The Cats that Chased the Storm

The Cats that Chased the Storm It s early spring in Erie Indiana and the weather has turned most foul We find Katherine Katz Kendall heiress to the Colfax fortune living in a pink mansion caring for her three Siamese and Abby

  • Title: The Cats that Chased the Storm
  • Author: Karen Anne Golden
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • It s early spring in Erie, Indiana, and the weather has turned most foul We find Katherine Katz Kendall, heiress to the Colfax fortune, living in a pink mansion, caring for her three Siamese and Abby the Abyssinian Severe thunderstorms frighten the cats, but Scout is better than any weather app A different storm is brewing, however, with a discovery that connects greaIt s early spring in Erie, Indiana, and the weather has turned most foul We find Katherine Katz Kendall, heiress to the Colfax fortune, living in a pink mansion, caring for her three Siamese and Abby the Abyssinian Severe thunderstorms frighten the cats, but Scout is better than any weather app A different storm is brewing, however, with a discovery that connects great uncle William Colfax to the notorious gangster John Dillinger Why is the Erie Historical Society so eager to get William s personal papers Is the new man in Katherine s life a fortune hunter Will Abra mysteriously reappear, and is Abby a magnet for danger A fast paced whodunit, the second book in The Cats That series involves four extraordinary felines that help Katz unravel the mysteries in her life.Author of s Bestselling Cozy Animal Mystery The Cats that Surfed the Web.

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  • I feel the writing of this one is improved over the first book in the series. Fun, quick read. Some of the cat involvement seems a little forced (just putting in cat dialogue to be able to classify it a cat mystery) but overall I enjoyed it quite a bit. I will definitely continue the series!

  • The Cats that Chased the Stormby Karen Anne GoldenAnother fun read from Karen Golden involving Katherine Kendall and her three cats, Lilac, Scout, Iris, and Abby, the cat she inherited from her great Aunt Orvenia, along with a Victorian mansion and 44 million dollars in Erie, Indiana. My reading of this second novel in the series was interrupted when the charging port on my Kindle failed just before Christmas. Just before New Years, I sent it off to be repaired (if you need Kindle repair, just a [...]

  • I'm Loving "The Cats that" SeriesI just finished reading the second book in "The Cats that" series by Karen Anne Golden. So far, this has been an entertaining and easy to read series. I'm having a great deal of fun following the happenings in the life of Katherine (Katz) Kendall, her new friends and acquaintances (some of who may be criminals - even murderers!), potential love interests, and especially her cats--I am loving the cats! They have their own large personalities, likes and dislikes an [...]

  • I really enjoyed this book. It's a light heart story of the escapades of Katz and her four felines. Another mystery awaits as a storm partially destroys Katz house, only to uncover a skeleton in her basement. I love this series,it's clean, entertaining, with a hint a romance and has cats. What more could you want?It’s early spring in Erie, Indiana, and the weather has turned most foul. We find Katherine “Katz” Kendall, heiress to the Colfax fortune, living in a pink mansion, caring for her [...]

  • I liked this book as well as the first one. It reminds me a lot of The Cat Who books with the same kind of Siamese who do certain tricks that tell their humans a clue. It is updated and has a kind link to the past in the Pink Mansion. I can't wait for the third.

  • I read this book for What's in A Name 2018: the word 'the' used twice. I enjoy reading books about cat owners and their cats. The cats in the book tell when a tornado is coming and find a skull. Katherine is living in a house that was owned by her aunt. She discovers that bootlegging had been going on in the house. The skull that the cat discovered helps solve the mystery of a missing relative.

  • This is such a fun series. Good mysteries and I love how well the author gave each cat a different voice and personality! (Sweet) Abby and (Ornery) Scout are my favorites.I thought with the first book that this would become a favorite series, and now after the second book,I am anxious to get to the third, set during my favorite season(fall), and around my favorite Holiday-,Halloween,haha!

  • This is #2 in The Cats That series. I enjoyed the first book as soon I saw it, I downloaded it at once. I was not disappointed, as Abby, Iris, Lilac and Scout continue their entertaining actions. One night a thunderstorm turns into a tornado and Katz tries to catch the cats so she take them to the cellar Scout escapes and when the wall is know down he does the death dance. Katz looks around and see a human skull in the rubble. Daylight find the pink mansion in rubble. Someone attempts to kill Ab [...]

  • Cat lover's delightI loved this second installment in what I hope will be a long series of tales. The story was well crafted, and moved at exactly the perfect pace. The humans of Erie. Indiana are an interesting and lively group of individuals with a ring of truth about them. Heroes are flawed, and villains come in unlikely varieties. But as housemate to two Siamese cats, l've fallen in love with Katz's feline family. Each member of the quartet contributes to the story, but in typical feline fas [...]

  • Just as good as the first, a quick, easy read to pass a lazy Sunday afternoon. I gotta ask, though(view spoiler)[Why did Katz get her panties in a twist that Mark didn't tell her about her great uncle being a bootlegger? She didn't know anything about her great aunt, what the hell difference did it make what her great uncle did? Incongruous plot line; I don't know if it's leading up to something but in terms of the series thus far, it was a plot line that stuck out like a sore thumb. So why incl [...]

  • A Thoroughly Enjoyable Read For Cat LoversI really enjoyed reading this book. I read the previous book in this series, and while I liked it as well, it seemed to be lacking something I can't quite put my finger on. This book hit all the marks. A great, entertaining story with more character depth than the first. The only negative for me was that it ended so soon; I wish it was a little longer. I've already downloaded #3 and can't wait to see what's next for Katz and the cats!

  • Do not read this book without reading the previous one first - its more like an extension of the first book and a lot carries over.Still very stiff and basic but the basic plot is good. Lots of extraneous information that could easily be left out (do I really need to know how someone step by step starts their car before driving away?). Sometimes the dialogue doesnt seem to fit the characters age and everyone is still rushing everywhere they go.

  • This second in a new to me series has me wanting more. This time there is a huge storm that does lots of damage to the pink mansion. What is unearthed during the storm as everyone wondering who it was. There is also a new character addeduld it be another person or cat? Guess you should read it. Karen Anne Golden's writing is easy to read and before I knew it, I was reading The End. Now I have to wait for August to read the next one, and you better believe I will be reading it.

  • Katz is back with her lovable cat crew( Scout,Isis,Lilac,and Abby). Katherine is starting to make Eerie Indiana and the inherited mansion home when A storm and a mystery shake things up. Once again Scout helps her find clues.It is a charming mystery that has it's origins in the 1920's and reveals some of Katz' family secrets. A fun book with relatable, lovable characters. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • Kitty cozy triumphI loved this book. I love the series. It's interesting and charming. I can't wait to read the next and the next, etc. I love the break from the reality of my life. I love a mystery that has good ending and yet keeps me interested. I love learning about cat personalities too.

  • Fun enjoyable easy to read book. Cats are quirky and adorable. the story is interestung. This is #2 in the series. I think #1 should be read first for background info. I am anxious to read more about Katz and her cats. Likable characters, interesting mystery, nothing heavy or complicated Equal my kind of book for relaxing.

  • Cats, Books, and mysteries!!! Three of my favorite thing. No wonder I can't put this books down. These books are so awesome. Not only the mystery part of it, but just getting to know the characters (including cats). I love the stories of their shenigans and how they seem to find the clues. A definitely must read series!!! On to Fortunes!!!

  • I enjoyed this one as much as the first, The Cats That Surfed The Web. It was a fun read. I like getting to know Katherine and her cats, the people she encounters in Erie and the mysteries. These books are what I call "beach reading". Likable characters, interesting mystery, nothing heavy or complicated.

  • Talk About a Skeleton in the closetWell, it was a actually in the basement. Who is it and why is it in Katz's house. Another puzzle for the four felines and their stressed owner.Buried treasure, spooks, and a tornado make this an enjoyable and exciting sequel. Fans of cozy mysteries with just a touch of the unexplained will enjoy this book.

  • Full of actionFull of actionmore entertaining than the first book the characters are evolving and the cats are believable will read another book in series just to find out what's next

  • Another fun, quick read cozy mystery with cats. Tornado damage forces Katherine and her 4 cats to live elsewhere and a shocking discovery adds some historical mystery. Long lost sister to Scout, Abra, is returned in a fantastic way and now Katherine has 5 cats.

  • The Cats that Chased the StormThe Cats that Chased the StormA nice book. I happen to like Siamese cats. They like to talk. If she had fun writing it I had fun reading it. If you like cats you will like the book.

  • Love THESE BOOKS!Love THESE BOOKS!If you want a good quick read these books are excellent! Love the cats and now there are five. Also like new character Jake. Hope he and Katz get together in next book.

  • Nice StoryI enjoyed this book more than the first one. Both the flow of the story and the dialog have improved. Everything is smoother than before. I wasn't sure at first if I would read another in the series, but I will be looking for #3 soon.

  • Enjoyed it!I've enjoyed both books in this series by Karen Anne Golden. the books are quick, easy reads with no deep thought required. Quite relaxing. I'm looking forward to the next one.

  • A nice light read. I am hooked on the characters and the cats. I am an animal enthusiast. Its about a New Yorker in small town Indiana. She has some unfortunate luck with greedy town folk. And some mystery about her family and murder.

  • Love this seriesI have read the first two books and am about to buy number three love these books they get better and better. A must read for all cat lovers and cozy mystery lovers!

  • Reminiscent of the Cat Who Bookif you loved koko and yum-yum like I did, I think you will love this series. smart cats, likeable characters and well written plots, combined with a younger edgier cast of characters. love them

  • Love it.Loving cats the way I do, then this is the purrrfect light, smooth read. Although not a complicated mystery, the author draws you in quickly, to an eventful story. Loved book 1 as well, now on 3. I would recommend to any who loves a clean mystery with furry friends

  • If you like cats who allow you to live them.If you like cats who allow you to live with them, you will enjoy this very fluffy (pun intended) story. Not much real mystery, characters are obvious, plot is light, but if you have kindle prime you can read for free.

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