Trouble with Nathan

Trouble with Nathan The stakes are high and love is on the line in the third and final Tremayne Family Romance from the author of Here Comes Trouble Nathan Tremayne shares a dangerous secret with his father Jackson and

  • Title: Trouble with Nathan
  • Author: Anna J. Stewart
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 269
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The stakes are high and love is on the line in the third and final Tremayne Family Romance from the author of Here Comes Trouble.Nathan Tremayne shares a dangerous secret with his father, Jackson, and sister Sheila Together they are Nemesis, the infamous cat burglar who targets the wealthy But when Jackson is framed for stealing the priceless Crown of Serpia, the whole fThe stakes are high and love is on the line in the third and final Tremayne Family Romance from the author of Here Comes Trouble.Nathan Tremayne shares a dangerous secret with his father, Jackson, and sister Sheila Together they are Nemesis, the infamous cat burglar who targets the wealthy But when Jackson is framed for stealing the priceless Crown of Serpia, the whole family is at risk Nathan isn t about to let his father go down for a crime he didn t commit, but finding the real culprit won t be easy with Laurel Scott, the nosy, pushy, drop dead gorgeous insurance investigator following his every move But Laurel has secrets of her own Posing as an insurance investigator was part of her own plan to steal the crown As their attraction heats up, and the truth comes out, will this pair of thieves steal each other s hearts

    • Trouble with Nathan by Anna J. Stewart
      269 Anna J. Stewart
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    A geek at heart, USA Today and national bestselling author Anna J Stewart writes refreshingly unique, quietly humorous, and profoundly moving romance RT Book Reviews Her books include The Tremayne Family Romances, The Butterfly Harbor series for Harlequin Heartwarming, and the Honor Bound series for Harlequin Romantic Suspense NYTimes bestselling author Brenda Novak says The talented Anna J Stewart delivers every time Anna lives in Northern California where she deals with a serious Supernatural Sherlock addiction, surrounds herself with friends and family and tolerates an overly affectionate cat named Snickers or perhaps it s Snickers who tolerates her.


  • Anna J. Stewart has been on my author reading wishlist for awhile. I finally got my chance to read her with The Trouble with Nathan, the third and final book in the Tremayne Family Romance series. With this being my first time reading this series, I initially had a little trouble understanding Nathan. Specifically, I didn’t understand him carrying the weight of being responsible for his entire family on his shoulders or why his brother-in-laws were on him about fixing things. It seems in the p [...]

  • The Trouble with Nathan by Anna J. Stewart is the 3rd and final book in her wonderful Tremayne Family series. I am sad that this book ends the series, as I enjoyed each book very much. What I love is when you read the previous book in a series, and you say to yourself that it was the best one and then the next book is released and even better. The Trouble with Nathan was a fantastic read, and a fitting end to this series, though I will miss these wonderful characters created by Anna J. Stewart.N [...]

  • I have been looking forward to this final book in the series about the Tremayne family. However, I wasn't prepared at how sad I would feel when I read the last sentence! I was not ready to let them go! That's how I know a book/series is a 5 star for me! You don't have to read the other books in the series to read this one (you can figure out what's happening easily enough) but you should! The characters are fabulous and you'll get so much more out of it if you read the other books! I think the r [...]

  • I have been anxiously awaiting Nathan Tremayne’s book in this series and the good news is that there have been novellas that also tie in to keep me satisfied. (Great reads, too!) This story is about Nathan and Laurel Scott and opens where book two (of the original trilogy) left off. Don’t let it scare you: although you will love the first two books, you do not need to read them in order to enjoy. I loved visiting with all the characters from previous reads. I won’t go into too much detail [...]

  • THE TROUBLE WITH NATHAN by Anna J. Stewart is the third book in the Tremayne Family series and is just as enjoyable as the previous books. If you've read the previous books then you know that Nathan, his sister, and his father are Nemesis, which is a group who targets wealthy people. When someone sets up Nathan's father, secrets come to light as they figure out how to save the family while keeping their secret guarded. Laurel is hired to bring down the Tremayne family but the job isn't an easy o [...]

  • I can't say it enough; I LOVED THIS BOOK. High praise for Anna J. Stewart!The Trouble with Nathan was such a perfect ending to the series. Anna J. Stewart really has a hit. But I am sad to have it end; maybe I can dream about a spinoff series? I’d love to read more about my favorite tattoo artist in a Lantano Valley spinoff.Laurel and Nathan were such wonderful characters and so well suited for each other. I wished I had no other obligations and could have read the book in one sitting. The boo [...]

  • Anna J. Stewart’s writing is fresh and compelling. Nathan Tremayne is gorgeous, cocky, and an emotionally unavailable, muscly, good guy deep down. All he wants to do is clear his father’s name and protect his family. Then Laurel Scott comes to town. She’s beautiful, confident, and emotionally unavailable, too. Her goal is to take down the patriarch of Nathan’s family, Jackson Tremayne, who is accused of stealing The Crown of Serpia. She must find the crown, hand over the thief, and colle [...]

  • Sad the series is over. I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.Can I just say I LOVED all three books. First of all, although these books belong to a series, they’re standalone stories, which means you have the freedom to choose. If you like the story, you can read all of them and get to know more about the characters. And believe me when I say you will want to know them better. They’re not only likable but believable characters with problems, weaknesses and strengths [...]

  • Finally, Nathan’s story. The Trouble with Nathan is the final in the Tremayne trilogy and it is great. The Tremayne family is in danger of things collapsing. Their Robin Hood-like work as Nemesis is in danger of being exposed and Nathan must do all he can to prevent that from happening, especially with insurance investigator Laurel Scott entering the scene. With a cast of characters that each has their own secrets to hide and their own agendas, especially Nathan and Laurel, the growing attract [...]

  • It’s always hard to see a series come to an end and this is one of them. This series has been wonderful, emotional, mysterious and heartwarming. This last book was the most mysterious of all I would say and had me going from page to page so fast on my kindle sometimes I had to go back because I had skipped a page! I just couldn’t read it fast enough and was just dying to know what was going to happen with these characters.I loved Nathan and Laurel, they were perfect for each other and it was [...]

  • It's always so sad to end a series say goodbye to old friends and wonder what happens to them in the future. And while not every series ends on a high note, the Tremayne family saga does! I've been waiting for Nathan's story to see how all the pieces tied together and I was not disappointed in the least!!I'm not going to rehash the plotyou can read that stuff in the description. I will tell you that you will laugh, you will cry, you may sobd you'll love every minute of it! So click that buy it b [...]

  • Finally the conclusion to the Tremanyne's has arrived. I absolutely loved this book. Nathan is such a strong and courageous character. He is pretty much blindsided by revelations from his dad's past. He must figure out how to protect the whole family from an enemy who has been stalking the family for years unbeknownst to them. Lauren is a woman on a mission. She only has a little more time to serve the menace she was unlucky enough to get caught by. She will also do anything to protect her small [...]

  • The Tremayne's are back! I've been waiting for this book to find out what happens next.Who stole the Crown of Serpia? Suspicions are that Jackson Tremayne is the thief. Nathan Tremayne has his hands full trying to prove his father didn’t steal it and to protect his family.Nathan also has his hands full trying to find out what Laurel Scott an insurance investigator knows that could hurt his family. Nathan and Laurel also have something else besides their own secrets. They are both drawn to each [...]

  • The conclusion of the Tremayne family. We finally get Nathan's story, and it so worth waiting for. Nathan and his family are known as the Nemesis, I consider it a modern day Mafia, are being blamed for the stealing of the crown of serpia. Nathan must clear his family of this theft. Laurel is posing as an insurance investigator, but really working for the devil, himself. When Nathan and Laurel team up together, can they keep their attraction apart from each other.I loved this book, it's all about [...]

  • Awesome story! It has lots of intrigue & suspense, a page turner as well as a stand alone. I think it's best to read these in order but not required, it lets you know the related family and how they affect this story. Me. Stewart introduces the characters so you get to know who they are and why they are doing what they do. Nathan is an intelligent, handsome CEO of the family business. Yet, there is something unusual about him and his secrets so Laurel's sent in. She has a reputation of uncov [...]

  • Things have spiraled out of control for the Tremayne family. With Jackson going to the police to deflect the police's attention about the Nemesis away from his family. Lauren came to town to find the whereabouts of the crown. While trying to find a way to prove Jackson's guilt she ends up working with th Nathan. Getting closer to him is both good and bad. Good because she is able to needed information and bad because it is complicating her job. Will Nathan and Lauren find a way to work together [...]

  • **SPOILER FREE**WOW!!! This book really just set this entire series in place! Even though each book holds a special place, I think this one was my favorite. It really just ties it all up. I hate that this series has ended! Maybe a spin off in store. What an amazingly talented author! The book is just well it's You really should get yourself a set of this series!*Received for an honest review*

  • Anna J. Stewart rocks it with The Trouble with Nathan. As always, her characters draw the reader into their stories. They are flawed, but lovable - except for the villain, who in this case is very, very evil. This story made me cry, laugh, and made my heart beat faster in the scary parts. With this book Stewart takes her writing to a new level. I predict that she will become one of America's premier mystery writers.

  • I was captivated by Nathan's story. There were Tremayne family secrets that were discovered and twists that I didn't anticipate. The Trouble with Nathan is an excellent ending to a wonderful series. I will definitely miss Lantano Valley and the Tremayne family. I loved the entire series and would definitely recommend all 3 books. **I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.**

  • Nathan's story is a wonder conclusion to this etiology. Nathan is extremely protective of his family. The plot delves in his father's past. Laurel has her own agenda and falling for Nathan wasn't part of her plan.Great storyline with wonderful characters I hate to see it end.

  • Anna J. Stewart has knocked the ball out of the park with this one! I loved it from start to finish! This book has romance, suspense, and an array of emotions that feel so real, it's like you are actually there. A definite must-read!I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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