Deadly Thyme

Deadly Thyme A girl disappears in this psychological suspense set in a sleepy coast village in Cornwall England where many of the inhabitants are keeping secrets One secret is deadly

  • Title: Deadly Thyme
  • Author: R.L. Nolen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A girl disappears in this psychological suspense set in a sleepy coast village in Cornwall, England where many of the inhabitants are keeping secrets One secret is deadly.

    • Deadly Thyme by R.L. Nolen
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    I live and work in Houston, TX I am a Texan, so an occasional y all slips out in conversation I am an avid reader and must have stacks on my to be read shelves at all times I am in a few book clubs and reading circles I read suspense, British murder mysteries, YA, and children s books I am asked often to write reviews, but I only do reviews for books that I could discuss with my saintly mother.All reviews are offered free, without any obligation, and are my express opinion only.Follow me instagram rlnolen55An interview with Reader Views readerviews interviewnolendeadlythymeA radio interview insidescooplive nolenrebecA blog interview faliaison fal meet the Author Radio interview wnbnetworkwest WnbAuthorsSitter name rlnolenwebsite rebeccanolen


  • I won this book through First-Reads.The plot of the story was good, nothing you've never read before, but it was executed poorly, and it was missing so many details. Annie Butler goes missing; there is no physical description in the book but apparently Mrs Butler is extremely attractive, and not at all like the matronly woman described in the story who seems a bit overprotective. All the reader learns is that Annie's father is a "perverted demon." As a matter of fact, the characters aren't very [...]

  • I enjoy reading mysteries, but I don't do scary at all. And let me warn you, this book is chilling. It's not my kind of book at all at all.It is a testament to the quality of Nolen's writing that not only did I finish it, once started, I couldn't not finish it, no matter how horrific it became. (I do admit to taking breaks from it to calm down)One quiet Sunday morning in a village in Cornwall, a ten year old girl, Annie Butler, is abducted. Her kidnapper, Charles, is serial killer who believes t [...]

  • I received a free download of this book from Story Cartel, thank you!I enjoyed this book. The plot twists and turns kept me guessing. I had a few ideas of who the kidnapper was, and I did end up being correct with one of my guesses, but it wasn't the person that I actually expected it to be, so that was interesting.As an American, I could totally relate to Ruth's little slips from the British language and I would smile at Annie's corrections of her in the beginning of the story. After Annie was [...]

  • Riveting Suspense! This exceptionally well written suspense mystery will grab you in the opening and keep you reading. The story has it all; a serial killer, a missing child, plenty of terror, lots of mystery, and even a touch of romance. It is at times creepy and often moves into the realm of the downright frightening. The descriptions are vivid and tangible leaving readers with the feeling that they have actually visited the locations. The author gets you inside the minds of the various charac [...]

  • Deadly Thyme is a mystery set in a quaint Britain village that follows the investigation into the abduction and imprisonment of a ten-year-old girl.Although the first few pages of the novel disclose why the girl was taken and where she is, this did not deflect from the mystery because the antagonist’s true name is not revealed. You are kept guessing who it might be, and there are a number of suspects woven into the plot.Nolan managed the multiple point of views well, allowing the reader a peek [...]

  • This was a pretty good mystery read, probably perfect for a rainy weekend. There were times when I did catch my mind wandering from the story but not often. It did keep me guessing. One minute I was sure I knew who the villain was but then something would happen that would make me doubt a bit. Reckon that's a good sign of a good mystery there eh? All in all, I believe those who like the more even paced who-done-it mysteries will enjoy this read. Those who like a lot of fast paced action, I would [...]

  • In Deadly Thyme, Ruth has escaped a dangerous past and has rebuilt her life in the quaint English village, Cornwall. But the idyllic setting loses its charm when her daughter Annie goes missing while playing with her friend on the beach. Has Ruth's past caught up with her or is something far more sinister going on? Ruth struggles with whether or not she should come clean about her true identity, which could get her deported because, as an American citizen, she is living there illegally.This myst [...]

  • I received a free, signed copy of this book via the First Reads program and would like to thank the author and everyone else who made that possible!This started out as a 3 star book for me but evolved into a solid 4 stars by the end. The book really picked up about halfway in and the mystery/suspense was great! At the beginning I felt like the killer's issues were a bit overdone but towards the end I felt like it all came together well. I kept jumping from 3-4 suspects right up until the end an [...]

  • Ruth Butler is content, safe, and secure in a village on England’s southern coast until she suffers a parent’s worst nightmare. Her daughter disappears. Annie has been kidnapped by a serial killer, a maniac who leaves behind herbs as clues about his insane motives while hiding in plain sight, living the life of a normal resident of the town. As the mystery of his identity is peeled back in layers, the bond between Ruth and Annie, and later between Ruth and the lead investigator, emerge as co [...]

  • Deadly Thyme is a strong thriller, filled with a good cast of characters. With any murder mystery, there is required a higher character number than other genres, because the reader needs to figure out who did it. The characters were defined, individual, and I had no problem remembering who was who. I came close to figuring out the identity of the killer, but was led down another twist, and began to doubt my suspicions. Although we know him as "Charles," we have little to go on other than that he [...]

  • Incredible and enjoyable read!Although I’m not a prolific reader, this book will stay with me long after I’ve written this review. Rebecca invites us into a seemingly picturesque and quaint village in Cornwall, but the abduction of Annie Butler, a young girl shocks the locality. Detective Inspector Jon Graham arrives in Cornwall to investigate a possible corrupt senior detective. He is unconsciously drawn towards the abduction case; his attraction to the victim’s mother, Ruth one of the re [...]

  • Reviewed By K.C. Finn for Readers’ FavoriteDeadly Thyme is an engrossing mystery novel by R.L. Nolen. Former Texan Ruth Butler relocates to Perrin's Point, England, after an empowered break from her husband in a bid to protect Annie, her beloved daughter. A decade passes and Ruth and Annie settle into their new lives, until the fateful day when Annie suddenly vanishes. Unable to investigate openly and risk deportation, Ruth enlists the help of Detective Inspector Jon Graham who is in the area [...]

  • I picked this one up on a whim. The story looked intriguing and the reviews positive. There are not many books on GR for this author, so I don't have much of a perspective on what books she writes.I will say that this book has a very lovely style. The writing is highly descriptive and flows well. The premise is rather dark and cruel, which I was willing to accept. It was charged with emotion. However, as a detective novel it falls very short. I felt that Graham was rather clueless for most of th [...]

  • True rating: 2.5This is an overly ambitious book. At 40o pages long, it easily should have been cut in editing by at least a 100 pages. At just over the halfway point, it began to drag terribly. It is a first novel, and unfortunately, that was obvious. I really wanted to like this book and I didn't *dislike* it. The author has some promise. The ebook , though definitely in need of tighter editing, is beautifully presented. The author and the publishing house are apparently both in Houston, TX, w [...]

  • Overall, this was a pretty good book. It is well written; kept me interested from start to finish, no dull moments; I could visualize the village of Cornwall vividly, however, the characters and their backgrounds could have been a little more fleshed out. I looked forward each evening to picking it up and finding out what would happen next.

  • I enjoyed this crime mystery immensely. I was left guessing about who the criminal was until the very end.The setting, characters, and story arc were all well-developed. The story was intriguing and the writing was quite interesting.Several people already wrote summaries of the book, so I won't include one here, but I will say that if you enjoy this genre this is an excellent read.

  • The plot was great, the accents and language used just made this a hard read for me. The author did a great job weaving the story together.

  • “Deadly Thyme” deserves a grade of A+!In my review of R.L. Nolen’s “Deadly Thyme,” I will not talk about the story line because it is documented by others. Instead, I will talk about the author’s writing and style. Because of my expertise, I am interested in Deadly Thyme’s writing mechanics including character development, language, and length and development of chapters. However, before I begin my review, I would like to say this genre is not my usual type of read. I was introduce [...]

  • Deadly Thyme by R.L.Nolen is an adult British psychological suspense thriller. Mrs. Ruth Butler has run away to England with her 10 year old daughter, Annie, to get away from her abusive husband. After living in a Cornish village in the South of England for awhile, her daughter Annie is kidnapped from a beach and held hostage by a cruel, twisted and creepy psychotic killer. The search is on and soon after a dead girl is found trapped in some rocks by the shore. She is barely identifiable but is [...]

  • I enjoyed reading Rebecca Nolen’s Deadly Thyme. Her crime thriller novel hooked me early on with the skillful use of simile that captured vivid images of seaside craggy cliffs and the secrets that lay hidden in the fictitious English village of Perrins Point set in Cornwall England. For example, I liked lines such as "Cornwall was a rugged triangle of man-tunneled rock, like a hardened wedge of Swiss cheese"; and "Lawlessness permeated Cornwall's history like brandy in a Christmas pudding”. [...]

  • Deadly Thyme by R. L. Nolen begins as Annie opens her eyes to nothingness. She finds herself trapped in a cold, damp space with an immovable object weighing on down her body. An overwhelming putrid smell takes her breath away as as we lose her to pain inflicted by a madman.The main storyline begins ten hours earlier before Annie found herself in her gruesome, unbearable surroundings. We find her playing on the beach- in her new shoes that she is not supposed to be wearing. One shoe shows up on t [...]

  • A most compelling read. I would have to say it’s the best I have read in some time. And what a great voice. Nolen’s eloquent writing and jam-packed descriptions of the old English villages, of Cornwall, Devon, and Wales drew me right in. The colloquialisms, and, of course, the plots within plots, held me there.This story is not as simple as it may first appear. As in her other book, The Dry, Nolen carries the story along at a steady pace.We first have Annie, the little girl who has disappear [...]

  • "Deadly Thyme" is a very intense, thrilling read. From the opening pages when we meet little Annie Butler and witness her abduction, to the roller coaster ride of an ending, Ms. Nolen keeps the reader teetering on the edge of her seat!Set in a sleepy seaside village in England, we are introduced to an eccentric cast of characters, many of who could be Annie's abductor. Clues are dropped here and there and I kept wavering back and forth between the possible suspects, not knowing until the very en [...]

  • Given To Me For An Honest ReviewWhen I began reading this book I thought it was just another book. Was I ever wrong. This book is such a page turner it's unbelievable. Once you begin to read it you will not be able to put it done until you finish it. It is about a woman and her daughter who are being watched by a person unknown to them. He sees Ruth (the mother) and believes it is his mother. He decides he must kill her. He takes her daughter without actually planning to. His "mother" continuous [...]

  • This one will be keeping me up at nights. I have two daughters and R.L. Nolen has very insightfully captured the heartbreak, misery, hopelessness and despair that a mother feels if anything happens to a child. Ruth Butler has her secrets but it seems like everyone in the sleepy town that she lives in, has one too. Into this web of secrets arrives Jon Graham on his own mission that has nothing to do with the events happening in the town. But he gets drawn into the mystery surrounding the disappea [...]

  • A brilliant mystery thriller that I didn't want to put down. Switching effortlessly from the victim to the kidnapper to the detective, Ms Nolen spins a captivating tale. A delightful balance of action and description, evoking the Cornwall coast just as clearly as the psychosis in the kidnapper's mind. While the clues are laid out as to who he is and where he keeps his victims, it's not until he revealed himself that I was certain it was him. So, yes, thrilling from start to finish. Read this one [...]

  • This complex little mystery, written by an American but set in Britain, features quaint and complex British characters. The story takes you through a setting that you will long to visit, a small hamlet on the coast near Cornwall. An American woman illegally in the country to avoid an abusive ex-husband has a daughter who disappears virtually into thin air. The convoluted plot features quirky characters, many of whom you will grow to love. My favorite is Tavy, a crotchety old hermit who wonders t [...]

  • **I received this book from as an advanced read**I would rate this book a 3.5. I am one of those people who enjoy trying to figure out who the villain is before the story ends. I had it narrowed down to two characters, but kept going back and forth before the final reveal. I loved that the fact that it wasn't very obvious! There were parts of the book that seemed a bit slow, but nothing so major that I ever wanted to stop reading it. In contrast, I felt there were times more detail could have b [...]

  • A peaceful English seaside village is wracked by an American child's abduction. Soon after, a mutilated body is found among the rocks at the sea's edge. As bodies pile up and cryptic clues appear, a grisly serial killer is suspected. Caught in the mystery is the girl's mother, Ruth and a reluctant detective who is there by chance from London on another matter. There are lovely descriptions of the Cornish coast and a colorful set of personalities that build a convincing backdrop for the action. F [...]

  • I love to read, but rarely commit to reading an entire book in one weekend…I just won’t allow myself to sit long enough to do that.I made an exception for Deadly Thyme! Nolen had my attention from the first chapter and I couldn't stop until I had all the answers. My daughter is living in England at present and so the setting was an added bonus. Nolen’s details of the area Ruth and Annie live was quite enjoyable for me.

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