charts, this author knows how to deliver dirty! Again I don't feel there was enough story going on here. Where is Logan? I don't feel you can just insert that little bit then ~poof~ be gone. Just doesn't make sense to me! If that's not weird enough, how are we going directly to Romeo because if that was the ending for Dante and Karina, then that was as bad as t [...]

  • wow!!! This book was so worth the wait. I love how menacing Dante can be but yet with Karina he is so gentle and caring towards her. He's tough when he needs to be, and is determined to love and protect her and help make her dreams come true. Karina is still reeling from finding out family secrets she knew nothing about. What her father kept from her makes her have so many different emotions. she tries to act strong but inside there are questions she needs answered. Dante is always there,having [...]

  • 5 O.M.G SO HOT MY KINDLE ALMOSTED MELTED STARS!!!!!!This book was everything that was promised and so much more. Phoenix Slaughter has done it yet again with this book!!!It was oh so hot and sexy as we followed Dante and HIS baby Girl thru all the shit that was thrown at them, as we watch her grow with more confidence in herself.Dante is as hot and kinky as ever. (Just the way we love him) His love for his girl shine through as he helps her to deal with her ass of a father and in fulfilling some [...]

  • Phenomenal follow up to Disconnect and Asunder! This series gets better with each book and leaves me satisfied but wanting more!

  • Phoenyx has done it again with another amazing instalment from the Iron Bulls MC.This book picks up right where the previous one left of (so if you haven't read Asunder and Disconnect you need to read them first, which I also highly recommend)Following on with Dante's and Karina's story from both POV's (which I really love in a story).As Karina's world is turned upside down by discovering family secrets, Dante is there always as her rock. Friendship, brotherhood and families are put to the test [...]

  • 4.5 Solid Stars SPOILERS AHEAD: You have been WARNED proceed with cautionok, so this was another great read. I loved that the story picks right up and flows seamlessly until the very end. Only bummer and I do get it because she is still young and has so much of her life yet to live, this was another HFN ending. Call me selfish, call me impatient BUT I feel anxious because I am excited to "see" where their future goes:) Yes, I imagine once her half sister's book comes out we will see even more gr [...]

  • image:What just happened? I mean I kinda like this stories with hot biker and pretty awesome sexy scenes but I mean this book is left unfinished for me and I'm bit confused, I wish it would be longer so we could finished the scenes. But yes, I will read the next books and hopefully author decide to finish their HEA. :)

  • Hot, dirty, and DELICIOUS!! Everything that a serial series like this should be. Fast-paced, nail bitingly exciting, and sexy as hell! Love how it started with crazy, over the top sex, but has now morphed into something WAY more for Karina and Dante. Love this taboo biker series. Crazy addicting!

  • LOVE Dante and Karina! I'm so sad that this seems to be the last of their story, but am still looking forward to reading more Iron Bulls MC books. You really need to read these in order to get the full impact of their relationship. I wouldn't call Karina a 'little', but they do have the "daddy/baby girl" deal going on. But before you decide against it for that reason let me tell you, I don't usually get into that sort of thing but there's nothing creepy about their relationship or the way they i [...]

  • What the fuck, Nyx?? Just what. the. Okay. No. Let me start over. The first @ 40% is all pure sex and I was a ho on board for the long haul. Seriously - it's one sex scene followed by another and another and so on and sooooo *on* I was having a hard time concentrating on anything but my Dante.But then.ickets on the story front.I love dessert. Really feel like every meal should have dessert included. But I was expecting a meal here! Where's the motherfucking meat n taters?!?!*Sigh* The sex was re [...]

  • Entwined (Iron Bulls MC #3) by Phoenyx Slaughter5 out of 5 starsI was given this book for an honest review….Entwined is the third book in the Iron Bulls MC series and I have to say I love it I simply loved it even though this book is a quick read!!!!!! You will need to read Asunder and Disconnect before you read Entwined.As the story continues it is clear that Dante and Karina have come a long way. However; there are still some things they don't know about each other. There are shocking secret [...]

  • HOT HOT HOT!!! I love Daddy Dante!! He just keeps getting more and more Alpha? Possessive? Obsessive? All of the above? The twists and turns in this book keep me guessing and coming back for more!! I loved the kinkier look into this one A little more Luck A little more Romeo Can't wait for the next one!!

  • I cannot say enough about the great romance of Dante and Karina. Book three of their story and it was so enjoyable to read. They are so different as individuals you would never think they would connect but are so amazing together. Great story!

  • DANGEROUS DANTE***ARC provided in exchange for honest review***Phoenyx has knocked it out of the park with this steamy installment to the Iron Bulls MC. If you're familiar with this series than you know that there isn't anything that Dante won't do for his baby girl (Karina). When family secrets come to light Dante does what he does best protect Karina as much as possible. Ms. Slaughter gives us page after page of sexiness with a bit of kink thrown in along with the delicious Luck and I wanted m [...]

  • Amazing follow up to Disconnect! I really want more, more, more of Dante and Karina's story. I love how far they've come since Asunder and can't wait for what the future brings these two sexy characters. Even though Dante is hard and gruff, his love for Karina is pure. He always has her best interests first in mind, which is why I think he's my favorite dirty-talking-gruff biker at the Iron Bulls MC clubhouse!Can't wait for Vexed, which will be Romeo's story.

  • Phoenyx slaughter has fast become one of my fav authors and this one didn't disappoint. She was so sweet as to provide me with an ARC copy and I love her for it! This is the 3rd book in the series and I love the development of the characters. Dante is amazing! A must read! Looking forward to Romeo's story next!

  • Omg I'm in love with Dante Phoenyx has did it again I want more Even with the age difference Karina and Dante make such a great couple can't wait for the next one I want to see what happens with Luck and Romeo and Athena .The sex is so

  • Another great book by Phoenyx Slaughter! I fall more and more in love with each book that comes out in this series. I sure hope this isn't the last book for Dante and his baby girl! Can't wait to see where the next book leads.

  • I just love this series and was so excited to read Entwined after waiting so long for it. It was definitely worth the wait! Dante is as domineering and sexy as ever, yet he is so loving with Karina. They make a fantastic couple and I can't seem to get enough of them. This installment details more of their relationship and shows Karina getting comfortable in the MC/clubhouse environment. The exception is Romeo and I can't blame her. He creeps me out at times and I can't really put my finger on wh [...]

  • This book was so worth the wait. I devoured this book in a couple of hours and couldn't put it down. I loved Dante I so want my very own Dante. He is so sexy and the way he talks with Karina omg its hot. This is the third book in the Iron Bulls MC series these books are so hot and so sexy. The sex is super hot in Entwined. Karina is getting ready for her high school graduation and Dante is very supportive of Karina. He is over protective of her and cares deeply for her. This book was so good I c [...]

  • WOW Phoenyx it was so worth the wait!! This book Dante is Karina's rock when her world is turned upside down. I love how very protective he is with her so her dad can't hurt her. The chemistry between Dante and Karina is still off the charts and Karina is growing more confidence. I can't wait to see where Phoenyx takes them in time!

  • Ok now I love Dante even more 4.5 stars.Just when I didn't think it was possible to love Dante more this book comes out and proves me wrong.I've had this date on my calendar for what seems like ages, after the cliffhanger at the end of 'Disconnect' I couldn't wait to find out where this was going plus I was missing Dante like crazy.As with the previous books 'Asunder' and 'Disconnect' there's tons and tons of hot sex, Karina is settling into her life with Dante, she's more confident in both hers [...]

  • This is another one of my favorite seriesLOVE LOVE LOVE all that is Dante and Karina. I CANNOT WAIT for Romeo next. I'm hoping that Dante and Karina will still play a major part in this series. It's definitely a HFN ending for them as I felt there was still so much left undone.cially for Karina. I get the reason why because she is young but I just wanted a little bit more of a HEA for them. I have to admit that while I LOVE Luck and am hoping he gets his own story, I was kinda confused about the [...]

  • Received ARC for honest reviewI've been waiting anxiously for this book after the way Disconnect ended. I was not disappointed!! This book is steamy, filthy, dirty and dark with just enough storyline to keep you hooked. Karina is starting to explore her sexuality and Dante has no problems making sure his baby girl is not left wanting. Romeo is starting to understand and experience the chemistry of Dante and Karina's connection. Honestly I was only left wanting on the Logan issue. was hoping for [...]

  • Yes Yes Yes - Happy Dance! God I fricken love Dante and his dirty mouth! Phoenyx Slaughter is staying true to herself and the characters with this third book in the Iron Bulls series and Entwined gave me exactly what I was expecting when reading one of her stories. Great MC read filled with hot bikers, awesome/kinky sexy scenes and the right amount of drama. I loved the story, the writing, the characters and would definitely recommend this book especially if you like it hardcore and kinky in the [...]

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