Arcady's Goal

Arcady s Goal From Newbery Honor winning author Eugene Yelchin comes another glimpse into Soviet Russia For twelve year old Arcady soccer is than just a game Sent to live in a children s home after his parents are

  • Title: Arcady's Goal
  • Author: Eugene Yelchin
  • ISBN: 9780805098440
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From Newbery Honor winning author Eugene Yelchin comes another glimpse into Soviet Russia For twelve year old Arcady, soccer is than just a game Sent to live in a children s home after his parents are declared enemies of the state, it is a means of survival, securing extra rations, respect, and protection Ultimately, it proves to be his chance to leave But in SoviFrom Newbery Honor winning author Eugene Yelchin comes another glimpse into Soviet Russia For twelve year old Arcady, soccer is than just a game Sent to live in a children s home after his parents are declared enemies of the state, it is a means of survival, securing extra rations, respect, and protection Ultimately, it proves to be his chance to leave But in Soviet Russia, second chances are few and far between Will Arcady seize his opportunity and achieve his goal Or will he miss his shot This title has Common Core connections.

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    Eugene Yelchin Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Arcady's Goal book, this is one of the most wanted Eugene Yelchin author readers around the world.


  • Read and reviewed for School Library Journal 07/01/2014.After his parents are accused of being enemies of the state, twelve-year-old Arcady who grew up being carted from orphanage to orphanage in Soviet Russia. Although Arcady hasn’t had a great childhood, he is great at soccer. In fact, his soccer skills are his ticket out of the orphanage when soft-hearted schoolteacher-turned-orphanage-inspector, Ivan Ivanych, sees Arcady play on an inspection and decides to adopt him. Believing the inspect [...]

  • With small pages, a larger font, and many black and white illustrations, some encompassing a two-page spread, this historical fiction story is a fast read. The author wrote and illustrated the book, and his pictures show a wide range of emotions that can help children understand the character's feelings and experiences. The reader is immediately immersed in the desperately world of a Soviet orphanage for children of criminals of the state who were executed. Life there is very difficult and the b [...]

  • I haven't read a book so quickly in a while, nor have I read a book that I didn't want to end in a long time. This, Arcady's Goal, is such a book. I can't imagine any student not loving the story of Arcady, a young boy, in a children's camp for children of the Soviet Union's enemies. He has only one dream, to play soccer for the communist red team. It's more broadly a story of all the children who were taken from their parents mostly on whim of others, and it's also a story of a kind man who had [...]

  • Arcady is being raised on the eve of WWII in a brutal orphanage run by an overbearing man he nicknames "Butterball" because his parents were deemed enemies of the state and killed. Food is scarce and punishment is plentiful, but Arcady has skills at playing soccer that set him apart. Hearing the rumor that the inspectors who visit the orphanage are sometimes soccer scouts, Arcady does his best to impress one inspector who does not seem like all the rest. It turns out that the man, Ivan Ivanych, [...]

  • In his second book that takes place during the Stalinist-era Soviet Union, Yelchin once again creates a story that really speaks to me. The aftereffects and consequences of what happens to families of "enemies" of the people are briefly discussed at the end of the book. The part that really seemed to stick with me was that "the Communist Party ensured that this trauma would live on even after the demise of Communism. It did so by shattering the families of the enemies of the people." As someone [...]

  • This novel is a young adult read. I don't recall how I encounter it but I am glad I did. A simple story that relates life under Stalin (and any totalitarian regime) and its continuing impact that carries over even until today.

  • A quick quiet read about a young boy adopted from an orphanage during the Stalin era. Based on the father's story of the author. I found it sad how people were labeled and killed as traitors and how their children were so punished. Sometimes sports can save you!!!!

  • I chose Eugene Yelchin's Arcady's Goal because I had read his previous novel Breaking Stalin's Nose and because I am interested in multicultural and international middle grades literature. Arcady is the child of parents who have been labeled "enemies of the state." As such, he lives in a children's home that is little different from a prison camp. His goal? Escape. His means? Soccer. When Arcady is unexpectedly adopted by a single man, his goal comes into focus. It's more achievable and more dif [...]

  • The people who like soccer should read this book. For the people who hate soccer should still read the book cause the book will change your mind. The book is mainly about Arcady he has an amazing set of soccer skills. He takes kids twice his size and beats the kid 1v1.But one the inspector is actually a soccer coach and the soccer coach is from Red army soccer club. He has a new journey up ahead of him. I recommend the book to the one who likes soccer and that likes drama books.What I don't like [...]

  • I liked this book because I learned that orphanages were really bad in whatever the year was. I also liked this book because I liked the ending because I liked that Arcady finally got to go to the soccer tryout.

  • Wonderful book about Russia and orphan children of the state. Archady gets a blessing and a way out from a tender, smart man who has lost his wife.

  • Great glimpse as soviet Russia. The perfect amount for kids to get an idea how bad life was and how good theirs are.

  • Arcady's Goalby Eugene YelchinHenry Holt and Company, 2014ISBN 978-1-62779-291-2 234 pages : illustrations ; 19 cmChapter book, historical fictionYHBA intermediate grade nominee, 2016Interest level: grades 4-8; reading level: 4.4Lexile measure: 6304 out of 5 starsArcady's Goal is a historical fiction novel that is set in Soviet Russia in the time of Stalin. This is not a historical time period that children know much about, so Eugene Yelchin's books are windows into an unknown, but real, world.T [...]

  • When I first received the book Arcady's Goal, by Eugene Yelchin, I was a bit skeptic. I typically do not enjoy books that are too heavily about sports, but I was very pleasantly surprised once I read this book. This story follows a young boy named Acady throughout a short portion of his life, and, although that time may be short, it is filled with enough excitement, sadness, and emotions to make anyone cry. Arcady is a child of the enemy, or in other words, his parents rebelled against Soviet Ru [...]

  • The book Arcady’s Goal by Yelchin takes place in Russia during World War II and follows the life of Arcady who is a young boy who loves soccer and is very good at it. “I score on the go, with the ball in the air, with my back to the goal. I score in all weather. Dirt, mud or ice, I score.” (Yelchin, 1) Arcady was orphaned as an infant by his parents who probably said the wrong thing to the wrong person and found themselves imprisoned. In the beginning of the book, Arcady is told that some [...]

  • The main Character, Arcady was sent to a children’s home once he was sent away from his parents due to them being labeled as an enemy of the state and his parents were killed. The story takes place in Russia during the time of the Stalinist. The children’s home wasn’t considered a fun place to be what so ever. The guy who ran it “Butter Balls” was a cruel man who made the children work for their living there. Arcady was one to get what he needed through his talent of playing soccer. Ar [...]

  • Arcady's Goal by Eugene Yelchin takes place on the eve of WWII in Soviet Russia. Arcady, now twelve, has been raised in orphanages. His parents were taken away when he was a baby as they were accused of being "enemies of the state". Orphanages are the only home he has ever known. The other thing he knows well, though, is soccer. Where he has picked up his mad soccer skills, we will never know, but he dreams of being the next striker for the Red Army soccer team. For now though, he plays one on o [...]

  • Arcady has grown up in a children's home in Stalin's Russia, after his parents were labeled enemies of the state and presumably killed or imprisoned. His life is one of little food and no comforts, in a home surrounded by a wooden fence topped with barbed wire. But there is one bright spot: Arcady is an incredible soccer player. One day his skills are noticed by an inspector who then adopts Arcady, taking him, for the first time, into a normal home. But no place in Communist Russia can be truly [...]

  • *Spoilers Below*Arcady's Goal is about a boy named Arcady who lives in a children's home. He lives there fighting for his life with all of the other children who have parents that were enemies of the people. This children's home is under the control of an awful man known as butterball to the children. He forces Arcady to play soccer against the meanest, toughest boys when the inspectors come for a visit so the inspectors will be entertained. Butterball wasn't expecting an Ivan to be among those [...]

  • ****SPOLIERS****In the book Arcady's Goal, Arcady lives in a home for children with Butterball, the awful headmater of sorts. Unfortunately for the many children in this home, they are almost never adopted because of past issues their parents have had with enemies that make it difficult to be adopted. Butterball then makes an announcement to Arcady that "inspectors" are coming to watch Arcady play soccer against the meanest and toughest kids. Although it's tough and Arcady gets pretty brutally i [...]

  • “Arcady’s Goal” by Eugene Yelchin is about a boy named Arcady who lives in an orphanage under the control of Butterball, the mean headmaster. All of these boys who are at this children’s home are children of “enemies of the people” which basically sets them up to never be adopted. Arcady loves to play soccer and uses his skills to win extra portions of food. Butterball forces Arcady to play against some of the biggest kids in the home when inspectors come so that they can watch them [...]

  • At first glance, this book looks like it is about soccer. However, it is so much more than that. Arcady lives in a children's home with a mean headmaster named Butterball. The children who live in this home all had parents who were enemies of the people. Because of this, no one ever comes to adopt them. One day, Butterball announces that inspectors are coming and he wants Arcady to play soccer against the biggest and toughest boys at the home. Arcady gets beat up, but ends up defeating all of hi [...]

  • Twelve year old Arcady has spent his whole life in “orphanages” after his parents are imprisoned, and probably murdered, for allegedly being prisoners of the state. He is surrounded by a other orphans created by Stalinism, vicious guards, and a corrupt administrator. Food is scarce and hardly nutritious, the buildings are barely inhabitable, and trust is something that is never learned. However, the one thing that Arcady has mastered, is how to control a soccer ball, and his one dream is to [...]

  • Drawing from some of his own father's experiences in the Soviet Union, the author describes how a talented young soccer player uses his skills to make his life in an orphanage a little bit easier. Arcady, the book's protagonist, is rewarded with extra rations of bread when he wins, and when he catches the eye of one inspector, he wonders if the man could possible be a recruiter for a soccer team. The man, Ivan Ivanych, is not what he seems, and the two realize that they are dealing with similar [...]

  • Arcady is a twelve-year-old orphan who would scores goals for food rations. He is an exceptional soccer player and he used he talents playing soccer in the orphanage. Then one day an inspector named Ivan Ivanych comes to the orphanage to adopt Arcady having seen him on his previous visit. Arcady is fairly skeptical of Ivan, thinking he is a soccer coach and all Arcady wants to do is play for the Red Army Soccer Club. Arcady would later find out that Ivan isn't a coach and the real reason he adop [...]

  • By the Newbery Honor winning author, Eugene Yelchin (I still need to read Breaking Stalin's Nose!), Arcady's Goal is a story of human rights, freedom, kindness, family, dreams, and soccer. Arcady was sent to a home/prison for the children of "enemies of the state" while his parents simply vanished into the penal system during Stalin's oppression of Russia. When Ivan Ivanych sees Arcady playing his ferocious game of soccer with the other children, he decides to adopt him. Arcady thinks he is a so [...]

  • TCL CALL #: J YELCHIN EChris’ Rating: 3 StarsArcady survives in a children’s home set up for “enemies of the people” following the Rise of Communist control in Russia. Soccer is his only outlet. Occasionally it wins him extra rations. When an inspection is due the camp manager wants him to play to entertain the inspectors so they will forget to look into how the camp is being run. But one of the inspectors is anything but typical…and might be Arcady’s ticket out of the camp. Could so [...]

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