The Poacher's Daughter

The Poacher s Daughter Winner of the Wrangler Award for Outstanding Novel Synopsis In young Rose Edwards is widowed by Montana vigilantes who hang her husband for an alleged theft then burn her Yellowstone Valle

  • Title: The Poacher's Daughter
  • Author: MichaelZimmer
  • ISBN: 9781432827632
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Winner of the 2015 Wrangler Award for Outstanding Novel Synopsis In 1885, young Rose Edwards is widowed by Montana vigilantes who hang her husband for an alleged theft, then burn her Yellowstone Valley cabin to the ground as a warning for her and others of her kind to quit the territory Penniless and illiterate, yet fiercely independent, Rose begins a two year odyssey toWinner of the 2015 Wrangler Award for Outstanding Novel Synopsis In 1885, young Rose Edwards is widowed by Montana vigilantes who hang her husband for an alleged theft, then burn her Yellowstone Valley cabin to the ground as a warning for her and others of her kind to quit the territory Penniless and illiterate, yet fiercely independent, Rose begins a two year odyssey to revisit the land of her childhood, a land she once traveled with her father, an itinerant robe trader among the Assiniboines and Blackfeet But the old ways of the hunter and trapper are disappearing European investors are flooding the bison ranges with vast herds of cattle, raising mansions and polo fields on ground once claimed by teepees and sod roofed hunters shacks With an aging roan gelding named Albert as her closest friend, Rose finds herself a reluctant hero in an ageless battle, the face of an indigenous population, both native and white, as she stubbornly pushes back against the invading aristocracy And hanging over her every decision is an alcoholic father, who hunts bison inside the newly formed Yellowstone National Park, selling the mounted heads and tanned robes to Eastern tourists even as his daughter makes her stand against the destruction of the land she loves

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    Winner of the 2015 Wrangler Award for Outstanding NovelMichael Zimmer is the author of seventeen novels, including The Poacher s Daughter, Charlie Red, The Rusted Sun, and Billy Pinto s War.Look for Hard Ride Across Texas, coming in September, 2018.Zimmer s work has been praised by Booklist, Publisher s Weekly, Library Journal, and the Historical Novel Society City of Rocks, chosen by Booklist as a top ten Western novel for 2012, was a finalist for the Western Writers of America Spur Award, and Rio Tinto, was a finalist for the Elmer Kelton Award from the Academy of Western Artist Born in Indiana, and raised there and in Colorado, Zimmer now resides in Utah with his wife, Vanessa, and two dogs His website is michael zimmer.


  • Michael Zimmer's love and knowledge of the Old West are evident in his book The Poacher's Daughter. Set in Montana Territory in 1885, Rose Edward's husband has been murdered by vigilantes and her cabin has been burned down. Rose had a tough childhood with her alcoholic hunter father and a bunch of brothers, learning to ride and shoot as well as any man. She sees the way of life changing in the West as the Native Americans and buffalo are destroyed. Cattlemen with large tracts of land are running [...]

  • No matter your opinion of frontier fiction, you'll like Michael Zimmer's wonderful title, the Poacher's Daughter. It has heart, history, heroism, and hell . . . all in one! His knowledge of the West is worth the price, alone. The attention to detail is mesmerizing. Rose of Yellowstone is an unforgettable character and I refuse to give anything about her away. You read the Poacher's Daughter, and then we'll talk :-) I highly recommend this title!The truth is, I don't read as much as I should. My [...]

  • Good stuff!I liked this story for several reasons, first it was fast paced and action filled. Second, I really liked the main character, and third it was soo good! I'm surprised that a male author could write a story about a woman, but he rocked it! I loved an interesting story.

  • Great Gunslingers! A FANTASTIC western that ranks as one of my BEST BOOKS of the year!I am not generally a fan of westerns. In fact, before Michael Zimmer’s The Poacher’s Daughter, I don’t think I’d read a single book within the genre. But this book it detonated like dynamite in my hands and ranks not just as a fantastic western adventure, but as one of my very best books of the year. Without a doubt, The Poacher’s Daughter, is a powerhouse, capable of standing shoulder-to-shoulder wit [...]

  • Sweet and stark and gutsy and feminist and achingly arcahic yet today's headline modern. Best western since Lonesome Dove. & As good. "Synopsis: In 1885, young Rose Edwards is widowed by Montana vigilantes who hang her husband for an alleged theft, then burn her Yellowstone Valley cabin to the ground as a warning for her and others of her kind to quit the territory. Penniless and illiterate, yet fiercely independent, Rose begins a two-year odyssey to revisit the land of her childhood, a land [...]

  • The westerns by Michael Zimmer are too well written to pass up. With THE POACHER'S DAUGHTER, Mr. Zimmer has set a high bar, one that may be difficult for him to follow. His writing style is engaging; there are no wasted words. He takes his time telling the story. You feel as if you're there. His characters, particularly Rose the main character, are likable, have their flaws or weaknesses. Mr. Zimmer knows history and uses that knowledge to frame his story which takes place at a time when the Wes [...]

  • If I could give this more than 5 stars, I would. I am not usually into this time period for historical fiction but the character and landscape sucked me in. It is by far the best book that I have read so far this year. I love books that have a strong female lead and one that doesn't expect a man to save her all the time and this is certainly one of those books and to find one in this landscape of the old west is rare at least for me. It was brilliantly written and the ending could not have been [...]

  • Took me a while to get into this book. But, once I did, the characters and story were great. I love Albert and several tears were shed over him A worthy read if you like American history and the mythical Wild West.

  • 18 FALLEN ANGELS EFFECT ON MILES CITY, MONTANAWithin the book it was mentioned they went into MilesCity, Montana numerous times.The first time I was in Miles City was 1963, there wasThree houses of prostitution on North Main Street, allThe same structure but painted differently, all placidColors, one green, one yellow and one pink, eachEmployed 6 women working shifts for 24/7 coverage.At that time prostitution wAs completely legal, if aCustomer became abusive he would be arrested byThe City poli [...]

  • THE RICH GET RICHERThis is a sad but a normal way of life west of the Big Muddy. The powerful cattle owners association never happy until they've taken/stolen the small farmers ranches for their own. These large ranchers didn't care who they murdered as long as they got what they wanted.Hired gunhawks, regulators or stragglers. Who went around hanging these so called cattle or horse rustlers with a "T" for thieves as a warning to ALL. There's a lot of action but it's sad and it didn't have to ha [...]

  • Rose, the Poacher’s daughter was so much moreThe first few chapters I was not finding Rose very interesting. But I suppose now that I have read the book I see it was because she hadn’t come into her full self. The history inserted into the story of western part of the country was illuminating. The characters and the life they lived was exhausting and it made me think of what would I be able to do to survive in that time. Rose was a wonderful character and I was sorry to get to the end of the [...]

  • My first review out here, I believeis is just about the rip-roaring-est, rootin' tootin'-est Westerm adventure that I've read in a month of Sundays. Rose is just about as intrepid a western woman as you'll ever read about, not to mention being as determined and and hard-nosed as they come. Thrown into circumstances beyond her control, she nevertheless battles with her every resource. It's a great read.

  • The book is well written with great characterizations. Zimmer has a wonderful ability to convey the story of the Montana/Wyoming/Yellowstone environs and it's range wars through the earthy lovable character of Rose. It took me awhile to "warm up" to the story but when I settled back and let the history unfold it began to grow on me. If you love American frontier history and the outdoors you can't go wrong with this book .

  • My bro lent me this excellent book, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Well-written, with lots of interesting characters, including the horses. I liked the way the main character evolved, which was believable and human.

  • This is so much more than a Western story! I bought this book while it was on sale. I had some misgivings in the beginning, but quickly grew to love Rose even with her tomboyish quirks. I was not ready for this book to end!

  • One of my favorite books lately. Great story idea and well written. Interesting presentation of how a gunslinger reputation develops about a person who is not that. Wake up hollywood I want to see the movie, unglamorized and presented straight. 4 stars is a top rating for me.

  • From my youth, I have been interested in reading novels about the Wild West. I can with all honesty say that this was one of the best that I have ever read. While I am no authority on this subject, "The Poachers Daughter" was a book that I related to being the genuine article that significantly delved with what I would consider a great deal of authenticity of that period together with the jargon of those times. Since I enjoyed the book so very much, I would love to read more books that are writt [...]

  • Good one.This was an entertaining western with a strong female lead that moved along swiftly. Very enjoyable reading. Left me wanting to know the next chapter in Rose of Yellowstone's adventures

  • I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Poachers Daughter. It was engaging and I especially enjoyed the authentic language and descriptions of the territory and people. I highly recommend this book!

  • EntertainingGood story. Well written, pretty much read it in one go. Will read his other books, I liked a lot.

  • Really good yarn!Loved reading about this little widow of time when the West was still wild but not too wild. Lots of Montana and Wyoming details.

  • Very good read.ough the ending was not what I would have wantedd wanted a bit moreoverall if you like westerns and especially about strong, independent women, you'd like this one.

  • As good as western historical fiction gets. One of the 5 best westerns I have ever read. His research is top notch and writing style very vivid. Am going to read all his novels. Very enjoyable.

  • Great readThis is a believable storyI loved the characters and the descriptions of the locations, cabins, towns, etc. Is great. She is tough.

  • Must readWritten in the style of Zane Grey. Plenty of action and a very believable heroine. Anyone who likes western tales will enjoy this book

  • I really enjoyed this story, although it took a few chapters for the character to develop. The depiction of the Old West was believable. The idea of a female gunslinger (of sorts) was interesting.

  • This was a slam dunk amazing read. I like westerns, but I LOVED this book. I was enthralled right up through the very last page. It is a story written by a man about a woman in 1880's Montana. Well written and suspenseful right up to the nail-biting end. KUDO's!

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