The Blight Way

The Blight Way Bo Tully sheriff of Blight county Idaho and a fellow who dropped twenty pounds on Atkins had been thinking about asking out Jan Whittle his grade school sweetheart Problem is he s already promised

  • Title: The Blight Way
  • Author: Patrick F. McManus
  • ISBN: 9780743280471
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Bo Tully, sheriff of Blight county, Idaho and a fellow who dropped twenty pounds on Atkins had been thinking about asking out Jan Whittle, his grade school sweetheart Problem is, he s already promised to celebrate his dad s seventy fifth birthday with him Thwarted romance proves to be the least of Bo s problems, however, when a dead body turns up on Batim Scragg sBo Tully, sheriff of Blight county, Idaho and a fellow who dropped twenty pounds on Atkins had been thinking about asking out Jan Whittle, his grade school sweetheart Problem is, he s already promised to celebrate his dad s seventy fifth birthday with him Thwarted romance proves to be the least of Bo s problems, however, when a dead body turns up on Batim Scragg s ranch The baffling thing is that neither Batim nor his two wayward sons appear to be the culprits Forced to put on his sleuthing hat, Bo finds himself faced with a whole slew of possible suspects And what quickly becomes apparent is that, while the sheriff s investigative methods may not exactly be legal, they are, for better or worse, The Blight Way, A bestselling author with than two million books in print, the curmudgeonly wit Patrick McManus delivers a page turning mystery filled with mirth and misadventure set in hook and bullet territory.

    • The Blight Way by Patrick F. McManus
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    Patrick F McManus is an American outdoor humor writer A humor columnist for Outdoor Life and other magazines, his columns have been collected in several books Series Sheriff Bo Tully


  • I rated this book 4 stars mainly because I liked Blight County Idaho Sheriff Bo Tully, his intrepid deputies, his elderly father/sidekick Pap and Dave the cafe owner and tracker who might or might not be of Indian decent. They all contribute to a very entertaining and well written mystery that's quite fun to read because we all enjoy reading books with central characters we like for sometimes inexplicable reasons. Bo Tully and friends remind me of those unforgettably wacky characters in Carl Hia [...]

  • The Blight Way is a light fun mystery that takes place in Blight County, Idaho. The characters make this a memorable read. Sheriff Bo Tully feeds a Hobo spider that lives behind his file cabinet choice flies daily. He is a widower and bought Danielle Steele paperbacks to learn how to charm women. His dad Pap is as much a colorful character as his son. Pap was the previous sheriff and has a reputation. He does not have to lock his doors because people fear him. He is all business and doesn't mess [...]

  • Charming police procedural of the cozy kind; a Steven Havill novel with more humor, if you will. McManus is a humor writer and this series departs from that genre, but the quirkiness of the characters has a subtle humor that helps you appreciate and like them.The main character is Sheriff Bo Tully who is called by the local miscreant family to their ranch where a man has been found shot and draped over a fence. Realizing they would be the logical suspects, they thought it might be best to phone [...]

  • PROTAGONIST: Bo Tully, SheriffSETTING: Blight County, IdahoSERIES: #1 of possible seriesRATING: 3.5Sheriff Bo Tully of Blight County, Idaho, doesn't ride a big horse, carry a Glock or scare criminals by the piercing look in his eyes. His secret weapon is his father, "Pap", who formerly held the office and has more common sense than a roomful of Rhodes Scholars. Add in a crack investigative unit (actually, one man by the name of Lurch), a pretty medical examiner and a part-time tracker, and it's [...]

  • I love Patrick McManus. He has a great sense of humor and can give you a vivid picture of the scene or action in just a few words. His characters come to life, and I do mean "characters". This book is a Sheriff Bo Tully mystery. If you like Bo Tully, you'll like this book. It's a sure thing. It's fun easy, vacation reading. These books are kind of like McManus's humor books with some fictional mystery story added. I bet older guys who hunt and fish really like these books. Bo Tully is down to ea [...]

  • Sheriff Bo Tulley is called upon to investigate a dead body hanging on a ranch fence. While exploring the scence, two more bodies aare found. Throw in a missing rancher, a haunted hotel, and a good looking medical examiner and you get a pretty good yarn.

  • Premise: Bo Tully is the sheriff of the rural Blight County, Idaho, where nothing hardly ever happens and everyone knows each other. When Sheriff Tully is called out to a murder scene in Famine, he brings along Pap, his seventy-five year old father and previous sheriff, as a birthday present. The scene turns out to be more of a gift than he could have even dreamed.A man from LA is found dead on Batim Scragg’s ranch and it is up to Sheriff Bo to figure out who the killer is and if they are stil [...]

  • Amusing dialog, interesting mystery, but mostly what I took out of it was Tully's take on food stamps and poverty in reaction to Everett, who complained about having to support lazy people who should go out and get a job:The first thing we need to do is to withdraw all support from poor people. If they can't earn their own way, they starve.Of course, we wouldn't want women and children and babies and old people staving to death out in public, all bony and their eyes bulging out and like that. I [...]

  • Patrick McManus has written a very humorous, quirky murder mystery. I found myself chuckling and smirking throughout this fun book. The Blight Way is set in Blight County, Idaho in a backwoods town with a cast of townsfolk that make the story as fun to read as the mystery itself.Blight County Sheriff Bo Tully has a great 75th birthday present for his father, a murder in the neighboring town of Famine. When they arrive to find the well-dressed body of a stranger hanging over the fence on the Scra [...]

  • I was in the mood for a light hearted humorous read, and this mystery lived up to its billing. It was fun, in a small town, Andy Griffith way, but with more guns and violence.

  • This was a nice light read but disappointing. Bo Tully is a bit cranky without necessarily being a character I'd want to spend a lot of time with. I'll probably look at some of the other books, since perhaps this is just McManus getting the feel of the mystery genre as opposed to the outdoor humor genre, but I've gotta say, left me feeling a little bit meh.

  • This is my first foray into McManus' titles and I'm sad it's taken me this long! This books was everything I needed; a little mystery, a hilarious group of characters, realistic dialogue, not a lot of cheesy romance. was perfect. I flew through this book and can't wait to get my hands on the next!

  • An easy read about a murder mystery in a little country town. Any McManus reads remind me of my grandfather and simpler times. The humor is dad-joke-esque, which I enjoy.

  • The Blight Way is life in rural Idaho, pretty much still stuck in the 50's, with inhabitants too poor to have drug problems or a life plan that looks much beyond day-to-day existence. Sheriff Bo Tully has learned the job from his Pap, the sheriff before him. "The old man moseyed across the highway. Tully had studied moseying from him," as well as not exactly legal investigative methods. On Pap's 75th birthday, Bo's present is a dead body puzzle to solve, which Pap hopes is a real murder and not [...]

  • "The Blight Way" was an enjoyable Audible experience for a few hours while walking. Sheriff Bo Tully and his crew remind me a bit of a slightly perverted Andy Griffith Show, the folksy humor occasionally becoming naughty or a bit dark. (On Tully's dawning interest in the hot new coroner: "He wasn't sure he could get used to a woman who matter-of-factly shoved a thermometer into a dead man's liver".) You begin to feel that you have known this oddball crew forever. The narrator contributes to the [...]

  • THE BLIGHT WAY (Police Procedural-Idaho-Cont) – VGMcManus, Patrick F. – 1st in seriesSimon & Schuster, 2006- US Hardcover – ISBN: 9780743280471*** Bo Tully is a widower and the sheriff of Blight County, Idaho, as was his father. Bantim Scragg’s and his sons are not known as law-abiding citizens so when a call comes in that they are reporting a body on their fence, it gets Tully’s attention. When more victims are found, clearly not locals, the crime takes on a different focus.*** Pa [...]

  • I picked up this book on CD from the library because I like the columns of Patrick F. McManus. His books are usually a collection of his humorous outdoors columns in Field & Stream magazine, so that's what I expected this to be. I was wrong, and pleasantly surprised.This is a story of the Sherrif of Bligh, a town in northern Idaho (I presume a fictional town, but I didn't look it up). It all starts out with the discovery of the body of a well-dressed stranger. Further police inviestigation t [...]

  • Patrick F. McManus has long been one of my favorite authors. Stories like: The Grasshopper Trap, The Skunk Ladder, and The Good Samaritan Strikes Again are pure genius. One of the most fun parts of his stories, is that you get the impression there is some truth in these stories. Yet you don't know where the truth ends, and the fiction begins. This leads to imagining the whole story as true, resulting in comedic genius.I had never read one of his Bo Tully mystery novels though. I wasn't sure what [...]

  • I just finished reading Blight by Patrick McManus on my Kindle. This is the book that Sandy's brother in law recommended for our community read. I laughed and laughed and truly enjoyed the book so much that I'm going to read the rest of the series on my Kindle at camp next week. I also learned a new way to cuss that I will try out at camp.I remember reading his column in Field and Stream and Outdoor Life. This a quote from one on his reviewers:"This is only the second book I've read by Patrick M [...]

  • Growing up there was a mad scramble for the mailbox when the new Field and Stream was delivered. The scramble was largely to see who got to read the new story by Patrick McManus. Over the years I've read and listened to most of his short work. They're great audio for car trips. And my sons loved having them read to them for bedtime. The Blight Way is maybe a shade closer to a 3 1/2 star than four. It's a decent mystery/police procedural. But what makes it enjoyable is the humor that McManus adds [...]

  • I'm a longtime fan of McManus from reading his stories in Field & Stream. I didn't know what to expect from his as a mystery writer, but I was pleased with what I found. Bo Tully is a realist, and an 'everyday' man who dislikes complications, much like McManus' narrator sees himself in the stories. At the same time he's beset by outlandish characters, from the Scraggs to his own father, with whom he has to contend, again, much like the narrator in the stories. The difference is that this nov [...]

  • This was one of the rare books that I stopped reading mid-way, doubly sorry for such a beloved author. Since being introduced to McManus at the age of 10 when a friend's father had the whole set and let me devour them, I've bought, given away, and repurchased all of his books many times over. If you can get a vegan to appreciate your books about hunting and fishing, you must have some flair! Unfortunately McManus' Sheriff Bo books just don't seem to have the same zest and appeal; Sheriff Bo is c [...]

  • I've longed enjoyed Patrick McManus' humor writings, and own several of his collections of essays, so I was intrigued a few years ago when I saw he'd written a mystery novel. Since then, I've read at at least three times, and have enjoyed the experience each time. While the mystery element may never rival Arthur Conan Doyle at his best, the characters sprinkled throughout the book more than make up for it. While we readers may not necessarily be completely stumped by the time the solution is rev [...]

  • When my googling for a previous blog post revealed that Patrick McManus wrote some mystery novels, I had to know. Great or lousy? The answer is somewhere in between the funny gets a little in the way of the mysteries, and the dead bodies get a little in the way of the funny. For a McManus afficionado, you find that Bo gets himself into a few situations that are awfully similar to positions Patrick found himself in.On the positive side, it was very funny. Also, it did a good job of introducing a [...]

  • Bo Tully, sheriff of Blight county, Idaho gives his father, the former sheriff, a perfect birthday present, a dead body and an active case. But the case soon grows as two more bodies are found.Why I started this book: Richard recommended this series and I have loved A Fine and Pleasant Misery and his other short stories about the great outdoors.Why I finished this book: I was expecting laugh out loud silliness but by the end of the book I enjoyed the quirkiness of the characters. I will be readi [...]

  • As light reading goes this was pretty entertaining. It follows Sherriff Bo Tully, a small town sheriff in Idaho, investigating the triple homicide of drug dealers from California. The mystery itself is not that engaging, but the characterization and dialogue between the various personalities in the book is very entertaining. Especially amusing is the humor between Sheriff Tully and his cantankerous, seventy plus year old father, ‘Pap’ Tully, who preceded Bo as Sheriff. While not quite as goo [...]

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