Zombie Rules

Zombie Rules Zach Gunderson a skinny sixteen year old High School sopho is caught up in a worldwide infection which turns its victims into violent zombies Together with his friends Zach learns to survive in a w

  • Title: Zombie Rules
  • Author: David Achord
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Zach Gunderson, a skinny sixteen year old High School sopho, is caught up in a worldwide infection which turns its victims into violent zombies Together with his friends, Zach learns to survive in a world turned upside down In addition to the violent zombies, there are the lawless survivors which his group must contend against as well.

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    After being honorably discharged as a Sergeant in the United States Army, David Achord found his true calling in law enforcement His twenty five year career included stints with the Rutherford County Sheriff s Department and the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department A lifelong Tennessee native, he is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University and Cumberland University.


  • Childish crapNot only was this not a good zombie book, but it was completely misogynistic. The author clearly hates women and used a zombie book to manifest his childish boy dreams of being a hero, getting revenge on bullies, and making the women who've rejected him pay by making horrid female characters who are dumb and unable to care for themselves. A mindless read.

  • I really tried to finish this but I was starting to get headaches from rolling my eyes so much. I got about 60% through and I just hated it too much, I can't even remember the last time I didn't follow through on completing a book, but this one was so bad I got my money back from Audible. The writing was horribly stiff and awkward. The author has some bias against contractions and it sounded absolutely awful when read aloud. There were lots of grammar mistakes and I got the impression it was wri [...]

  • I tried and gave up half way through the book.I love books about zombies but the most important thing in these kind off books is humanity for me, the way people have to adjust to their new life, the way they treat other people, the new way to live your life. Zach wasn't bad guy he didn't deserved so much pain in his young life, but he became a killer before the zombies turned. This book was obviously written by a man, is screamed manly on every page. Zack did what he had to do to stay in life wi [...]

  • How do I phrase this.Seemingly major inconsistencies, on top of that when did a 16yr old with his background become more seemingly competent that a Green Beret? Not only does he seem to understand everything but he seems to have the life experience to put that knowledge to practical applications.

  • I like this kind of zombie action, because the hero is proactive instead of reactive. He's planning things out. I see a lot of reviews complaining about misogynistic writing. I won't dispute that. I even enjoyed it. :)For me, to use the old cliche, the pages turned themselves. I've already picked up and started the second book in the series.

  • How to start with this one? Ok, take a Mary Stu zompocalypse fanfic with a hefty dose of Agenda 21 Doomsday Prepper mythos, add a streak of Turner Diaries. Voila! This book. You can't detract from one thing. David Achord can craft an interesting yarn. It's a great standard zombie survival story where basic common sense and paranoid prepper actions save our young hero Zach in the beginning. Everyone else is not so lucky. Zach has the sort of broad range of skill and ability you usually find in a [...]

  • Promising first book, where young Zach loses the rest of his family AND and respect his peers might have had for him before the world falls apart for everyone.Then he hunkers down with an old Vietnam vet, and learns how to cope with the changed world.Then the strange choices start a 16 year old boy goes from being a bullied wimp to a seasoned Marine in just a few weeks. Everything just comes together to easily, and what could have been a fresh take on the genre just turns into the same as the re [...]

  • I have read MANY zombie tales. This has been one of my favorites. Looking forward to reading more from this author.

  • If you’re a racist, misogynist prepper who loves to read subpar fiction by the glow of a backwoods militia campfire, this is your book.

  • ABR's full Zombie Rules audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.If you know anything about me an my tastes in audiobooks. You know that I love new zombie stories, especially from authors I know nothing about. So, naturally, I jumped at the chance to listen to Zombie Rules.I also find it very difficult to go into an known zombie story with expectations. I am going to do my best to leave those by the wayside. So I can really get into the story and not judge it versus al [...]

  • Mid-state Tennessee is my adopted home, and it is easy to see that it is Mr. Achord's home also. This is your typical zombie fare. It was a good read but a forgettable sort of story. The characters were well developed if a little unbelievable. Not the prepper part. I once lived near to a man who when he built his new house had a walk-in gun safe built in his basement bigger than my bedroom. And another neighbor who had solar panels installed in their "Tornado shelter." You know the tornado shelt [...]

  • A fun zombie read full of action, interesting characters and an interesting plot line. The book is the first in a series but does a good job of wrapping up the story so it doesn’t make you feel like you have to keep going, but you’ll want to. The main character Zach is a good guy, and definitely wise beyond his young years. The story follows the first year after the zombie apocalypse which has him running in an out of trouble. It doesn’t add anything to the genre but if you’re looking fo [...]

  • Zombie readsThis is actually very well written novel. I liked the story, the flow, and the depth of the characters. I have already grabbed the second book in the series, with some luck it will be as good.

  • Too much profanity!Another author under the illusion that a story can't be good without vulgar and profane language. Ruined what might have otherwise been a good story.

  • Ok effort.There's some pretty significant problems with this novel, but it's definitely readable. The main character is nearly an insufferable jackass, that seems to get led around by his tent pole pretty much exclusively. He's always the smartest guy in the room, but only because he's apparently surrounded himself by people dumber than a bag of glass hammers. It's like the author fleshed out the main character, and the surrounding characters are justere. When we meet Zach the first time (at 16) [...]

  • Teenage zombie porn. The teenage protagonist is a modern superhero with genius fantasies. At 16 he is wiser and more mature than anyone older than him and he has the experience of a lifetime without having lived that long. Who the hell wrote this book? A 12 year old? The interactions he has with the other characters are childish and stunted. No real genuine dialogue. YES, the book takes place during a Zombie apocalypse, but none of the actual human interactions he has with the other characters s [...]

  • Overall good story. As with many books in the genre, however, it suffers from being utterly predictable. Standard archetype characters. Standard dilemmas and conflicts.If you are itching for a zombie book to read, this will fulfill the requirements and is a good read, but don't expect anything overly memorable.

  • Fun, Calculated rideFrom the very first page, I knew I was going to like this. The characters are loveable, with back stories that make you fear for them. The colorful language, the deep details about military and weapons was a fresh look on the zombie apocalypse. I'm on to book 2 to find out what happens next.

  • 2.5. Would be 3 stars if the author wasn’t quite so misogynistic (that, or he has never met a woman). I may read the next, to see if it gets better. The story is good, the writing fine, although some of the dialogue is eye-roll worthy and the word “opined” was used far too many times.Oh, and the movie Zombieland feels ripped off with Z’s rules.

  • Rule #1 Read this bookI chose this rating because its a strait forward story with few if any subplots. The story is straight to the point with very good character development. An entertaining read for post Apocalypse zombie aficionados and people curious in the genre.

  • Like a neckbeard/lonely teen boys dreaml, Its like he wrote out all his own day dreams. Somehow far smarter then everyone, at 17, but no one sees how cool and great he is. the female characters are one dimensional , dumb and manipulative. Waste of time.

  • I felt that the first chapter made me want to put down the book. In fact I did, there is no reason to have that action in that scene. if he was getting beat up, or his life threaten, would have given a bit more urgency to the situation.

  • Intense!I couldn't put this book down once I started reading it! Most interesting zombie story I've read so far!!! Can't wait to read any coming/ follow up to this book☺

  • The beginning of a good absorbing zombie tale following a young man named Zach as he adapts as only the young can to cope with the new world.

  • Not a bad story, and I liked some of the character development. But too much needless profanity and at times it's painfully obvious that the intended audience is horny teenage boys.

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