Edge of Spider-Verse #2

Edge of Spider Verse Gwen Stacy as Spider Woman In one universe it wasn t Peter Parker bitten by the radioactive spider but Gwen Stacy She s smart charming and can lift a car just don t tell her Police Chief father Ho

  • Title: Edge of Spider-Verse #2
  • Author: Jason Latour Robbi Rodriguez Greg Land
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Gwen Stacy as Spider Woman In one universe, it wasn t Peter Parker bitten by the radioactive spider, but Gwen Stacy She s smart, charming and can lift a car, just don t tell her Police Chief father How is she involved in Spider Verse

    • Edge of Spider-Verse #2 >> Jason Latour Robbi Rodriguez Greg Land
      230 Jason Latour Robbi Rodriguez Greg Land
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  • This was a pretty good introduction to Gwen Stacy's spiderwoman, and definitely left me wanting to read more of this series. But it also left me wanting MORE, not in a good way. I knew it wasn't her origin story and so it's not like that's what I was expecting, but we only get a tiny glimpse into Gwen's life in this and I was left more than a little unsatisfied. Maybe I need to pick up the Edge of Spider-verse trade and read this in the context of the storyline its actually part of. But the art [...]

  • WOW! So this is an alternate universe where Gwen Stacy was bitten by the radioactive spider instead of Peter Parker! The first 2 pages they sort of give us a flashback for what has been happening do far! Spider Gwen is awesome and i love it! Awesome issue for anybody who loves Gwen Stacy!

  • When I had heard about Spider-Gwen at New York Comic-Con I was floored. I was completely excited that Gwen Stacey was going to not only become her own super hero but also get her own series of comics. This is a fantastic introduction to her, her world, and her as Spider-Gwen. It's a great read, especially if read before reading Spider-Gwen issue #1.


  • My first story with Gwen Stacy as Spider-Woman.Gwen is struggling with Peter's death in this universe and is surprised to discover that the police are trying to arrest her.(view spoiler)[Her chief of police father comes close to doing just that, and she has to reveal her identity to him. (hide spoiler)]Spider-verse continues in Superior Spider-Man #33.Previous Spider-Verse book reviews:✦ 02 - Edge of Spider-Verse #1 ✦ 01 - Superior Spider-Man #32

  • Love this quick introduction to Gwen as Spider-Woman/Spider-Gwen. Also wasn’t expecting Gwen to be in a band with Mary Jane, but it was a fun twist. Also Matt Murdock popping up for a minute was a nice surprise to. All in all a fun introduction, and that twist at the end has me interested to see what will happen next now. 🙉👌🏼 4.5/5 stars! :)

  • This was a fun what if scenario but I did forget whether or not I had finished it Which isn't a great sign. Still, I'm excited to re-visit the character in her own series once I'm done with the Spider-verse.

  • This review contains spoilers:What drew me to this comic book first and foremost was the art style. One of the biggest appeals has been the design of Gwen Stacey as well as her Spider-suit. And the city's design as well as the characters in general appear stunning. I was not let down.Second, Gwen Stacey is the lead role, rather than dead. The drawback is so far, I'm not sure I see much that defines her apart from Peter Parker (to be specific, Andrew's Garfield's The Amazing Spider-Man, but I've [...]

  • spider-gwen es un gran ejemplo de un personaje cuyo potencial rebasa la historia que lo contiene. (no sé qué tan a menudo suceda esto, pero tengo una teoría: es más factible que pase en los comics que en otros medios, principalmente porque en ocasiones, como en esta, tenemos más información de algunos personajes que la historia que los presenta. es lo que sucede en, por ejemplo, batman: earth one: conocemos a batman y sabemos que es mejor personaje de lo que se ve en esa historia.) aquí, [...]

  • My favorite issue in the Edge of Spider-verse bind up I got. I really love this twist on the classic story, and I actually have a few other issues I bought to get me started into this series so far. I thought this bind up included the very first Spider Gwen issue, but there's a mini flashback right at the beginning, so I don't think that's the case. I plan on getting the Spider Gwen bind up soon, so I'll see then.I love the costume design and the fact that it's Gwen instead of Peter who becomes [...]

  • Wow this is kinda fun cause it's quirky.I'm not a Spider-Man fan, so going into this book the only knowledge I have of Spider-Man is the stuff I know from the films, nerd culture, and about 30 issues of Ultimate Spider-Man. However I did get enough knowledge to make this single issue a fun read. The art was stylish and fun and to be honest I only picked it up because Spider-Gwen's costume just looks amazing. I find here a little tale full of nods and reference to Spider-Man lore and enough of a [...]

  • I didn't know this was the second volume, but I guess it makes sense. I was wondering why future Spiderman was gathering the other worlds' Spider people. Some of the Spiderman were not good, and some were not even Peter Parker. I like dark one at the end, where Spiderman is a voracious eater controlled by his inner spider lots more than the man. I read this for the Gewn Stacy story, and it wasn't that great. Other than her being in a rocker band, her story was no different than the original Spid [...]

  • This story felt like a sheer drop off in story-telling. I still enjoyed it, and I definitely enjoyed the art design, and I like the retelling of Gwen being the "super-hero" and the backstory, but she actually did not seem that interesting of a character other than, "Hey, I'm a drummer." I would have liked to have seen something a little deeper? More interesting? I don't know, but the story lacked charisma, as did its main character.

  • I liked the different takes on Spiderman across various universes (my version had a compilation of 5 stories) and I LOVED seeing the start of Spider-Gwen, but I wanted s9 much more than fast little blurbs and bad Russian accents! I'll be following Spider-Gwen's storyline once the trade paperback is out, but this really felt like I wasted 45 minutes paging through it. Nice idea, real creativity in a few places, but it just needed MORE, as another reviewer said.

  • Well this book is worth a fortune already, and now I know why. Gwen and Mary Jane are in a band like the old cartoon JEM. In this universe Gwen got bit by the spider, and Peter is dead. Majorly influenced by Batgirl, but with a twist. Good art, fun action, and leaves me wanting more. A very faced paced origin book, but not heavy on story. This is another prelude to Spider-Verse book which "continues" in Amazing Spider-Man 9.

  • I really only read this for the Spider-Gwen portion of it. I like the artist and the art direction of the story. However according to this is her book #0 but while reading this either I wasn't picking things up or something but it felt like I missed a previous portion of the story. I still liked it enough to read more though.

  • I love the concept of this, but I wish there was better execution. The "origin" story of Spider Gwen was about 5 panels long. I would love to have her story with Peter Parker expanded. It's an interesting twist on the spider man legend, especially from a woman's perspective. I'll probably check out the Spider Gwen series to see more of this character.

  • Edge of the Spider-Verse is a compilation of stories about the different spider totems in the Marvel Multi-verse. The first two stories - Spider-man in the 1920s and Spider-Gwen - are the two best parts of this set. It's a good set-up for the larger Spider-Verse series.

  • I loved seeing the role reversal, Gwen's guilt and her father's predicament, but I wanted more from this, more of the world, more of her role as Spider Woman and more of her backstory influencing who she is now

  • My fault partially - I didn't read vol. 1 yet. But I think I would have given this rating either way. I enjoyed the first 3/4 of the volume, but the last couple stories just could not hold my interest.

  • Maybe I should've gotten the whole bind up because that was so short. I'm not sure if it was shorter then a manga chapter or what. I enjoyed it , but it wasn't mind blowing. I will definitely continue on with this series tho.

  • (3.5) loved the art, but wasn't blown away by this one! I think because I picked this up outside of the whole edge of Spiderverse story arc I was a little confused, but overall it was still enjoyable and fun.

  • I've read a lot of comics recently, and this one just felt underwhelming in comparison to most of them. It wasn't bad by any means, but it was a bit too "straight character switch" for my taste.

  • This single issue came with my trade of Spider Gwen. It was a really nice intro even though it didn't explain too much.

  • I'm not loving Gwen so far. She is my least favorite of the spiderwomen. However I want to read the Spiderwomen storyline, so I'll read Gwen at least enough to flow with that. Maybe will get better.

  • La storia è carina, ma i disegni sono agghiaccianti.I miei figli disegnano meglio di Rodriguez; ma sul serio, su tutto il suolo americano, la Marvel non ha trovato nessuno migliore di questo tizio?

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