Dragon Her Feet

Dragon Her Feet Sometimes a girl s gotta flex her quills and lay down the law Katie Carmichael may not be a scary badass dragon capable of toasting her enemies to a crisp but that doesn t mean she s a pushover And s

  • Title: Dragon Her Feet
  • Author: Celia Kyle Mina Carter
  • ISBN: 9781680399974
  • Page: 291
  • Format: ebook
  • Sometimes a girl s gotta flex her quills and lay down the law Katie Carmichael may not be a scary badass dragon capable of toasting her enemies to a crisp, but that doesn t mean she s a pushover And sure, the roaring, fire breathing hottie is, uh, hot, but she s a chick with a plan A plan that includes a secluded old farmhouse and doesn t include a tall, heavily muscled,Sometimes a girl s gotta flex her quills and lay down the law Katie Carmichael may not be a scary badass dragon capable of toasting her enemies to a crisp, but that doesn t mean she s a pushover And sure, the roaring, fire breathing hottie is, uh, hot, but she s a chick with a plan A plan that includes a secluded old farmhouse and doesn t include a tall, heavily muscled, and totally delicious weredragon.Joey Kenton, new owner of said old farmhouse, has plans of his own They revolve around one, curvy, spitfire werehedgehog and whether their children will be hoglets or dragonlets Joey would be happy with either Until Katie s life is threatened and he realizes that her life is important than his love for her.Of course, Katie realizes Joey is an idiot and when she revises her plans

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    • Dragon Her Feet By Celia Kyle Mina Carter
      291 Celia Kyle Mina Carter
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      Posted by:Celia Kyle Mina Carter
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    Celia Kyle would like to rule the world and become a ninja As a fall back, she s working on her writing career and giving readers stories that touch their hearts and ahem other places Visit her online at celiakyle facebook celiakyle twitter celiakyle pinterest celiakyle


  • Celia Kyle & Mina Carter are 2 of my favourite pnr authors, so together they are a blast. Lots of humour and cameo's from Ridgeville (Maya & Alex) & presumably from Stratton Wolves (owned but I haven't read them yet)Lots of Dragon hotness & edgy hedgehogness. A cast iron skillet is used as an introduction between the two and the laughs continue from there.

  • Katie is a hedgehog shifter on the lookout for a mate, but she doesn’t want the one fate has got in store for her: The arrogant grandson of a very dear, recently departed friend, who swoops down from the skies to claim her and. Joey is a black dragon, and a member of the Elite Dragon Council; a group of dragons warriors who are too dangerous to claim mates of their own due to their responsibilities in the shifter community. But when he meets the prickly female in Goth attire, he just can’t h [...]

  • Katie’s curvy cuteness and prickly attitude paired well with Joey’s charming seriousness. The story was a bit absurd, but that was part of the appeal in reading it.

  • Dragon Her Feet is a novella written by Mina Carter and Celia Kyle. The book can be read as a stand alone book but it is set in the same universe as Celia Kyle's Ridgeville series and Mina Carter's Stratton Wolves series. Dragon Her Feet features cameos by characters from each series but this book can be enjoyed even if you haven't read the previous books by Celia and Mina.In Dragon Her Feet, hedgehog shifter is mourning a good friend who has passed away. As Katie is packing up her friend's hous [...]

  • I am sucker for hedgehogs and I love unusal shifters so scooping this book was a one click waiting to happen. It wasn't god awful but it wasn't good. If the heroine resists forasons lol If they had talked for 5 minutes we could have had more falling in love and less oh my mate! The internal monolouge of the heroine is funny but there isn't much else here--not even for a guilty pleasure. Sigh.

  • Highly enjoyed this book and it was so good I managed to read it in one siting. I really like these two authors. The books they write together are exceptional. Highly recommend them.

  • “ Well, that hadn’t gone well. Correction, it’d gone south faster than a hooker giving a blowjob.” I’m sorry, I don’t care what anyone says, but this very first line set the pace for the entire book for me. I laughed so hard I just knew that if the rest of the book continued in this vein I would be perfectly happy and I wasn’t disappointed. This brainchild of best-selling authors Mina Carter and Celia Kyle is very smoothly set in the same area as both Mina Carter’s Stratton Wolve [...]

  • Dragon Her Feet by Celia Kyle and Mina CarterKatie is a werehedgehog who just lost a man who was like a grandfather to her. She goes to pack up his house and encounters a stranger, aka hits him in the face with a skillet, who turns out to be the mans grandson, Joey, who is a black dragon shifter and her mate. Joey is used to being treated with respect and feared due to his status as black dragon and one of the twelve of the dragon council, but Katie doesn't fear him nor does she show him any sor [...]

  • Hedgehog shifter Katie Carmichael wanted a mate, just not the one she was given. Joey Kenton is a dragon shifter who is part of the twelve circle and he is thrilled to have found his mate, however convincing Katie he is the right choice as a mate is going to take a bit of strategy. This was fun, loved the dragon shifter and he oozes naughtiness. Katie was a bit of a spitfire which you did not expect from a hedgehog. Also got a little Maya and Alex which is always a treat.

  • Dragons are my favorite characters in the shifter books and I am not getting enough of them.I loved Celia Kyle and Mina Carter collaboration and what came with it: a cute hedgehog with a lot of humor and a dumb dragon but sexy.I hope they will continue the series and write more about the rest of the dragon council. I still wish for longer stories but I guess it will not happen that soon.Now I need to get to read the Stratton wolves series.

  • Wonderfully fun relaxing read when everything is imploding around you. Sit down relax and enjoy. I've waited a long time for the follow up to Hedging His Bets. This one lives up to the first, and now I want books for all the 12 and the Queen. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dragon and Hedgehog love story Very fun. Would love to see a spin off series on the 12 Only negative with this series is I wish these were a little longer.

  • This book was so confusing, seriously. Throughout the first half of the story Joey is a strong, even a little arrogant, über Alpha and fully on board with the mating thing, then suddenly halfway through he becomes a complete and utter cowardly idiot.(view spoiler)[I can understand if he'd been hesitant at the beginning or slightly unsure, but he was absolutely sure she was his mate and it was just a matter of time before she came around. Then suddenly he's running off, writing a dear John lette [...]

  • Wonderfully fun short read.Love what Katie did when she first meet Joey in the farmhouse. So funny.Katie is a short, curvy bunch of cuteness with a very prickly attitude. Joseph-Joey is the baddest of the baddest of the Black Dragons. One of the twelve elite that protect the white queen.We of course have Honey and Blake from book one but this is also the first book in the Dragon’s Council series. I adored this fun and whimsical story with all these exciting new characters.The story in interest [...]

  • Cute read. I love that Katie is a werehedgehog.I just wanna see her shift and make the most babyish cooing sounds to her and rub her little belly.ahahahaha.I just love it.

  • Dragon + Hedgehog = FunThis was a great story! Katie and Joey are such fun characters, which makes the story that much more fun to read. Enjoy!

  • Another good read.I have read of the Ujal and Preor, now hopefully a new series to add to my collection. Love the Queen!

  • I was gifted an ARC for a honest review.Love the book. Katie was a strong female lead and didn't take any crap from the stronger male lead Joey. Even if she was a werehedgehog to his even bigger weredragon. I loved that she fought for what she wanted. Celia Kyle did an awesome job one again. The story was funny and I didn't want to put it down and was still hoping for more till the very end.Publication Date: April 11, 2015 Sometimes a girl’s gotta flex her quills and lay down the law… Katie [...]

  • I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Oops, I missed the first book in the series, but was luckily able to jump into the story without issue. If you’ve read some of this author’s other series (Ridgeville) there are some familiar characters. The world is so fun; I’ll read anything that takes place there. This one follows the fated romance between a dragon and his mate.Katie is a werehedgehog on a mission to buy the home of one of her dearest (and unfortunately rece [...]

  • You know you get both of both worlds.Celia Kyle and Mina Carteryou just can't go wrong! Ridgeville and Strattonum yeahesauce! Katie which I remember from Hedging His Bets is featured here and she gets her story! Yea! We meet her mate who happens to be a Black Dragon. Dragons apparently don't abide by the same rules as the rest of the shifter communities. Guessing because they are a bit more powerful and are scary as hellor can be! We meet Joey a badass Black Dragone strongest. He is part of an E [...]

  • This book started off really good. Katie was feisty and Joey was big, bad and totally adorable. About half way through though it kinda went sideways. Katie had been sure of herself. Yes she wavered due to Joey's onslaught but she stuck to her plan. Then she did an complete about face without warning. That in and of itself was annoying. But I think my biggest gripe with this book is that is was simply too short. There were so many plot threads started by the author that she never tied up. If ther [...]

  • Only three starsThe story was sweet, funny and sassy but there was just too much left out. There was very little insight to a mixed-were-species mating. Where was the hide and go seek, shedded black shimmering Dragon scales on the bed sheets, the bickering of grocery shopping, waking up to a hedge snuggled into his neck, heart shaped smoke rings, or him cleaning out a pet hedgehog cage What about a beastly hell hound as a mating gift from the queen and a sweet little hedgehog from her alpha? I l [...]

  • This book had me at the first few sentences. And from there I just had to continue reading until it ended. And I wanted more Please.This is a brilliant combination of talent with Mina Carter & Celia Kyle. Ladies, I was laughing, I was angry with Katie and just as pumped at Joey & his awesome black dragon. The fearsome black dragon's mate is a little were hedgie I just loved it. The way you put it together in the background of your other series, Ridgeville(Celia) and Stratton Wolves. I ju [...]

  • "4 out of 5 stars!! Because of his grandfather's death--the man who raised him--Joseph (Joey) heads "home" to settle the estate. Once he gets there, he runs nose first into meeting his mate. Now he just needs to convince his prickly little mate that he's worthy of her trust, before the dangers of being who he is get in the way.This was one mismatched set of mates that I thoroughly enjoyed reading about!! Joey and Katie seem different in every conceivable way but their hearts and "inner beasties" [...]

  • “Apparently every request needs to be followed by “asshole.” Not a problem.”– Dragon Her Feet by Celia Kyle & Mina CarterCelia Kyle is another author who writes BBW stories, and she has a ton of stories under her belt. This is the first work I have read with Mina Carter on the title, but I think she definitely has promise based on the work. This tale focuses on a sassy werehedgehog and a male dragon who is a member of the Council of Twelve. The authors present situations that cover [...]

  • Well hot damn with a side of holy hotness. I want a dragon of my own. Well this one needs a little shake up but he is definitely yummy. Joey is were dragon and hot and muscled and hot and stubborn and hot, okay you get the idea!Katie wants an old farmhouse which belonged to a dear old man she loved like a grandfather and well he just happened to really be Joey's. So when he comes back to settle the estate, well life goes a little off the rails when they end up being mates! and she wants nothing [...]

  • Who knew dragons could be sexy?This was a quick and enjoyable read. I was so excited when I got this book in my kindle, and I was not able to wait until the weekend to read it!I wonder about what kind of conversations these two authors have when they get together to write. Every time they pair up, the resulting book is a perfect combination of strong female lead, sexy furry (or scaley) dude, danger, crazy fight scenes and literal laugh out loud moments (not the phoney texting kind). The plot was [...]

  • This book had me laughing so much. I mean a dragon and a werehedgehog. You know things are going to be funny between them. Joey is a idiot like straight up idiot. When she saw him in the diner with another woman I wanted to go there and beat his ever loving fine a$$. He practically begged her for a date then stood her up. I mean I get it I understand but give a girl a call. Truthfully he would of been in the doghouse for awhile if that was me but I feel she forgave too early. Then he just leaves [...]

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