A Dead Husband

A Dead Husband Jessica Huntington rich beautiful and smart seeks refuge from betrayal in a desert paradise near Palm Springs only to discover life is full of surpriseske a dead husband Jessica Huntington is hidi

  • Title: A Dead Husband
  • Author: Anna Celeste Burke
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 421
  • Format: ebook
  • Jessica Huntington, rich, beautiful, and smart, seeks refuge from betrayal in a desert paradise near Palm Springs only to discover life is full of surpriseske a dead husband Jessica Huntington is hiding out from her own well planned life, now in shambles Her law career tanked by the Great Recession, she failed miserably as a desperate housewife in the Silicon ValleyJessica Huntington, rich, beautiful, and smart, seeks refuge from betrayal in a desert paradise near Palm Springs only to discover life is full of surpriseske a dead husband Jessica Huntington is hiding out from her own well planned life, now in shambles Her law career tanked by the Great Recession, she failed miserably as a desperate housewife in the Silicon Valley playing beat the clock with her 30 something hormones In the end she put on a little baby fat, but no baby The final blow walking in on her husband in bed with a well known Hollywood blond The Rancho Mirage home where she grew up, surrounded by the beauty of the desert resort town near Palm Springs, seems the perfect place to take refuge That is until her best friend s husband is murdered Jessica and her friends are soon thrust into the fray stalked by scoundrels in pantyhose, stilettos, Bruno Magli shoes, and Armani suits Roger Stone had something that got him killed What was it and to what lengths will they go to get it back This is the first in the Jessica Huntington Desert Cities Mystery Series

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    Anna Celeste Burke is an awarding winning, USA Today Bestselling author Welcome Join me, snooping into life s mysteries with fun, fiction, food California style Life is an extravaganza and so unpredictable Figuring out how to hang tough and make the most of the wild ride is the challenge On my way to Oahu to join the rock musician and high school drop out I married in Tijuana, I was nabbed by the police as a runaway When the police let me go and the rock band broke up, my husband and I had to find another way to survive Our next stop Disney World where we trained to be chefs, courtesy of the Walt Disney World University A GED for my husband, and many years of education eventually landed us in academia with Ph.D.s from the University of Michigan we took professor jobs with U of M s longstanding football rival, The Ohio State University Retired now from my role as a professor in social work and behavioral science, I have picked up a long time interest in writing fiction In my professional career I wrote and published widely as a scholar, with than forty manuscripts of varying lengths on my vita I also carried out hundreds of training, consulting and speaking engagements on a number of gloriously nerdy topics.So what on earth does a research scientist have in common with a mystery writer As avid fans of the mystery genre will tell you at the core of any good mystery is a passionate search for the truth Discovering the truth involves finding and assembling pieces of complex puzzles in order to solve seemingly intractable problems scientist and sleuth are cut from the same cloth Still married to the same sweet guy, I live with my husband in one of the seven desert resort cities in the Palm Springs area In addition to reading and writing mysteries I enjoy painting, hiking, hanging out with my handsome husband and tending to my Siamese cats The Sonoran Desert is a beautiful setting to ponder life s mysteries, by the surrounding mountains and the bountiful delights of the desert resort communities I hope you enjoy reading the books in my three cozy mystery series The Jessica Huntington Desert Cities Mystery Series, The Corsario Cove Cozy Mystery Series, and the Georgie Shaw Cozy Mystery Series Cheers Anna


  • A Dead Husband by Anna Celeste Burke is a flawless diamond of perfection, oozing class, wealth and the underbelly of crime sizzling below the surface. The opening chapter is amazing and the author wastes no time in setting the mood with two rich wives, Jessica and Laura, living their routine existence of expensive designer clothes, gorgeous homes in Palm Springs, luxury cars. The descriptions draw the reader into this elite world only to have them smacked across the head as this world is violent [...]

  • A Dead Husband is the first of a series of cozy mysteries, and it gets the Jessica Huntington Desert Cities Mystery series off to a solid start. Our heroine is resourceful, clever, determined, loyal to her friends, and oh, yeahwealthy. Very wealthy. This alone makes her stand out in a genre filled with heroines who are so often struggling to make ends meet. But as Jessica slowly learns, money doesn't buy the really important things in life, like a happy marriage to a faithful husband.After catch [...]

  • Jessica Huntington -Harpers life is a mess and is about to get a whole lot worse when the husband of her friend Laura is murdered. Jessica is not a criminal lawyer but she does her best to help Laura solve the crime. With the help of other friends, her housekeeper and a hunky PI Jessica delves into the crime but runs afoul of some very bad men.This story has action humor and a damn good mystery. It's one of those stories that will keep you up at night but not for fear but the inability to put th [...]

  • I finished reading "A Dead Husband" by Anna Burke last night, the first in Ms. Burke's Jessica Huntington Desert Cities Mystery series. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, which takes place in a desert community near Palm Springs, where well-to-do Jessica Huntington has returned to a self-indulgent lifestyle after separating from her cheating husband. But, when Jessica's best friend's husband is murdered, she puts aside her own problems and places her life in serious jeopardy in her quest to clear he [...]

  • This book has everything! Suspense, colorful characters, romance, and a beautiful and interesting setting, all woven together with intelligence and wit.Suspense: As Jessica investigates the mysterious death of her friend's husband, she finds her own life in danger. As that danger spills over to her friends and family, she races to solve several mysteries: Who killed Roger Stone? Why are they threatening Jessica? What are they looking for when ransacking places? Who is tipping off the bad guys ab [...]

  • Jessica Huntington’ s divorce party near Palm Springs definitely turns into one of the worst hangovers when her friend Laura’s husband Roger is found dead. Jessica is a self-confessed ‘luxury slut, drama queen and coffee snob’ and at a critical moment in her life. She is a great lead character to spice up the detective story that follows to find out who killed Roger Stone. Jessica begins her own investigations and contacts a college acquaintance to help her with the defence of her friend [...]

  • An Enjoyable ReadThe characters in this mystery were unique and likable. I will read more of the series. Jessica is appealing, and the supporting characters are fun. Bernadette is my favorite.

  • openbooksociety/article/a-Brought to you by OBS reviewer Andra A thoroughly engaging, vividly told mystery with a cast of very likeable yet quirky characters. I must say, a fine way to start a new series of cozy mysteries. And a series which I fully intend to read to its conclusion, however many books are written in this series. My dilemma is in writing a review while keeping the “juicy” bits secret…for you to discover yourself.What sets this story apart from other mysteries that I have re [...]

  • For lovers of the cozy mystery genre, you have found a new star with Anna Celeste Burke and her latest “Dead ”series starring rich girl turned over-achiever lawyer turned sudden divorcee turned amateur and still bumbling sleuth Jessica (emphasis on the ca—don’t call her Jess!) Huntington-Harper. Friendly and endearing—even while waxing poetic about shopping designer that can go on for pages, or California cuisine—Jessica will eventual wend her way into your heart because this is no o [...]

  • I found A Dead Husband by Anna Celeste Burke to be a very entertaining read. I sat down to read for an hour or so and didn’t look at the clock until several hours later. The characters were unique and extremely engaging and the dialogue was realistic and fun. The settings in the California desert, Palm Springs and Rancho Mirage, were beautifully described. I could feel the oppressive heat, see the picturesque purple mountains, smell the desert flowers, and taste the local delicacies. Most of u [...]

  • If you're 18 - 80 years old, enjoy chick-lit, like a good mystery and appreciate a sprinkling of humour, this is the book for you. In the first half the plot gently meanders, giving the reader the opportunity to get to know the characters, the neighbourhood and get the flavour of the Coachella Valley where the story is set. In the second half the pace picks up, bringing the story to a satisfying conclusion.Jessica, the only child of wealthy parents, returns to her childhood home to celebrate her [...]

  • This book was a fun and tense read, our introduction to the series' heroine, Jessica Huntington. She may not be the most likeable, or expected, character to set out on a murder investigation, but that's part of what makes Burke's writing so compelling! Playing the sometimes snobby, high class rich girl born into California money, Jessica is an acquired taste--but worth sticking it out. Her loyalty to her friends wins out upon the murder of Laura's husband Rogerbut danger follows at every turn. J [...]

  • I really don't understand how this book is getting such great ratings. First- there are so many mistakes it bothered me. Second- I skimmed through so much. I don't know why the author would spend so much time on certain things like explaining how Jessica made a cup of tea, or the character would spend a page telling other characters about her day. Which was just repeating everything you just read. The thing that bothered me the most is that this book was just a Stephanie Plum wannabe book. Every [...]

  • I was given this book as an arc to review. I didnt mind it tho it took me awhile to read it and its the first book I have read by the author. Its a murder mystery book, almost like a cozy mystery and the author's style of writing reminds me alot of Mary Higgins Clark.Not going to go into detail of what it is about and spoil it but if u like mysteries with alot of female characters, intrigue and a good who dun it book then you will enjoy this one. I liked it and would read more books by the autho [...]

  • Jessica's life is in a tailspin, but her friend's situation is much worse --- she comes home from a night on the town to find her husband dead. Follow along as the lawyer-turned-sleuth ferrets out the details to figure out whodunit, and you'll definitely enjoy the clue-filled puzzle and interesting setting. Meanwhile, intriguing minor characters, like Bernadette (a nanny/housekeeper/mother-figure) will keep you hooked, even if mysteries aren't quite your thing.

  • More of a chic lit mystery - but a good solid story, interesting characters and humor that I really enjoyed. I wouldn't call it a dark intense crime mystery, so if you're looking for that this isn't it, but definitely a well written entertaining book.

  • I really enjoyed this book. I loved the characters, how different they were but such good friends. Got pulled into the story, felt like I knew them. Lots of action, kept me guessing what would happen next. I think it was well written and I can't wait to read more books in this series.

  • Couldn't finish it. Terrible writing. LOTS of descriptions about nothing, not enough action or plot moving things a lot. So annoyed with the writer's tedious writing style I gave up.

  • This is a tough one to review. I had so many likes but just as many dislikes. Jessica is helping her friend who's husband has been found murdered. Laura asks for her help even though Jessica tells her that this isn't her specialty in law but she will do what she can. My problems begin with I couldn't get invested in the characters, many were likable enough but other than Jessica loving to shop, Bernadette being a good person and Brien being a surfer dude, that was about the deepest it seemed to [...]

  • A Dead Husband by Anna Celeste Burke What do you do when you come home early in the morning after a night out (more about that in the book), and find your husband is lying in the hallway with blood everywhere. What would you do??? Of course you would mess up the crime scene by running through it to see if you could help him, right? Oh, yes, now the police think you did it, so you call your friend Jessica. You were at her divorce party last night so she should be able to help you – if her ‘fr [...]

  • In A Dead Husband by Anna Celeste Burke we meet protagonist Jessica Huntington and a cast of somewhat quirky but believable characters. I liked this book because, although I cannot identify with Jessica and her lifestyle (unfortunately 😊) she is still easy to feel comfortable with and, more importantly, come to care about. Her desire to help her best friend is admirable and her willingness to put aside her own issues makes her a more sympathetic character. The mystery is a bit convoluted, but [...]

  • All This And a Black AMEX Card TooI loved this book. This was perhaps one of the funniest cozy mysteries I have read in awhile. The heroine is Jessica, she's into retail therapy, and is divorcing her husband after finding him in bed with someone else. She throws a divorce party, takes all her friends with her, and the next morning she gets a call from her best friend. Seems the friend didn't go straight home after the party, but went off for some nooky with a waiter. When the friend gets home in [...]

  • I really really liked this book. A fun romp through the life of rich, soon to be divorced lawyer, Jessica Huntington. Jessica returns to her childhood home and soon finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation of her best friends husband. Little does she know when she agrees to help what trouble that will bring. As the body count adds up she is warned to stay away from the investigation. She, of course, does not. With the newly formed "Cat Pack", Jessica rushes to solve the mystery befo [...]

  • I liked this book, not sure I would. I thought Jessica Huntington-Harper would be a rich spoiled brat and she is. Now that she finds out real life is not a dream world, reality hits her hard. Her rat fink husband does her dirty, and tantrums and a divorce is in Jessica's future. As if that was not enough. her best friend's husband is found murdered and Laura is suspected of the murder. Laura calls Jessica, who before she married, graduated from Stanford Law. A very tangled web begins to unravel. [...]

  • You just have to grow up sometime. Jessica knows that she has to change her ways, no more drinking until she can't remember and it is time to settle down. Jessica is called on to help her friend Laura, she just found her murdered husband and the police are asking her questions. Jessica tries to help but she hasn't practiced law in a long time she needs help. She calls up someone that she remembers from the past and he offers to help. Jessica won't stop looking until she finds who killed the man [...]

  • A good reading.I enjoyed the book and was quick to fall for Jessica Huntington. Probably, the thing that most endears this book to me, aside from Jessica, were the descriptions of places and cuisine. But the plot is also great, and the storytelling, gripping.The only thing that made me give this book four instead of five stars was a certain stiffness in the dialogues, provoked for an overuse of names.But all in all, this was a wonderful read :D

  • This is the first in the series and the first time reading this author. The main character is Jessica who returns to her childhood home to deal with a cheating husband. She decides to throw a party to celebrate the ending of the marriage and that is when her friend, Laura who is part of the party, finds her husband dead . Jessica decides to help her find out what happened to her friend's hubby and help clear her friends name,It kept me turning pages and ended leaving me wanting to know what happ [...]

  • A captivating read from start to finishI received a free copy of this book from the author and have voluntarily chose to review." . I loved the story and the characters in it. I was so enthralled in it that at one part I took off my sweater thinking I was in the desert heat and felt each and every injury that Jessica suffered personally.

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