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  • Title: She Likes It Rough
  • Author: G.V.R. Corcillo
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    • She Likes It Rough By G.V.R. Corcillo
      312 G.V.R. Corcillo
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      Posted by:G.V.R. Corcillo
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  • G.V.R. Corcillo

    Winner of Rebecca s Reads Choice Awards for Best Indie Book of 2013 and Best Humor Book of 2013 With her Ivy League education, white trash sensibility, and pop culture savvy, Corcillo writes humorous women s fiction about characters who try not to trip as they valiantly march to their own bongo beat.


  • My oh my, this was such a good book. I could not put it down. Major book hangover when it was over and I just wanted more! This is chick lit - and the very best kind. A fun escape with a happy ending. Exactly the type of book I like to read. Ms. Corcillo has a spectacular voice. Her writing is new, fresh, different than others - but in a good way. I laughed out loud at many points, and this is a rarity for me. I find things funny, but rarely does it get me to actually vocalize it like I did with [...]

  • The Good. How soothing and relaxing the entire story was to my mood. This is the perfect read if you’re looking for a few good chuckles and lots of smiling while reading a light romance, as I was.The Mmeh Okay. You’ve got to be up on your movie-television game, which I barely passed. I missed on the metaphors for Anna Paquini, Loretta Castorini, and yes George Clooney, Morris the Cat, and quite a few others. And still, this amazingly doesn’t take away from the story. In fact, this factor i [...]

  • There were moments in this book that had me laughing hysterically. I loved the h Lisa. Her self-esteem and insecurities touched something in me. Many times I laughed with her at her own expense and sometimes it was uncomfortable. I've heard that the best comedy can be uncomfortable. Lisa wanted to become brave to prove that her life mattered after a lifetime of being a victim. She means well and has a good heart. Lisa's growth as a person and the building of her self-esteem was awesome to read.J [...]

  • GVR Corcillo had me from the first page! I was immediately sucked into the world of Lisa Flyte and her hair raising adventures. I am a HUGE fan of a heroine with attitude and Lisa has it in spades. She made me laugh out loud often (punctuated with an embarrassing snort), slap my hand to my forehead in surprise from her zany schemes and tear up when she finally figures it all out. Add to this the smoldering Jack Hawkins and you have a story that will keep you engaged from start to finish. Reading [...]

  • My choice of books is often based on my mood and last night I needed something light that would make me smile. She Likes It Rough did just that. How many of us daydream about sudden wealth and remaking our lives? Lisa Flyte gets to do it for real and learns that it isn't as easy as daydreaming. Yes, everything's a bit exaggerated and over the top, but that's' what made this book fun!Lisa doesn't lose all her 'fat girl' insecurities when she gains the money and loses the pounds, so she sets out t [...]

  • This book was terrible. The premise is tolerable - girl freaks out about wedding and goes to drive through, drive through collapses on her and she is in a coma for 3 months. When she wakes up, she's thin and rich from the settlement and decides to become "brave" by going on adventures with a guy who owns an adventure equipment company. All of your basic chick lit characters are there - whacky neighbors, neurotic heroine, overbearing family, but they're never developed. Our heroine is hysterical [...]

  • I was given a copy of "She Likes It Rough," by author Geralyn Corcillo. I owe the author a huge apology for not getting the book read in a timely manner and then posting my review. I have a million excuses, but none will make up for the fact that I fell through on getting it all taken care of. I sincerely, apologize for this mishap.I actually started reading the book on April 6 and was finished by April 7. Granted it's 302 pages long, it was a fast read. When you have a book that has a great sto [...]

  • Every once in a while there comes a book that grabs you from the first sentence and doesn't let gountil long after you've read it. A book that begs you to read it all in one sitting. A book, that at times, is so real - you wish you could jump into the story and live it. A book that you know you'll read several times. One that has found its place among your favorites.This is that book.She Likes it Rough is written in first-person, a common perspective lately in ChickLit books. Honestly, I've had [...]

  • This book had me laughing so much my sides hurt and tears came from my eyes. GVR Corcillo writes a great light fun romance that shows how we cover our fears and hid behind what we do best while finding love and understanding with someone who helps us overcome things. Lisa is a millionaire due to Burger Barn and her want of food. What she isn't is one who confronts people or her feelings. When she does confront anything she questions things and sometimes makes the wrong choice. We all do that. Sh [...]

  • Review originally posted on addictivechicklitToday I am taking part on the Blog Tour of She Likes It Rough by GVR Corcillo. First of all I would like to thank Fiction Addiction Book Tours for providing me with an e copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.First of all I would like to say what a great surprise! This book captured me from page one and I had to read it in two sittings because I just wanted to know more and more! GVR Corcillo writes an hilarious story with a charming very [...]

  • Lisa has come through a life-threatening accident with her life intact, her money worries a thing of the past and her body a slimline version of her former self. She should be happy - but she's not; she's still the same scaredy-cat kid inside, with the same issues and the same emotions. But if there's one thing the accident has shown her it's that she needs to chase after what she wants to make her life count.It's a great philosophy, but Lisa's approach to the problem is "original" to say the le [...]

  • I am a huge fan of chick lit. It usually contains comedic elements and spunky female leads. She Likes It Rough delivers these elements in spades. This story is an entertaining and easy read.I loved the two main characters. Lisa Flyte is a real woman with real insecurities. But instead of wallowing, she conquers her fears to better herself. While this kind of topic can be very serious, in this case, it is accomplished with a light hearted flair. Yet, you find yourself inspired to face your own fe [...]

  • Really, this is a 4.5.I have to warn you--you will walk away with a book hangover. This book is the story of Lisa, who is a new millionaire following a freak fast food accident. Her fiance left her just after she awoke from her coma and her family, well, let's just say they deserve an itchy, incurable fungus in a deep dark place. She wants to learn how to "be brave" so she strikes a deal with adventure outfitter, Jack.I love Lisa. She is the perfect chick lit heroine. Funny, inappropriate at tim [...]

  • After a run-in with a burger joint changes Lisa's life forever, Lisa decides it's time to shed her cowardly persona and be the risktaker she's always wanted to be. She chases (literally) after Jack, a gorgeous hunk of a daredevil, and he reluctantly agrees to help her in her ridiculous plan, mostly because it falls in with his own business plans.Coming from such different philosophies it's no surprise there's antagonism between them. But there are also sparks, and I was clicking the page button [...]

  • If you like a chick lit type of story, you'll love this book. The first few lines will completely capture your imagination and make you ask the great question - what in the world is going to happen?! I love being carried along by a story, constantly wondering how the character is going to get out of THIS jam - and this book gives you that thrill. It's a fun romp through the woods and into all kinds of adventures with a woman who is determined to stop being afraid. A fun read to get away from you [...]

  • I cannot express how much I adored this book. I was hooked after the first page and would have read all night if my husband hadn't threatened to cut off the power at night so I can't read. How dare he right? Lol I wanted to jump into the book more than a couple times to throttle Jack. What a clueless male character!! But glad he got it togethereventually. And Lisaoh Lisa where to begin with her? She brought endless humor and a knack for movie quotes. I love the characters and I foresee myself re [...]

  • This was a great read! I love mellow books sometimes. This was the perfect mixture of a light easy read with just the right touch of drama included.To me the book started out a little slow but picked up soon after.I loved Lisa. Her character was well written and I think many people can identify with some of the things she lives through. I loved the little snippets about real life things like movies.I look forward to reading more books from this Author.

  • Great story! So very entertaining, engaging and humourous. Lisa was a wonderful heroine. I was rooting for her throughout the book. Jack wasn't always my favourite hero but he did manage to redeem himself by the end. Loved the writing style, the story telling, and the ending - although, at times, I wasn't sure how the author was going to pull off a convincing HEA ending. Looking forward to more books from Corcillo. Highly recommended.

  • Quirky and entertainingI liked how the characters grew. Jack was such an ass but when he turned things around it was good. I liked how it ended and felt like it wasn't rushed. Their families were really awful and they did a good job of breaking Lisa's confidence. She never treated her family bad but grew stronger as the book went on and found that she deserves supportive loving people in her life. Good book A little bit of fun and drama.

  • GVR Corcillo blew me away with this book. I loved it, absolutely loved it. I couldn't put it down, desperate to find out what happened next and, although the ending is just perfect, I am sad now that I have to leave Lisa and Jack behind. They are such loveable and cute characters, terribly flawed but full of good intentions. I love they way they grow in this novel. The writing is witty and smooth and the story delightfully left of centre, which is just my thing.

  • wow! an amazing story, crisp writing, with a healthy dose of sasssometimes bad things happen to good people for the best of reasons - Lisa wants to be brave so she asks Jack an avid outdoorsman to teach her. Jack reluctantly agrees, not realizing that he'll be learning a different kind of courage from Lisa.

  • A laugh out loud romp of a book. Read this in one day. The perfect antidote to a snowy day in Maine. Never got out of my robe but felt like I was climbing mountains, conquering waterfalls, and jumping from helicopters. The author and I have a whole lot in common pop culture wise so just about every book, TV, and film reference hit its mark. Fun, fun, fun.

  • Surprising read!! At first I wasn't sure this book was my cup of tea. The more I read, the more I was sucked in. This was a hidden gem that I'm glad I found. Great, fun read!!

  • Loved itwell written great story line. not your run of the mill love stories well thought out I really didn't see that coming

  • Couldn't put it down, read it all in 5hrs and suffered from serious lack of sleep lol. Will totally recommend this to all my friends (but will tell them to start reading it in the AM!!) lol

  • it was light and entertaining. I liked how the author developed the characters. It was a great escape and towards the end I couldn't put it down.

  • Lisa climbs to new heights in this emotional roller-coaster ride of a tale. I have often wondered what happens to a person if they win a big lawsuit, how does their life change? In this story we get to see how people treat the victim of a settlement in a very realistic telling. There were moments where I really felt for Lisa, and others where I was like "no don't do that or say that". I was thoroughly engaged and invested in the outcome of the relationship between Lisa and Jack. Jackart, sexy, c [...]

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