Si direbbe amore

Si direbbe amore Jordan Rhodes ricchissima ereditiera proprietaria di un enoteca abituata a essere corteggiata per il suo denaro e non affatto preparata al fascino di Nick McCall Agente dell FBI Nick ha bisogno de

  • Title: Si direbbe amore
  • Author: Julie James Lucia Rebuscini
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Jordan Rhodes, ricchissima ereditiera proprietaria di un enoteca, abituata a essere corteggiata per il suo denaro, e non affatto preparata al fascino di Nick McCall Agente dell FBI, Nick ha bisogno della sua collaborazione per smascherare Xander Eckhart che ricicla denaro sporco della mafia e che Jordan conosce per motivi professionali Il piano che Nick si finga ilJordan Rhodes, ricchissima ereditiera proprietaria di un enoteca, abituata a essere corteggiata per il suo denaro, e non affatto preparata al fascino di Nick McCall Agente dell FBI, Nick ha bisogno della sua collaborazione per smascherare Xander Eckhart che ricicla denaro sporco della mafia e che Jordan conosce per motivi professionali Il piano che Nick si finga il suo fidanzato per il tempo necessario a piazzare alcune cimici di sorveglianza, ma tutto si complica quando Eckhart s insospettisce e assolda un investigatore per pedinarli La loro finta relazione dovr allora durare pi della notte prevista, facendo vacillare le loro rispettive certezze sull a

    • Si direbbe amore by Julie James Lucia Rebuscini
      469 Julie James Lucia Rebuscini
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    New York Times bestselling author Julie James practiced law with one of the nation s largest firms for several years until she began writing screenplays After Hollywood producers optioned two of her scripts, she decided to leave the practice of law to write full time Her books have been translated into twenty two languages and Julie s ninth novel, THE THING ABOUT LOVE, is now available.Julie James lives with her husband and two children in Chicago, where she is working on her next novel.Visit Julie s Facebook page facebook JulieJamesfanFollow Julie on Twitter twitter juljames and Instagram instagram juliejamesa


  • A Lot Like Love is the first book I've read by this author, Julie James and I am definitely going to be reading more of her books in the future.This was such a fabulous contemporary love story with a bit of suspense thrown inleaving me with a warm, fuzzy and good feeling!!!There were so many things I liked about this storylet me tell you a few of them!!The two main charactersch a great and engaging couple!!!FBI agent Nick McCall.what a hero!!! Sexy, yes!!Alpha, yes!! But not an overbearing ass.@ [...]

  • 5+ stars – Contemporary RomanceI just read and adored Something About You and then started this immediately afterward, and there’s a whole lot to love about A Lot Like Love.FBI Agent Nick McCall is coming off a grueling undercover assignment and looking for a little R&R before taking his next case, but instead finds himself tasked with assisting a junior agent in an undercover money laundering investigation. In order to infiltrate an exclusive charity event held by one of Chicago’s wea [...]

  • The woman who sat in front of me on my flight from Detroit to Denver is very lucky I had this book loaded on my Kindle. I loved the story, and it distracted me from the misery of having a seat back rammed against my knees for three hours. You know the book has got to be good.A LOT LIKE LOVE tells the story of Jordan Rhodes, heiress to half of a billion-dollar fortune, and Nick McCall, FBI agent. Rhodes isn't a prissy heiress whose biggest worries are ruining her manicure or being seen with the r [...]

  • This is my first Julie James book and I have to admit, I have a soft spot for police/FBI/military romance, because all the heroes are soooo bad ass and you just can’t stop falling for them.“A Lot Like Love” is a very cute, light story between Nick McCall, an FBI agent and Jordan Rhodes, a very smart, gorgeous woman from the wine industry. The blurb was very interesting and I began immediately with this love story, believing it will be action packed, because, duuuh, FBI and stufIt was not a [...]

  • 3+ starsDespite not loving this I'm so addicted to JJ's writing style. She writes such fun characters. Although the suspense side seems less and less as the series goes on, this one had good suspense. I think what was missing was I was already spoilt by Jack and Vaughn. Jordan was just an okay heroine. Also there was too much wine talk.Book 1 and book 5 are my favourites. The fact that I read all 5 books in the series almost back to back just shows how much I adore this series and the writing. C [...]

  • 2.5 ~ 3 starsThings I love about Julie James novels: witty/snarky banter between the two main leadsthe dual POV which adds to the experiencethe build up of sexual tension/attraction which ends in some HOT (but not too smutty) bedroom scenesthe rom-com feelthe fact that it's a light breezy smiley kind of readit's fun chick-lit vibe without being too chick-litty HOWEVER this book did not live up to my expectationsis is my least fave Julie James novel so far. I still enjoyed reading it and breezed [...]

  • 4 Cute Stars. Jordan is a billionaire heir that suddenly sees herself with the FBI trying to make a deal with her.She is connected with powerful people that the FBI wants behind bars so they make a deal with her: if she help them, they will find a way to set her brother free. Nick is the agent responsible for her, but when they pretend to be a couple in a party and things go south, they have to keep pretending in order to keep the façade. But there’s the thing about pretending, it can become [...]

  • 5 Stars! Another engaging, smart, witty, sexy, fun book by this talented author!What I like about Julie James' style of writing is the snappy dialogue, the strong female characters…and of course their sexy male counterparts. Jordan and Nick have terrific chemistrybustible! Jordan’s a wine connoisseur with her own shop; Nick’s an FBI agent who knows one wine, Zinfandel. She samples wine the conventional way, swirling, swishing and spitting, he wants to pour and taste… in a most unconventi [...]

  • Holy Smokin' 5 Star Read!! Holy smokin’ hotness! Julie James just keeps getting better and better and has delivered on all aspects with her 4th contemporary romance and has totally blown me away with the sinfully mouthwatering Nick McCall. This was exactly what I needed after my last read which I had similar high expectations which ended up being a huge disappointment and in euphoria over how well this one turned out, I just might end up blowing a couple of kisses through Twitter to Ms. James [...]

  • Another fun, easy and enjoyable read from Julie James! This is my second favourite book of hers that I've read so far, better than Just the Sexiest Man Alive and Something About You but it still doesn't quite match up to my first and favourite: Practice Makes Perfect (I'm still obsessed with J.D.). As her latest release, this was the steamiest of the lot with some very sexy and descriptive bathtime fun and the tall, dark and stubbled hero we can always expect from Ms James. The story this time d [...]

  • Despite the positive reviews I’ve seen all over the place for books by Julie James, I haven’t read one of them before now. That’s right, I’m a bona fide James virgin. Why would I wait so long? Well, contemporaries and I rarely agree. I find a lot of the characters ridiculous and not at all authentic. It’s like they walked straight out of Mayberry. It just drives me insane, so I rarely pick them up. But I finally had to take a chance on James. I had to see what all the fuss was about.Lu [...]

  • View review here atUnder the CoversI have a confession to make. I don’t read many contemporary romance novels. It’s not that I have anything against them. They’re just an avenue I have yet to explore in romance. I’ve heard a lot about Julie James and her books for awhile now. But it wasn’t until the DABWAHA competition that I realized that there must be a reason why readers adore her. And after reading A Lot Like Love, I know why. I’m not quite sure how to even begin speaking about a [...]

  • Surface charm!A fun readTop 5 silly reasons that made it fun for me :(1) Hero was (a) burn-holes-through-your-bra HOT FBI agent (b) half-scottish, half-Italian .lls his mother Ma (my fav line in the book, "Well, Ma, seeere's this girl")(c) Tall, Dark, and Smoldering (d) Tall, Dark, and Sarcastic (e) Tall, Dark, and Scruffy-jawed(f) ALL OF THE ABOVE(2) The tennis speed wise-crack exchange where the readers zing back and forth.e result being always the sameLOVE ALL:)(3) The warm, funny interaction [...]

  • I have to congratulate Julie James. She writes spicy with a lot of class! This second book in the FBI series does not disappoint. With an engrossing plot, and sexual tension that gradually heats up to fire-hot, you can't put this down once you start! FBI agent, Nick McCall and billionaire heiress, Jordan Rhodes lives are thrown together when Jordan is "asked" to help on a money-laundering case. It seems Jordan is part of a select group that gets invited to Xander Eckhart's restaurant once a year [...]

  • *4.5 UNDERCOVER STARS* “First Pallas and now you, it’s like I’m running a goddamn dating service around here.” Dear lord, I can't believe how fast I've breezed through Julie James' books so far! Just like the previous one in this series, I read this in one sitting of about 4 hours. I just couldn't stop!As everyone probably already knows, I have a weak spot for romance/adult novels with a bit of action involved, so this was just perfect for me!Review coming soon!

  • ”Thank God he annoyed her a good ninety-five percent of the time they were together, because she had no intention of being attracted to Nick McCall.”Yeah sure, Jordan! Keep telling yourself that! :D Haha….How could we not fall for Agent Nick McCall? With those blazing green eyes and possessive, rough, passionate ways, Nick swoops in, grabs hold, and steals hearts! I adored these two characters! Nick and Jordan’s quick, banter with a bite sparked and jumped off the page! Very hot! Julie J [...]

  • Why I read it:I have sadistic friends. Some of them keep borrowing me copies of romantic fiction, especially when I am planning to go away for a day or two. I am a compulsive reader, I am an addict, I read everything, good, bad and ugly and they take advantage. Sometimes I shrug these offers off, sometimes I succumb to them. This one had good reviews on so I thought: “why not? A freebie for a dull train trip…it might be actually fun…” Right.Synopsis:It is a truth universally acknowledge [...]

  • Writing: A semi-action writer. So of course Julie James is becoming a fave!Characters: I enjoyed Jordan and Nick's chemistry much more than the MCs in the first book. I still want a little more, but it’s moving in the right direction. BUT they are both sarcastic! YAY!!!Storyline: Jordan Rhodes is the daughter of a billionaire. She has connections that the FBI desperately needs. In order to make her comply FBI Agent Nick McCall dangles a carrot that she cannot refuse. I enjoyed Jordan and Nick [...]

  • Julie James never let me down before, and I knew she wasn't going to let me down for this book. After reading, I must say that I loved it. Hence the 5 stars. I can't say its my favorite though. More on that later.Jordan, our heroine, is a billionaire heiress, who has her own wine business. She's hot, stylish, and passionate about wine. Oh yea, she normally dates clean-cut, loafer-wearing preps. Nick is the 'Tall, Dark and smoldering' undercover FBI agent who needs Jordan as his cover to infiltra [...]

  • You know how I judge whether a book is awesome or not? If I don't want to put it down and work on my own book--then a book is awesome. A LOT LIKE LOVE was one of those books I didn't want to put down. I absolutely loved it. Smart, sassy heroine, and a hot and sexy hero coupled with a dynamic, well thought out plot make this a must buy. Add in Julie James typical humor and crackling dialogue and this is another winner. If she writes it, I'll read it.

  • I love how Julie James contemporaries always include smart and intelligent characters as the hero and heroine, and A LOT LIKE LOVE does it in spades. Nick and Jordon were awesome, and I love the cheaky conversations between them. A very romantic story.

  • To be honest, I was actually surprised that Julie James would make a sequel to her first book Something About You (a book I read years ago) and ever since I read that book and “Practice Makes Perfect,” I just had to try out more books by her! “A Lot like Love” is the perfect romance novel to read for anyone who is a fan of romance novels that has a bit of crime and mystery thrown in!The book starts off with the FBI trying to arrest Xander Eckhart, who has secret dealings with mob leader [...]

  • Romance novels--whether they are contemporary, paranormal, or historical--can be extraordinarily cliché. Shocker, I know, but it's very true. However, I feel that Julie James manages to steer clear of them. I'm sure there are some in her books, but they are never so obscenely obvious as to make the book boring or ridiculous. And for that, I have to give James her kudos. It's quite a feat to be able to write a book without conspicuous clichés and to, yet again, deliver a superb literary creatio [...]

  • 3.5The things I liked in A Lot Like Love: Nick, various relationships, the humour and the rare sex scenes. Did I say Nick?There is not much to say about the plot that's not in the book summary. Jordan Rhodes accepts to help the FBI because of her brother and in the due course of the story the two main characters fall in love. Not really a spoiler if you check the genre (and the blurb).I loved Nick (I'm repeating myself, am I?) and how he gradually came to the conclusion that he kind of likes thi [...]

  • I loved this book, although I must admit it took me a while to get there. The beginning was a bit slow for me, probably because the author took a lot of pages describing things and developing a lot the plot. Only for this reason I have to say that Just the Sexiest Man Alive is still my fav book from this author, but now A Lot Like Love is my 2nd fav.Once I got over the slow part and the characters actually got to spend some time together I got extremely addicted to the book. First, you can see t [...]

  • Don't give me that look. I'm a sucker for this kind of books! Right up my freaking alley.The sibling banter though, I love.

  • 4.5 starsLiked it even better than Something About You! I think you will want a glass of wine with you when you read.will review later for gotfiction.wordpress "Can't stop readingMust put book downed sleep" that was my status update for about halfway through the book. Trust me when I say it is easy to read straight through, so start this one in the daytimet at 10pm like I did.Julie James is my new go-to for contemporary romance. Now you all might remember I don't actually like most contemps. Wha [...]

  • Bas slatko i seksi :)Bok ljudi! Znam da me nije bilo dugo s poštenom recenzijom Zadnja koju sam napisala bila je skoro prije mjesec dana za knjigu iste autorice Zakon Privlačnosti, a prije toga za isto tako dvije njene Najseksi frajer na svijetu i Iznenada jednog ljeta.Prije nešto malo više od mjesec dana iz čiste radoznalosti (i dosade na poslu, pssst nemojte nikome reći) u ruke sam uzela upravo zadnju knjigu koja je izašla - Iznenada jednoga ljeta i odmah me je uvukla, a onda su se z [...]

  • Serinin ilk kitabı Şeytan Tüyü'nü uzun zaman önce okumuş ve sevmiş biri olarak ikinci kitaba olan beklentim büyüktü. Ama beklediğim gibi çıktı mı? Hayır. Tamam, okurken eğlendiğim, keyif aldığım kısımlar oldu ama bu kitabı kurtarmaya yetmedi. Vaoovv ya da işte bu aradığım kitap dedirtmedi. Bilmiyorum belki de okumak için yanlış bir zamanı seçtim. Karakterlere ve kurguya pek adapte olamadım. Kurguyu ve işleyişi pek sevemedim. FBI ajanımız Nick ile Şarap ust [...]

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