Ember From the Sun

Ember From the Sun In the blue ice of an arctic cave a scientist has made an extraordinary discovery a woman s body frozen for years in a near perfect state with pliant tissues vessels filled with blood and a

  • Title: Ember From the Sun
  • Author: Mark Canter
  • ISBN: 9780553473681
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Audio Cassette
  • In the blue ice of an arctic cave, a scientist has made an extraordinary discovery a woman s body, frozen for 25,000 years in a near perfect state, with pliant tissues, vessels filled with blood and an embryo waiting to be born.They called her Ember, the child of their heart, born to surrogate parents who refused to yield her after birth Raised among the Quanoot IndIn the blue ice of an arctic cave, a scientist has made an extraordinary discovery a woman s body, frozen for 25,000 years in a near perfect state, with pliant tissues, vessels filled with blood and an embryo waiting to be born.They called her Ember, the child of their heart, born to surrogate parents who refused to yield her after birth Raised among the Quanoot Indians, Ember is as modern as those around her, a young woman struggling with a loneliness and yearning she does not yet understand Stronger than her classmates, imbued with the power to heal, Ember s soul resounds with the cries and whispers of a time she has never seen, and of a people who beckon her home.Desperate to unravel the mystery of her birth, Ember embarks on a spellbinding journey to find the people who call to her in her dreams Guided by a shaman who has waited for her return, pursued by the man of science who brought her to life, Ember is drawn to a place where no one else can go where her ancestors, the golden skinned people of her dreams, wait for her to set them free.From the Hardcover edition.

    • Ember From the Sun By Mark Canter
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  • Mark Canter

    I was raised in Kentucky hill country in a metropolis of 400 tobacco and hog farmers, where I belonged to the only Jewish family in the universe In my dharma bum youth, I hitchhiked and jumped trains across the Western States and Canada and went through jobs from pizza chef to surgical orderly, massage therapist to rock show stagehand After getting a journalism degree, I wrote for a few Florida newspapers before becoming senior editor of Men s Health magazine My short stories have been published nationally and my debut novel, Ember From the Sun, was published in 10 foreign languages I hold a master s degree in the Humanities With Highest Distinction and for seven years I taught World Religions at Florida State University, where I specialized in subverting the dominant paradigm.


  • Years ago--ages--I was reading EVERYTHING I could get my hands on regarding How To Write a Query Letter.*insert screams, sobs, bucket loads of tea, attempts at bribery, and a VERY clean house (best way to avoid the inevitable)!*This was before ebooks, so you really only had the option of reading Writer's Digest Magazine, and/or How To books.See?TOLD you it was AGES ago!Anyway, I came across a SAMPLE of an excellent query letter---or so the agent SWOREG!The query letter sample was for Ember From [...]

  • First I will paste what the review says:The story begins as Dr. Yute Nahadeh discovers a well-preserved, frozen Neanderthal woman in Alaska. As he studies the woman, he discovers that she was pregnant at her death. He decides to implant the embryo and create a Neanderthal to study firsthand. He finds a hungry, homeless teenage couple to serve as the surrogate parents. After the birth of the child, the couple decide that they cannot give her up and raise the baby girl named Ember. Neither of the [...]

  • I loved the premise, but didn't get into it as much as I hoped. I don't know if I would have liked it better if another writer had tackled the project???

  • "full of that magical, awesome marriage of science and art"It's possible that when I re-read it I may upgrade to five stars.

  • Read this book sometime between 1998 & 1999. Just found it on my library shelf as I was perusing the fiction section & liked the summary.Enjoyed immensely. One of the few books I always seem to think of.

  • An interesting ideaWhat if we could resurrect a lost species? Thoughtfully written with well defined characters. I was anxious to peer further into the lives of each character and loved the Indian history worked throughout.

  • I really did like this novel. I would not have given it four stars if I had not. But I do have some criticisms and my criticisms are of things that detract from the verisimilitude.First, it would have been more believable if the frozen Neanderthal had been found in an area where Neanderthals are known to have existed. I think, though, that I can see why it was placed in Alaska. The author apparently wanted to incorporate native Alaskan and Northwest Indian culture into the story - I suspect that [...]

  • I'm only on page 65, so the writing could get better, but I doubt it. The story is very good and I find it interesting, but the writing is amateurish, especially when describing the character of Yute. I thought, at first, that he was a teenager by the way his lines were written and how he acted. He comes across as very very young, not a scientist at all. I assume he is scared of wolves, but to shoot a wolf his sister was feeding? There was no sense of urgency, no warning, just an unneccesary dra [...]

  • 2 1/2 out of 4 starsYute Nahadeh is a scientist from the area around Denali National Park. He has always been interested in Neanderthals. His is visiting his father and sister when he finds a perfectly preserved Neanderthal woman, not frozen solid, and she is pregnant. He recruits 2 runaways and implants the fetus into the girl, intending to raise and study the baby. But they take the baby, named Ember, and raise her themselves. She grows up and knows she is different, and has dreams of others l [...]

  • Cuando leí el argumento del libro me sentí muy interesada por este libro. Empecé a leerlo y me enganché, me pareció sumamente interesante. Hasta que llegué al final de la primera parte y comenzó a volverse sumamente frustrante e irritante. Sentí que al autor (Mark Canter) se le fue de las manos la historia tan potencialmente buena que tenía entre manos. Quizá uno quiera ser condescendiente al ser ésta su primera novela, pero creo que no justifica lo pretencioso que a veces se adivina [...]

  • Some books are like a journey - a warm, wonderful journey. This was one for me. I love Ember, a child who grows into a woman like no other in the world. She knows she is different, a fact that is emphasized every day of her life. As she tries to understand her difference and looks for answers her life changes dramatically. An incredible athlete who has special healing powers that she doesn't understand, Ember is a loving and wonderful young woman. It's been several years since I read a novel lik [...]

  • A secret gem. I found this book on my bookshelf without knowing how I acquired it, most likely at a library book sale. It sat there for years, with its nondescript cover, not at all screaming to me to be read.But I'm so glad I finally picked it up. No one else I know has heard of this sweet book but it's well worth finding a copy! The gist is that a scientist finds a frozen neanderthal embryo and implants it in a young native woman's womb. The story follows the neanderthal girl growing up in an [...]

  • Audiobook. Mystical. I really enjoyed this audiobook. FYI the narrator is the same one who did the voice of Pocahontas. Ember is the result of an embryo miraculously being viable in the body of a cavewoman. The scientist doesn't tell the surrogate parents but they feel such a closeness to the baby, they take her home knowing that the scientist doesn't really want anybody to know what he did. The parents are also only 16. Ember looks different, talks different and is stronger. She goes to find ou [...]

  • I read this many years ago. I didn't love the writing, and sometimes the story faltered, but the concept was intriguing. I think it may have been the first book to play with the idea of raising a neanderthal child in our world. For me what was interesting were what would be the differences and the similarities. How well would she pass? And what would make her an outsider no matter what? I'm not sure I would imagine all this in the same way, but I'm grateful for the food for thought.

  • Outstanding story and well written. Author weaves a magical science fiction to make believable and could actually happen. This would be ideal to explore and recreate humanity, yes! Hard to put down, great book. It would be an honor to meet this author.

  • Wonderfully creative story that could have been written better. Thankfully the story is creative enough that a little suffering on the writing doesn't detract from it too badly. I did finish the book and enjoyed it. Some minor changes and the book would have gone from good to great.

  • The discovery of a pregnant ‘Tundra Woman’ in the permafrost of Alaska enables a doctor to regenerate the Neanderthal race of ‘goldens’ and undo his ancestors’ genocidal attack on them some 250 centuries before. Actually quite compelling, until a rather contrived ending took the edge off.

  • intrigerend gegeven, mooi geschreven maar wel wat langdradig en weinig to the point met bovendien wat te mooie toevalligeheden.

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