Done Deal

Done Deal If you died tomorrow what would be your legacy Death does not begin with the loss of the ability to breath or the last beat of your heart Cissy learns this as she takes us on an inspiring and eye ope

  • Title: Done Deal
  • Author: Rene D. Schultz
  • ISBN: 9781495266188
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Paperback
  • If you died tomorrow what would be your legacy Death does not begin with the loss of the ability to breath, or the last beat of your heart Cissy learns this as she takes us on an inspiring and eye opening journey filled with love, friendship, laughter and hope This book is about the value of every moment of your life and fighting a good fight Cissy is your typi If you died tomorrow what would be your legacy Death does not begin with the loss of the ability to breath, or the last beat of your heart Cissy learns this as she takes us on an inspiring and eye opening journey filled with love, friendship, laughter and hope This book is about the value of every moment of your life and fighting a good fight Cissy is your typical hard working, single mother, who leads a very simple life Until one day, when a cancer diagnosis has her spinning in circles Not one to sit around and do nothing, and with years of experience in the medical field, she decides to research new medications and clinical studies on the Internet Then all of a sudden, she hits a block wall Why are the pharmaceuticals holding back orphan drugs that have the ability to save thousands of lives Andwhy are the greedy insurance companies refusing to pay for these medications to keep people alive Cissy goes on a quest to find these answers What she discovers is shocking With an anger that leaves her cynical, and with time running out, she sets out to right a wrong She does the unimaginable In this new age of technology Hackers become a reality, and new Robin Hoods become our heroes

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    I m divorced and I live in a small community just north of Los Angeles where I raised my two sons I love to garden, try new recipes, take lots of pictures, and occasionally I enjoy a glass of wine with dear friends I ve never jumped out of a plane, climbed Mt Everest, or seen the Northern Lights of Alaska But, I have danced in the rain, sent a message in a bottle, and I ve rode my motorcycle down The Pacific Coast Highway on sunny California days After my divorce, I waltzed into the world of online dating I didn t find my knight in shining armor, but instead in 2008, I wrote a very successful book on my entertaining experiences My first book Searching4MrRight was published by a small press and you can find it on My first fiction novel Bishop Street is coming out July 2013 This story is about four powerful friendships that begin at Bishop Street Orphanage It continues with lies and deceit after they leave at eighteen Then, twenty years later, redemption plays out and ultimately the strength that got them through their childhood becomes the catalyst that binds them back together My passion of writing has lead me on the most amazing journey Now, my focus is on fiction I thrive on developing strong storylines that showcase today s contemporary lifestyles Rags to riches, Robinhood, and surviving the odds, seems to be my one common denominator that showcases my fascinating and diverse characters.


  • I was honoured to read this book for this author. I found it quite compelling in the topic she chose to tackle. I cried at the story. LOVED the characters. I even felt the pain they were all going through. 10/10 for me all the way.

  • Wow, I am an avid fan of medical mysteries. This book is less focused on the medical side and has little if any mystery to it and still it reminds me of the genre.We meet a woman of 49. She is happily divorced. She is gainfully employed and she loves what she does and she does it well. Her two grown son's are both active contributing members of society. She has a few very good friends and a bunch of quintessences. She also has cancer.And so our story begins. With her coming to face her own morta [...]

  • I received the book from the author for an honest review. WOW, incredible, filled with compassion and love, dedicated, written with great value for life, people and family. This is a book that takes you on a journey with one woman, Cissy from the day she learned she had lung cancer to her death. Chronically written as she went through every step of this dreaded disease and the effects it had on her and her family and the legacy she left behind to her sons and friends. Each character masterfully [...]

  • There is only a handful of authors who give me goosebumps while I'm reading their book Rene is one of them.I read & reviewed Rene's other book Bishop Street & I loved it. This book if at all possible beats it. It's a heart wrenching story. Unfortunately we all know someone that has been touched by cancer. When reading this you will go through a lot of emotions. Cissy the main character is fantastic. This is her story of strength & courage & how her sons & friends cope with he [...]

  • A great book to get involved in. Lots of interesting facts about computer geeks, political non-integrity, etc. A personal in-depth look at what it is like to fight cancer unto death. Cissy is my hero. She not only goes through months of weakness and pain courageously thinking of others more than self, but she devises and ingenious plan to leave a legacy only two living people will ever know about, but possible millions will benefit from.The author, Rene Schultz is also an ingenious plotter and w [...]

  • Done Deal was a departure for me. I typically read Romance, Romance Suspense, Chick Lit, Mysteries and a bit of Fantasy (think Harry Potter, Twilight, Anita Blake). So when I was asked to review this novel, I jumped at the chance! Especially once I found out that the author was an Indie author and had self-published not only this novel, but also her debut novel, Bishop Street. As an Indie author myself, I feel that it's very important to support other authors who choose a road less traveled.Now, [...]

  • **I received a free eCopy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review**Wow! Done Deal was a remarkable, amazing book! It is, without a single doubt, the very best book I've read all year. And I've read quite a few!Done Deal is a beautifully written and emotionally charged novel that grabs you from the very first line. "A person's wealth is not measured by the money or the material things they leave behind. It's the richness of who they are and their passion for life that makes [...]

  • Once begun, you will not want to put down Done Deal. Rene Schultz has crafted, with great skill, a multi-dimensional story that is at once moving, inspiring and exciting. On one level Done Deal describes the bravery of a woman coming to terms with, and facing the reality of her own mortality. On another, perhaps deeper level it chronicles the love of friends (including family members) in its purest form. To watch the decline of a loved one, to be a steadfast carer, requires tremendous reserves o [...]

  • Emotional and Breathtaking read.I was in two minds whether to read Done Deal due to personal reasons - I am so glad I did! I have never read a book that has made me cry (more than once!) before, until Done Deal! I had to stop at one point as all the words began merging into one through my tears.Done Deal is about a wonderful, simple woman who becomes amazingly strong and shows the readers how to take what life throws at us and make it better. The author showed that because the main character was [...]

  • AdvocateIn Done Deal, by Rene Schultz, for Cissy "[l]ife was good and she thrived on being an optimist. Her sons were healthy, she was rich in friends, loved her job, and enjoyed her home. What more could she ask for? Cissy always tried to be upbeat and positive, and today was a typical reflection. She always found the best of the worst situations, and had a hard time understanding angry and negative people. She could never comprehend why people focused on unconstructive energy; to her it was a [...]

  • Death does not begin with the loss of the ability to breath or the last beat of your heart. Author Rene Schultz gives us a very eye opening look into that journey. Her magnificent writing skills let's the reader join our protagonist who recently discovers she has a terminal illness. We walk along with Cassie as she heads towards the end of her life fighting for justice in the world of the big business of pharmaceutical and insurance companies.With skill and an overwhelming talent in her ability [...]

  • I have to say I have read some good books, I have read some with the topic of Cancer, But i have never read such a poignant, mind blowing, exceptional story that actually enters your soul, rips at it and leaves you mentally scared. From first finding cancer to her resting day, the story of Cissy should be devoured by us all. Beautifully written, this is one story i am actually speechless about but will carry to my own grave. In memory of Mary McCarthy, dearly missed in cyber world as well as pub [...]

  • Cissy has been told she has Cancer, and it doesn't look good. We follow Cissy on her medical journey, and the lack of treatment avaliable due to cut backs. You want to cry and scream because you know it is true, and we have all lost someone to Cancer. When in reality it should have been cured long ago. We also get to see the closure she brings her family and friends. This is a great read, that pulls at your heart strings and makes you want to scream in frustration. Loved the book, but know that [...]

  • 4.5 LIGHTNING bolts and HOLY MOLY what a book! Will write full review in the next day or so as I just finished and should probably go to bed before I keel over from tiredness.JustWow.

  • The author pointed out to me that her book, Done Deal, was available on a particular day as a free download because I had another of her novels in my want-to-read list. I was excited to read it and launched in right away. The premise is intriguing, she writes great characters and interactions, and the poignant subject (a 49-year-old woman diagnosed with cancer) is addressed in a heart-warming and sometimes heart-breaking way. All of those are true positives and I can see where families who have [...]

  • * I received an ebook copy for free in exchange for an honest review. *This book was amazing! I wasn't sure that I would really enjoy it, but once I started I couldn't put it down! I felt like I was on this emotional roller coaster with the characters in the story and I felt like a friend was going through each and every treatment, disappointment, and let down, that Cissy and her family was going through. It was a story about family, pain, moving on, but also about courage, and determination and [...]

  • *I received this ebook copy or free in exchange for an honest review* Done Deal is a story of many remarkable characters. The author, Rene Schultz, made me feel as if I knew each one personally. I find it rare that authors make all of the characters in their books memorable. Cissy, the main character, was a strong woman who cared deeply for her sons, friends, co-workers and all of the healthcare team that cared for her. Likewise, these people played a strong role in Cissy’s life. Cissy, who kn [...]

  • This book is very well written, in watching how Cissy deals with the devastating news of the big "C" (cancer). The book takes you on a journey with Cissy, her friends, her family, and her doctors and brings with it the feelings of hope, love, anger, humor, and loss. There is so much that happens in the short time period of when Cissy learns of her diagnosis and the loss of life, but the story is not rushed or glossed over. a reader you are taken along in this ride of life, you feel for each and [...]

  • At first I was a little skeptical. I am not one who enjoys the "medical" genre. However. As I began to read, I was immediately drawn into the story of Cissy, her family and friends. You fall in love with her feisty and fun loving character. Your heart wrenches as she hears about her cancer and ponders about her "fate". And you grow excited as you follow her determination to share a piece of her struggle with others. You are enveloped by her zest for life, amidst such traumatic circumstances. You [...]

  • A marvelous and touching storyThis is a terrific read about a woman who finds her higher purpose at the same time as her death sentence. It's a story about determination and empowerment to create change. She is truly a woman of dignity and grace.

  • Done Deal was a very emotional roller coaster for me. Rene Schultz writes with passion and from the heart of true life experiences. Done Deal is about a loving Mother and a Friend with a Heart of Gold. But she was handed Cancer. Yes the C word! The word everybody in the world has a connection to. They are a Survivor, like me, had or has a parent with it, my Mom died from Cancer and so did my Father in Law. They have a Family member, my Uncle Peanut, or a Friend, my Best Friend from High School w [...]

  • DONE DEAL / RENE SCHULTZ i would like to thank Rene for sending me this book i would also like to thank her for all her help she a very kind lovely lady a inspirational writer I loved this book i was hooked from the first page you will need your tissues the story fantastic i could not put it down i started at 11 o clock this morning i have been out to do shopping i took it on the bus with me i never do that lol i finish by 6.30 tonight If you died tomorrow What would be your legacy? The book ab [...]

  • Bring the Kleenex!! I love a good story!If cancer has ever touched you in ANY way, this book will bring it home a powerful way. This book is considered fiction. But, it COULD be real, And it is, for millions of families around the world. Cissy is the personification of strength and courage, in the face of cancer. She fights with everything she has to stay alive, but knowing that she is losing that fight, she changes her focus to the big pharmaceutical companies. She is angry, and so are her othe [...]

  • Wow!! This is my 3rd book by Rene D. Schultz and once again I am totally amazed! Her books are great from page 1 to the end. I highly recommend anything you can find by her!!

  • This is the first book ive read by this author a good well written book i enjoyed it would read more of Renes book

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