Max Helsing And The Thirteenth Curse

Max Helsing And The Thirteenth Curse Now the hunter has become the hunted bummer Max is just your average kid growing up in Gallows Hill a small town outside of Boston well except that he lives in a gothic mansion with an old former pr

  • Title: Max Helsing And The Thirteenth Curse
  • Author: Curtis Jobling
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Now the hunter has become the hunted bummer.Max is just your average kid growing up in Gallows Hill, a small town outside of Boston well, except that he lives in a gothic mansion with an old former prizefighter, and his after school job is carrying on the monster hunting tradition of his family, the van Helsings.Despite the bloody legacy he s inherited, Max always tries toNow the hunter has become the hunted bummer.Max is just your average kid growing up in Gallows Hill, a small town outside of Boston well, except that he lives in a gothic mansion with an old former prizefighter, and his after school job is carrying on the monster hunting tradition of his family, the van Helsings.Despite the bloody legacy he s inherited, Max always tries to be kind and fair to the ghouls, demons, and other creatures he encounters So he s confused when monsters start attacking him willy nilly even those he thought of as friends Max discovers he s been cursed by an evil Warlock who intends to reclaim the earth for the monsters To save his life, Max must rely on his gearhead friend Syd, his boy genius neighbor Wing, and his brand new puppy for help But time is running out, and if they can t figure out how to break the Thirteenth Curse, Max and the world as we know it will be in deep, deep trouble

    • Max Helsing And The Thirteenth Curse by Curtis Jobling
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    Curtis Jobling is an author and illustrator based in the UK Working in publishing and animation he is possibly most in famously known as the designer of the BAFTA winning Bob The Builder , as well as creator of CBeebies Raa Raa the Noisy Lion and CBBC s Frankenstein s Cat Early work in animation included model and puppet painting on Wallace Gromit s A Close Shave and Tim Burton s Mars Attacks He s also the creator director producer of Nickelodeon s Curious Cow interstitials, a series of animated shorts featuring the varied and hilarious deaths of a bewildered bovine As a published author and illustrator of children s books, Curtis s works include Dinosaurs After Dark with Jonathan Emmett , Skeleton in the Closet with Alice Schertle , My Daddy, Cheeky Monkey and perhaps his most notorious character Frankenstein s Cat, now an animated series in its own right commissioned by the BBC and sold to broadcasters worldwide.The Wereworld series of novels were first published by Penguin in the UK in January 2011, with Rise of the Wolf , the first in the fantasy horror, shortlisted for the Waterstone s Book Prize Penguin Viking first published the debut novel in September 2011.


  • Since Max's father died, he has been living with the quiet, older Jed who can only cook eggs and clam chowder. The two are both monster hunters, whose daily life involves multiple encounters with ghouls, vampires, and other assorted paranormal nasties. Fortunately, Max has good friend, Syd, who knows the truth, a younger neighbor boy, Wing, who hangs around, and a "puppy", Eightball, given to him when his 13th birthday is nearing. Unfortunately, Eightball is a drooling, pudgy Hellhound, which is [...]

  • Max Helsing doesn't really do anything of worth to add to his lineage, particularly in the book that all Helsings inherit. He doesn't seem to be very skilled, which wasn't all that fun to see. If he's been training for thirteen years I expected a little more skill, not just blind luck, compassion and friends helping. What I did love: all the different monsters! Monsters are always fun, and Max meets a vampire, a ghoul, a warlock, and a half-goblin (among other things). Each of these encounters w [...]

  • Honestly closer to a 1.5.I should have loved this book. It's a nice little concept of a monster hunter who, well, goes around and hunts monsters. It borrows heavily from existing tropes, it's part Buffy and part Dresden, it's like a good bad monster movie.And yet.For a book for kids, okay. I can see where there might be some appeal. What I don't get is why it's so poorly executed. Plotlines are dropped, language use is inconsistent, it tries to be too many things all at once and yet doesn't seem [...]

  • After just coming from a book where the monster hunter kills monsters without question and has almost a total lack of empathy, it was refreshing to read Max Helsing. Max (who turns 13 near the start of the story), is from a long line of monster hunters. He has been training all his life. He knows that not all monsters are bad (some live in his apartment building) so he gives all he encounters the chance to "go back home". Make no mistake though, he will dispatch those that don't heed his advice. [...]

  • The story: Max Helsing is the last in the line of (Van) Helsings, famed monster hunters. He feels like he's got things down pretty wellbut what Max doesn't realize is that a long-dormant curse is about to fall on the 13th descendant of Liesbeth Van Helsing on his/her 13th birthday. It's the 13th Curse--and it just so happens that Max is the 13th descendant. Oh well. How bad could it be? Max is about to find out.June Cleaver's ratings: Language PG-13; Violence PG-13; Sexual content G; Nudity G; S [...]

  • Rating 3.5 This was a great action romp with some creative touches to the monster hunting and a nice cast of characters. One thing that stood out immediately was the nod to diversity in casting the characters. Jed, Max's guardian and monster-hunting mentor, is African-American. Friend Syd is actually a girl, hispanic, and a wiz with mechanical and technical things. Younger tag-along, paranormal fan Wing is Chinese-American. The monsters and creatures were quite interesting, most things that the [...]

  • A real fun page turnerThis reminded me of reading the first Percey Jackson novel for the first time, exciting, great characters and a clever twist on old legends.Really looking forward to going straight onto the next one

  • Name that Book 2017-18/Lonestar 2017-18. A little choppy in the writing. Not really that original in the plot. I didn't find the character original enough to make me want to read any more of the series.

  • Engaging Characters and Witty Banter Carry the DayThis is a monster hunting story starring a Van Helsing descendant, so it's quite natural to expect a monster slaying quest. Well, that's not entirely wrong, but it's not exactly right eitherD BUT OBVIOUS PLOT SUMMARY SPOILERS. The plot does involve monster hunting, and it's actually pretty standard. Max Helsing carries on the family monster hunting tradition. When he turns thirteen he is "marked" for death and suddenly is every monster's number o [...]

  • I don't usually read about things that go bump in the night.Vampires, ghouls, zombies, werewolves, and what have you are the types of things that give me nightmares. Most of my reading material is light and fluffy. The type of stuff you would feel comfortable reading to your young child at bedtime and I like it that way.However, there was something about Max Helsing that drew me in. Maybe it's the parallels with my teenage obsession, Buffy. Maybe it's the fact that Max Helsing is a descendant of [...]

  • I definitely feel like the book has a strong premise, but also like it was lacking in a lot of ways. The writing felt in consistent, both in dialog and out. Sometimes the characters spoke like what seemed would be normal for them, but then would deliver a line that was unusually proper or southern country, despite it taking place in a new england state. There is a lot of action, which was great. But the writing for the action scenes felt busy, and were sometimes hard to follow, making them a lit [...]

  • Max Helsing is the last in the line of the famous Van Helsing monster hunters. Something strange happens on his thirteenth birthday, every monster he encounters is rabidly bent on his death and destruction. Max navigates his adventures relying on his mentor Jed and his friends Syd and Wing. Together they handle any gruesome and hairy situation that Max finds himself entangled in. But when an old mysterious Warlock comes to town waging destruction and calling for Max’s death, will they be able [...]

  • This book is a great book because it tells the world as if it was different. In a way where the world had monsters and some people protect others from the vicious monsters. Max the protagonist tries to save his town from evil and the under city. He turns 13 when bad things start to happen. He is bombarded with monsters and monster-lords. His friends are captured and he is the hero. He tries to save people from monsters but now he has to save himself. When this is over he learns a lot about the s [...]

  • Max Helsing, a monster hunter from a long line of monster hunters, turns thirteen and suddenly it seems like it's hunting season - and he's the prey! The book puts a new slant on recognisable monsters and introduces many more. It's an exciting middle grade read and I'm looking forward to seeing how Max's character develops in later books. I loved Syd, Max's best friend, so good to see a strong female character who's in charge of the technical, engineering stuff and definitely no shrinking violet [...]

  • An entertaining middle grade read that modernizes the monster hunter Van Helsing family. The story follows a young boy Max Helsing as we learn about his world we are drawn ever inward towards a family legacy and a spirit of a warrior. While the book had a few issues with tone carried throughout the book it was an enjoyable page turner. I look forward to following the exploits of Max master Liu and Syd as they grow up and become a team worth paying attention to.

  • YF JOBLINGA debut entry in a new series by the author of the Wereworld series finds 12-year-old Max Van Helsing, a latest family member to carry on the traditions of his monster-hunting family, discovering that he has become a victim of an evil Warlock's curse.

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